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Member Tools

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  • Current Version: 3.6.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Compatibility: Android
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Member Tools App

The Member Tools app provides members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with the ability to contact ward and stake members, access event calendars, and locate Church meetinghouses and temples. Leaders can also access additional membership information and reports.

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Member Tools app reviews

  • App no longer works for older devices 1/5

    By Jumper54322
    According to church app support, this app no longer works per new Apple protocols unless you have iOS 11 and higher. Nothing can be done. Older iOS will no longer work. They church app support suggestion is to do the online internet search to find the info needed. I can't update my OS because will lose access to 9 apps I paid for that no longer exists that I use weekly if not daily. Wish I had known about losing member tool access with the latest syn before hand. Would have saved important member contact info into contact app before hand. Just wanted to warn others that you may lose the app if you do the next syn, and sooner or later, all will have to syn. Older devices are being left behind as the church moves forward.
  • It won’t upload a profile picture 3/5

    By Olidonn
    I have tried many times but I can upload a profile and family picture to my account.
  • No help 1/5

    By bigdogradio
    I have NEVER had this many problems trying to log in to an app. I created my account but it never lets me in. I’m tired of creating new passwords and re-downloading the app. You’ve got to be kidding!!! I’m done...don’t need the aggravation.
  • 11-Aug-19 - iOS 9 Blues 2/5

    By Cheapskate01
    I’m about to use my outside voice. PLEASE STOP SHUTTING DOWN THESE APPS ON IOS 9! Of note are Gospel Library and Member Tools (formerly LDS Tools). Something has happened at headquarters and these apps are no longer able to function on iOS 9. That means some of us are CRIPPLED unless we’re ready to shell out for new iPads and iPhones. My iPad 2 is one of my favorite devices and I am more than displeased that (a) I can not download CONFERENCE TALKS in iOS 9, and (b) Member Tools just plain don’t work anymore on iOS 9. PLEASE FIX!
  • No backward compatibility with a 3 year old iOS. 1 star! 1/5

    By eyefoto
    All right, 2-1/2 months of waiting for "" to come back on line, just to re-sync and even open LDS Tools indicates to me that somebody on your end "broke it" for older equipment. I am financially not able to play the "upgrade game". 1 star for breaking it, one star for doing nothing about it despite the months of other reviewers with the same problem.
  • Can’t change photo 3/5

    By lawsypaws
    Been trying for days to change my profile pic with no luck. Please fix.
  • Not compatible 1/5

    By jjhill1938
    This app no longer works with my iPad2. It's just not right that no accommodation was made for IOS 9.5.2. When I try to sync, the message says "this app is not compatible with this device". Please fix this. I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem. We shouldn't have to buy a later model when our current one works fine.
  • Disappointing programming 1/5

    By Mr_Spitzohr
    I actually called and spoke to someone in the tech department, explaining that many members do not run out and update their iPads to generation 6, and that the industry standard is to make software backwards compatible with previous versions of operating systems (such as iOS) so members don't suddenly lose the ability to use apps they have grown accustomed to using in their callings. Unfortunately, the response was: "Sorry, we only program for the most current operating system. You'll just have to upgrade." Note: I am a programmer - it's not that hard to make software compatible with older operating systems.
  • Not inclusive 2/5

    By doitchet
    Only part of my ward residents will download. I’ve deleted data, deleted app, reinstalled app and member information is still not showing. I have an iPhone. Recommendations?
  • Fix this app! 1/5

    By Ihateapplesicloudbullcrap
    Terrible app. Constant sync errors, hanging, and frustration. I’m a Dr in computer science. I would have failed school if I would have submitted this app!
  • You have failed me 1/5

    By PresHinckleysCousin
    When you recently changed server names the old version stopped working. My iPad doesn't support the new versions of IOS, and you no longer support the latest version that my iPad will support. In order to use the app I would have to buy a new iPad, so you have utterly failed me.
  • Works fairly well 3/5

    By mr.bug132
    My biggest concern is my inability to edit any of my information including my email, phone, photo, or really any other personal information from the app. Other then that I can pull up all the other information I need for others just fine. So if the ability to fix your own information was fixed this app would perfect for what I need.
  • Can’t Change Visibility or Photos 1/5

    By kitkathappy1029384756
    I have been trying to update my visibility settings in the app, and every time I try to save the changes, the app stops working and reverts back to my previous settings. I also can’t adjust my household photo. Please fix or allow for all visibility settings to be adjustable on website
  • Problems with photos 3/5

    By PeelEric
    I wanted to update my family’s photos in the directory, but kept getting the “error uploading photo” message when I attempted it. After a few tries I attempted it on my Android phone. Guess what, it worked! I synced it so the photos would upload, and they did upload. I can see the new photos on the church website, in the directory. But I still can’t see them on my iPhone, even after syncing multiple times! What’s going on?
  • iPh 5 not supported anymore 4/5

