Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth: Survival

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  • Current Version: 1.8.7
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Andrey Pryakhin
  • Compatibility: Android
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Last Day on Earth: Survival App

The survival shooter Last Day on Earth is set in a post apocalyptic world: in 2027 the world saw an outbreak of an unknown infection that destroyed almost all the human race. And it didn’t stop there. All those dead started turning into zombies and those few survivors that have resistance in their blood are trying to survive on the ruins of the once great world. And now the survival of your character is only in your power! Keep an eye on your character’s life stats such as hunger and thirst, collect valuable resources for crafting, create weapons and transport of different types or use what you have at hand: a bat or a road sign. Everything will come in handy for killing dozens... hundreds…thousands of zombies! Defeat intruders to your land not only with your power but also cunning – construct fortifications with traps or go raid other survivors’ territories for the sake of rare loot and resources. After all people can do anything to survive. Hardcore fans will have plenty to do in tough seasonal locations. Before going to a desperate trip, equip your survivor with the most crushing weapon to hunt wild animals and destroy crowds of mutated zombies. One can reach seasonal location on a transport that’s available for crafting. Moreover if you pass the wall on the west of the map you will enter an online location where with a special costume on, you will be able to interact with other players. Explore the large and deep-laid world of Last Day on Earth! Upgrade your hero, equip your house, loot abandoned territories, hunt wild animals and other survivors – the new world has new rules. Will you survive in conditions like these? If so, what price are you ready to pay?


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Last Day on Earth: Survival app reviews

  • I tried to like it 2/5

    By Wolfmooch
    It’s just boring. You have to spend a ton of time to get gear and it degrades so fast you end up naked more than clothes fighting lvl 1 mobs to get base items. If the gear last 5x longer I’d be maybe ok. If you could get more bag space rather than waiting till some crazy level then maybe. Surprised they don’t make us rubs sticks together for making fire.
  • Dear Devs 5/5

    By NinjaBlu501
    This game is awesome, however some parts of it is too difficult can you tone down the difficulty of the non pay players? Thanks!
  • Stupid.. 4/5

    By Cali_Queen1
    What is the point of increasing the chance to get a motorcycle skill when even spending money in this game doesn’t get a motorcycle? I have spent at least $100 in this game and STILL HAVE NOT GOTTEN ALL THE BIKE PARTS. Come on guys. Make the damned thing a LITTLE easier to freaking make. I am getting bored and tired of this game since I cannot even get what I need. About to quit it and delete.
  • Loves it but there’s things to fix 3/5

    By Vigilantescorp
    I love the game. I always come back to it. Currently I was raided and they broke my recycling machine. It doesn’t work. Someone should fix it. Also it’s hard to give the raiders a share of the loot, they are very picky.
  • 1.8.6 has crashed the game. 4/5

    By Uuuurrrrrrgggggghhhhhh
    It was already getting very tedious to advance in the game. Spent countless hours to gain Chopper and chopper skill. Now they drop an update and I can’t get the game to open. GARBAGE. FIX IT KEFIR. FUNNY! No one ever receives a reply from you people. Why bother telling me to contact you? Futility. Well. After a solid week. Fresh update and it works again. Still tedious. 😏
  • Needs Work 2/5

    By GoDs_EyEs11
    Game design is okay but tons of bugs that need to be worked out. Set out on a walk to a new destination and you will have to force close the game for it to update....every time! Constant crashes when trying to loot resources at a new location only to come back and have to start the walk again to the same destination even after waiting the 10-12 minutes the last time. If developers put some more time in this game has potential but as of now it just has too many flaws to be anything more than 2 stars.
  • Hassan 4/5

    By king eggs
    This game is good. Why you don’t make it Eesy. Make a horse 🐎🐄🥛🧗‍♂️🤩🤩🐠🐟🐟make a fash Make a malk
  • Was fun. 2/5

    By bmill123456
    Good, fun game. Played it for a long time. Raiding was the best part of this game, but the developers have ruined that. So with crappy bases to raid, and nothing to do, I’m over it. I also understand that kefir is a company and needs to keep the lights on. But I think they’ve gotten too greedy. I don’t mind the micro purchase here and there. But it’s getting ridiculous.
  • Great game but one thing 4/5

    By schamlz
    This is one of my favorite games on my iPad but one thing I hate is how when you do the daily spin you always get the worst thing your able to get for example one speed coin every time i try its so rigged once literally I was the farthest away from the coin you could be and I was ready to get a new ak47 but it just kept rolling very slowly love the game but hate the greed
  • Answers plz 1/5

