Landscape Design - pro planner

Landscape Design - pro planner

By Editr Apps Inc.

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  • Release Date 2017-04-14
  • Current Version 1.0.16
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Welcome to landscape design app. Landscape design app is a place in your iphone / ipad where you can decor your home, prepare your own virtual garden and many more. You can use actual images that confirms the best possible realistic view on your device. This app is designed for everyone. Ranging from homeowners to Landscape designing companies. Such kind of app offers visualization for creating and renovating your very own garden. Normally it is too expensive and almost impossible to explore your landscape choices inside and outside of your home from every possible angle. But through Landscape Design app such kind of task is quite easy. It will save your valuable time and money. All you have to do is to take a picture and use your fingers to drop scapes. No doubt you will enjoy your every moment of playing and working with the app. Whether you are a do-it yourself landscaper or planning to hire a landscape contractor, in both cases this app will help you a lot. Landscape design app features You can take a snap with your camera or access the photo library to upload image. Texture tool is there for adding or cutting ground cover. You have database for adding flowers, trees, water and more than 200+ items. You can lock image feature for convenience. Anytime delete feature. Flip feature. Tap and back feature. Copy items feature. Cut with finger input. Save and share in different social media accounts. + And many more. Landscape design app database ( all included ) Annual Flowers. Architectures. Cactuses. Deciduous trees. Evergreen Shrubs. Flowering Shrubs. Flowering trees. Landscape Rocks. Lighting. Novelty Birdhouses. Palm trees. Paver patios. Perennial grasses. Perennial ground cover. Perennial shades. Perennial Vives. Perennial Suns. Planters. Specials. Stone retaining walls. Swimming pools. Tropical indoors. Unplantedes. Walkaway steps. Water fountains. Windows and doors. Wood fences. Wrought Iron fences. Yard Arts. Try it. No doubt it will surpass your imagination.