Leafly: Marijuana Reviews

Leafly: Marijuana Reviews

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  • Current Version: 7.7.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
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Leafly: Marijuana Reviews App

Leafly is the world’s cannabis resource to learn about weed. Millions of people use Leafly’s award-winning app to discover and find the cannabis that’s right for them based on reported effects, feelings, and reviews of thousands of marijuana strains. The dispensary finder and weed maps help you find nearby legal cannabis for your medical or personal needs. Discover your ideal weed strains, tinctures, topicals, concentrates, or pot edibles based on hundreds of thousands of user-submitted reviews, desired effects, aromas, flavors, recommended strain lists, and availability at nearby weed dispensaries or retail stores. Using our integrated weed maps, you can find marijuana and CBD products and medical marijuana doctors. Locate a legal doctor, clinic, pot dispensary, retail cannabis store, and pickup and delivery services in your area. Browse dispensary menus, view deals and specials, read user reviews, and receive daily notifications from your favorite medical marijuana dispensaries and retail weed stores. Read the latest cannabis news and lifestyle information with Leafly News & Culture, where we bring you Cannabis 101 resources, the latest medical marijuana studies, legalization updates, and other compelling cannabis content. Watch videos to learn how to use marijuana, how to grow weed, make your own pot edibles, and more. No matter your preference, our app will help you choose the right type of weed for your needs. Whether you’re a medical marijuana patient or a retail cannabis user, you’ll love the Leafly app!

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Leafly: Marijuana Reviews app reviews

  • Not one cent 1/5

    By paleoveteran
    I just found out leafly supports BLM a terrorist group. I will no longer use your service. I am a veteran and very insulted you would support terrorists like BLM. GOODBYE
  • New format is awful 1/5

    By senorfrisk
    The new Leafly format is horrible. It’s hard to navigate, the prices don’t always show up. It takes forever to load the whole menu and you can never be sure you are seeing the whole menu. Save some time and frustration and use Weedmaps instead.
  • Most Have! 5/5

    By iHYDRO
    This is definitely a go to app on checking what type of buds I should get at the dispensary when they get new bud in and it’s a hybrid I love being able to see what it’s like, how it’ll make me feel, the different components and what not. Truly a most have for the Bud connoisseur! 🧐🎩 💯😂🤣
  • The update is atrocious 1/5

    By libbidy2010
    I cannot use this app! As in, it’s new update has made it impossible to navigate. It wasn’t broke, and who ever “fixed” it should “un-fix” it asap. This is really disappointing. I used the browser to access Leafly and it was a tiny bit better, but it’s still terrible and I hope it gets fixed soon.
  • User interface is terrible! 4/5

    By dfgytvhkk
    Very useful app and good information, but absolute crap to navigate. Sometimes it’s bad on the PC, but it’s the worst on the iPads. Listings cut off with no way to scroll or expand, if you dare look at or for a review from a menu, good luck trying to get back to where you were. Also, having to leave the page to see a simple star rating? Why bother with a sort feature when the database is so wonky? Some of this falls on the dispensaries for shoddy entries, but some uniformity would really help. Your interface is next to impossible on iPad mini. Invest in some usability tests, please!
  • Must’ve been designed by a stoner. 2/5

    By ~•:
    What happened? This app used to be usable, then became frustrating a few months ago, then appeared to stabilize a few weeks ago, then reverted to annoying and misleading, and now is similar to the weedmaps app... Pretty much unusable. Thanks for the memories!

    By TUCA2009
    This most recent update makes the app useless to me. Search function is several steps back. Please return it to the way it was!!
  • New Version is USELESS 1/5

    By emptysounds
    Don’t bother with this app until another version is released. Navigation is convoluted and cumbersome, getting to a filter to see only flower at a location is several clicks when it was simply a drop down menu in the past. PLUS, filters don’t even work... each one I tried gave ZERO results. So now you just have to scroll and scroll and scroll through offerings with no way to dial down to the items you actually want. PLUS, now even the main listing it littered with giant pictures that make scrolling even more cumbersome. Wish I could give this garbage update the review it deserves: NEGATIVE 5 MILLION STARS!
  • Bad update 2/5

