Learn & Play by Fisher-Price

Learn & Play by Fisher-Price

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Learn & Play by Fisher-Price App

Learn & Play by Fisher-Price, powered by HOMER is a safe, play-based app designed to delight and entertain your little learner. Each ad-free game and activity is designed by academics and researchers, fun-tested by kids, and created to help your child explore, play, and learn! • Learning through play: Familiar characters guide your child through fun games and activities as they learn about ABC's, colors, and more. • Grows with your child: Designed by academics and researchers to support your child through the early stages of learning and development. • Safe: Kid-safe, ad-free, curated content ensures a safe digital learning environment. • 2 modes of play: 1) Play Together: - Show them how it’s done! It’s easy to guide your child’s learning through the activities and games. - What will they learn today? Choose from counting, shapes, colors, helping others, and learning about the world around us. - Ah, that’s the stuff. Enjoy a selection of soothing sounds, songs and lullabies to relax to. - There’s more where that came from! Our experts will send you daily Play Tips to keep the fun going. 2) Let Them Play: - Simple, child-friendly experience is perfect for “Do It Myself”ers. - Looks like play, acts like play – must be learning foundational skills! - They learn something new every day. Some days it’s cause and effect, other days it’s shapes and colors. - Designed with story-loving, song-singing, little explorers in mind – your child will love watching, listening and playing their way through learning content.

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Learn & Play by Fisher-Price app reviews

  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By bnb32094
    PLEASE BRING THE OLD APPS BACK! I have a 6 year old and and 2 year old. We have used the story book fisher price apps along with the ABC and 123, First Words Fun and shapes. My kids have played these since they could first use an iPad or iPhone and they were great tools for teaching. My 2 year old is VERY upset he can’t play these original apps anymore and cares nothing for this “new and improved” app. Total disappointment and thanks for all the tears of my 2 year old that doesn’t understand. They were literally the only apps he ever played. I would GLADLY pay just to get these apps back. If I could give zero stars I would.
  • New “better” app isn’t. 1/5

    By Chelsea d moose
    The new app (that all the old ones say is better) is not! The original had movement and motion even a small baby could watch/control. (Especially in the shapes app where they bounced around). This new one doesn’t sssm as interactive and was very clunky. I wish it at least retained all the old loved games as a part of it.
  • Horrible "update." Bring the old versions back 1/5

    By MoofyB
    This is the saddest excuse for a so-called "bigger and better" update. The individual interactive sing alongs, ABCs, word games, etc were my daughters favorites. They tried to merge them and first off, most of it is gone. The stuff they DID keep turned into plain videos, which is the complete opposite of what was good about the old games. Crappy quality videos too. Hot steaming sack of garbage now. Good thing it was free. Don't waste your time.
  • Cute! 5/5

    By MamaOfOne_123
    Really happy to see the Animal Sounds game along with lots of new content. We’re loving the phone game!!
  • Old app better 1/5

    By fitzie23
    PLEASE bring back the old apps, or make them an option on this one. My son loved your old apps, favorite ones to play with. These new ones are too advanced for him at 18 months still. The old apps he was able to play with from 6 months on. The old ones, especially taught him so much. These new ones don’t really teach anything, seem more just for entertainment, and even that is quite lacking.
  • Special needs toddler misses the old version 1/5

    By camx7997
    Our 3 year old nonverbal son (developmentally about 19 months old) LOVED the original versions of these apps and was besides himself upset tonight when one of his favorite alphabet / numbers / shapes app forced an update to this jumbled mess. As another reviewer said, the original was simpler and more interactive for a younger toddler. Is there any way we can still get the old version?
  • From great to useless 1/5

    By jlhaley
    I used to be able to give my daughter my phone and she could navigate to her games and play for a good half hour. Now I have to navigate for her, it HAS to be played landscape mode, its hard for her to navigate (gets stuck on the "parent" code screen, the games are all different and quite frankly lame. Doesn't keep my daughters attention or independence like the games used to. Too bad.
  • We hate the new songs and app 1/5

    By dr_o123
    Why change something that’s not broken. The old app was way better and now my 1 year old can’t even use the app. Boooooooooo
  • Lame 1/5

