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LabCorp | Patient

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  • Current Version: 1.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Laboratory Corporation of America
  • Compatibility: Android
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LabCorp | Patient App

The new LabCorp | Patient installable mobile app is an easier way to securely view your lab test results, schedule an appointment for a lab service visit, manage dependents and more from your mobile device. • Find a lab to pre-check in for a lab service visit • View, Download and Print your official lab test result report • View and Manage historical lab test result (starting the end of November 2011) • Manage profile preferences • Manage and reset your password • Add, update and remove dependents • Join Better Together to be considered for clinical research opportunities offered by LabCorp and Covance.

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LabCorp | Patient app reviews

  • Not working 1/5

    By Dejtej
    Cannot sign in. The correct info is entered but the sign in button isn’t working (grayed out and nothing happens when you try to click). This is impossible phone experience, and the website is also not working on phones.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Vulpine
    Can login to the website just fine. Using same password and login, this new app just freezes. Why push something out that doesn’t even work? You’re better off using the mobile site in Safari.
  • Can’t even sign in 1/5

    By NotJasonThisTime
    App is totally broken. I enter my credentials but the sign in button does nothing. Guess it is back to using the mobile site.
  • Announcement blocking the menu icon 1/5

    By A Dissatisfied User :(
    Not able to use the app because of announcement banner.
  • No Access to all info 1/5

    By El'sgran
    When I open the app, it goes straight to lab results and there is no access to home dashboard, schedules, billing, etc. When l get text with a link to check in, l cannot clink on link so the app dies not load. For me, this app is not usable
  • Had test done 4 days ago and still not listed. 1/5

    By Dereeh
    Absurd. Too bad My insurance capitates me to LabCorp. Never had this problem with Quest’s app. Fix this please. You leave us at the mercy of busy doctors who may feel getting back to a patient isn’t as important as the patient feels! If your going to offer this service and keep up with the market, you should care about fixing this quickly! I’m redo my review when it’s fixed. Sugned, I’m pain, been sick for 3 weeks, and I need help!
  • I would give it a zero if I could 1/5

    By FabRedCouture
    I don’t normally write reviews , but I am having the same ridiculous experience that a lot of people seem to be having. I can’t even log into this app, and I’ve had my LABCORP account for quite a while and even used it today on the website. Then when I tried to look up any way I could fix the problem , there were, of course, no results.
  • Worst. App. Ever. 1/5

    By AppSeeker11
    I can’t even sign in. This is completely useless. The mobile website experience is also pathetic.
  • App does not work 1/5

    By Sammiepattie
    I created a log in and went through the entire process of adding all of my information and it sent a verification code to my phone. I verified that and the process was complete. It then took me to a sign in page where I entered the information I just gave them and it told me my ID or password was invalid. This app does not work. Do not waste your time.
  • Update desperately needed 1/5

    By ItsMaxK
    The app is not optimized for utilizing saved passwords (from iCloud or other password managers). To use a saved password, I found that I have to add (and then remove) a space to the password. The issue is that one can’t press the “Sign In” button, if the credentials were automatically entered. Obviously, the app needs to be updated for new screen sizes as well.
  • Don't Even Bother 1/5

    By Orod2905
    It's shocking to me that such a large company would have such a piece of garbage as an app. If you're not already sick, by the time you get this trash to work (if ever), you will be sick! During the registration process, you will get stupid errors like " invalid address" or " invalid phone number " without any clues as to where the error is our how to correct it. I had the same issues when trying to make an appointment on line. Art least there, it let's you take a picture of your license to get around the "invalid address" error. I still can't log in with my iPhone using this app even though I already established an acc't on thier website using my iPad. Also, when I emailed thier tech support several days ago, I've yet to hear from them.
  • Touch ID does not work and makes the app to close 1/5

    By YFWDC
    Everyone I use Touch ID or Face ID, the app closes.
  • Non-functional 1/5