    By Phoenix STS
    Love the previous version of this app, but the most recent update is a step backwards. The UI for filtering is buggy and not a good flow. For example, if you filter by any product category, and then clear the filter to show all product, flower items don’t show up on the list. Also, in the last version of the app category filtering was an easy dropdown right from the core menu list, and it showed the number of products available next to each category type. That isn’t available anymore, so it’s tough to track when items have been added or removed from a menu. Basically, filtering takes 4-5 clicks for something that used to just take 2.
  • 5/29/2020 Update 2/5

    By FromFaithandHope
    I miss the menu where you can just drop down to select the product. Taking to an extra screen and back in to change is kind of redundant. Miss the other menu set up before the update
  • New update 1/5

    By Dev442
    The new update is horrible. You can’t quickly access the product types which is the main purpose of the menu. Horrible update for sure.
  • Latest Update 1/5

    By Elle_S_P
    The latest update has diminished the ease of the shopping experience. Filtering by product type was a great feature. Also, being able to see the cost of each strain on the initial menu page was big! There are a lot of details missing (cost per gram, sativa vs indica) from the menu page that I now have to go through several steps to get to. Please go back to the old set up.
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Group-B
    Not all strains are on here.
  • Comprehensive 5/5

    By Busy But News Hungry
    Leafly is so comprehensive that it’s like having an encyclopedia of weed at your fingertips. It has information for every type of weed enthusiast from the casual user to artisan growers to old fogies like me who need it as much for medicine as for enjoyment. And the info is always being updated. It’s especially helpful for those of us who have been away from the game for many years and needed a source of fast and correct info. I love this site.
  • H4L great service decent flower ! 5/5

    By Mr Hoy
    Got a good deal on Sunday. Really like this dispenser.
  • Log in 2/5

    By Layed Back Fl
    I constantly have a problem logging in. VERY FRUSTRATED!
  • Invisible Text 3/5

    By sufisamwise
    I love the Leafly website, but there’s a serious problem with your iPhone app. Text I enter in the app when searching on your site is completely invisible. This makes your app unusable, so I close it and simply access the site with a browser instead. The problem has nothing to do with my phone or settings, because this never happens with any other app. I really hope you will fix this soon, because I work as a budtender in a medical dispensary, and when I encounter a question I don’t know the answer to, your platform is indispensable to providing the best possible information and recommendations for our patients. A fully functional app would benof tremendous assistance for filling in those knowledge gaps when customers are on the floor.
  • Sweet app 5/5

    By Linzabel
    Really useful for information on cannabis and your items and news and industry.
  • I’m possible to order 1/5

    By bdbzhsvejxbfoffbh
    My ptsd is through the roof! I have to go down and wait hours because the app doesn’t work. Make it easier. We all use marijuana to make things easier and YOU should not design hard to use apps! Good. Day!
  • Room for improvement 3/5

    By jjonnyrodd2
    This app is still Has lots of bugs. This could be so much more capable
  • Love y’all ☺️🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟 5/5

    By Fhfgbgvdfggvhg
    Leafly is gooood
  • Makes finding the right bud easy 5/5

    By keep it cute sis
    It’s like tinder for weed! I love it
  • Excellent App 5/5

    By Scottsteward
    It’s a go to for all my recreational inquiries.
  • Crashes on iPhone 1/5

    By snowytreesntrichs
    I use it on my Android with no problem. Love it. But anytime I try to click on show more or details it crashes instantly. So I can’t even really use the app because I can’t see the info I need to see. Unfortunately I lost my Samsung and have to use my work iPhone until I get my replacement. Oh how I hate iPhones
  • We need it in Arabica 3/5

    By azaman_97
    Please we need it in Arabic
  • Can’t order 2/5

    By tritge
    I go to the site, and although it says I’m shopping at my closest site, it won’t let me checkout
  • Earths healing 5/5

    By mubald
    Very competent and knowledgeable
  • Hard to order sometimes 2/5

    By Theo Buchans
    Have to order go to cart and then order again BC cart didn’t add items from menu. Annoys the piss out of a guy.
  • Love it 5/5