    By needoldapps
    This app is terrible compared to the old ones. My 2 year old loved them. Especially puppy’s nose. The new app doesn’t have any of the old stuff and what it does have is slow and boring. So disappointed. You should have at least kept the old apps running.
  • Not the same 1/5

    By gemom2016
    We originally had the Fisher Price apps for my daughter and she loved how interactive they were. This new app is awful. There is no interaction, songs, or anything that teaches a child. PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD APPS

    By arhathdynctn(!g
    This is an app for toddlers. You can’t go and change it, this isn’t Facebook! Little kids get used to learning the one app and how to play it and you turned it into something something completely different. LOVED THE OLD APP. I WOULD GIVE YOU NO STARS IF I COULD. I just don’t understand why you would change it and the old songs aren’t there anymore. Really disappointed. My son no longer has anything to play but kids YouTube that I had to redownload because you guys ruined this game.
  • Please bring back Puppy ABCs/123 1/5

    By Allomb
    My non verbal special needs son LOVED the Fisher Price Puppy app. We even incorporated the app into his therapy sessions because it was such a motivator for him. The app was easily engaged (my son just had to tap the screen) and it kept his attention with silly sounds, bouncing images, and songs. He loves music and is motivated by music. His speech therapist loved how the app encouraged him to touch the screen because this is a skill he will need as he transitions into assistive communication devices. The new app is NOTHING like the puppy games. He now becomes frustrated when he sees the puppy icon or picture card we made because the app no longer works. I am willing to pay for the Puppy app for it to be returned. This app may not be important to a lot of people, but to my son it was priceless. Please reconsider getting ride of the Fisher Price abc/123/shapes app.
  • My daughter hates the upgrade 1/5

    By jal$87
    My little girl loved the old app. This new app is disappointing and not as interactive. She gets frustrated with it and my phone ends up on the ground. I wish the old app was back!
  • Bring back the old app games 1/5

    When I saw the old apps were no longer supported because there was a new platform, I thought it was just that. A new platform. Instead it’s none of the original games. There’s no interactive feature on half the content anymore. There’s no active learning involved. Please add the old games back.
  • Fisher Price is NOT AUTISM FRIENDLY - Bring back the old apps 1/5

    By QuantumYeti
    The older apps were great for my 10 month old. She LOVED them. Also my AUTISTIC son Loved those apps. Do you know how IMPOSSIBLE it is to explain to him that the apps are gone and this sorry excuse of an upgrade is their replacement? This app is too advanced for my infant and upsets my special needs toddler. This makes me just about angry enough to boycott future Fisher Price toys. BAD MOVE FISHER PRICE.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Jeryybvvn
    Terrible app the old one was much better!
  • Not A Fan 1/5

    By margnais
    Both of my kids loved the old apps. My son has outgrown them but my daughter is two and was VERY upset that none of her old apps were working. We downloaded this thinking it would be the same or at least similar content - nope. All the charm and interactive features of the old apps are gone. This new app is set up like YouTube kids but honestly, the content on YouTube is much better. I watched a few of the videos and was not impressed, particularly with the shapes one and its poor examples of an apple being a circle and a book being a triangle. As others have said, I’m fine with everything being in one app but bring back the old content, please!
  • Quiet Disappointing 1/5

    By pumpkinpatchy
    My daughter loved the old apps and pretty upset that she can’t use the old apps. I was hoping they would merge it all into this one. It was not, would even pay for it.
  • Where’s puppy? 2/5

    By alex-michelle
    We want our interactive puppy and kitty back!
  • Two-thumbs UP 5/5

    By PRmom27
    My grandson loves this app!! He repeatedly asks to play this over others.
  • A cute app perfect for my little one! 5/5

    By !BarnicLes!
    This is a very cute app to engage my little one. I love the sounds and songs. Worth checking out!
  • My son is obsessed 5/5

    By Dyskusten
    After downloading app after app to find something that will hold his attention this was the one. He loves the art style, colors and sounds! It’s always making him laugh and helped him a lot with his speech, counting and color recognition. Great app all around for you and your young one.
  • Great resource for families 5/5

    By ETs_mom
    Super helpful app for children’s learning. My LO enjoyed all the games- engaging and great for learning!
  • Amazing app for little learners! 5/5

