Laugh My App Off - Funny Jokes

Laugh My App Off - Funny Jokes

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Laugh My App Off - Funny Jokes App

Laugh My App Off is the new way of getting your “HAHA’s and LOL’s” on the go! It’s been scientifically proven that laughter is the best medicine and with Laugh My App Off, it is guaranteed to give you the best chuckles all day long. We’ve compiled hundreds of the best and entertaining jokes all around, to put a smile on your face, post and share with your friends to keep the fun going! You’ll be laughing your “app” off in no time! Feeling rundown? Set how many times a day you would like to receive joke notifications on your phone. Be surprised throughout the day to receive a laughing boost. It is perfect for taking the stress out of a moment. Want even more? Then add the Today widget to your device and laugh every time you see the Today view! Do you have a friend that needs a laugh? Use the iMessage app to send funny jokes to all your friends with just one tap! From clean knock-knock jokes and corny puns to hilarious one-liners and clever riddles, we've got the jokes guaranteed to bring on serious laughs. And now, with the latest update, browse through thousands of jokes and funny content with different categories: - General Jokes - Funny Shower Thoughts - Cheesy Pickup Lines - Knock Knock Jokes - Funny Questions - Doctor jokes - Funny jokes for kids - Food Jokes - "A guy walks into a bar..." Jokes - Math Jokes - Jokes about Marriage and Couples - Riddles - Movie jokes - Fun Jokes about Sports And now with LMAO Premium you can: + Remove Ads + Unlock all themes and categories + Set background photo + Get unlimited reminders + Search jokes We’ve compiled hundreds of the best and entertaining jokes all around, to put a smile on your face, post and share with your friends to keep the fun going! You’ll be laughing your “app” off in no time! Privacy Policy: Terms of use:

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Laugh My App Off - Funny Jokes app reviews

  • This is the funniest game ever 5/5

    By snowfight1
    This is the funniest game ever!!!!!!!! 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • 5 Star! 5/5

    By TheBroGirl1
    This app is amazing I was only on For Five Minutes And I was already Dieing of laughter
  • Awsome 5/5

    By time8e
    I LOVE IT!!!!!
  • Has potential 2/5

    By tiaabby2002
    Right now, most of the jokes seem to be lame. I have only come across a few actual funny ones
  • Hello 3/5

    I really enjoy this app a lot. My only nip pick is are the jokes. I really want to read all of them but they’re all premium. I wouldn’t mind if you placed ads on them just so they can be free to read like the math ones. I really like app don’t get me wrong but regardless I would like it if you placed ads or something to read the others joes for free.
  • Funny 5/5

    By so so do bro lady lady❤️❤️
    This app is so funny and I love showing the jokes to my dad
  • Laughing my app off!😂😂😂😂 5/5

    By WeirdLesbianFreak
    Love this so much! No ads which is amazing!
  • Amazing app! 4/5

    By jack linner
    I’ve had this app for a solid 20 minutes and I can’t get off! There are some hilarious jokes on here! The only thing that I would change, is the fact that you can’t really change anything without going premium. Other than that though, it’s amazing!
  • Really deserves zero stars 1/5

    By dashofsalt
    Teacher: I am beautiful. What tense is this? Me: Past tense obviously. Son: "Dad! Dad! There is a monster under my bed!" Dad: "Enjoy it while you can son, when you get married the monster sleeps in your bed." I told my dad to embrace his mistakes. He cried. Then he hugged my sister & me. These are “jokes” from the app. Really? What’s funny about shaming a person’s looks? Is it really funny to tell your son that their mother and future spouse is a monster? I can’t imagine EVER implying to my children that they are mistakes. Great job on reenforcing the hate we have in our society under the guise of a joke.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Con+Con
    This app doesn’t make me laugh it’s so boring I need something that will actually make me laugh
  • Your too funny!! 5/5

    By chamarietta
    I love this app!!
  • Funny 😆 5/5

    By Niah! ❤️
    I love this app it makes me laugh and also I tell some jokes to my family and they love it to!😎😂
  • Best ever so funny 5/5

    By eeerererererererererererererer
    I love it that is all to say
  • -A MUST TRY- 5/5

    By Hazem Hadid
    Look,they always say that laughing is medicine,and it was getting hard for me to get laughs in quarantine,cause I mostly get them from my friends and outside , and I was getting so BORED , so.....I looked apps,nope I downloaded a lot of em,none were funny,nor they were old jokes or lame decided this is the last one I try,I literally downloaded this yesterday,and I have like a 1’000 favs,it really helped me,....for real if you have depression, or anixiety, NOW IS THE TIME TO DOWNLOAD THIS ! I thank the creators so much for being thoughtful and not stealing jokes and being lazy in thinking for jokes 😁😁
  • So, why can’t I exit ads 4/5

    By Nathan427
    The app is in great quality, I tell these to my kids each day! But the problem is that when an ad pops up, there’s no “x” button like all the other ads do. I recommend having no ads in the app FOR FREE or put a “x” button on all pf your ads.
  • Dis is amazing 5/5

    By wolffy2000
    I did not no that there could be such a funny story line and just one little short paragraph it's amazing also why I gave it a five star review is because the app is not glitchy or crashes 😊
  • Review 5/5

    By pupptey
    Best ap ever
  • No no 1/5

    By D-2 King
    Straight people jokes and jokes that aren’t bad enough to be funny I’m sad to say I’m disappointed :/
  • It’s funny, but... 3/5

    By ashklphtdsxbklo
    It’s funny, but I hate all of the ads and asking to go premium every time I try to look at a category
  • SoSo Rating 2/5

