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$ 0 Audiobooks App makes it possible for you to buy audiobooks through your local bookstore, giving you the power to keep money within your local economy, create local jobs, and make a difference in your community. Choose from more than 250,000 audiobooks on, including bestsellers and bookseller picks, and your audiobook purchases are synced with the app immediately so you can start listening right away. If you ever have questions, feedback, or just want a good audiobook recommendation, you can reach out to us at [email protected], and a real, audiobook-loving human will get back to you. GET STARTED 1. Download the free app and sign into your account. 2. Explore the catalog to find your next listen. 3. Use your credits to get audiobooks in the app. 4. Download your audiobook(s) and start listening. APP FEATURES - Explore audiobooks: Explore’s catalog of 250,000+ audiobooks. - Use credits: Use your audiobook credits to get and gift audiobooks from the app. - Apple Watch: Listen on the go with Apple Watch. - Automatic sync: Audiobooks automatically sync from your account as well as across devices. - Bookmarks: Easily bookmark content so you can return to it later (bookmarks are synced across devices). - Playback speed: Like to listen at a faster pace? Just use our variable-speed narration feature. - Sleep Timer: Feeling sleepy? Set the timer to stop your audiobook after a few minutes or at the end of the track. - Tags: Organize your library in a way that works for you with customizable tags. - Sharing: Share the experience with friends! - DRM-free downloads: Every audiobook on is DRM-free, so you can listen on any device. Our privacy policy can be found at Our terms of use can be found at Audiobooks app screenshots Audiobooks app reviews

  • Network issues 1/5

    By Juicyslew
    I can’t seem to search for anything due to “internet issues” but my wifi is working fine and every other app functions correctly. If there’s a service outage, that’s fine but I’d prefer if there was at least somewhere where I could see the status of that outage or find an expected fix time. If it is another issue, then I guess I don’t have feedback, just a negative review because the app clearly isn’t working and my wifi clearly is.
  • Great alternative to Audible 5/5

    By CrackerMan77
    Libro has all of the same titles as Audible and is just as intuitive. All with the benefit of supporting your chosen independent bookseller. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to switch.
  • Doesn’t play well with Control Center 3/5

    By Violinknitter
    I love being able to support my local bookstore, and there are aspects of this user interface I really love. (Hello, easy access to chapters, bookmarks, and sleep timer!!!) I was hoping successive updates would fix this, but this app constantly loses my place in books, and forgets bookmarks. It has happened repeatedly over months, including through app updates and iOS system updates. Sometimes it will remember where I was, but other times it will send me back to the beginning of a chapter, as much 50 minutes earlier in the book. The audio will continue to play while the time stamp stops moving, and the forward and back skip controls stop working, both in Control Center and in the app itself. When the app is in the bugged mode, it will also forget any bookmark I’ve placed. I’ve lost several notes in my current book because of this.
  • Local Bookstore Support 5/5

    By DaniG925
    I listen to audiobooks all of the time and I love being able to support my local bookstore while listening. The app is easy to use and I love when they offer books on sale. It is a great program!
  • So great! 5/5

    By Jestris
    Libro is awesome! Helping my local independent bookseller by subscribing to makes me feel good, and the customer service is fast and very helpful! Thank you!
  • Highly recommend 5/5

    By SeaShelly726
    I love that I am supporting my local bookstore AND getting high quality audio from a large library of content.
  • Libro gives back to Local Bookstores 5/5

    By SeattleElderberry
    I love using FM for my audiobooks, because all of my purchases go directly to supporting a local bookstore of my choice! There’s only ever been one book that I couldn’t find ugly, bro, very satisfied, customer!
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By jliberty
    While the library function leaves much to be desired, everything else is first class. A huge win is that (unlike the Audible app) it is hard to accidentally lose your place. All in all a great alternative.
  • Great service, App about as glitchy as competitors 4/5

    By reconbot
    Lots of books, easy to use, nice credit system. However the app crashes my phone from time to time, the watch and car apps can’t sync randomly but go right back to working, and when using media controls (CarPlay, AirPods etc) it’s 50/50 if the book will keep playing.
  • New here. Like it so far. 5/5

