LastPass Password Manager

LastPass Password Manager

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  • Current Version: 4.4.8
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: LogMeIn, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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LastPass Password Manager App

LastPass is a password manager that securely stores your passwords and personal information in a secure vault. As you visit apps and sites, LastPass autofills your login credentials. All you have to do is remember your LastPass master password, and LastPass will autofill logins for you. Stop getting locked out of your online accounts or struggling with frustrating password resets. Let LastPass remember your passwords for you, and keep you safe online. NEW TO LASTPASS? Download LastPass now and get the protection you need for your online information. You can use LastPass across all your devices, including phones, tablets, and personal computers, for free. - Store usernames and passwords for all of your online accounts securely in your LastPass encrypted vault. - With the release of iOS 12, LastPass can now autofill in-app. Simply launch your apps and LastPass will fill in your username and password. - Autofill usernames and passwords seamlessly in Safari and other mobile browsers. - With free syncing, anything you save on one device is instantly available on all other devices. - Securely store information like credit card numbers and health insurance cards in the encrypted vault. - Log in with your fingerprint for simple, secure access to everything in LastPass. - Safely and conveniently share passwords with others, such as the cable login or WiFi password. - Create secure passwords in one click with the built-in password generator. - Multi-factor authentication secures your password vault to add a second layer of protection on your account. LastPass never has the key to your encrypted data, so your information is available to you, and only you. Your vault is encrypted with bank-level, AES 256-bit encryption. For $24 a year you can upgrade to LastPass Premium and get additional features: - Unlimited sharing of passwords, items and notes - 1GB encrypted file storage - Premium multi-factor authentication like YubiKey - Priority tech support - Desktop fingerprint authentication Download LastPass today for simple, secure access to your passwords!

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LastPass Password Manager app reviews

  • LastPass: The Last Password You Will Ever Need! 5/5

    By Aislinge
    LastPass is either a Web site or an app designed for Apple (Web site for MacMini or MacBooks; app for iPad, iPod and/or iPhone. It used to be free, but at $23.99 per annum, it is a steal. LastPass holds as many passwords as you need for as many Web sites, apps, pages, programs, etc., as you need. It also offers many other sections for information about those many places for which you need passwords. You cannot go wrong with LastPass. This I know. While you can, if you wish, create your own passwords within LastPass, as I sometimes but infrequently do, you may also let LastPass create the password you wish for you, an excellent service. You set up the length of the passwords you prefer, then, when you enter a new card for, say, Twitter, you enter first the Web site’s company name, the folder (you can set up folders, such as business, social media, shopping, to name a few), username (login), then password. Rather than filling in a passcode, however, underneath that space for the passcode, there is “generate password” - press that, and LastPass will create (for instance) an eighteen-character password comprised of alphabetical, numerical and symbolic characters, such as xK95eY&1Q/myg*70zs - quite secure, I assure you. (I made that up, so don’t bother trying to use it.) It also shows you the password in varying colours, so that when you need to enter the password on a device that is not the same as what LastPass is on, it is less difficult to read. Each vault card also includes a NOTES section, allowing you to enter all the information. So, if you use, as a standard, EZPASS (for crossing into New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, or Delaware), you can enter the multiple tag numbers for each device, plus the license tag on your car, and other tidbits of information, such as the minimum amount acceptable to put on the EZPASS account. There are other options to explore within LastPass, and the programme itself looks out for you reminding you to change the Master identification periodically as well, always a wise decision. I am a Human Resources Manager, which means that I almost never give the lowest possible rating; nor the highest. But LastPass rates very, very highly with me and with Luis Gómez, who has much more exacting standards than I when it comes to computer security (he’s the CIO of the company he partially owns). If anything should come up that might cause me to rethink this highly unusual rating, I will first give the LastPass team the first chance to rebut, refute, or address whatever could potentially result in a lower rating first. Knowing their commitment to excellence, they deserve that much. Thank you, LastPass, and continue to keep our passcodes safe.
  • Works well but has annoying unwanted banners 3/5

    By Boliviar
    I’ve been using this for about 6 months. It works well on my laptop. It also works reasonably well on my phone, but there are some annoying issues. One is that it’s difficult to go back and forth between LastPass and the site I am trying to access. If I launch the site I then have to go back to LastPass, copy my username, go back to the site, paste it, go back to Lastpass, copy the password, go back to the site, and paste it. And every time I go back to Lastpass I have to log in again. That’s perhaps a good security feature. But still there must be a quicker way overall. Also, recently a LastPass banner that says “Good morning” has started appearing at the bottom of my phone every time I do anything on the phone. Every few minutes. . This is completely unwanted and incredibly annoying. Notifications are off, I’m not even logged in..... I will get rid of Lastpass and get another Password Manager if I can’t figure out how to stop this.
  • Used it for years .. solid 5/5

