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+++ New webcomics everyday! +++ - Not your everyday comic. Released everyday. - Enjoy webcomics with our latest app (supports iOS 9). #READIT #NEEDIT 【Free Episodes Unlocked Every Week】 Come back every week for new free episodes! 【Free Sign Up, Free Content】 You can view free content without signing up. However, to use Coins to purchase episodes or to sync across devices you need to sign up to Lezhin Comics. - Sign up in just 3 seconds! Enter your email and password and you're good to go. - You can reset your password at any time. 【Payment support】 - If you experience payment errors, please contact [email protected] and we'll get it fixed immediately. - Customer Support hours: M~F 10:00am - 6:00pm (KST) - Lezhin Comics Customer Support: [email protected] 【New Comics Every Day】 We curate the highest quality content and bring them to you every day (5:00am PST/ 4:00am PDT). Come back every day for something new, 365 days a year. 【Exclusive Titles】 We bring you exclusive titles from top talent in the webtoon industry! We have something for absolutely anybody - from office workers to students. Experience the hottest new titles from the giants to crazy, new ideas from the up-and-coming writers and artists. Only on Lezhin! 【Free Episodes】 We provide free content everyday. Whether you're into romance, horror, action, or even something queer, come back everyday to check what we're offering for free. 【'Unlock All' Feature】 Tired of having to purchase one episode at a time? We've added an 'Unlock All' feature which allows you to purchase all paid episode with a single tap. If you're in for some binge reading this feature is for you. 【Save and Read HD Quality Comics】 All Lezhin Comics are available in HD image quality. Collect your favorite picks in 'My Library'. Experience comics in crisp HD on your smartphone. 【Manage 'My Library' / 'Recent' List】 Manage your Library and Recent list by editing/hiding your viewed comics. Read too many comics to keep in your Library? Just leave your favorites and hide the rest. 【Episode Sort Order】 If your reading a new comic, sort your comics in order of release date. Or if you want to view the most recent episodes first, sort by most recent. 【Purchase Coins】 You need coins to purchase paid episodes. Check our Coin bundles in our 'Purchase Coins' menu. The more Coins you get, the better the deal! 【Webtoons for everyone】 We procure the highest quality, G-rated content for our iPhone/iPad app. For questions concerning comics that are unavailable on the app, please refer to our Announcements or Customer Support FAQ. - Lezhin Comics Official Blog: social.lezhin.com - Facebook: www.facebook.com/lzhncomics 【Customer Support】 email: [email protected] url: http://www.lezhin.com/en/help


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Lezhin Comics-Premium Webtoons app reviews

  • Makes you pay 1/5

    By Fireballsupersonic
    The comic’s are great and have good storylines but when your in the middle of a reading session it makes you pay for the rest of the chapters. If you’re trying to find a good web comic site I’d recommend WEBTOON. It’s completely free.
  • Horrible! Updates and Webtoon rip-off 1/5

    By WowManRobloxMan
    A webtoon cash grab with update limits? A recipe for disaster. When I couldn't get webtoon, I got this. But I can't use it because every time it go into the app it asks me to update, and I can't decline! It's so stupid! And I can't update it on my phone because it's the only and newest phone I own. Also, webtoon much?
  • Coins.... webtoon is better 1/5

    By FreddyFazDog
    I dislike this app, some of the comics are really interesting but I hate the fact that I have to pay for coins and or wait for them, I wish this was more like webtoon where it’s free
  • The lack of ads should have been a sign 1/5

    By KaydenLynxisStarfall
    This app makes it seem like you can earn coins, but by the lack of any advertisements it became quite obvious these people were scamming readers. I hope the company that Lehzin is owned by goes bankrupt because so many people sue them for false information regarding the events and the ability to earn coins. Very glad I didn’t spend a single penny on this junk.
  • Wonderful! 1/5

