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  • Current Version: 3.0.0
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  • Compatibility: Android
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+++ New episodes every day! +++ Not your everyday comic. Released every day. Enjoy webcomics with our latest app. #READIT #NEEDIT 【Something New Every Day】 New episodes, New promotions, New titles 【New Episodes】 We curate the highest quality content and bring them to you every day (5:00am PST/ 6:00am PDT). Come back every day for something new, 365 days a year. 【Exclusive Titles】 We bring you exclusive titles from top talent in the webtoon industry! We have something for absolutely anybody - from office workers to students. Experience the hottest new titles from the giants to crazy, new ideas from the up-and-coming writers and artists. Only on Lezhin! 【Various Promotions】 We provide various promotions ranging from discounts to more free episodes! If you're hesitant to pay for a comic right away, wait for these promotions and read more before you decide! 【Free Sign Up, Free Content】 You can view free content without signing up. However, to use Coins to purchase episodes or to sync across devices you need to sign up to Lezhin Comics. You can reset your password at any time. 【Payment Support】 If you experience payment errors, please contact [email protected] and we'll get it fixed immediately. Customer Support hours: M~F 10:00am - 6:00pm (KST) Lezhin Comics Customer Support: [email protected] 【'Unlock All' Feature】 Tired of having to purchase one episode at a time? We've added an 'Unlock All' feature which allows you to purchase all paid episode with a single tap. If you're in for some binge reading, this feature is for you. 【Save and Read HD Quality Comics】 All Lezhin Comics are available in HD image quality. Collect your favorite picks in 'My Library'. Experience comics in crisp HD on your smartphone. 【Manage 'My Library' / 'Recent' List】 Manage your Library and Recent list by editing/hiding your viewed comics. Read too many comics to keep in your Library? Just leave your favorites and hide the rest. 【Episode Sort Order】 If your reading a new comic, sort your comics in order of release date. Or if you want to view the most recent episodes first, sort by most recent. 【Purchase Coins】 You need coins to purchase paid episodes. Check our Coin bundles in our 'Purchase Coins' menu. The more Coins you get, the better the deal! 【Comics for Everyone】 We procure the highest quality, G-rated content for our iPhone/iPad app. For questions concerning comics that are unavailable on the app, please refer to our Announcements or Customer Support FAQ. Lezhin Comics Official Blog: social.lezhin.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/lzhncomics 【Customer Support】 email: [email protected] url: http://www.lezhin.com/en/help

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Lezhin Comics-Premium Webtoons app reviews

  • Please 2/5

    By Don't Evennnn
    Listen to the complaints. It’s so expensive it’s near impossible to support all the artists we enjoy. I honestly hardly use the app, because most titles aren’t on the app.
  • Comments 3/5

    By Anyone166
    I think this app should add a comment section just like the others comic app
  • Not Loading 1/5

    By FaydenMarsh
    Every time I open the app, it just buffers and never makes it to the home menu :( It’s only worked properly once, which was the day I downloaded it two weeks ago
  • Chunk of episodes aren’t free. 2/5

    By cat~:')
    When it updates, it only frees/unlocks the later comics, for example, all the episodes after season one. But you only get four episodes at the very beginning and that’s it. Does this mean that I have to pay for like 20 something episodes, or have to skip a big chunk of the story. Maybe it’s just me though.
  • Game pretty good 3/5

    By tykiemmullins
    So if I put in my email it’s saying i asking me for my information then if I find up is that for a code
  • BJ Alex 🤧❤️ 5/5

    By FreezeLlama
    Thank you for the manga 😖😖😖😪❤️
  • I like it but not enough for a 5 star 5/5

    By Jung koo
    Idc if I have to wait for free comics and get coins but it has a LOT of yaoi/bl in the app as genres and that’s what I love the most because most of the comic apps (tapas isn’t included it also has lots and lots of yaoi) like webtoons and etc, so if you’re a fujoshi or fundanshi and you’re also patient this is my recommendation
  • Um coins 1/5

    By 🌹Mimi🥀
    There are very few chapters that are free the should be more free chapters
  • Lezhin’s great. The app not so much. 3/5

    By Petterwetter25678
    I love Lezhin but I prefer just opening it in my browser. The app has no mature tab and the stories I read never show up in the app. Other than that Lezhin has some really good stories and awesome artists. Oh, and all you whiney babies please stop complaining about having to pay for coins. The comics aren’t expensive, you’re just cheap. Would you work for several hours at your job for free? No. You are not entitled to free content. So pay for your comics like the rest of us or go away(:
  • stop the complaints with $$ 5/5

