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LibriVox Audio Books App

LibriVox Audio Books provides unlimited access to over 50,000 audio books. Each audiobook can be streamed over the internet or downloaded for later use. The LibriVox Audio Books app features classic best sellers and out of print treasures from every genre of literature in more than 30 languages. Audio books from LibriVox are free thanks to the dedicated work of hundreds of volunteers who record, edit and distribute the books. New releases are prepared daily, and the entire catalog spans the breadth of world literature, including novels, history, biography, short stories, poetry and more in both fiction and non-fiction. The LibriVox AudioBook app makes it easy to search the LibriVox catalog of free audio books. You can browse by title, author or genre, look at new recordings, or search by key word. Because the books are free, you can listen to as much or as little of a book as you like with no cost. The app remembers your position, so you can return to a book later, and includes unlimited bookmarks and a sleep timer for your convenience.


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LibriVox Audio Books app reviews

  • Not good 2/5

    By BOOKS_14
    I am 12 years old and I am a huge book reader. I am almost on summer vacation with pages of books to read this summer and I was hoping to use this app to help me, but the app doesn’t have any Rick Riordan books. He is the author of so many good series including Percy Jackson, Heros of Olympus, The Kane Chronicles, The Percy Kane Crossover and many more. Add more recent authors/books. I would consider giving it a try again once you have added more recent books.
  • Ok 3/5

    By Freddy618
    Nice idea but not a lot of newer books.
  • Great project 4/5

    By rey_80
    This is a fantastic project. Invaluable. The audio advertisements are new and are jarring. I don't mind the visual advertisements because I understand that projects benefit from having money. But the audio ones seem out of place. I'm listening to some amazing piece from hundreds of years ago and then I get blasted with some loud commercial. It's really worth it to consider changing this.
  • Fantastic app! 5/5

    By joyful tgings
    This is likely my most utilized app. So many classic works to choose from and many excellent readers. My favorites as of late are anything Dickens read by Mil Nicholson. You will not regret installing LibriVox!
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By Cliftonious
    I love listening to Socratic dialogues and this app has most of them for free! 👍🏾
  • Still unimpressed two years later. 2/5

    By B5611
    Again, Allemand is not a language. Fix this. It is DEUTSCH!
  • 5-Star content, one annoying problem 4/5

    By troisprenoms
    This review is for the app (LibriVox is one of the best things on the modern internet). Playback and downloading works well. Search algorithm finds what you want most of the time (though having separate entries for different readings of the same book makes things more complicated than they need to be). The only serious problem is ads. Not that they exist. They’re infrequent and generally tasteful. It’s the VOLUME. The ads don’t seem to be scaled to the same volume as the books. Rather, whenever an ad plays there’s a large spike in volume and I’m inevitably startled if I’m wearing headphones. It’s particularly troublesome if you’re listening to a book to help you sleep.
  • Loud ads suddenly?!? 2/5

    By dumappsupportsystem
    I’ve been using this app for several years with no problems—downloading books and listening has been a pleasure. Now suddenly loud ads are being inserted between chapters. Startling, annoying, loud, and ruins the flow of the story.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By loraflora
    Works perfectly, no commercials, totally free. Love it.
  • Commercials 4/5

    By L j4523
    Love LibriVox! I understand advertising to generate income. But please - don’t make them so loud! Scares the crap out of me in the car and hurts my ears with head phones on! Turn them down.
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By Semper Fi MCMLXVI
    I really enjoy this app you can download the books and then listen without Internet connection.They have a huge selection of books and podcasts,5 stars all the way. Thanks.
  • Good app, hard to find good volunteers 4/5

    By busy bibliophile
    Love the free audiobooks, but rarely have what I’m after and some of the readers are not very great to listen to
  • Love this app 5/5

    By beachbubbler
    I recommend Librivox to all my Storytelling friends and students. I Love to search through the index for a old treasures. Wonderful narrators make it easy to enjoy old classics.
  • The Best of the Best 5/5

    By etanne
    Hard to beat free audio for majority of the classics with a variety of readers! Thank you!
  • Great application with access to a lot of content. 5/5