    By -/\Frosty/\-
    Hahaha! Well let’s start, how about a comparison. Webtoon. Lehzin. -100% free Needs money to read -Optional patreon. (You can read a few chapters -Comments (you can. comment on each episode.) (Equal in art quality and freedom of the author.) Not much more to say it’s expensive they’re are less features and it’s more clustered in its front page. You may not be able to find something to your liking on webtoon.(so yeah)
  • Have to pay 1/5

    By Ekfen
    I want to read, I really do. But unfortunately I have to pay to keep reading. I feel like at the very least we could watch adds to earn coins, but the only it seems is to pay. Witch is why I went over to webtoon, it’s free and you don’t have to pay for anything. Highly recommend webtoon over this.
  • The Prices 3/5

    By Key•
    The stories themselves are amazing but the prices are ridiculous, other apps like Tappytoons and Webcomics are cheaper or even freer and you get some of the same stories. Comparing prices Tappytoons has around 76 coins and 1,000 for $7.99 while Lezhin has around 75 coins and 30p for $19.99. If you dont want to pay at all you could probably even find the stories on websites aswell. If they lower their prices to be more reasonable then I would pay without any hesitation for the stories.
  • Do we have to pay 1/5

    By Elsafrost321
    Do we really have to paid all the time can't we just watch an ad
  • Better Off With Webtoon Ahaha.. 1/5

    By 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡👎🏻
    Most complain that the prices are wayyyy too high, and I agree. So you’re probably better off with Webtoon.. ALL the comics are free.
  • Not syncing when I read comics online 3/5

    By Iceyy.lae
    It’s kinda disappointing that they’ve put all other comic genres and stories except the ones labeled as Mature. They’ve got BL & GL but not Mature? And any time I wanna login to my account on the online mobile lezhin, the stories that I’ve subscribed to and have recently read don’t show up on the app unlike previous stories I’ve read. And even when I’ve tried searching certain comics or story artists up in the search bar, it comes up with nothing. As if they haven’t allowed certain stories to be shown on the app. I don’t know what the big ideal with that is but it’d be nice if my online and mobile account could sync up every time there’s a change in stories I read. Hope they put a Mature selection in the future.
  • Let’s talk ugh..... I really want to like this app but... 2/5

    By Princess_uni
    Ok I was not gonna write a review but I felt obligated to let potential users know ok so here is the two categories I will be working on. Pros: - love the interface -amazing content - beautiful artwork -ton of titles to choose from Cons: - expensive -no customer support to help with a claim Those are my reasons, see I really like this app and I’m all here for a company making money but if your a true otaku or a person who dedicates there time and money then you will pay top dollar for content etc. but I just want you guys to know that some some people spend there rent money, food money expenses, there whole PAYCHECK for god sack for anime / manga content I agree with other people who have made reviews to cut down on the prices and raise the coins up or you guys should have a least one title free a day to encourage members to buy manga instead of assertively persuading us to buy the manga what if we buy a manga and then don’t like it is there a refund ?
  • fix this app 1/5

    By RCF.
    Great BL comics, but the coin back purchase?!? I didn’t get any back I got fed up with this app, if you guys just try to fix it better that would be great....but for now I’m not gonna use this app, sorry.
  • Not my favorite 1/5

    By KLPhuong
    I had the app for a couple of days then deleted it because I needed coins to read them. I didn’t like that and though there was no fun in that, I’d like to read them for free and not have to worry about things like that
  • Comments 4/5

    By coolkill3r
    I think they should have a comment section
  • Not good 1/5

    By The song biz
    It’s absurd that I need to pay to read comics if you are going to do that just make the app cost money and then make the comics free. Although there is another app called Line Webtoon much better than this I don’t work for them but they are a good comic app and FREE,I’d recommend them if you want to read comics for free. Apps like this are the clickbait of The App store , they make you think it’s free and then charge you to use it
  • Change 3/5

    First off, I want to say that the app is great, but something that I think everyone hates is the price for coins. I think that something as simple as giving everyone 3 free coins each week could really help people get into the app more.
  • Seem good until...: 1/5