    By J Taken
    Seems more juvenile humor than I thought it would. Will keep a little longer and see if it continues.
  • This is the real deal, and that's not a joke. 5/5

    By taliwalt
    Edit: I've noticed the jokes are getting better. Keep it up! Original review: So So far it hasn't asked me for a review, and I haven't seen ad...and…oh right, the jokes are pretty good too.
  • STOOPID 1/5

    By horriblejusthorrible
  • I’m done 🤣 5/5

    By sammyzile
    I’ve been on the app for like 5 mins and I’ve laughed at almost every single joke I love it!!!!
  • One Thing Missing... 5/5

    This app is fine, except I can’t seem to favorite jokes I like. I can do it sometimes, but only those times. Thank you, and I hope you will fix this bug.
  • 👌🏽 5/5

    By Da_Rammm-bammm
    I thought this app was gonna be good until I downloaded it and realized it has premium to use all the good stuff. So I got rid of it and I’m looking for another. Sry 🤷🏽‍♀️
  • My opinion 4/5

    By @stitch4life_2008
    This app is great but I do think they can add more categories or put a add for some but I do get that they need to get money thank you
  • If I could have only one app, I would want this 5/5

    By blah Nada
    This app is soooooooooooo extremely amazing. It has everything I love in one pack!!! Cool am I right? Even though my parents don’t like to use money on stuff(and I don’t too) I really wanna buy the premium. You get to choose aesthetic backgrounds and fonts and you get to make your own riddles, jokes, or funny scenarios. This is why you should absolutely get this app even if it’s the last thing you do. As soon as you get on your iPad, phone, etc., the first thing you need to do is: 1) Get into AppStore 2) Type in your Apple ID 3) Get the app 4) Stay on it for the rest of your life Laughing makes people feel really happy. If you get this app, the laughs will never end!! Trust me, it’s out of this world.
  • Jokes are the best... 4/5

    By Youeatchicken
    But when I try to make my own theme and watch an add, when I hit the button to get out of it it takes me out of the create your own theme thing. It’s rigged
  • Reviewing 5/5

    By dr.szwenik
    I like the many jokes utilizing puns!
  • Funny 5/5

    By Diesel😁Im
    So funny
  • Good app 4/5

    By ciara_epps
    Good app but could be better. The app has Joke but.But it also has just sentences that will make you laugh not jokes m. but overall it’s pretty good.
  • Great but ONE THING 4/5

    By Dragon Queen🐲👑
    Ok so over all this app is great, but first of all sometimes it doesn’t let me heart a joke or something and the thing that made me write the review is that one of the jokes I got was kinda offensive to the lgbtq+ community I’m not necessarily a part of it although I do support it, and I just wanted you to know so you could be a little more considerate.
  • Greedy 1/5

    By Thi Doan Trang
    They give few free jokes the rest I have to paid it is not worth It I am going deleted this it is boring greed make it no fun
  • Best thing ever 5/5

    By Isapizza562
    This is so funny I peed myself
  • Incorrect password 5/5

    By CelestineLillyCrystal
    The joke about the incorrect password I get it its like you type your password incorrect and it tells you it is incorrect so it just telling you your password is incorrect so you have to type incorrect
  • The best app ever 5/5

    By fhfhhdhdjdb
    This was the best joke app anywone could dream for
  • Funny 5/5

    By Family Trish
    Funny and helps get through the day.
  • AWESOMe 5/5

    By Butt face potty
    Sometimes in my day I need a little cheer up this ones cheers me right up! There was this one that say isnt Ironic thst red white and blue are freedom colors until there flashing behind you
  • Great jokes. Makes me smile. One thing though... 5/5

    By DestinyManedWolf
    😁 I love these jokes, however, I would not love to watch ads every time I want to switch categories. Fix that, then it’s pretty much perfect! Thanks for reading!
  • Funny 5/5

    By willow the queen
    It helps brighten your day and the jokes are funny 😍😍
  • I love it’s funny jokes :D 5/5

    By h.hilmy
    This app always shows me funny jokes when I am upset.especially cuz of my brother he is beyond annoying
  • Laughter 5/5

    By The "B" family
    Trying to stay alive longer, and this app will help! Some jokes are the best but, some are pretty corney!! Gotta love that, as long as I laugh.
  • 😶😐😶😐😈👿 3/5

    By pizza giy
    Eh there’s only like 10 funny jokes and it showed the same ones a lot But you do get them free so ⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Why premium?? 3/5

    By brypup
    Hi. Ok so I love this app and when ever I’m feeling down I get on this app and it always cheers me up! But, why did you add premium? It’s getting kind of annoying. I really want access to all the other jokes and stuff! It isn’t fair that you’re making us pay for laughing! So please can you please, take down the premium? I’ve been wanting to get access to all the funny jokes! Thank you for reading my report! Bye!!
  • great work ! 5/5

    By girl who loves vsco
    relatable and funny. Thanks needed this
  • Great buuuuuuut... 4/5

    By 3();$&$))&?)7$)$)))
    So good but I don’t like the swear words
  • The Laff App 4/5

    By Kremlo
    They have quality jokes❣️
  • 1st Review for any App 5/5

    By foreest gump
    Keep it up! I am so happy to have found this app. It brightens my day. Able to set up notifications to send jokes at certain parts of the day is a nice touch! Again this is my 1st ever review. I am 27 year old, college educated and from an urban area. Hats off to the dev team !!
  • Not working 1/5

    By maxgoodboy
    Same joke keeps repeating no matter what category

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