    By zoezoe19
    I’m in Chicago it’s glad I can see what I buy...
  • Amazing 5/5

    By tabbycat627
    Great resource for looking up strains. Sometimes I wish they had better pictures, because the pictures on there will be dark or blurry. But otherwise, it is a fountain of knowledge!
  • Was great until this new update 1/5

    By Thorzdad
    May 2020 UPDATE: For whatever reason, this new update has removed industry news, products, etc. The app is now only a strain explorer. This used to be a great resource for keeping up with legislation, grow products, lifestyle features, etc. I guess no more. Shame. UPDATE: So, Leafly pushed out an update to the broken update today. App’s still broken, folks. My review still stands... I previously gave this app 5 stars. This latest update, though, drops it to 1 star (I’d give it zero if I could.) The app doesn’t work. I get the green Leafly splash screen, and then just a big white, empty screen. No navigation, no pics, nothing. Blank. I was a little concerned when I took a look at the preview of the new infographic system for strains and found them incomprehensible. I do infographics for a living and the new system takes a previously accessible and understandable system and turns it unnecessarily complex and difficult to grasp. Maybe it’s a good thing I can’t load the new app?
  • Newbie 5/5

    By Happiness on a sunny day 1234
    This website or app has educated me greatly thanks
  • Why would you make something worse? 1/5

    By unsatisfied neon light
    Please bring back the old look, new look is worse in every way to the point where I’ve deleted the app and just use weedmaps
  • Why can’t I order a pick un through the app? 4/5

    By Leahmarie191199
    I can’t order through the app
  • I love Leafly 5/5

    By Johnwend
  • I Hate the Latest Design 1/5

    By Dour Sour Diesel
    I used to use this app every day. Now I never use it. It used to be very accessible for all people in my opinion. Now with the new shapes and colors system, it’s inaccessible to those of us who can’t take in information this way.
  • It’s alright 1/5

    By kidkuchi
    I do love this app, BUT the only thing I downloaded it for was to order off it so I wouldn’t have to keep searching the web. But nope I can’t order off it or place orders it’s dumb. Like you should be able to place an order for pickup. Especially with Covid
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By Billygoat Joe
    I absolutely Love this App. Can’t tell you how many times I have woken up, and it’s the first app I look at. Feels like every morning. With, Some COFFEE !!!☺️☕️☕️☕️☕️
  • Why can’t I sort products by price? 2/5

    By slrsly
    90% of the reason I use this app is so I can see who has what product I want at my price point! Now I have to sift through and entire menu to find out information I can get faster on weed maps
  • Okay reference source, but the functionality blows 2/5

    By sadock
    I was excited when I downloaded Leafly. I’d finally have a database for all of my cannabis. It’d be just like IMDb, but for weed. First problem I run into is that the iPad app does not shift to landscape. Annoying, but I can live with it if the rest of the app does what I want. What I really need is an app where I can record how *I* feel about each individual strain. Leafly is not that. I thought I might not be signed in, but that wasn’t it. I guess they want to be more like Wikipedia.
  • Good could be great 3/5

    By Beretta broke
    Hey app but I wish I could order from it.
  • Old format 1/5

    By PM014
    Go back to the old format

    By Bryanpapadoyianis
    PLEASE bring back the old leafly, dude i used to love this app, with the basic sativa, indica and hybrid colors, and the classic effects and negatives scales. The old format you guys had was way better and the new color identification thing for the terpenes is complicated and i miss the squares for the strains. Hopefully u guys update it so its less crowded and easier to maneuver like the last format, or just bring it back. Thank you
  • Leafly I give five stars it helps me find and everything I need Thanks Leafly. 5/5

    By Tarishe
    I giI
  • Website better 1/5

    App doesn’t let me make orders online, only the website.
  • Can’t See Pics of Strain 1/5

    By trent0n420
    It works on safari but not the app. How does that make sense?
  • Thanks 5/5

    By arizona 12
    Easy to use , up to date with inventory.
  • Champ Gudies and Leads 5/5

    By BoneBreaker79
    This is the best APP you can use to help guide you thru every details of CBC and THC wonderland medicine stay health
  • Thank you 5/5

    By Shorti4x4
    I’m a novice and enjoy this website for pictures and learning (63) years old

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