    By ChuckSchlegel
    This is a must
  • Buyer beware… Freebie users use at your own peril… 1/5

    By Sean E Laugh
    I used last pass for the last year or so, first the free version and then later as a premium user. My main reason for choosing them was the ability to give access on delayed time to somebody in case I became incapacitated in an emergency. I had problems with two factor authentication one day, and turned it off only to realize that the Microsoft two factor authentication was still turned on. No problem, just turn it off from the prompt that they give you and get an email link to be able to get back in your account. Nope. That would not of been as big of a deal because I could easily just reset the passwords for the sites that I had to get into at that moment, but their customer support is nonexistent. I sent in a ticket and expected a response within 24 hours since that’s what they claim on their website, but no deal. I finally received a reply to one of the multitude of tickets I put in in an attempt to try and get their attention, only to realize that all of the information they wanted I would have to get from the vault first. Catch 22 right? Do yourself a favor, use Google’s inactivity manager to provide a single password with instructions to whoever you need to gain access to your information, and then create a password-protected PDF file with all of your information and store it somewhere on your computer -or better yet just use another app with better customer support but don’t use these guys... Is the LastPass people even bother to read this review, I hope you turned off any recurring charges for my Premium Access that I paid for - what a joke is “Premium Access” gets me a response after 72 hours... that’s pretty crappy…
  • Life is Easier Now 5/5

    By Ytr_king
    Excellent app and No 1 password manager. Keep it up guys. God bless you
  • Adios 1/5

    By Calvin's Pal
    Been a loyal/ardent paying LP user since 2011. Up until the most recent update it’s been relatively rock solid. However, it’s become anything else but… It has progressed to the point of not being able to login, incorrect pw’s applied to login’s, vault pw’s not being updated when changed, mobile app not updating in real-time, ad nauseum. The last straw was when, following support’s instructions, I found myself w/an empty vault. No response from support, and a few tense hr’s later, the app began to start looking a bit more normal. While I had access, I exported the vault contents, uninstalled the app plugin and kissed LP goodbye. LogMeIn has taken M$’s lead by buying a rock solid product and trashing it…
  • Amazingly Simple 5/5

    By jonericken
    This has helped make life easier - while Safari has their built-in password manager - this opens it up for others to be given access and store information like drivers license, passport, etc — amazing! Even the free version is really well done and fair.
  • Older version please 3/5

    By 00 of ur biz
    What have you done with the LastPass browser? Not happy
  • Very easy app to use, great way to save passwords! 5/5

    By Kungfu Pub Rep
    Like this app very much, the review title says it all. Highly recommend.
  • Lost password 2/5

    By HMHajny
    The first two weeks I would have given this a 5 star review, but then my phone forgot the password that was saved and I did not write it down thinking it would be saved. I can not recover a password so can’t get into the account.
  • Premium-Version User 4/5

    By Logofile
    This app along with its website eliminates a major frustration I have with technology and the 21st Century hassle for those who live in the developed world - it stores all of your passwords for usernames and accounts and now the need to constantly generate an original password and memorize it every time you forget your old one is gone.
  • Don’t recommend 1/5

    Worked great for awhile then all of a sudden I’m locked out and support can’t help. I can’t retrieve any passwords.
  • App not there yet. Very aggressive marketing. 3/5

    By 9cas99
    I tried the app. Too expensive, not a very nice interface. 1password is still the gold standard. Another annoyance is the flood of marketing emails, even after I 3 times ‘unsubscribed’. I do not tolerate that kind of email aggression. I will delete LastPass and continue on with 1Password.
  • Last Pass 5/5

    By bsjruc
    Very Happy with Last Pass
  • No Competition 5/5

    By Devan Shannon
    LastPass is the only app that offers the features and cloud available vault of passwords for free users. Great app can not recommend enough.
  • Needs to be easier to save, otherwise good 4/5

    By Bekdal
    Overall a great password app. Take some time to get set up and used to, and the main downfall is that it is not automatic or intuitive to save a new website so I have lost 5-6 new set ups, esp when using a suggested encryption password and those are extremely frustrating to redo. If they could improve that would be 5 stars to me
  • Problems 2/5