    By yetoso
    iPhone 5 not supported anymore for app. New app with new name required iOS 11 and up. But can log into your website as a work around. Try leader and clerk resources for ministering info if your calling requires it.
  • Can’t Edit Pictures 2/5

    By Jefe E
    I know it’s not a huge deal, but I’ve been trying to update the pictures for our family and my individual accounts. It appears to be trying for a while then I get an error saying it can’t do it. I try deleting the pictures. That doesn’t work either.
  • Unable To Purchase.... 1/5

    By HighlandJR
    I have enjoyed using this app on my iPad mini but as of the last update a couple of months ago I no longer have access. When I try to download I get the message "Unable To Purchase Member Tools is not compatible with this IPad". I don't know why this app can't be supported on older devices so I don't have to purchase a new device. This has been a 5 star app but with the recent changes I can only rate it as 1 star.
  • Log in 1/5

    By Smurfcake
    Can't log in. This app is too buggy
  • Pretty good. Improvements coming? 4/5

    By Cintim
    Overall, fairly easy to use. Having the ministering assignments listed is very helpful. I’m surprised and disappointed that it won’t display a map of the ward and stake boundaries. Or, if it does, that I haven’t been able to figure out how to do it. Seems like an obvious feature to include.
  • When it works it’s great... 1/5

    By pooderdeez
    I have been trying for 3 months to access my directory and the app always says it’s “down at this time.” I uninstalled it, restarted it, logged out, etc., but it’s always down for maintenance. Previously, it’s been great, but...
  • No sync capability 1/5

    By PatrickMad
    New iPhone 7 refuses to sync. I have WiFi/LTE working just fine. Uninstalled/re-installed several times. Fails every time.🙁
  • Ministering Info for Individuals is GONE 2/5

    By ukulele.girl
    Disappointed that ministering information for individuals has been removed from the app. I rely on this app often to keep us up-to-date on changes in ward membership. But most especially for quick find ministering information when an individual or family is in need.
  • Broken App 1/5

    By DJBarBar
    Can’t change my profile picture or household picture been like this for a while with no fix. When I tap “contact us” under the “help” section of the app I get an error message so can’t even get in contact with anyone to fix these issues. Seems like iOS devs don’t have priority with these issues. If y’all are short handed sign me up to help.
  • Stopped working 3/5

    By CamJPete
    Had to delete and download again. I seem to have to do this often. Signing in with password AND Touch ID makes me never want to use the app. Seems to require it all the time. Still useful though when working.
  • No longer works! 1/5

    By JoePeabody12
    My iPad4 can no longer upgrade. It is stuck at iOS 10.xx. The new tools requires iOS 11. A previous version of tools was installed, but will not sync. Given this problem tools is now a useless app. Previous to this upgrade tools was working just fine. It seems silly to buy a whole new iPad just for this one nonfunctioning app when all other apps work just fine.
  • Lost Ministering Access 4/5

    By ezratg
    Great app, but as of last sync I no longer see ministering data in the app for ministering reports or who’s assigned in the directory. I can see my own, but that’s it. I’m still assigned the same calling EQ 1st counselor, But my access in the app doesn’t reflect that. It looks like other reviewers are also having this problem.
  • Doesn’t seem to work when most needed 1/5

    By sssddssdsssdsss
    Latest bug as of June 30 is that after syncing I can no longer see ministering reports. I am EQ secretary and could access the reports fine this morning. I foolishly took a chance at syncing and reports are gone now. Makes it impossible to update ministering interviews. My guess is that it will start working again tomorrow when it is too late to enter data for Q2. Sync frequently ‘down for maintenance’ on Sundays. ‘Down for maintenance’ seems to be the catch all message for any issue including things like not supporting iOS 10 which leads to extra confusion and frustration for users. This app will be used heavily on Sundays so it would seem that this should be accounted for. I avoided updating this app and now regret having done so. Sync is forced periodically and it doesn’t always accept my password, presumably due to sync issues. This could be acceptable from time to time but it locks you out of the app so you cannot access the saved data, which means you cannot access any contact info. Two days in a row it has forced me to log in again, and both times it has not accepted my valid password, even though it worked for a short time earlier today. Makes it impossible to do my calling. Why is it set up to force sync twice in 2 days?? It would be nice if fixing login and sync issues could be made the highest priority instead of adding new features. A couple of years ago this app worked flawlessly.
  • Maintenance 1/5

    By goochkja
    I have been trying to login for over a month now and are unsuccessful in doing so. The app keeps saying that Church of Jesus Christ of latter day is under maintenance to please try again later
  • Quarterly report 2/5

    By Sesportsfan22
    I’m part of our elders quorum presidency and trying to update our ministering report, but when I go into the app, it doesn’t even show our districts.
  • Bugs around sign in and sync. 2/5

