LEGO® Star Wars™: TCS

LEGO® Star Wars™: TCS

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  • Current Version: 1.9.19
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  • Developer: Warner Bros.
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LEGO® Star Wars™: TCS App

LEGO® Star Wars™: The Complete Saga is available on iOS for the first time! ***Episode I Story Mode is FREE for a limited time.*** **Episodes II – VI and other content available via in-app purchases.** Experience the entire collection that combines the original LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game and the sequel LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy for hours of epic Star Wars content and fun gameplay all from your iOS device! Begin your adventure in Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace and journey through all six episodes in the whimsical style and humor of LEGO. May the bricks be with you! This game is filled with content! You’ll need 1.44gb of available space on your device if you install over wifi, but only 735mb of space if you download on your computer and then sync. As with many large app installations, we advise that you restart your device after installing as this will resolve some stability issues. Also make sure you have installed the most recent firmware. When re-installing the App, please select ‘Restore All Purchases’ from the main menu and allow a few moments to ensure your purchases have become active. This is a high memory usage app. If you have performance issues, try closing down background apps or restarting the device. FEATURES: 36 STORY MODE LEVELS + BONUS CONTENT From the Trade Federation’s “negotiations” with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn in The Phantom Menace to the space battle above Endor in Return of the Jedi, play the most memorable and exhilarating scenes from your favorite episodes. Also unlock special bonus content featuring Bounty Hunter missions, a special Challenge Mode, Arcade Levels, and more! OVER 120 CHARACTERS Play as your favorite Jedi Knight or Sith Lord! There are over 120 playable characters to unlock, including Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Han Solo, and Boba Fett. FORCE POWERS Which side of the Force will you use? Both dark and light side characters have their own unique Force abilities. Will you use a Force Throw to defeat the Jedi or choose your Lightsaber and Force Push to take down the evil Empire? LEGO STYLE GAMEPLAY Smash objects into LEGO bricks and switch characters on the fly as you play through different story levels. Create your own Star Wars character mash-ups like Han Windu and Lando Amidala! DYNAMIC CONTROL STYLES Switch between “Classic” and “Touch Screen” controls to find the play-style that suits you best. If you enjoy LEGO games, be sure to check out LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes, LEGO The Lord of the Rings, LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 and Years 5-7, and LEGO Friends.


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LEGO® Star Wars™: TCS app reviews

  • Make the controls for iPhone X bigger 4/5

    By ¯
    Both me and my friend had this game. He has an iPhone 6s and I have an iPhone X. His controls are a lot bigger than mine and because my controls are so small, it takes forever to do simple tasks like force jumping onto a platform. It’s hard to press each button individually. Please make the controls bigger.
  • Star Wars 5/5

    By willy willy chesse stack
    It needs to add more things like to play with more people and play with different thigs.
  • Game crashes 3/5

    By Jasonc01
    Game crashes all the time please update Bc I love this game
  • I dan,t like the in app purchases 3/5

    By foxfox2225
    I dan,t like the in app purchases because it makes it hard to play
  • Needs better control's 2/5

    By Z_dog909
    I absolutely love this game but it's hard to play it on mobile, I wish there where more options for control's like locking the d-pad and inverting y-axis flying, if those things are added I'd be happy to give 5-stars
  • Kamino Bug 4/5

    By There is no other nickname!
    Yes, yes. Many people have already reported this bug. I don’t care. It needs to be fixed. I’ve been playing this for nostalgia, building/destroying, (perfectly matching my two most common moods) and seeing how much better I am at games than when I had a Wii. This bug is making everything much more annoying, and I’m having trouble dealing with it. Despite the sudden crashes that only occur when I’ve had the app running in the background for a while and then come back to it, I love this app, and I don’t want to be unable to complete it. Thank you.
  • 5-Star 5/5

    By ChongBoys2010
    This is a great game, only downside is that you need to have a $7 Apple balance to get the full game. I have nothing against the demo, but the full version is better. You have the ability to take any character and put them through any adventure you want in the full version. You can make Yoda fight Boba Fett! You can also make new characters with the custom “Strangers” in the cantina (starting hub) and put them through adventures. Really great game, and the purchase is worth it. If I had developed the game, though, I would give the ability to Share your Custom Characters online. Great game!!!
  • Story complaint 4/5

    By [email protected] DragonCity
    First, great game. But there are lots of things that aren’t right It’s just that when you’re playing story all episodes have at least have 2-3 mistakes say for example, I don’t get that you have to push a dumb thing to open a door and R2-D2 has limited jet fuel and Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon have to use the force to carry each other up and lastly, grappling hooks. There is only 1 scene in Star Wars that there ever includes grappling hooks and that’s Padme and all the Naboo security force go up the palace window. Hope a developer reads this and yeah.
  • Fun, but you only get episode one 2/5