    By Nhung_N
    y’all stop complaining. lezhin isn’t the only website that makes you pay for comics. tapas and tappytoon are an example for that. i understand complaints about overpricing but you guys overestimate how much creators get paid for making manhwa/webtoons. just enjoy what u have. also the free coin center isn’t a scam. i’ve tried a few of the offers and I’ve actually gotten bonus coins. believe what u wanna believe it’s legit.
  • I just want to read Sign 1/5

    By soraann10
    The app won’t let me read it. Really po about it.
  • Great comics but.. no Plus? 4/5

    By Lolita0630
    My only qualm with this app is that they only have the “plus” or ~mature~ edition of the app for Android users. You’d have to use your browser to read mature comics, which is just insulting and so annoying. I want to give it 5 stars so badly. While I know it’s “expensive” the comics on here are SO quality. I’m pretty picky and even then, every other comic I open is like, phenomenal. These artists deserve every penny they make on these works. I’m serious. I don’t know how much artists make for working with this platform but I hope it’s a good percentage, and because the app makes a point of featuring work (albeit a lot of the same comics are ALWAYS featured) they draw a lot of readers. I’m by no means well to do, and this is a platform I’m happy to invest in.
  • I Feel Scammed 1/5

    By Gettingreallyfrustratednow
    I can understand the want/need to pay artists for their work and I’m happy to do so, but the prices for LezhinComics is outrageously high! I also noticed that some comics just disappear into thin air even if you paid for it. And now all of a sudden there are comics that are only available on Android, so even though I paid a lot of money to read the first 20+ chapters, I no longer have access to them.
  • Useless app 1/5

    By Brokenstatues
    "Due to age restrictions" you can't read everything available on the Lezhin app so you have to read it on the web browser. I have no idea why they don't just make their app have a mature rating, this will solve the problem. This is already pushing me away from using Lehzin. It doesn't help how pricey each episodes are. For a smaller library than their competitor it's not worth it anymore
  • Really bummed out 1/5

    By xxxrsc
    I was so happy to be able to see and be interested in such cool looking comics but I couldn’t read them due to the pricing. When I went to the free coin section it was filled with what seemed like scams I didn’t really feel comfortable filling such personal information. You should make the comics free like webtoons or webcomics.
  • ? 3/5

    By kpop_nct
    I’m trying to read a comic called “BJ Alex” and i try searching it on the app but I can’t find it, yet I can find it on the website☹️
  • Full of scams 1/5

    By Linny13143635
    Free coins system is full of scams you won’t get the coins.
  • I’m lowkey upset 2/5

    By TinyRiRi
    I think it should be easier to attain coins. Maybe follow Tapas’ lead and add the ability to watch ads for online currency. Because the coins are hard to attain, and often times send you to scam websites. If you are going to charge 4.99 to buy 17 of these “coins” as the lowest tier option, then I need more coins for my money’s worth. Try following Webtoon’s lead on that one. There are cheaper prices ex) 0.99 cents which is more affordable, and you get 10 coins (each ep is 5 on webtoon) 4.99 seem like such a big down payment for not getting much out of it. Episodes on Lehzin cost around 3 coins on average. So for 5 dollars you can get 8 episodes On webtoon, it’s basically a dollar for 10 coins. So for 4.99 you get 10 episodes Better deal. Better system. I’m lowkey upset bc I’m broke, but I like the comics on Lehzin more :(
  • Scam 3/5

    By Flutel noodle
    So I know that the authors need to be supported and stuff, but I don’t like to spend money on comics. There’s this one comic I’ve been dying to read, so I went to the free coins section. You complete surveys and stuff to get coins. So I did a bunch of different surveys on there, and they all asked the same things. Including all of my personal information. I was stupid enough to give it, and when I went to see if I got any coins, I didn’t. None of the things worked. I don’t know if this is a bug or a scam, but pls fix.
  • Where is paramour? 1/5

    By maddieNYcrise
    I spent a hell lot of money on the comic paramour and other comics and now they have not only completely disappeared from my list but also from the app altogether this needs to be fixed 🤬
  • Comics that i wastes coins on disappeared 2/5

    By anonymous_user101
    Ok so there’s this one comic that i’m reading called “paramour” and i wasted a hella ton of coins on it, but just now it disappeared from my subscribed list and history list.. and i cant even search it up anymore.
  • Love this app but.... 4/5