    By keilack
    My daughter is a little too old for this now but she loved it! Her little cousin came to visit the other day and it was adorable to see her pass on an app she loved to her little cousin and try to teach her how to use it! 😭😍
  • Bring the old apps back 1/5

    By Fruit44444
    My 20 month old absolutely LOVED all the old apps. She could play them by herself and she actually learned a lot from them so I never minded letting her play. The new app is not nearly as good or as engaging as the old ones, they are also much more difficult for a younger child to play with independently. I’m so disappointed that the old apps are no longer available.
  • Don’t take away the original apps 1/5

    By lilliealbert
    this was a weird, bad strategy
  • Where did all the original sing-along ones go? 1/5

    By Mastah Chief
    I have never written a review in the App Store, but I will write one for this “new” app. The old Fisher Price app had several sing-along songs that I’ve used with at least two of my small children over the past couple of years. “Itsy Bitsy Spider” was a favorite and it was even cooler that they could interact with the scenes. Now all of these songs appear to be gone. If I’m wrong and they are still there but I just have to dig for them, I will change my review. But from what I’ve seen, I definitely do not like the changes made to this app if they completely got rid of the original sing-along songs.
  • Need back old app 1/5

    By HarlowHaperMomma
    My special needs toddler used the first words app all day every day. This new app update has nothing that compares to that simplicity. Some things don’t need change , maybe added a few new words but to take the entire app away and replace it with this was not a good move. We are very disappointed and still have not found anything to compare. I would love that FIRST WORDSs add on back please.
  • Not happy 1/5

    By Livi's Mimi
    I’m not liking this new and improved app at all! Like a previous poster said, they have blocked all the previous apps; they have not merged them at all. My granddaughter loved all the songs and the storybooks. She is non-verbal and she really enjoyed the songs. It was about the only time she would come out of her shell. She likes the videos, just not as much as the storybooks where she could interact with the activity. If I could give this zero stars on the new combined app I would. Just really disappointed as she really enjoyed puppy and sis and the other characters.
  • Ruined the old apps. 1/5

    By Aarose27
    I believe this app is supposed to be a compilation of the previous Fischer-Price apps such as First Words. What a shame to destroy the individual quality apps to “put them together” in this lesser version. As far as I see, they must have been moved into the trash bin. I do see that this app is now associated with Homer. I suppose I could purchase the $10/month Homer app where I assume everything that was the wonderful about the old Fischer-Prices apps is now located. Ridiculous. I refuse to do that. Please bring back the old apps. I just read an enormous amount of negative comments on this “new and improved” (hardly) version. It’s terrible. I’m going to swear off purchasing Fisher-Price products in future.
  • They really messed it up 1/5

    By kianalee111
    They used to have all these nice apps before now it’s just this one app and it’s look so cheap and rushed through I honestly hate it it’s so sad seeing what they used to have and they let it come to this hopefully they put the story books letters and all the other ones they had back up and get rid of this app it’s just awful .
  • Horrible 1/5

    By moy223344
    The old apps are a million times better. My children are highly upset they no longer work! I don’t care if I have to pay for them. Bring the old ones back please!
  • Like old app better 2/5

    By Daze13
    Bring back the old app.. don’t like this format at all.. to hard for smaller kids.
  • Unfortunate in every way 1/5

    By Izzy3D
    Disabling already downloaded and working apps to force parents to upgrade and sign up for yet another “account” or “service” to give Fisher Price an email address is frustrating enough. Then on top of that to provide a lackluster experience with an app that feels and performs like a glorified web view with video clips of the previous apps is the icing on the cake. This is an unforced error of the highest degree. Fisher Price has managed to ruin something as simple as letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and animal sounds. Who was asking for this change? Why not just make something new and let it prove itself or flame out like every other developer? It makes me wonder if any of the individuals involved with making this change had young children. Young kids want to interact and explore, they don’t want to just watch a video clip and tap on the screen to view another video clip. That’s what teenagers do. They want to see what happens when they touch the screen, see if they can move something around or make the animals react. It doesn’t take a big production budget. Fisher Price, please stop trying to become a service. Don’t break or take away already loved products and properties. Be true to your brand. You make simple and fun toys for little kids. Just make simple and fun apps for iOS.
  • Kids don’t like this anymore 1/5