    By pharofave
    Why am I being charged to re-download this game!
  • Great game, 5/5

    By Jonas Hovermale
    Just got the game and I already love it!
  • Kills time 5/5

    By joe from ryder
    Love the game
  • Hi 5/5

    By Damien Macoto
    Love it
  • Unable to walk offline! 1/5

    By pssd user
    You have to keep the app open to walk anywhere! This is ridiculous! If you close the app you get an alert showing your at your destination. Open the app then wait for it to load to see that your in the same place you where when you switched apps last...w t , f seriously?!?😡😡😡 so now your only option is use your “energy” to walk to the next location which is a very limited way to get around. Maybe 3 locations when full. I’d also like to see a few ads her and there actually. This would allow the develops to turn down the money hunger aspect that so many of the reviews complain about at least a little so that if you seriously grind you can still progress in this game.
  • Aluminum too hard to come by. 3/5

    By Only1joi
    I love this game. It is one of the better ones that I have ever played like this BUT finding aluminum and the motorcycle parts are extremely too hard. You should be able to buy what you can’t find and not just have them in those packs where you may get one or not. If that improves I’ll be glad to give it a 5!
  • Amazing game 5/5

    By Bop pop pop pop pop pop pop
    This game is making so many new updates with things to do it's crazy! I'm enjoying this game way too much and there are always new things to do even if you're at the highest level. If you think this game takes too long to progress in then you're too impatient. If everything was so easy to get you could go through the game in less than a few days and then just delete the game, but the constant updates are amazing and keep doing amazing at your jobs, guys!
  • I love the game 4/5

    By zackthecat950
    I love how you added dogs but I wish it also had cats. Plus if you watch videos to get energy how come the ads aren't unlimited? Plus why do you have energy? It takes forever to recharge. But other than that the game is awesome! Also it looks like the other players are NPCs at one house I always find a chopper plus I never have fuel ⛽️.😭
  • What is going on with the constant restarting?! 3/5

    By Mutha_buffin_miah
    There are not too many games that I have on my phone and also invest money into on that note. Which is why I am disappointed with how the game seems to crash whenever I end up getting some good loot. For instants, when I make my way to bunker a and try to bring my supplies back to my home base, I noticed that the app will crash and what’s more upsetting is all the tickets that I’ve accumulated prior to going to the bunker is all of a sudden gone once I placed them in my chest. And I’m talking over 60+ red tickets and yellow tickets! If you’re A vet that has played this game for over a year, you know what I’m talking about when I say it’s hard to accumulate! Not to mention every time I play something in the recycler, once the app crashes and I have to go back and reload it again, all of my resources are gone. This truly is disappointing seeing as how all the money that I’ve dumped into this fun game. If problems like this continue I would have no choice but to delete the app and make sure everyone else that is interested in it does not waste their time
  • Not fully realized or complete. Very imbalanced reward system. 2/5

    By Tivo the First
    I’ve been playing this game for few months. Its been out for more than a year and it seems like it still has not been finished. As others have said it is very repetitive in gathering resources. The game is exceedingly unbalanced in resource management. You will need to spend a good part of each day collecting wood and stone in rebuilding the damage to your base by the endless daily onslaught of Zombies and it is basically impossible to kill the Witch that spawns them early on in your progress. There are enemies (Frenzied Giants) than can one shot you and if you die in an unopportune location where you cannot get to your corpse to retrieve your equipment without getting killed on the way, your equipment is lost. Add to that when you do manage to defeat the hardest of enemies, the rewards are laughably inadequate for the effort. So you will never complete any of the vehicles or work benches in any reasonable amount of time to keep you interested in the game. The in game purchase method is a lottery style scheme meant solely to get as much of your real dollars as possible. You cannot buy any particular piece of equipment, weapon or vehicle part. Instead, you buy turns on a wheel spin that supposedly is random, but suspiciously never lands on an uncommon or rare item that you really need. As long as you like mindless killing and collecting resources with no realistic achievable goal, then you will enjoy this game.
  • Love it most of the time 5/5

    By P3_eter
    I love this game but the vicheal parts are way to hard to gat like the Handel bar and the gas tank for motorcycle and the ATV transmission thats hard also the car that starts on your property you can’t remove it and I need to remove it to build my house also you should be able to move your house ones you build it and I honestly love this game
  • Why the coin? 4/5