    By slicknc
    I was looking forward to the original trilogy, but that's not included in the free version.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Dylangrl
    It’s weird that this is better then the dis version, usuealy iOS adaptations of things that were originally on dis are bad. I got all the red bricks and almost all the mini kits. Everyone who is reading this, get all the red bricks, they help you a lot.
  • Awesome game but... 5/5

    By Numericpepper45
    Awesome game but... not all the characters CAN appear. Fix it or make it to the point to where every single character will appear
  • Awsome but... 4/5

    By Monkeymanland
    I love the game and I think the transition to mobile was good, good enough to where I didn’t mind paying money to unlock the chapters however my biggest issues with the game is that it’s way to easy I feel like you should add another difficulty mode that brings down your health to four and you have to buy all the characters I liked that they were expensive and locked off and that you had to grind for them even if it meant you were limited to what you could do In free mode until you got the characters. Also i would like to see LEGO Star Wars the Clone Wars either in this app or another I don’t care but I feel like that would be a good idea. Other than that love this game and have recommended it to everyone and keep up the good work.
  • Best game ever 😀😀 5/5

    By bowiefry73
    I really like this game. It is fun and it feels like your in the movie! Even though I had to pay $7 to play episodes II,III,IV,V,VI the app is very fun. I recommend it to anybody
  • Lego star wars was one of my favorite game 5/5

    By spunge bub
    But I can’t do the complete saga because I can’t buy the rest of the story’s so you can’t do fun ones with Han Solo and Luke and stuff so I would hope they may be able to fix it
  • It’s fun, but the sound doesn’t work 4/5

    By Robbensen
    The game is very fun, although if you have it for the wii or Xbox 360 or PS2, I wouldn’t recommend it unless you want it for the mobility of it, because it is exactly the same but without multiplayer. For some reason, the sound won’t play either, which is strange. I’m playing this on an iPhone 8, and I payed 7 dollars for this game, so I feel like this shouldn’t be an issue.
  • Please add full iPhone X support!! 5/5

    By Caroline.b_423
    I love this game. Replaying the story on my phone is so fun. I would love full iPhone X support so I can take advantage of my large screen :)
  • Glitch 4/5

    By glitchtron
    Right before I finish a level it sometimes glitches out and I can’t do anything at all. It forces me to restart the app and lose the progress I made on that level. It sometimes does this during cut scenes but it’s solved by clicking pause and skipping the cut scene. Please fix this quickly it’s such a fun game.
  • WOW 5/5

    By Read this amazing review
    I can’t express how much this game means to me! Second best Star Wars game right behind Knights of the Old Republic. I could right a LOT more, but I have a life, so I’m just going to say this game is unbelievably fun!
  • Awesome game 5/5

    By hfjdjdnfnfhfhendhf
    I love this game and I think that it is so realistic and I just think it is better than just playing it with legos it is a great game I recommend it and also there is no glitches
  • UnderRated 5/5

    By Ace Ebk
    Perfect LEGO Star Wars game!😎
  • They should make the game cost money 3/5

    By Joejoegunn357
    If there are this many in app purchases, it should just cost money in general.
  • All that I had ever hoped for... 5/5

    By BlakeC55
    Living up to one of my favorite games of all time in an iOS form is no small feat. I’ve never found iOS ports to ever come close the allure of the original game. This, however, is an outlier. Not a single nuance was left out in the port. The graphics are HD yet original and the sounds are identical. It is truly a rush. My only downside, as with any iOS game, are the controls. I refuse to give up traditional controls but find the buttons extremely hard to press. I am using an iPhone X and find myself constantly missing buttons. This can get annoying when trying to go after minikits. If a setting for adjusting the size of buttons could be implemented this game would be near perfect. Or even a controller (Which I would buy in a heartbeat) would be amazing. All in all, it was everything I hoped for. Props to the developers on maintaining the beauty of this game, years later.
  • BOIIIII 5/5

    By YUR_MOM_10000000_PERCENT_GAY
  • iPhone X 3/5

    By Zztopandlock
  • Make it compatible with the iPhone X screen! 2/5

    By Larehan
    Don't understand why is taking so long to Make it compatible with the iPhone X screen!
  • I lost $10 to this app! 1/5

    By Larryteb
    I just got this app and it is so boring, you can only do one thing so I decided to spend $10 to unlock full game and guess what, NOTHING CHANGED! It was still the boring game with one stupid level that your stuck on even if you beat it (which I did) and I guess you just do the same level the same level over and over which is fun to some people? Anyway this game is boring and rigged. This game is unbeatable! I would not waste my time or my money playing the totally not fun game which is not even like the real Star Wars (which is awesome). OMG I can’t get over my ten bucks that I’ll never get back. Do not buy! This game is aggravating.
  • Free 5/5