    By AmFal1234
    After switching to a completely non-kid friendly mode, every time my kids open the apps they get annoyed and frustrated. They literally asked to play these everyday and now can’t understand why they can’t open anything on their own and by the time I get back to them and sift through all the pages to get them what was so easy to access before, they’ve moved on. Bad changes = no more fun apps for kids. Lame choice.
  • Bring back the original 2/5

    By NattyBacko
    I downloaded this app before the update or “move” and my daughter LOVED it. It kept her entertained for hours. Now it’s just like every other app. The simplicity and consistent repetition of what it was before was awesome and catered to infants, not just toddlers. I’m totally disappointed with the changes.
  • Lame 1/5

    By morphineang3l
    My baby likes the Old version of it n now she hates it to complicated plus I don’t appreciate it asking for information when this app is for small children but now we can’t go back so great thanks ......
  • Bring back the Storybooks please! 2/5

    By Mallary Trusty
    My son that has a visual impairment, epilepsy and cerebral palsy will only play with the fisher price storybooks! Its his favorite thing to do! Its how we get through doctor visits and hospital stays!
  • Bring back original apps! 1/5

    By mingzil8
    Fisher Price why did you close the original apps?! They were great. Easy for toddlers to touch and play along. This new app by Homer is not as engaging. You could keep the old apps up and still work on improving the Homer app. PLEASE reopen the FP apps: Storybook 1 & 2, Where’s Puppy?, Shapes and Colors, etc.
  • Not nice, fisher price 1/5

    By ianellajaxgranny
    My 1 year old grandson really enjoyed the old apps. This he can’t use at all. I see it’s for 4+. Now there’s almost nothing left for the little ones. Very disappointed. Plus you have to pay for everything.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By EMFitness
    Please go back to the old format, storybooks, first words, all of them. The new app is too overwhelmed for my daughter to navigate by herself. Also, as a pediatric occupational therapist I used to utilize the old apps in therapy all the time and recommend to parents. Very disappointing.
  • Love! 5/5

    By Melody1201
    My two year old loves playing the puppy games. Thanks Fisher-Price!!❤️
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By anashippen
    This is such a disappointment. My kid used to love all the old apps. Why would you say ‘everything will be in one app now” if any of the games or songs from the old apps aren’t there?!? Doesn’t make any sense. We hate this new app.
  • Lame 2/5

    By MommyRanAway247
    My 17 month old is currently throwing a tantrum bc she wanted to play the piano game with the shapes and colors which is now gone so thanks for that. Can’t wait for her to do the same over the head shoulder knees and toes interactive one she liked too
  • Include older app interfaces 1/5

    By Garfield627
    1. The older apps my daughter loves. This one is not as simple for her to maneuver. She likes it but gets frustrated. 2. Settings section is rudimentary. How can my daughter learn words when the picture is so big she can’t see them? As a pro she does like the videos but again how can she learn? 3. If you are going to make the other apps obsolete, ensure the replacement surpasses the older ones. We are all disappointed.
  • Fix it 1/5

    By AMG Girls Mommy
    My toddler has been playing the original app since she was 4 months! Now she is 18 months and this new app is too advanced for her to navigate. She doesn’t like it and she keeps throwing my phone. I should make y’all buy me a new phone!! Can we get the old app back?
  • We miss the old apps 1/5

    By Shababy mama
    Laugh and learn puppy used to be easy enough for my 10 month old to swipe through letters to learn the alphabet in a simple way. Also it had shapes and colors, counting and fun and simple songs my kids loved. All of that gone now with this new app. Not kid friendly, not fun...please switch back to the incredible old app! Everyone agrees the old app didn’t need updating or changing!
  • What happened? 1/5

    By Fishwaifu
    All these great apps, gone. All that is in the new app are videos and a link to the HOMER website that requires a sub. This is trash!
  • I miss the old apps 2/5

    By Nancysp564
    This app is so disappointing. It doesn’t have any of the old app activities that he loved, and the new activities are really boring to kid his age. The old apps were perfect for him; they responded to every touch of the screen and every jostle of the phone. I’m so sad they took the apps away. The new activities require him to be better at operating a touch screen than he is, and most of the “activities” are just videos. He has plenty of videos to watch. He loves actually being able to interact with apps and see them respond to him like the old apps did.

Learn & Play by Fisher-Price app comments

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