    By biunre
    Lezhin comics are amazing!!! and the artists are really creative! But... I really hope they bring back the +18 comics :( The Website is five stars for sure, we have the all public and adult options... I was hoping we had the same in the app tho...
  • I dont get it 4/5

    By iWILLalwaysLOVEcupcakes
    So I always read lezhin comics but one day I was going to read a comic but I couldn’t find that comic I always try to find it everyday I don’t get why I can’t find a certain comic
  • Good but could use some help 4/5

    By chimmy24
    Would have been all 5 starts if it would let me keep reading the comics without having to remove it from my recent
  • What the hell happened 1/5

    By nikki russo
    What the hell happened to two of the bl I was reading was deleted from the app I WANT TO READ THEM MORE PLEASE ok
  • HELP 3/5

    By error 23373728
    okay, so I spent 50+ dollars on a comic called "Jazz for two" on this app. It was a lovely comic but they just decided to remove it. My 50+ dollars wasted. PLEASE BRING IT BACK :(
  • Greedy 2/5

    By AngeyPufferfish019
    The comics on here are absolutely amazing, so I give props to the authors. BUT, this app seems way too attached to money, more than half of the comics you can only read if you pay up. I recommend making it so that one episode goes free every 7 days, and those who wish to quickly find out the next part may pay up and go ahead. You are in fact already practicing this! I recommend it spreading to the rest of the comics as well. This action might even put you in the running with the very popular app called Webtoon, which is also practicing this to some extent.
  • I LOVE IT!!! 5/5

    By 😍🥰😘🦊🐻🐼
    This app is amazing and all the stories are as well!!!
  • Fernanda 2/5

    By lusasaa
    You should make the bounce coin it to videos watch because the survey never work never receive coin
  • Is can i search killing stalking? 4/5

    By Baby b😜😜😜
    Im a late person so i started reading this today but i could only read up to ep 8. And when I tried to look for the authors name and the name of the actual story on this actual app it wouldnt work. Did you guys take it off? If so plzz bring it bck i kno im late but still😭😭
  • Great comics 5/5

    By Kittykatri
    I am currently reading only a few comics on here and although it is expensive I find it completely worth it. The creators are all fantastic!
  • I wish there were comics 3/5

    By calypso.atlas
    I love the app it's a bit sad i can't read all the story's i want to because of the coin pricing but that's okay but i kinda wish there were comments. There have been times i just wanted to scream in the comments and converse with others about the story but i am unable to because there are no comments. Good stories and overall good app though.
  • Very disappointing “ free coin zone” 1/5

    By Vanilla frosted
    I actually pay money for this app because I love supporting the artists, however your free coin zone is the most scamming thing in the world. I clicked on one of the “ earn free coins if you answer SIMPLE QUESTIONS and they asked me for my social security number ?? I don’t know why you’re allowing this to run in your app but it is so inappropriate. These questionnaires take about 20 minutes to answer because they’ll keep redirecting you to even more questionnaires. Please make it easier for people to earn free coins like to download games or watch ads.
  • Would rather stop reading than deal with the horrible wait system. 1/5

    By Jessland86
    I'm just going to uninstall and stop reading the one comic I wanted to read vs wait close to a year to read new comics that have come out since the artist came back from hiatus. I'd rather try to find a physical copy of the comic and support the artist directly than deal with this horrible system.
  • Problem 1/5

    By Daniboox5
    I restarted my phone and I downloaded the app again and now it won’t let me log in I even reset my password and I spent money on that account please help!
  • Limited Access 2/5

    By CatherineFAJ
    I can’t access all the chapters that I pay for on the app. I have to go on the web version which defeats the purpose of having an app.
  • Missing Titles? 3/5

    By Kimmy2123
    I downloaded this mobile app because I didn’t want to keep reading a computer tab. I have no problem with the pricing and such but why is the app missing several comics?? I wanted to continue reading “Talk to me” but I couldn’t find it. It’s not because it was rated M for mature (because I see several other mature comics as well).
  • The comics are great 3/5

    By kaenaeplayz
    But when I was in the middle of reading one of the comics it all disappeared where I had read them
  • Really Good Artwork 4/5

    By Apdenvf
    The art is really high quality, and the stories are good as well. I don’t mind the coins because the creators deserve to be paid. The wait until free comics are nice as well. My main issue is the free coin zone. Most of the surveys are scams, and I don’t want to play a billion mobile games to get free coins. Also, I have earned coins through the free coin thing and I never received them, which was really irritating after spending time to get them. If the free coin zone if fixed, and the scams are removed this would be a five star app.
  • Needs work 1/5