    By rbk1833
    I downloaded the app, followed all steps to register, entered my verification code, and the app crashed. I can now neither login, since my account isn’t verified, or register, since the system says my account already exists. Great job guys.
  • Half baked website in an app 1/5

    By Patrick R
    Waste of time and screen space. This is literally LabCorps website poorly rendered in their app. I’m embarrassed for them at the quality and lack of engineering resources put into this. There are no useful features to compel use of this over their webpage.
  • Deleted immediately 1/5

    By Mattie1288
    App lists that your are able to make appointments, but I just got routed to the internet. What’s the point of having an a that won’t make appointments when you say it will? What a waste of time and storage space.
  • App lets you schedule appointments at closed office 1/5

    By pablosinfonian
    I scheduled an appointment for a blood draw at a nearby location only to arrive at a closed office. No notification, nothing. How convenient! Now I have to wait in line at another location! JUNK! Calling is still better, if you can get someone on the other end of the line.
  • Can’t even sign in 1/5

    By Basement Cow
    My account work fine for the website. Once filled out credentials using iCloud Keychain, the sign-in screen for patient does nothing, the sign-in button wouldn’t click, no error feedback or anything.
  • Useless-deleted-don’t waste time downloading 1/5

    By C141medic
    This app is totally useless. As others have mentioned, I’m unable to sign on for the app. Not helpful if you can’t even get past the login screen. Who’s writing the code for this app, a two year old? Although, a two year old may do a better job at getting this app coded and functioning correctly. Should be an embarrassment for a huge company as LabCorp to publish an app that won’t let you sign on to their portal.
  • App crashes every time I try Touch ID 2/5

    By AndyRomey
    Overall, it’s a great tool for people who have regular lab testing done. But every time I try to log in with Touch ID, the whole app crashes.
  • App log in doesn’t work 1/5

    By applegirl520
    Completely useless as the app won’t even let you log into your account. The sign in button after you enter your username and password doesn’t do anything. When it did work, the create an appointment button just redirects you to their website. So it was really only good for reviewing results when it did work. I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling it with no luck.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By sarbeargost
    Horrible! Keeps crashing and facial recognition doesn’t work!
  • Good start but half baked 2/5

    By cedartree84
    This is a decent app but it needs help. The TouchID functionality crashes the app on the iPhone X. Also can it please be updated to take advantage of the entire iPhone X/Xs/Xr display?
  • No appointments 3/5

    By Tildejac
    The app only lets you make appointments, I ty does not show them, it does not notify you of them and it doesn't display the QR code for express check-in.
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By Nowinlowell
    After typing password or chrome auto filled password, the login button still disabled! Seem thing happens to their mobile website too.
  • Touch ID? No Face ID 2/5

    By Don s g
    Touch ID is the only choice on this app and if you try to use it on an iPhone X it just closes out. Need to get with the times and use Face ID.
  • Hard to set up account 1/5

    By Malibutj
    Stupid password requirements Couldn’t set up an account after 3 tries... “We are experiencing technical difficulties”... After entering all the information... We’ll see how the rest of the app works.,.. Probably poorly
  • Crap 1/5

    By KittyChris
    Unable to create an account on the app. Unable to create an account online thru safari on my iPad. I don’t have a hard drive or laptop at home so this is useless to me. Not allowed to use computers at work for personal use, they are always watching us on our computers through a $20million system . . . . . . I will have to go to the library now. . . . . . . . That probably won’t work either.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Ozmosis7
    This app is broken and is just awful. Can’t create an account. Says I entered invalid information, but I’m pretty sure I know my name, dob, address, etc. I have 30 days to resolve my id yet when I try to log in, it says the account I just created is invalid. Great job LabCorp. This app is junk.
  • Not Much Good 1/5

    By Rutleyh
    6 times I have tried to register with Lab Corp through this app today. An hour wasted. No matter what I do the create account button will not register. Yes, I am up to date on everything.
  • Can’t create an account 1/5