    By lechner clan
    Every time I get the mystery crate or box and there’s a coin there I know what I’m going to get, it’s always the coin! so can you please fix it or can you just make it fair whenever there’s a coin in there so it’s like a 1 to 7 chance that it’s going to land on there instead of every single time please?
  • Awesome game ever but 5/5

    By élhispana
    This game is awesome but it needs a bit more improvements, like add air conditioning
  • Character freezing 3/5

    By kdiggidy
    Big fan, but for the past few weeks I must constantly uninstall then reinstall to unfreeze my characters movement.
  • Please regenerate the recourses 5/5

    By Instagram: jun_kim1
    I love this game a lot but whenever I spawn in my world and chop all the trees and mine all the ore, a few days later all my recourses are gone. So please fix this.
  • Where is my loot 2/5

    By buttpiratehaxor
    I died in an airdrop and my loot isn’t there I have also died in the forest and I never got my loot back same with the bunker and I had a military backpack pls fix this
  • The last game I'll ever play 1/5

    By Nrh2o
    This developer is a con! They will con you out of every planned item from items you've earned to even free chest spins!! Sample.. build a second recycler and it won't tell you that you can't place it till after you had built it.
  • Dis game good 4/5

    By SirMiguel365
    This game is really good!!!😎 I just started yesterday & I’m all ready good at it, I have lots of loot, two buildings, I’m lv 8, I have two crops, and I have a full set of clothes including a backpack. So that’s why I’m saying Dis game is good.
  • I’m confused. 3/5

    By Theblacklab223
    I like how this game is amazing graphics and really good controls but if you die do you basically have to restart because I died and I searched the whole place not my house but one of the forest and my dead body wasn’t there.☹️Does this mean I have to restart, I had so much stuff in my pockets and in my backpack. Please help!
  • Awesome game 5/5

    By Mmn5543
    Been playing for awhile. Very entertaining. Needs to be easier to find and harvest oak though. 8 hits with the axe and only 2 logs. Not fair. Need more oak bad.
  • Sourly Disappointing 1/5

    By TripleA-O
    The game is extremely unrealistic even when you spend money on upgrades when you die your body and all your stuff disappears and you lose everything the life to death ratio is completely off your health is very limited I’ve spent around 20$ and then go do something and die instantly and lose everything I own a business and this just seems like a scheme to make it impossible to play even with paid upgrades don’t PLAY THIS GAME
  • Why do I have to go to different islands to get trees like trees don’t grow back on our island 4/5

    By hjjiiiiiii
  • Turrets in this game 5/5

    By Cjichxj
    Hi I hope this message gets read not just by the developers but other people reading this. I love this game by the way but one thing that bothers me in this game is how easy it is to destroy turrets in this game. When I say easy to destroy I don’t mean how much of a gun it takes to destroy a turret but rather the fact that almost every gun in this game can outranged a turret no matter the level. I propose a system that I think would work better but it is obviously your choice if you decide to make it this way My system is: Level 1 Turrets should be able to be outranged by any gun in this game except shotguns Level 2 Turrets should only be outranged by rifles, pistols with laser sight or collimator sight or if they are fully moded, the VSS Ventorez, the minigun, and the grenade launcher Level 3 Turrets should only be able to be outranged by rifles with either laser sight or the collimator (because to my knowledge these increase the range of the rifle), the VSS Ventorez, and the grenade launcher Level 4 Turrets should require a fully moded rifle or a VSS Ventorez, or a grenade launcher in order to be outranged I think this system is very balanced and something like this should be implemented but like I said I really love this game but I think a system like this will make turrets a lot scarier like they should be.
  • Love the game but the last update 3/5

    By Pj66jp
    The last update is not working properly. It’s taking hours instead of minutes to go to another land or you continue to have to reboot keeps stalling glitches almost daily. Please fix as I love this game....
  • Good Game 5/5

    By MightyMustache
    This is a good game. I like the feature of being able to get to the bunkers without seeing ending more nuts on end of grinding to get it. It has good events and a great control feeling.
  • Walking distance travel 4/5

    By Theguyfromnextdoor143
    I notice when I travel to a different location in the map, then I go back to the game the timer is still on the same time after I’ve been waiting longer than the time it says in the game
  • Spent money, can’t load in (updated) 1/5

    By B4ked_Clam
    I’m very upset that I spent money on this game when I lost my items so I could get a starter kit. Now when ever I try to load in I get almost all the way through the loading bar, a little sliver is not loaded. I’ve left it loading for around 5 minutes before and it didn’t budge, it loads me in if I do not restore my old character, but that’s what I had all my progress on! (Update) so I went to the website they told me too, I told them everything that was wrong twice, made sure the email was right many times. Never once received an email telling me how to fix it or an update, and this was sent out about 3 weeks ago. Will keep updating, and taking away a star every week.
  • Amazing game but could have a potential 4/5