    By yeontan101
    I waited many weeks and got free episodes to like 50, but then they just restarted out of nowhere and I don’t think I can wait again. I got some coins and spent it on some episodes but they also disappeared.
  • Can’t finish the stories 3/5

    By Roncake56
    Everything about this app is pretty good. I really like it except for the fact where you can’t finish stories, it ends like 10 episodes away when your waiting for them instead of paying. Now the artists should be paid but after wasting so much time on this app it pisses me off, it takes like a whole month to finish the 24 hour stories, the 12 hour ones are just a pain. I think it’s really annoying and now I have to wait to get money to pay for them, it pisses me off but I understand it, maybe you should shorten the time of waiting if you aren’t going to let us finish the story. The app is pretty okay and I don’t really recommend it if you don’t have money or patience, it’s an annoying app but the stories or good.
  • The Coin Problem 2/5

    By Anime Weeb/ BTS FAN
    I just downloaded the app, and i already see a few compilations. I've already read a few beginning chapters for some comics. After reading some chapters i wanted to continue reading, but you have to use coins. Now I don't want to have to spend like $10 on a few coins that I will only get a few chapters for me to read. But then there is that free coin getting system they have. Now why would i waste my time playing a game that might take at least 5 days to finish the task, and only get one coin? In my opinion, i don't think anyone would do that, thats why this app doesn't have very good reviews. They have amazing comics that are worth reading but the coin problem is stopping readers from enjoying there comics. To improve the review and to have more people actually keep the app on their electronic device, this is an idea to help with the coin problem. For Lezhin Comics- If you had a new coin system like Mangatoon or Webcomics, this app would definitely have more people on it. Like those apps, when readers check in everyday let them get coins everyday. The amount can vary depending on the day and how many days in a row they've checked in or gotten on the app. But you could also add a feature to have short 30 second adds for people to watch to earn coins easily. Then just have a timer in between every time they watch an add, from the next time they can watch one, to get more coins. This is just my opinion and idea to help improve complications for the people reading and the people having to deal with complaints about the coin problem. If your still reading my review, im sorry it was so long, but thank you for actually taking the time to read it. If you are someone from Lezhin Comics, please take all the reviews into consideration because some people probably have better ideas to help improve the app. ;) byeeee

    By whythomyguy
    ok im actually really disappointed the fact that the WUF (wait until free) comics ive read, all of them just suddenly stop doing the timer thing and its getting really annoying, like whats the point of making it a WUF comic if its just going to stop working
  • Too expensive anyways 1/5

    By baylran
  • Coins 3/5

    By WolfyNicolly
    Okay let me say something...Why? I mean why do you have to pay for coins to read. I think us readers would like to read this for free because the comics are actually really good but you have to pay to read the good comics.Then there’s some errors that some readers get. So Lezhin please find this message and maybe consider this because you can get better rates and maybe people like me will share this app.🙂
  • Both hate and love this app 1/5

    By DrInsane093
    I love the comics they put on the app but the coin thing just frustrates me so much as the free coin zone stuff can take forever to complete and the Quizes aren’t even short they are at least 40 questions long I’ve taken shorter quizes than that so if you want to read good comics well you either go to WEBTOON or do the free coin things
  • Irrational 1/5

    By yahggg
    Why do we have I pay for episodes. Webtoon is amazing because it lets us read for free. We only pay to read ahead, which most people do anyways. But for this we have to pay to read basic episodes that have already been released... too stingy. Would not recommend this app ever
  • The coins 1/5

    By k0rue
    I hate that it’s kinda hard for you to get coins. You either have to buy, play games, and such. But it sometimes not work so I paid for coins but then I couldn’t read the rest of the comics 😔
  • Needs a lot of work... 1/5

    So far, I do enjoy the app. I enjoy reading from the various authors and seeing their art work. However, I don’t see the need of locking episodes to completed series. I understand that maybe the company needs money to give to It’s authors but make it like WEBTOON. Fast passes. Have the completed series free for readers, rather than locking it so no on can see. I don’t find that very appealing nor very productive, as I do enjoy various of the locked comics, but cannot afford to pay for episodes and passes to see the next episode. Possible remove that, have readers be able to read freely, and just have fast passes, so your website/mobile app will get more attention.

Lezhin Comics-Premium Webtoons app comments

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