    By Yaaaa Nope
    It seemed good I got it until I got to a comic I had to pay for and it’s expensive I find this absurd. I already had a comic app that did this for free and no buying anything I honestly recommend that one. I really dislike this app. (For those wondering what app it was WEBTOON)
  • Just wants your money 1/5

    By Techabytes
    Ok so I really liked this app, the comics are really good, however the coin system is absolutely horrid. Every episode is a coin, but it’s 5.00 to get 17 coins! It gets you hooked then asks for money. I hope this was helpful.
  • Love the website, Hate the app 2/5

    By Estevan4532
    I love the comics on the website but when it comes to the app it doesn’t even have half of the comics on the app. I wish they can develop the app better because it would be more enjoyable and convenient for many people.
  • Nope 1/5

    Definitely NOT worth it. So much money for a cheaply made comic with a a barely decent plot, yeah right. Just know these comics are not worth your time or money. If you are looking for great comics check out Webtoon for sure.
  • Try the online version 1/5

    By Phoenixluvlife
    I suggest just doing it online instead of this app. The online version is WAY better then the the app.
  • Hmmm 2/5

    By BigBloodMoose
    They have really good comics but I hate the coin aspect, you really don’t get a tell like it’s a library. You have to purchase coins if you want to read further into a story, if they was a membership thing that was cheap or had the same process with membership process, similar to crunchy roll then I’d give it higher props. But if your not willing to buy any coins I would not recommend because it’s a money grabber for sure.
  • 2 star rating 2/5

    By nutella255
    Comics are amazing but there expensive!

    By Allyssa fields
    Okay I sound weird and all and like Romancy Sexy Stuff Because it’s funny fr but I see the App of this and I’m like Ooo I don’t have to search it up! :D than it doesn’t show the mature bar or anything good on the website So your just gonna lie to us and only put the ones you like on the app?! Boi I will uninstall this. I get threw reading a good comic and it just says I need to pay so much money for nothing important as that I swear the website is better then the app
  • Please help 1/5

    By SweetMochiChimChim
    I downloaded this app because, I wanted to read “Killing Stalking” (I heard about it, and and I love it already), so I sign in, but it said I have to put “special characters” in it too. But I changed my password multiple times, and when I sign in, IT LITERALLY SAYS I NEED TO PUT IN SPECIAL CHARACTERS IN IT. Btw, I did put characters in it, and it wouldn’t let me sign in. I was really frustrated in this app (Ik I sound stupid) so I basically deleted, and just thought ways to read “Killing Stalking”.
  • Cost 2/5

    By iTS ARiX
    The mangas in the app are really interesting and I wish that I could afford them! It may seem alright to pay for a few episodes, but it adds up really quickly! Please lower the costs or just get rid of them, it may help the rating
  • Comics are amazing, but... 2/5

    By nitrosteelix
    I loved reading some of the comics. Art styles are amazing, stories are full of substance, and for a time I could get new episode free every week. This is where things turned awful. I may love the comics the app contains but it seems like the company doesn’t care about the consumer unless you pay to view comics that were originally released as a free episode every week. Once that ended so did my love of this app and the comics on them. I don’t see why I should use this app if WEBTOON also exists. I don’t find any issue with the developers offering an option to purchase episodes, but by cutting out the casual reader I just can’t support this app.
  • Unnecessarily expensive and hard to navigate 1/5

    By SaltyScribe
    I tried to get into it. I really did, I could only get over the massive fees for so long. (Manhwa updates are like 15-20 panels at best, they’re good but like each episode is not worth the cost that LezhinComics is putting on them) on top of that, their points system is BS because I still have to shell out 4 or MORE bucks to convert the points to unlock the episode. Not only that, but the app is atrociously designed. No easy way to navigate tabs, no easy tab to access user settings, and I’ve tried every which way to read the adult manhwa on the app...can’t do it. Even before the censorship laws the app only contains a FRACTION. SMALL FRACTION of their total library and it’s such hot garbage. LezhinComics also has a history of not responding to customer complaints which only sours this further. If possible: DO. NOT. BUY.
  • Deserve 0 stars 1/5