    By DrewGuy10
    Just recently made the switch to this app (because of local bookstore support) and it works just as well as Audible. The only difference I see is the chapters are broken down into small segments and aren’t labeled as chapters. I wish that would change so I could jump to a specific chapter if necessary. Also the ability to purchase books directly in the app would be a nice convenience. And finally purchasing additional credits would be nice too if possible.
  • Not enough 3/5

    By JdinCali
    I came to this platform wanting to scape from the Amazon monster, sadly the tittle availability is limited, I like the app, most of the books I have listen to have good narration, only one of them this far had a bland and boring voice.
  • This app is not good 2/5

    By CapnLilNemo
    LOVE the service. This is such a great idea and a good website, but the app is bad. Keeps failing to download things or other weirdness. My download was just not displaying at 140% and it’s just general weirdness. To be clear, love the service, bur might try downloading the audiobooks to my computer and moving them to my phone in other ways.
  • Like that other audiobook app 5/5

    By Kale Seitan
    BUT it supports local bookstores instead of our somewhat-creepy-unelected-overlords on that orange app. Also it’s fairly delightful to use, works well with Apple car play also.
  • Fab alternative to audible!! 5/5

    By disappointed9871
    Nothing but good things to say about the functionality and selection on this app!
  • Easy to use and keeps more money local 5/5

    By totally great person
    Works just like any audiobook app. But instead of giving money to megacorps you give it to local shops.
  • Great Service and App 5/5

    By Bettychuck
    It’s wonderful to have a great Amazon alternative that supports independent bookstores.
  • Great but 4/5

    By TeaRex524
    Overall really like, but I wish we could purchase audiobooks through the app without having to use credits.
  • Great app, integrates well 5/5

    By Musty debt
    I love that you can download the books unlike most other audiobook apps. Also helps smaller stores.
  • 5 Stars Local Bookstore Support 5/5

    By JenCopper
    4 stars for inability to find how to manage my account on the app and no simple click to website from any page. 3 stars that the site itself will not accept my credit card and there’s no chat feature. I have spent too many hours trying to sign up!!! And am still not signed up. If it wasn’t for supporting my local store, I would have deleted the app and continued audible. I specifically want options that support local businesses. And take from corporate wealth. So, I will trudge on until this is set up and I’ve downloaded the next Dresden File book by Jim Butcher!
  • Operation do over the awesome 5/5

    By luca Lightning steel
    I love all the Gordon Korman books but operation do over is my favorite because it is sad and funny at the same time and I like how he had a really good friend. They have been friends since preschool and it’s funny how Mason is like LeBron James compared to Ty when he bounces the ball that is why I like because I can listen to my favorite book operation do over by Gordon Korman.
  • Do it 5/5

    By RomeoKilo125
    Don’t think about it too hard. There are audiobook apps that belong to massive corporate entities and there is Support your local book store get audiobooks WAY cheaper than retail. Great customer service. Just subscribe.
  • I use this every day 5/5

    By OnceinaMarie is consistently improving and expanding the functionalities of this app over the past 1.5 years since I’ve made the switch from Audible - and it’s gotten **so much better over that time** I am so happy with this app, and the mission of this business to support independent bookstores with every purchase.
  • Wonderful to exist out of the Amazon Audible empire but no landscape mode? 4/5

    By Sepharam
    I’m fully supportive of this service and I think the app is quite functional…if I’m on my phone. When I try to use it on my tablet (iPad Pro), the app doesn’t support landscape mode. Curious to hear when this can be added, as I use my tablet with a keyboard most of the time!
  • Libro fm audiobooks are the best 5/5

    By Yo madee
    I am grateful for existing. I’m so glad I can listen to audiobooks but still support my local bookstore, and without supporting audible, which is owned by Amazon.Amazon, sadly, is undermining middle/working class with the crappy jobs and unethical business practices and running small businesses out of business. Convenience is not worth supporting some thing that undermines what I deeply value. And Thank goodness costs the same. High-quality. I like it.
  • Wonderful for book sellers 5/5

    By Pelican seller has done wonders for book sellers in giving them the chance to listen to advanced copies. This helps me to better offer advice to my customers. And in doing so makes my customers happy in finding great reads and listens. Thanks so much!!
  • We need widgets! 4/5

    By TheSeth
    This app is pretty great, but it’s missing widgets. Please add some to match other audiobook apps like Libby and Audible. Thank you!
  • Could easily be a 5! 4/5