    By Fubar mister
    But I wish all files support continuous playback. Some titles require clicking on every file.
  • LibriVox is great 5/5

    By egagrgegtdmyjynfggd
    LibriVox is a great way to know your history and stories.You can learn about amazing experiences of history.
  • Why the interruptions? 3/5

    By BOPEEP 48
    I love LibriVox. It has provided me with countless hours of entertainment, especially while doing mindless but necessary tasks. It has even helped me dramatically with my lifelong insomnia. But now, without warning, my peaceful reveries or my embroilment in an exciting novel or short story is marred bY loud and obnoxious commercials at high decibels. Is nothing sacred from the evils of unfettered capitalism?! It is like interrupting prayer with screeching hymns from tone deaf choir boys. A sacrilege of literature. You wound me.
  • Great! 4/5

    By srt1595🤩
    The reason I only give it 4 stars is cause I wish they had more
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By BethyG430
    This app is SOO helpful especially when I am folding laundry or doing crafts! The only problem (although very minor... not enough to take away a star) is that after a chapter, a random advertisement started playing! This was the first time it happened so I was a bit surprised... If there is any way to get rid of this, yay! Otherwise I can easily deal with it! Thanks for a great app!
  • Entirely Good 5/5

    By raymondfoye
    There is nothing bad about this app, it is entirely good.
  • Mystery 5/5

    By Pandamonn
    I don’t remember the title but I love mystery’s I do know who it is in the end but there still good
  • Great review 5/5

    By douchbag extrordinair
    I can’t believe all the great stories on Librax. We need more good sites on here like this one. Thank you for
  • Computer-Phone Syncing 4/5

    By Loki6793
    I can't figure out how to use my phone then transfer my progress in a book to a computer so I can continue listening there.
  • Crappy blaring ads 1/5

    By denalus
    Hate it since they threw in the ads. Used to love it. You can run LibriVox through podcasts apps, no ads.
  • Loud ads 3/5

    By Sharkcage35
    There are very loud ads between chapters. This ruins the whole experience. Listen directly from LibriVox website as it’s never any ads. ( this app is not controlled by the good people at LibriVox) I’m surprised the app developers can get away passing themselves off as Librivox.
  • Thank you for a great ap! 5/5

    By Mrspat
    Best way for me to "read" the classical Christian writers. Wonderful variety of reads.
  • Mixed review 1/5

    By ltabbjr
    App once worked great for me! Now there are ZERO books or any information inside the app itself!
  • Great travel companion 5/5

    By Hot Hand Sam
    App works great. Couldn’t be happier.
  • Wonderful site! 5/5

    By Liladogsrule
    I love Librivox!
  • Commercials... 4/5

    By Quart Dog
    ...I know they’re a necessary evil, but they’re too many of them.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By spidaeranne
    What app anywhere gives you the audio on books you should read...for free?? Thank you LibriVox and thanks to all your volunteers!!!!!!!
  • I survived, the lost rain forest 5/5

    By Meiesjis
    I think you should update some of the books for example you could read I survived and recent books such as the lost rainforest
  • LibriVox Review 5/5

    By Nate Simmons
    The wide variety of amazing books is phenomenal. You will never run out of great books to listen to.
  • Great Content, Bad App 2/5

    By woeiruyt
    I love LibriVox as a company but this app does not work well it crashes often and is poorly organized.
  • Better audiobook options out there 2/5

    By cnative00
    1. After I’ve downloaded a book (I’ve tried multiple), I am suppose to be able to listen to it offline. This is not the case. When I try to do this, it makes it seem like the book(s) haven’t been downloaded, yet they show up in my library. 2. Not enough selection overall. I especially enjoy self-help books and there just aren’t that many to choose from.
  • New Ads 1/5

    By ZachG90
    Do not download this app! They are not the same people as Librivox! they are just giving out what is already free: librivox recordings which you can download from librivox directly, but these app developers are now placing audio ads in between chapters! I will change my review when they delete the ads.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Oh,Sleeper
    Great books for free! The downside is that not all of the books are read by good readers; they don’t have the best recording equipment either, I would assume. The app don’t crash either. I think they keep up with updating it often enough.
  • Commuter blues 5/5