    By Shadnicer
    Ok so in the past i had downloaded this but deleted it cause of the coins. Recently on Instagram I saw this ad about Appetite and i read it on instagram. Then i sign up for it and downloaded it. I remembered you needed money to buy coins just to read. I thought that they change it. Apparently they didn’t and the sign in is messed up. But the comic on here is good but the fact that you gotta pay to read episodes. They start off free then they require coins. There’s a similar app called Line Webtoon. Totally better cause it’s literally free. Read comic without needing to pay and the creators can get patrons that donate to them for the comic. Some creators even have merchandise to sell which is even better. Some creators give benefits to patrons who give certain amounts. Line Webtoon is certainly better than this. If y’all can get rid of the coins and put patreons that’ll be great and I’ll rate 5. It’s a good app but it gets annoying asf. Thanks
  • hATE 1/5

    By OhMyMaple
  • Make them all free 2/5

    By let us customize
    Why so expensive? You basically give them about 9 episodes to see then you have to pay for the rest with basically actual money for points? That’s ridiculously stupid, honestly it’s way to expensive in the first place. These comics are truly amazing and I die to to see more, but for money? Even if you pay you won’t have enough for coins. I suggest you all to just make it free without any struggles because it’s beyond selfish to pay just to see comics that are not often on google or YouTube and I refuse to use some of them since there pretty slow and choppy, so if you want good reviews, make it free for all.
  • Warning 2/5

    By 玉塵
    The coins are expensive, and the app doesn’t have all the available comics on the website, only those that are under 17+ friendly, despite having an 18 rating.
  • Deleting this App 1/5

    By Yielle27
    It’s useless now since I am not willing to spend $50 for the next chapters. LINE Webtoon is so much better for me because it’s free. This app gives you free chapters and after that you have to spend around $50 to read the next chapters. Not worth it.
  • Is it really free? 1/5

    By Cocopuffnel
    When I first downloaded the app I was enticed by everything it was all working smoothly and when you look at the description from discover it will it will inform you whether or not the comic is free or if you have to pay for it. Naturally I was confused onto why but, I didn’t mind at the moment, because I kept seeing ads previous to downloading the app for the comic The Lady and her Buttler. It said free on the description, so when I got to around episode 34 it said I have to pay for coins which I didn’t know what they were or for, so I thought well how hard/ expensive can it be? When I looked I found no chances to get them for free which you can do sometimes by watching ads or playing games, however that was not the case, instead I find that I can’t only just by one at a time I have to buy them in bulk. For 4.99 US dollars I can get 17 coins but that’s still pricey for an app, just to get coins to read. The apps highest offer for coins is 149.99 US dollars for 620 coins but who would spend that much for this app. I could literally buy a Ps4 or even an Xbox 1 for less money. In total I find the app preposterous because of it’s expensive and unjustified prices. Not only that sometimes the comics will just freeze or wont load so, it you like ready things only halfway through I suggest you get the app on the other hand if you dislike reading half or a comic I suggest you go to a better app such as WEBTOON, not only is the app free it doesn’t making you pay for episodes. All you must do is watch a video at the beginning of every other chapter.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Tj mc rate
    Monetization is ridiculous
  • I love it but 2/5

    By Nix disinter
    I love the app and the website but i have two things that i have problems with. The first thing is that price is ridiculous for a comic that has 50 chapter your spending almost 40 dollar. There should be a way to get free coins like watch an ad or a reward program. I have no problem supporting an artist but 40-50 dollar on a comic book is unrealistic. The second thing that i have a problem with is that certain stories are only on the website and not the app. That needs to be fix or put somewhere that this story is not available on the app. Others the this i really enjoy all of the comics.
  • Honestly it’s too expensive. 1/5

    By Younha Rox
    If comparing this to old style media this should cost what a manga costs. A manga costs $10-$15 to read ONE story I’m down $30. That story was awesome, it it’s not affordable.
  • Coins 1/5