    By Ortegly
    I love this independent audiobook seller! Thank goodness there’s such a fantastic option outside of the monopoly that shall not be named. Thank goodness has ways to give back to our independent brick and mortar stores. I appreciate so much about this book cellar in general, but I will focus on the phone app. I love that I can access my wish list, shop, and buy books on the app. I’m so glad there’s a way to speed up the reading and that I can change the amount of time for play back and fast forward. it’s also nice to be able to see my purchased books split up various genres. To make this review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, though, is for the car mobile option to override the lock screen (like map apps do). Furthermore, I would love to be able to set a bookmark on the car mobile screen; otherwise, what’s the point in having a car mobile function? As it stands now, I might as well have my lock screen on because it already does what the car mobile screen does. Finally, it would be great for the bookmark option to have room to take notes (not just a title).
  • Needs a Widget 4/5

    By Willsam
    I love this app! So much better than Audible, and I love supporting my local bookstore. However, I’d love a “currently listening” Widget to add to my Home Screen. All other audiobook apps I’ve used have had that. Thanks so much!
  • Much better than Libby audio player 5/5

    By inspireme87
    The navigation in this app is so much better than the Libby app!
  • I love Libro.FM 5/5

    By eelyac
    I love using Libro.Fm because I get to support my favorite local bookstore. I find the app easy to use and like that I can get book recommendation lists from my local bookstore, too. I’m also glad they added functionality on Apple Watches so I don’t have to be next to my phone to control the audio. developers, if you’re reading this can you please create a widget for the iPhone Home Screen? I like having larger widgets because they grab my attention (like Spotify or Libby, where I can see what ebook I’m currently reading) and I will gravitate toward the app more often! (Sometimes I forget the app exists even though I have a subscription lol!)
  • Feature request 4/5

    By brandon for ire
    Love this app! Could you add a capability to allow the audio to stop after a chapter or put it on a timer? I like to listen to books, but I sometimes fall asleep and lose my place!
  • Favorite way to read 5/5

    By Gwendolyn DM
    Reading is my main hobby, and I always have an audiobook going. The production and narration has gotten so great. let’s me support my local bookstore and the app is easy to use. No problems, I like how my library is organized and how quickly I can pick a new book. Switch away from Audible!!
  • Works very well 5/5

    By ericbrettnelson
    I hadn’t really thought about how well this app worked until I was asked to rate it. I think that’s testament to how smoothly and intuitively it functions. Also, I love supporting indie bookstores. Definitely a fan of and the app. *one note: buying a book (or using the monthly credit) has to be done separately, on the website. And the app seems to be only available for handheld devices. If I were able to play my audiobooks from my desktop computer, that would be nice.
  • Quality listening (and ease of purchasing through the app) 4/5

    By Rueil Malmaison
    As I am a member of my city’s Buy Local program, I love that I can support my local bookstores with my purchases on The first book I purchased through the app was one that I very much wanted to read; my local library had an author discussion with the author of said book … however, I find myself with little time to actually sit down (or even stand up) and read paper books of late, so I have been turning to audiobooks more and more often. has more suitable narrators and a better selection of books than most other purveyors of audiobooks. Kudos!
  • Love supporting independent bookstores 3/5

    By Lizzie-9999
    I do like the using….the choice of books, the people…but on my iPad it only appears in portrait view…and everything else I look at is in landscape view. It’s just out of sync if I’m using a few apps at the same time. It make using it awkward.
  • The books I want to read on the go 5/5

    By didididit2
    I read a few hundred books a year in both print and audio formats. always has the right book at the right time. I also love that I can support my local indie bookstore while downloading what I want to read.
  • Almost Perfect 4/5

    By Tllllllhgfff
    I love supporting local bookstores through! My only complaint is that sometimes when I open the app while a book is playing it freezes and closes out (I have the most updated version of the app). It’s infrequent, and otherwise I’m very happy with it
  • Please let us sort Authors and Narrators! 3/5

    By The Panda Extraordinaire
    I enjoy this app but for the love of Pete, can we PLEASE have a sorting feature added for Authors and Narrators? Publication date, title, length, and series are all well and good but this first world problem drives me crazy. I understand that we can use the Search feature for this but being able to sort by Author of Narrator is a standard sorting feature in every other audiobook reading app.
  • Great concept, app needs work, but get it 4/5