    By ravenrunner999
    This app is great and super useful, except that it has had bugs for the last few years. Frequently I will open the app, sometimes it’ll ask me to sign in, which never work. Then when I sign out all the way, and try to log in again, it may or may not work, but then may not sync. I’ve hoped that new updates would address these issues. Today I couldn’t sign in at all, so I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it, and could sign in no problem. This has happened more than once and is a bit frustrating.
  • Change Profile Picture 2/5

    By Me4960
    Since about a month and a half ago, I’ve been wanting to change the profile picture with no success. If I try to delete my current picture, it doesn’t do anything and if I try to change it, it says that it failed and to try later. I have tried several times on several occasions to delete the app and reinstall or even use other people phones but it still doesn’t work.
  • Doesn’t finish sync. Unable to log in. 1/5

    By Jfifydtvogf
    Doesn’t finish sync. Unable to log in.
  • Tools 4/5

    By TheirGrandma
    Have to reload each time I use it.
  • Sign in 2/5

    By lakdjendnix
    No matter how many times I change my password (at it works when I log in on my computer) it won’t let me sign in to LDS tools. So very frustrating.
  • App not working 1/5

    By cmg1220
    I can't get this app to open. It's not recognizing my password, won't let me change it and when it looks like maybe it will sync and start working again the syncing stops and send me back to try to sign in. It's so disappointing, this app has been so helpful in the past
  • Suddenly Unable to Sync 3/5

    By pest5551212
    Like several others note the app suddenly and recently stopped being able to finish it's sync process. This may have been triggered by multiple attempts to sync while the Church's web site was having seizures yesterday. Since the Church's web site became functional again I tried to sync repeatedly (because the app wouldn't let me do anything else), and I tried the usual iOS methods for removing and restoring the app. The fix this time was to go deep in iOS settings and delete the app along with it's data and documents. (Try Settings, General, iPhone Storage, open the Tools app listing and choose Delete App.) This app still needs fixing. Maybe allow customers to kill an obviously stalled sync process and/or clear failed sync downloads from within the app. Maybe prevent the app from trying to sync when Church web resources are glitching. Like others I've learned to expect the app to catastrophically fail at the most inopportune times and function reasonably well only when it's not really needed. Having functioned as a ward, assistant, or stake clerk for around 35 years this app is the only tool so far that has not been reliable. I've been wishing it would get better since it was made available. Function increases have been great. It now needs stability/reliability fixes.
  • very really good 5/5

    By l e e s i l
    good app much fun. keeps the kiddos occupied 🤙🏼
  • Bad Connectivity 3/5

    By gregbeanpe1
    Since about a week ago, this app won’t synch and I can’t report. I have tried multiple times and finally uninstalled the app, with a big sacrifice of all my lists. Now it won’t install from the App Store. iPhone 6s.
  • Sync Issues 1/5

    By AdventureRunner
    The app is great when it works. However, lately my problem has been with synching issues and getting info on those I’m suppose to minister to. Very frustrating!
  • Sign in fails 2/5

    By Electrovir
    Sign in always failing, pictures take an eternity to load... it wasn’t this bad before.
  • Can't sync 1/5

    By The.Lone.Ranger
    Took a chance and updated to the latest version. Now regretting it, because the app won't sync anymore, and it cleared the locally stored data as well.
  • Getting worse over time 2/5

    By Dave in the Bog
    Another Sunday and I cannot access the app. First, it informs me that my data has been wiped, then logins fail, and then it even rejects the password after it was just reset.
  • Great until I have to sync 2/5

    By _jgibbster
    Almost everything on this app works, except the ability to sync. I frequently find that the sync button is completely unresponsive and I have to delete the app and re-download I to view the latest ward info. This problem has been ongoing for a few months. Please fix it.
  • bruh 1/5

    By dbo22!
    It’s amazing that a simple directory app can be dang near impossible to use. It’s like playing Russian roulette except instead of a bullet, it’s the app working correctly.
  • This app is garbage. 1/5

    By rridiculoussss
    I love the church but this app is terrible. I’ve reset my password and it still won’t let me sign in.
  • Extremely buggy now 2/5

    By Jwcfpe
    The older version was fantastic but the newest release rarely works for me. Constantly having to log in and then it says not available. I’ll try it a few more times but am thinking of abandoning it and going to the website instead.
  • Monthly sign-in/ sign-in errors 1/5

    By LaneLeBaron
    This would be handy if I could get it to sync. It errors out more than it works. Now it even erased all the data and won’t let my sync. Just says Tools isn’t avaliable right now. What’s up with that?
  • Recent update 2/5

    By Pedro Idaho
    My wife cannot use member tools on her iPad 2 mini because it takes 11.0 operating system and her’s is 9 Something. It will no longer sync. THANKS!!
  • Superb App 5/5

    By Docjeff56
    LDS Tools is a wonderful app. It's so valuable when fulfilling callings in the Ward. Unfortunately, it has upgraded thousands of us out of being able to use it. When the required operating system became 11.0 thousands of us who can't afford new phones got left out!

Member Tools app comments

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