    By Mom I don't like chicken
    How do you even get coins??
  • Get webtoon instead 1/5

    By Crackingcrackerz
    Get webtoons instead guys, that app doesn’t make you pay at all! Or at least as far as I know, I’ve had it for well over a year and have not gone one day without checking out my favorite comics(that you don’t need to pay for with some in-game currency... or real currency) so really just give up on this
  • Great app...if you like expensive things 2/5

    By KakeyKakey
    When I first got the app, I was like: Dang! This is amazing. But then, I saw that I had to buy the episodes. I looked at the coin prices and they were really high. I would recommend Webtoon for those who want to read free comics
  • I’m getting into a comic but can’t even finish it! 3/5

    By Froyp
    Can’t finish it!Too Expensive!can you make an update where everytime you finish you get at least 3,4or5 coins?Please I want to finish the comic I got into!
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Cory Jordan
    Search doesn’t seem to work, library doesn’t sync up, and prices are too high for what you get. Not sure what the artists get but that’s none of my business. If I had hard copies, it’d be something totally different. I think I’m done with this app.
  • Expensive 1/5

    By NinjaForLife102
    Don’t get the app. Just don’t. Excellent work but you need coins to purchase episodes, most episodes cost 3 coins each, and you get 17 coins for 5 dollars. It is a ridiculous amount of money to finish a comic, and the chapters aren’t even that long. If they lowered prices, it would be good, but I doubt that will happen.
  • Why with the coins? 1/5

    By Ayonotheapplover
    I love the comics on this app but after just a couple episodes, they cost coins! I didnt think it was a big deal until i saw the prices! They are way too expensive and not worth spending 5 bucks for like 4 comic pages. i currently love webtoom way more because all of them are free. Until the coin issue is fixed, i will not be using this app.
  • Idk rlly 3/5

    By Dick678538
    So on the website on google it shows Talk To Me but I still can’t figure out why the hell it won’t show me it on the app. It won’t even give me an option to sign in. Wth?
  • Terrible prices 1/5

    By Grimmiroxx
    I came for the comics but the prices are outrageous and I herd you don’t even pay the authors... they worked really hard on these comics and get nothing out of it... smh u get paid for someone else’s work...I hope you at least got their consent to post it otherwise copyright is in order...
  • Why? 3/5

    By Lightning Star gaming
    I love to read comics but why make people pay for it? The comics are fantastic but I can’t read them sometimes because of the fact you have to pay for coins, Instead have free coins or passes every day or few hour I like a lot of people cannot pay or are to young to do so. I and many others would appreciate if you take the into consideration,thank you.
  • Disappointed.. 2/5

    By Tuiuiuuuuyyuiiuiii
    Honestly, I love the comics on this app, but it’s frustrating to know that I can’t finish a store without having to pay 30-40 bucks on it. That’s just ridiculous. Advice to the creators, set up a patreon or a paypal account. Find some other way to make money and maybe you’ll get a better review for your website/app from the downloaders.

    By Sarorthien
    i don’t know how long this message will stay up but if you see it please spread it around the lezhin community. lezhin isn’t paying their artists. they keep most of the money for themselves and pay artists the least bit amount of money possible. stop buying from lezhin. i know you guys love your BL and have spent a small fortune on lezhin but if we boycott lezhin, the artists will have a chance to make their own website with cheaper rates. they are SUEING ARTISTS THAT COME FORWARD TO SPEAK ABOUT THIS AND DELETING THEIR WORKS FROM THE WEBSIT WITHOUT WARNING. PLEASE PLEASE SUPPORT THE ARTISTS AND HELP THEM BE FREE OF LEZHIN BEFORE THEY GET THEIR HARD WORK TAKEN FROM THEM!
  • Alright 2/5

    By It'sC
    The app has good and exciting mangas but the down fall of it is that you have to spend and pay a whole bunch of money on the updating ones and more and I think it isn’t fair because this app is not as opened so none of the other apps have their mangas

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