    By Davinci muse
    Prepare for an annoying lag time from when you purchase a book to when it shows up in the app or your library. Bright side is decent customer service and incredible “feel good” concept that’s an alternative to Amazon/audible. I love that I’m helping my favorite local bookstore. so I put up with the glitches hoping they will get worked out eventually. The website can be a bit wonky at times too. And some books are not available with credits so I haven’t been able to abandon Audible completely yet. Still, I’m hoping for this to succeed wildly. So buy the app. please fix the lag time.
  • on my watch 5/5

    By vankaypie - i am so excited to have the option to take my book on my watch now, rather than having to carry my phone. On a short walk, i want to be as free as possible from my phone, but love having in my ears. YAY TEAM! Kudos to whoever made this happen today. Awesome job.
  • Great App, Good Cause 5/5

    By LennyNeeson
    I absolutely love! I can get audiobooks while supporting my local bookstore and the app is high quality and works really well.
  • Replaced audible for me 4/5

    By MadGodOdin
    I really like I highly recommended it. One feature I would like to see is iPhone widget. Thanks :)
  • The Good Crack 5/5

    By Londielingo audio brooks are intellectually addictive
  • I’m a believer! 5/5

    By kellybrooke777
    Libro.FM has changed my life! I am an avid reader I’m a librarian I was a bookseller for seven years and I am fully addicted to and audiobooks they are amazing I can’t wait to get in the car I can’t wait to do the dishes all of the little things that I do I now get to listen to incredible books and I could not say enough about them a phenomenal company they do so much for local bookstores and local schools I am a big big big big big fan!
  • <333 ALCs + hot tip 5/5

    By Clara76252682
    I love having an alternative to Amazon to listen to books. As a bookseller the ALC function is the best. It’s the primary way I listen, and I get very excited for the end of the month. There’s always at least one new release I’m excited to see on there. I would love to see more integration from publishers in the sense of releasing specific ALCs to specific booksellers and their guest speakers for author events, which fuel the independent book business (the one thing Amazon can’t do!). To me it’s a matter of accessibility! Many people can’t read the small print of most books, or are busy in physical work for most of the day. Listening has greatly increased my ability to read and thus my ability to handsell, present author events, market, and support the store! What can we do to get this partnership going?? Is this a feature that could be built into the app in the future? I have begun to recognize the voices and treasure the readers of these books, and enjoy the experience of hearing a book through a great reader’s inflections. I rarely experience a glitch!
  • My Favorite Audiobook App 5/5

    By Simon Leftie
    I thoroughly enjoy the design and UI of this app. I’m about halfway through my third book on this app and am loving the playback options. There’s a super wide selection and it truly feels like this whole company is run by good people. I look forward to visiting the local bookstore I have chosen to support with my subscription.
  • The political and the medical response to COVID-19 in USA 5/5

    By RobertoRNM
    This is an exceptional account of the American response to the COVID-19 Pandemia. It is an account to the facts that occurred from the beginning of the pandemia to the miracle of scientists developing a vaccine and hence the immunization of the population as the best strategy to stop the pandemia. It was a painful learning curve for all over the world, from the desperation of facing an unknown lethal infection, to the progress in learning its spread and how to control it; from facing a lethal infection in medical guards and hospitals, to accepting that only early intervention could lead to save thousands of lives. However, this is not a story of triumph, it is a desperate account on how the tragedy worsened in front of our eyes, while irresponsible decision- making politicians tried to ignore the evidence of what appeared as the most plausible actions to make and spread disinformation without scruples. Despite of the palpable public inefficiency, countless medical leaders and health professionals in USA worked against the official mandates, educated the population and local leaders, and contributed to the validation of the various vaccines that are none far from miracle technologies. Taking into account that some facts of the political and the medical response may not be entirely accurate, the narrative of this book still seems overall very accurate and consistent with my perception of what happened in more than the last 2 years since January 2020. Justice remains to be served, as it seems inconceivable that more than 1 million perished to COVID-19 in USA; with probably half of those deaths could have been spared with adoption of preventive measures already in place.
  • Good audiobook player 3/5

    By LimeyLT
    The app is a great player, but it would be much better if you could purchase your books on it
  • A decent app 4/5

    By Onze11
    Not sure if I’m just more used to the Libby app but it seems Libby provides a clearer sense of where I am In each chapter as well as how much time I have spent reading and have left in the whole book.