    By jpm19711994
    Just as the title says.
  • Logging in 1/5

    By r.natarajallen
    Unable to log in. Even after changing the password.
  • Not a good app 1/5

    By Lufters
    Doesn’t allow you to login properly every time you use it. Not ready for prime time. Also this app is just the same interface of the website. Deleted this app off my phone. Whomever is in charge of this needs to go back to the drawing board.
  • Buggy on iPhoneXs 1/5

    By anyone0A0A
    If you try and use the Touch ID on the login screen, the app closes and exits on the iPhone X’s. Too bad the website is even buggier. Poor quality in both the app and the website make me think think the quality is so poorer they are successively to hacking and loosing all our medical data again.
  • Amateur was the app creators name 1/5

    By superbassman182
    Bad code especially with account functionality don’t waste your time unless you NEED it.. very frustrating!! Deleted it within an hour
  • Optimizations 3/5

    By wottpreston23
    This app needs to be optimized to fit the aspect ratio of the new iPhones and update to at least the iOS 10 SDK
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Iggy Crickey
    I have tried over and over again to get this app to work on my IPhone 7 iOS 11.4.1 and it fails to work. I have reset my password and it works until I go back into the app and then it won’t. I have also reloaded it and set up the account and now when I try to log in NOTHING happens. Too bad. I love being able to set my appointments on the calendar and was excited to have it on my phone. 😕
  • Absolutely useless 1/5

    By Rétro sonic
    It is just the embedded web page but less user friendly ...
  • Trying to make an account but it won’t accept my name. 3/5

    By Udowman
    Tried to make an account but it won’t accept my name. Kept trying but still nothing. Says that I have to use Alpha but I am.
  • Great app. Needs Face ID for iPhone X 5/5

    By Fraxinella
    Love this app and so useful to be able access labs on the go. Please add Face ID for iPhone X. Thank you!
  • Touch ID, form field coding 2/5

    By julesagogo
    Wasn’t this app touch ID capable just maybe a month ago? Now it looks like it presents the webpage in a *somewhat* but not quite mobile format. If it’s going to do that, please code the fields appropriately so that you can only type numbers in the credit card field, an email fields shows the email keyboard. Also, after you sign and you don’t have to put in your email address twice in a form, and allow it to save your username and password.
  • Useless 1/5

    By MrsMcElyea
    I downloaded this app hoping to get my results if my doctor didn’t have time to call me. The results aren’t available for a week so it’s completely useless unless you’re using it to track your records rather than get new ones. Don’t waste your time.
  • Excellent App. Needs small tweak 4/5

    By Kitty62862
    When a user enables Touch ID, the password option should not be there. I use Touch ID on all my medical apps. I don’t want anyone to access anything. When I open the app, it should immediately prompt me for Touch ID, not leave it up to me to push a button first, or for someone else to attempt to use my password. I’d really appreciate that adjustment.
  • Good App! 4/5

    By KDub102.4
    I really like the ease of navigation in the app, and the ability to access my lab results whenever I want. FEATURE REQUEST: I wish for Touch ID or at least direct access to password managers (such as 1Password). Otherwise, it takes quite a few steps to enter username and a complex password.
  • Literally just their website 1/5

    By Madrobby
    The app is literally just a wrapper of their website. Because it’s not adapted to newer phones, you’re better off just using the website, at least you don’t get lack bars on your iPhone X that way. Copying credentials from your iCloud Keychain to the login form is broken, you need to type an extra character in the password field and then delete it to make signing in work. I don’t know why big companies bother with 3rd-rate apps like this. Please embrace the platforms, especially for health data there’s a ton of stuff that would be really useful to patients, like integration with Apple Health. For browsing the web or using your online web app, a web browser is way better than a wonky app wrapper. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Great app! 5/5

    By adasen77
    I like the responsive and quick UI. I check my lab results whenever I need on the go.

LabCorp | Patient app comments

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