    By Scribbledehobble
    I’m using the app on my iPad. The app stores my passwords without any problem, but the “launch” function just takes me to the website I want to sign into: it doesn’t sign me in. When I try to copy & paste passwords so that I can sign in when automatic sign-in fails (which is always), the app tells me that I’ve copied the PW I want, but it then fails to paste it in at the site I’m trying to log into. So I’m disappointed in the app. I rate it 2 stars because I trust Last Pass to store PWs securely. But that’s all it does, for me anyway.
  • Can’t get in! 1/5

    By baldeagledog
    I originally got LastPass on a different phone. Now it says I don’t have the plugin so no recovery! I can’t remember my LastPass password! What can I do?
  • Greatest password app, period. 5/5

    By JL1024
    I’ve been using LastPass for years now. I can’t believe I’m just now writing a review. It is the best app for remembering passwords. Easy to use, well organized, and provides several useful features. Such as AutoFill, search within the app, and secure notes. I very much appreciate being able to sign in with Touch ID. Very useful when I’m in a rush and don’t have time to type some ginormous password just to access the rest of them. I also love how this app works beautifully without having to have some type of premium membership. This was my issue before I switched to LastPass. Everything required a membership to access the other 85% of the app. While LastPass does offer a Premium membership, they at least allow you to enjoy using most of the app’s features and benefits. I will forever be a user of LastPass. I very highly recommend them!
  • Newest update 1/5

    By SCdesigner
    While lots of people like the new “launch in external browser” I hate it. I liked it before the update. Wishing I could go back.
  • the worst app ive ever used 1/5

    By sethzeigler
    it logged me out of my snapchat and ive tried to get back in but it does not allow me
  • Buggy in iOS 12.1.2 2/5

    By lordremus
    Auto fill rarely works as expected since the latest update. I’m having to select the correct pw/account several times before the auto fill works. In some cases I have to manually type a username or copy/paste a password. What happened??
  • Best ever 5/5

    By Brockmoney
    Love this to the moon
  • Best password keeper I have used. 5/5

    By Dlemieux
    I love how effective it is across platforms, ie: laptop, smartphone and tablet. Functionality is extensive, including the ability to test strength and health of saved sites passwords, generate new passwords and encryption of passwords. Automatic signon is a definitive plus and huge time saver when deploying multiple sites.
  • More bugs lately 1/5

    By wevegotthejazz
    I've been a very satisfied LastPass user for nearly a decade, but in the past few months the service has been extremely buggy and frustrating to use on the mobile app, desktop website, and the Chrome extension. Everything from not saving generated passwords to passwords saved using my Chrome extension not syncing to the mobile app and vice verda (even several hours after the password was saved). I am very sad to say I'm strongly considering switching to another password manager.
  • Disappointed in LastPass! 1/5

    By Vocab Expander
    I have had a free LastPass account for several years and it has worked perfectly using Face ID or a password. Last week I attempted to log on using Face ID and it was disabled with no explanation. I used my password and it didn’t work. I retrieved my PW Hint and it still wouldn’t work. After hours of wasted time and reaching out to LastPass I find out that there is no phone support for the free account. I have to delete my account, contact all of my other accounts to change passwords, and re-enter all of my information. I even offered to pay for an upgraded membership with LastPass and still have not received a phone call. LastPass will not be my future password protection account!
  • Last Past on IPad Pro -NO 1/5

    By 1093840987
    What good is a password app that doesn’t fill in passwords? Works fine everywhere but on my IPad - where I have to go to a different screen - show, then copy my sign in and password. Worthless on IPad Pro!
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Philarious_one
    This app is super easy to use. You can generate passwords on the fly and auto fill with a click. Highly recommended!
  • Many years later... 5/5

    By SkinnylittleBword
    Love it still
  • Do not use! 1/5

    By badscenevintage
    Super difficult to use. Locked me out of my account on a number of occasions despite me entering the correct email and password. Also autofilled incorrect passwords for a number of my accounts. Really disappointed in this service.
  • Permanently locked out of account 1/5

    By kaborcha
    This was a wonderful app and chrome extension that I relied on heavily for work, travel, personal, banking, shopping - EVERYTHING. As of recently though, my account has been deactivated (without any notice), with my personal email address, and I am locked out of it all. I can not access any of my login credentials and their support claims “that they have no way of rectifying this”. This is a horrible way to manage this software and I am left with trying to remember every single login, every single username, being locked out of multiple websites and having to create a new email address for a new account if I’d be silly enough to do so. Such a shame.
  • What Happened 1/5

