LADDER Strength Training Plans

LADDER Strength Training Plans

By Ladder Technologies, Inc.

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**Try Ladder COMPLETELY FREE for 7 days. NO PAYMENT collected during trial.** LADDER IS THE #1 APP FOR STRENGTH TRAINING - Women's Health 2023 Best Strength Training Program - CNET 2023 Best Strength Training App - Men’s Health 2023 Best Workout App Community Ladder gives you a strength training workout plan for every day that’s easy to follow, can be done from anywhere, and is new each week. Designed for busy people who don’t have time or experience to plan their own workouts. No more guesswork, no more showing up to the gym not knowing what to do. Ladder offers structured, progressive overload training programs geared towards people working out at home and programs for people working out at the gym. Choose a program based on your goals and preferences. With Ladder, you will - - KNOW EXACTLY WHAT WORKOUT TO DO EACH DAY - A structured workout plan for every day, that’s created by an expert coach and new each week. - SAVE TIME AND TRAIN ON YOUR SCHEDULE - Workouts that are easy to follow, fit into your schedule, and can be done from anywhere. - EXPERIENCE AN APP BUILT FOR STRENGTH TRAINING - In-ear coaching, video demonstrations and a timer built-in. - LEARN FROM THE BEST COACHES - Answers to all of your training questions, support when you need it most. - TRACK YOUR PROGRESS - Using the built-in Ladder Journal to help track and visualize your rep & weight progress. STRENGTH TRAINING WORKOUT STYLES INCLUDE - Pilates Strength Training - Interval Strength Training - Push Pull Training - Kettlebell Strength Workouts - HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) - Bodybuilding - Bodyweight Workouts - Explosive Power - Lean Muscle Strength - Functional Fitness - Endurance Strength PROGRAMS & COACHES INCLUDE EMPWR - COURTENEY FISHER - Get strong with this high-energy blend of Cardio, Pilates, and Strength workouts that build lean muscle tone and give you the confidence to feel your best. LIMITLESS - KELLY MATTHEWS - A proven blend of traditional strength training, high-intensity conditioning and steady state cardio to improve strength, power and overall athleticism. FORGED - COREY PERKINS - A traditional bodybuilding program to achieve aesthetic results and a lean, muscular body. MOVEWELL - NICOLE WINTER - High-energy, minimal equipment strength workouts, perfect for anyone looking to build strength and muscle tone in just 30 minutes a day. ELEVATE - ELISE YOUNG - Workouts that will get you fit, fast. Maximize your time with these HIIT workouts. BODY & BELL - LAUREN KANSKI - Keep it spicy with functional, high-intensity kettlebell workouts. FORMATION - ROBIN BARRETT - Sculpt lean muscle, tone your entire body and torch body fat with these high-tempo combination circuits, in just 30 minutes a day! EVOLVE - SAMANTHA LINDAUER - A bodybuilding program to sculpt the lean muscle and aesthetic hourglass shape you’ve always dreamt of in under 45 min per day. ICONIC - SARAH RYAN - Build strength and gain confidence with this blend of weightlifting and power-enhancing plyometrics. RESILIENT - NEEN WILLIAMS - Kettlebell and barbell training that prioritizes explosive power and speed. MAXIMUS - BOBBY MAXIMUS & JOE CEBULA - Burn fat and build muscle with these no-frills, garage-style HIIT workouts. RX - EMILY RETHWILL - Challenging, functional workouts with a combination of AMRAPs, EMOMs and interval strength training. CREWS CONTROL - ANDRE CREWS - High-intensity, functional fitness workouts to build muscle and shed fat. PROJECT ALPHA - SAM TOOLEY - A hybrid blend of circuit and HIIT training engineered for results. BOUNDLESS - BEN GREENFIELD - Biohack your body through efficient, tabata-style bodyweight workouts. LADDER WATCH APP View your movement, timer and reps, plus heart rate and calories burned for each workout. Control your workout experience from your watch with pause, skip and rewind. Ladder integrates with HealthKit to help monitor and track your workouts. TERMS OF SERVICE