    By ksjdhfhhdhdhdhd
    Please make all the episodes free for all players
  • CANT GET 100% 3/5

    By Corberzssss100
  • Not the complete saga anymore 4/5

    By Mo mor
    It’s a pretty good game, but the force awakens and the last jedi is not on it
  • Too good!!👏 5/5

    By Nightsaurus🌌
    Wow. Just wow. This game is so good. It's also challenging. I've gotten all minikits, but haven't gotten all the challenge canisters. If you like Star Wars and/or legos, get this game. My one complaint is that you can't use General Grievous's body. Oh well. Great game tho. ;) If I could give it 99 nonillion (that's a real number) stars, I would. :D

    By WarpWolfJr
    Ok first off I love this game! Even though you still have to buy other levels it’s still fun to see it again!!! I got it when I was 5 and fell in love with it so much that I collected all 120 characters and beat all the levels including the bonus levels and even got the hidden Indiana jones character within 3 days!!! Can’t wait to replay it!!! 😀😀😀
  • Appletv 5/5

    By Ryan Graziano
    Please make the app universal for appletv it’s a pain to play on my phone.
  • LEGO games? 5/5

    By Miner bruh
    I abseloutely love this game and it brings back great childhood memories. But why can’t I download other LEGO games like Harry Potter? Just my question.
  • Meh 3/5

    By Guy in Butte, MT
    I like this game, but three complaints. Why can't the full game be free because it looks cool. And this game needs a bigger lobby / Mos Eisley Cantina. Finally, why can't you play as the strangers.

    By Lego movie maker
    So the title is pretty explanatory, I really would even more love this app if you added multiplayer. You could maybe do it by if someone has the same game that are sitting next to you, then you could see each other’s character on the screen and play multiplayer just like on Xbox or Wii. PLEASE DO THIS!!!
  • I love it 5/5

    By Lkstubb
    I love this game so much it’s so much fun and challenging too so many levels it’s so great and am a big fan of Star Wars and LEGO it’s great !!!!!!!!
  • No multiplayer! 4/5

    By Bops9902057669
    The game is so fun, but there’s no multiplayer! Please put it on here. Can you also fix general grievous’ face please?
  • This used to be my favorite game 5/5

    By The man!😏
    Back in 2014 I played this SO much. Now I can rate it. It was an awesome game
  • Star Wars TCS 5/5

    By silencegooddog
  • Great ideas 5/5

    By DrunkenCelt
    This is a great idea! I will buy it! 💵
  • Star Wars TCS 5/5

    By pong krell
    So fun
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By ipint
    I love this game!!

    By Dé Ri
    I played this very game on my wii. I loved it when I was just a little boy. Thank you Apple, for making one of the best games of all time available on the App Store. God Bless,
  • Crashes 1/5

    By machina05
    Doesn’t work on iPod 4g
  • Amazing game 5/5

    By DatEaglesfan
    The game seemed to have gotten a graphic improvement and the only reason problem is that the entire thing costs 27$ for the 5 other episodes and $7 for downloading the game.
  • OMG! This game is amazing!!!!!! 5/5

    By great lord of legos
    ‘‘Tis is the coolest game in the history of Star Wars games!!!!!!!!
  • Childhood 5/5

    By 💢🕶🦀🌴🌵💢
    Terribly nostalgic, love this game!! My one and only suggestion is to enable cheat codes!!
  • Better than fortnite 5/5

    By freak poo
    This game never gets old with its fun levels and large variety of characters. This game is a blessing and I am proud to buy it over and over
  • AWESOME 5/5

    By Aletsrangel
    This game is really good .whats really satisfying is that you can collect characters in levels
  • Best LEGO Video Game On Mobile To Date 4/5

    By SuperGamerGirl123456
    I really loved this game as a kid (I played LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy) and never played the first one. I’m glad I could play it, but was disappointed that I couldn’t play the other episodes without paying extra for them, so I was stuck with Episode I, while still waiting for the other two LEGO Star Wars games to become backwards compatible on Xbox One (if they ever will). What makes this app so great is that it’s the actual game, nothing was changed from the console version and wasn’t scaled down to the Nintendo DS version with mobile controls (like all of them now). I HATE those games because I expected them to be just as great as this one, but I scroll through the mobile LEGO games and they’re all just the Nintendo DS games with mobile controls. This game is what keeps me from ending it all with me and mobile LEGO games. So I wanted to write this review to tell LEGO, good job, but for the future, PLEASE make those games on mobile just as good as this one is and was, because I know that you guys can do much better than what you’re putting out there. Thanks!

LEGO® Star Wars™: TCS app comments


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