    By Abe Ramirez
    I love how this game is fun, I can’t get bored of this game just I want multiplayer added to the game then I will rate it 5 stars
  • Awesome game 5/5

    By Buddyo4
    Hey guys I love your game it was made so well. It has some very nice features and it’s everything I hoped for this game to become keep on making this better.
  • I have mixed feelings 4/5

    By MasteREBATER
    The game is fun to play, no doubt takes up some time. However the free spins always 99.9% of the time always land on the coins. It’s difficult to go back and collect your dead bodies items-example :died in a bunker, which then makes it difficult to get back to a safely armed status. Collecting resources is not exactly easy to do. However, the game is very fun and takes up my time. It’s nice to not be raided until you have certain items and enter the raiders station on the radio. However the zombies destructions make it so I either have to keep up on the game or restart by building each time I pick the game back up.
  • I want my money back now 1/5

    By VburgCov
    Warning: don’t buy anything from this app, it miss-leads you into thinking you get the whole pack like a real dlc for a real game but no you only get one pathetic piece of the pack wasting your hard earned cash, and from that fact they screwed over me on the first day, they now owe me my cash back and a reset of my character cause I’m now screwed Though the gameplay is very good and fun. Their are some aspects that make you wanna strangle the creator(s) with a steal bar
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Blessedjenn86
    This game reminds me of 7 days to Die on ps4 love it! Play it all night
  • Why? 1/5

    By dheyddd
    I can’t download it
  • Beware intelligently disguised money stealer! 1/5

    By Levanchod
    Update 3 - reported this game and its dev team practice to Apple. I am going to give one more week for devs to fix this, and after I will do chargeback with bank for all purchase .. (as it was suggested by Apple iTunes support) Hate to do that but thy leave me no choice.. no support means no support... ************************* Update 2 be ready to looose everything that you purchase if update does not complete... I would think twice before buying anything in this game... play for freee is the best this app haz no support ************************** I have huge update ::BEWaRE !!!! Recent update crashed my game and I lost everything.. I mean game restarted from, level 1 all money I spent, all the items I bought , fount and buIlt are gone... Support is not responding!!!! I am Filing claim with Apple ************************* I mean, I have played pay to play games now and then, but this game takes this to next level, developers made it so clever that 8 out of 10 players get hooked... the way it is done is very clever... at the beginning, first two days, while you getting familiar with game and build your base, you get everything in abundance, guns, loot, everything is good.. but once you are in and have bought gun or two,..and after levels 10 or so.. you start gettin less and less, until you realize that you can not play this unless you shell out 10-15 dollars per week... and I am not even talking about bunker alpha.. when you fight your blood pay everything and all you get in loot is a half used gun really developer ? at least make loot bit more exciting, but no, greed has taken over has not it... So be careful this game will take your money and further you go more money you have to give and you get less and less.. Graphics are great, that is the main catch and mail tool to entice you into the game but again beware. Think twice before you start buy things here... it’s worth than quicksand this is probably the greediest Pay to play game have ever seen.
  • Great game but 1/5

    By futurevet199394
    Love the game but it constantly freezes and I can’t move my player I have to keep uninstalling and reinstalling the game
  • Time killer 5/5

    By PandaKing005
    I play this when I'm bored or if some teacher talking so long
  • Pogi 5/5

    By PekPekNgInaMo
    I love the game. Been waiting for a game with a gameplay like this one.
  • Incredible! 5/5

    By Maximus, Thaddeus
    I really love this game, I think it’s quite amazing! It’s very interactive and it just keeps getting better, the only thing I would change is make it a little easier to survive. Hahaha but that wouldn’t make a good game now would it? Great job guys! Keep up the good work.
  • Best Mobile game 5/5

    By Hah1000
    I love the game best mobile game ever.
  • Glitchy 3/5

    By oo goose oo
    New version has a ton of glitches. Constantly have to restart it. Time based tasks have to be initiated more than once at times. Not an issue for short tasks but coming back to learn the hour or more task you started never went through is annoying at best. They need to fix their issues or the game is no longer fun.
  • Kicked me out 4/5

    Loved this game, used to play it all the time. But now every time i try to open the game, it says “connection lost : please restart the game” and it won’t let me play

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