    By Khggthhtcjfhfydjvkdgd
    LastPass was a great password manager but something happened. It started about a year ago. Now, LastPass updates have rendered the program useless on my Apple IPhone. Very sad some anal retentive programer couldn’t leave it alone. I suppose, like most programmers, they had to justify their position. Now I’m using Avast Passwords which is working like LastPass used to work. I hope when LastPass figures out these programmers screwed up their platform and fires them, they don’t get a job with Avast.
  • No way to recover 1/5

    By mad ric
    Secure system that prevent you from recovering when you lose your master password
  • Critique 5/5

    By Doc Lipkis
    This is the best password manager. It is intuitive and you can synch between family members. It is incredibly easy to use compared to most password managers. I love it.
  • App keeps quitting 2/5

    By J J Wat
    We have a company license to access Last Pass. The app on iPhone won’t let me log in - quits once I get past the duo security requirement - making the app useless on mobile. Also the function to create a new secure password is very glitchy.
  • Works perfectly with iOS! 5/5

    By Powera17
    I love LastPass and use it and the password generator for everything. I am a computer guy, and I know that I’m so much more secure. Not only that, but it’s less hassle of remembering passwords! Unfortunately, this app is rated 17+ for no reason as far as I can tell. This means it can’t be used with restrictions that lower the app age settings. Please fix this!
  • DO NOT get this app!!! 1/5

    By $388
    Not user friendly, I attempted to cancel my subscription the day I purchased this app and have not been able to do so thus far! This is ridiculous- don’t waste your money on this app!!!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By kristytek
    This is a life saver! So many time I’ve forgotten my passwords and remembered that I had this app to help.
  • No support 1/5

    By Geistlola
    I use (used to use) LastPass on my iPhone. The other day I tried to open it by face recognition and it did not work. I tried my password and it would not work. I tried a password recovery and it would not let me. Yes I was using the correct email and passwords. The only choice I have is to create a new account. When I do that I will lose all my information. So I am looking for another password manager. One that will give me support.
  • Used to be great, now it’s barely an ok 2/5

    By Gjp426
    This app has just gotten worse and worse. And there’s been hardly any new features.
  • Opens Chrome 2/5

    By Chronogos
    There's a major flaw with this version. It opens your accounts in Chrome instead of the built-in browser. Not only is it the non-private Chrome window, but my username and password doesn't auto fill.
  • Great app, I’m just not there yet! 4/5

    By jack22
    I think LastPass is a great app!! But it takes some practice as with anything else and I’m just not there yet☹️. Anyone experienced with these kind of apps, and I suggest everyone should be familiar with these apps, take a look at LastPass. It’s an excellent app and they gave me a whole 30 day subscription for free which was very generous of them! I just need to research a little bit more, that’s on me, so I don’t blame LastPass; I blame myself for being technologically illiterate, but I’m getting there! Good Luck! This is an excellent choice for internet security.
  • quick and easy secure sign in 5/5

    By NYCS Trainutt
    easy to use, secure storage of needed passwords & log in info, seamlessly works with my favorite browsers, 3 years & still bug free
  • Finally! 5/5

    By Joey the happy customer
    No more accounts lock outs and scrambling to remember usernames and passwords when you need them the most.
  • This is ridiculous 1/5

    By Rick6765478
    I paid for the premium. It kept logging me out without a reason. The customer support has no idea. Don’t waste your time and money. It is extremely annoying.
  • Made The Switch 5/5

    By MTMEnterprise
    I was a 1Password user for quite a while. I wish I switched sooner, the interface on both IOS and the web are much neater and more pleasant to use. I hope I have the same good luck with LastPass as I did with 1Password.
  • Love it 5/5

    By paulieb404
    Never forget a thing with this application
  • Updated and I lost everything 1/5

    By CoZmoDan
    All my passwords are no longer available to me since last pass updated and says my master password is wrong. Will not allow me to log in withy fingerprint on my iPhone. Can’t access anything. Can’t get in touch with customer service. It works until it fails you and then you lose all your passwords.
  • Falling Behind in Development... 2/5

    By EricNSacramento
    I have been using this product for well over two years. I absolutely loved it. However... They blew me away with the iOS 12 integration of auto fill. Then I found other similar products that were deploying facial recognition on the PC product. LastPass doesn’t appear to support facial recognition on the PC. I have been looking at McAfees TrueKey product and it does facial recognition on the PC but doesn’t support the iOS 12 integrations (yet). I really want to stay with LastPass but I sternly need the multiuser facial recognition on the PC and the native Hello doesn’t cut it...very limited. LastPass please add facial recognition to your product so I don’t feel the need to move away. I would give you 5 stars and an excellent review if you just had that facial recognition at the PC.

LastPass Password Manager app comments

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