    By TerryCapp
    Each dayI spent a great deal of time commuting from my home To work then back again. I hate driving however leave your Vox makes it an enjoyable experience
  • Audiobooks 5/5

    By Zack mans
    Bring in all of the Mary poppins audiobooks and coraline audiobooks in the librivox pro and librivox app to
  • Classic 5/5

    By Kim2kolb
    There is something here for everyone. I work nights as a custodian I listen as I work.
  • Blessing 5/5

    By Stevo6205
    Libravox has become such a blessing to my life. I listen to it while I make supper in the evenings, or when I’m getting ready in the morning or anytime I’m doing something with my hands but not my brain. I listen to spiritually uplifting books or to interesting and informative stories. I love reading, but I have almost no time in my life to read. Now I can still listen to stories even though I don’t have time to read. I absolutely love libravox.
  • A gift ...Excellent for entertainment & education! 5/5

    By Sanmountain
    So great a companion for enquiring minds
  • The REAL Librivox is totally FREE 1/5

    By Beard Evangelist
    This formerly was my single favorite thing in the entire connected world. Librivox itself is a wonderful treasure for the betterment of humanity. The release of this app with embedded ads is a crass and unforgivable stain on the fine work of Librivox. In case you haven’t figured it out, even though this app calls itself Librivox, it has no actual relation to the all free audio book repository. It is a secondary market interface to access the work that is available for FREE at Librivox. Look, I know revenue, for the most part, makes the world go around, but I have a real ethical problem with a money making enterprise based on something fundamentally meant for the greater good like Librivox. I actually wrote this designer to complain about the obnoxious and overly loud ads embedded in the audio books, and to their credit they did actually respond nicely. I will give them that in their favor. However, part of their reply was to recommend I purchase their premium ad free version. Somehow that seems to only compound the issue here. Granted it’s only a couple of bucks, but again, I can go to Librivox’ site and listen endlessly without charge! Just for the record, Librivox’ guiding principles are as follows: Librivox is a non-commercial, non-profit and ad-free project Librivox donates its recordings to the public domain Librivox is powered by volunteers Librivox maintains a loose and open structure Librivox welcomes all volunteers from across the globe, in all languages In light of that altruistic purpose, In making a donation to Librivox far in excess of the “premium version” of this app, and I will listen there in peace.
  • Great App 5/5

    By slaintejoe
    Great choices for classical literature
  • Great! 5/5

    By Timclev
    Wow, if only all the apps were this good. I love it and have used most of them. This is the top app for audio books. The best...don’t change a thing.
  • Read while considering 5/5

    By Sweeniepacman125
    Ive known about the company for a while now but had no idea about the app. I immediately jumped on it the moment I saw it. I cannot recommend free things from libravox more. I've had access to so many books I thought I would have to buy thanks to the many recordings they have made that spread all over the internet. The voices are almost always wonderful and clear, the books are in a very large variety, and they Liston to people.
  • Fantastic Service! 5/5

    By Immeherenow
    I love the service that this provides. What a great product, delivering public domain works of literature for free! Thank you to all of the volunteers who make this possible. I want to make one suggestion for the app though, and that is that the playback doesn’t show up on my lock screen. I need to unlock the phone and open the app to pause it. It would be nice if it could show on the lock screen like all of my other audio apps.
  • When it’s right 5/5

    By Amcanino
    Access and variety continues improve. Disclaimers can grate but finding a classic or essays by towering figures that are well read are a joy. Thanks LibriVox And the great readers
  • Awesome 5/5

    By dmac737
    Exquisite and accessible collection of some of the greatest literature, there’s also other stuff too. A wonderful app. Listening to great books allows you to overcome the humdrum life of long drives and waiting rooms.
  • Wonderful Source 5/5

    By Hillside Carly
    It is great to have access to these classic stories.

LibriVox Audio Books app comments


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