Life Cycle - Track Your Time

Life Cycle - Track Your Time

  • Category: Health & Fitness
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  • Current Version: 3.0.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Sleep Cycle AB
  • Compatibility: Android
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Life Cycle - Track Your Time App

Life Cycle automatically keeps track of your time and presents your life sorted into slices. It shows you your daily activities, places you go, and who you spend time with. Life Cycle weekly journal provides personalized insights and clarity to your week passed. Start each week with a look back. Remember where you’ve been and vision where you’re going. Whether you’re just curious of how your time is spent or looking to make a change, Life Cycle is your daily companion, providing you with all the information and insights you need. What’s more - it uses only 1% of your phone’s battery while it seamlessly does the work. FREE FEATURES • Automatic - Life Cycle works in the background, recording and sorting what you do as you go about your daily business. • Less than 1% battery - Life Cycle uses less than 1% of your battery per day as it runs in the background. • Weekly journal - Weekly insight to activities, accompanied by photos tied to moments passed. • From a day to a year - view your life day by day, week by week, month by month or even year by year. • Apple Health - Fully integrated. Imports all activities, mindfulness and sleep data. • Friends - Connect with your friends on Facebook and see who you’re spending time with, what you’re doing and where. • Sleep Cycle connection - For accurate sleep data, connect with Sleep Cycle alarm clock through Apple Health. (Life Cycle only reads data from Health, it does not share any data. It reads Sleep Analysis and Steps data.) PREMIUM FEATURES • Connect to your Sleep Cycle account - If you have an online backup account with Sleep Cycle, Life Cycle will let you know how your daily habits affect your sleep quality score. • Backup - Keep your data safe with our backup system. Never worry about losing your Life Cycle logs again. • Graphs - Beyond the donuts, Life Cycle shows you what you do with your time in detailed graphs for deeper analysis. The visuals gives you insight to if you're spending your time on what’s most important to you. • Compare trends - see if you’re dropping in sleep hours, if you’re working too much or if you’ve taken longer walks this week. Compare trends over the weeks, months or years. BATTERY CONSUMPTION Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Life Cycle does not use the GPS in the background, but instead relies on cell tower and Wi-Fi locations. As a result, it consumes less than 1% of your battery per day, when the app runs in the background. REQUIREMENTS • Life Cycle needs to run in the background to be able to record your data. It only uses 1% of your battery per day when doing so. • You need to carry your phone with you, for Life Cycle to accurately record and interpret your activities. • Wi-Fi should be enabled on your phone for tracking to work. The optional Premium subscription costs $9.99 per year. Should you choose to subscribe to Life Cycle Premium, the purchase will be charged to your iTunes account. You can manage or cancel your auto-renewable subscription by entering the user settings in iTunes after the purchase. The subscription will be auto-renewed 24 hours before the subscription period ends, with the same kind of subscription you already bought, to the same price. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable. Terms of service: Privacy policy:

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Life Cycle - Track Your Time app reviews

  • Helps a lot 5/5

    By twelvehourdays
    So far this app. has been exactly what I was looking for. Glad I didn’t have to go through a bunch to find it. It is so good at helping me keep track of my day. Even when it has a spot where it didn’t know what I was doing for sure it has options to pick from. It has places near where I was to pick from instead of having to manually enter everything in. Makes it so much quicker. But still let’s me break down the time into smaller tasks.
  • Mediocre Novelty App - Lacking Accuracy 2/5

    By OrbZero
    This app does not do a very good job when it comes the accuracy. I do pay for the premium version but will be cancelling. If you work from home or spend a lot of time at home, ignore this app. It will not work for you and will simply tell you you are sleeping when you’re at home. But of course sleeping is the only thing people do in their homes. Kind of a fun app but functionality-wise it’s definitely lacking as any kind of reliable source for information.
  • Pointless if you look back a year 3/5

    By Nupsey Hissle
    I want to like this app, but every time I look back like a year or so, I notice that the app has changed half of what I entered and erases things like manual walks. What’s the point of taking the time to enter everything (and it does take time) if it’s inexplicably going to be changed or deleted?
  • I had a yearly subscription, but 2/5

    By boychaboy
    I found out that this app doesn’t support apple watch’s location if I only wear apple watch when I go out. I would like to cancel the subscription if there aren’t any plan to support this feature.
  • Was hopeful but.... 2/5

    By lcorynmu
    I downloaded to use in conjunction with another app who suggested the integration but it will not activate! Just keeps spinning around like its trying to but to no avail. VERY DISAPPOINTING 😬
  • Inaccurate reading 4/5

    By BanAnnimal
    It’s not accurately collecting my sleep data and not tracking all my steps. I think a couple times it actually added some steps that weren’t there. For the most part, I have enjoyed this app and it has been fun to track my whereabouts for each day and to customize each visit.
  • Week In Progress is locked 1/5

    By GK4747
    The week in progress is locked even in premium subscription. I want to make corrective actions to my week as it happens, not when it has already ended and there is nothing I can do about it. Just unlock the week in progress already!
  • Premium is too expensive 3/5

    By Mody RZG
    Good app with limited free version. The full version is very expensive tph
  • Most used app 5/5

    By jultoole
    This is my favorite app. I’ve been using it for a few years and I like seeing how my lifestyle has improved, such as steps and activities, and how I spend my time. Occasionally it won’t register when I leave my apt and walk a cross the street for dinner or something which is annoying. But for the most part it works as it should and provides valuable insight into my life.
  • No complication for Series 4?! 1/5

    By bruno_siqueira
    I used to give 5 stars. Now it’s 1 star. It’s been a whole year almost without support for complications in the new watch faces of Apple Watch Series 4. Enough with that.
  • Pretty decent 3/5

    The app does a pretty good job overall and doesn’t use much battery. I do usually have to revise things a few times a week, but it’s not too much work. However, it hasn’t added any significant new features in the year I’ve had it. Especially since I had to pay for premium, I expected more app development and support than has been the case.
  • Great App, Needs 1 Thing 4/5

    By SuperBlooper3607
    I absolutely love this app and I’ve recommended it to many friends, but I wish there was a map showing all of the locations I’ve been to. That’s the only possible improvement I can think of. If you’re a human (or even if you’re not), download this app.
  • Extremely useful 5/5

    By legoviperaid739513
    You never know when you’ll need to go back and look at what all you did on a certain day and how long you spent on different things. Also helps with time management. I use it all the time.
  • WOW! 1/5

    By dmoore40122
    Talk about a useless waste of time!
  • See where your time goes 5/5

    By GregZA7
    This is a great app to figure out exactly what you are doing with your life! And the aggregated summaries are very interesting and insightful.
  • Screen Time 4/5

    By Jado_Tornado
    It might nice if you added screen time data into the app-the amount of time you looked at your screen.
  • Finding Balance 4/5

    By basesloaded
    I really like this app- I find it interesting to see how much/little time I spend on things. It has been good for helping me find some balance in my life. I only wish it would sync to my Fitbit for steps- that would make it 5 stars.
  • I love it! 5/5

    By MarketingDude CA
    This is a great App. It has helped me change my habits. I enjoy reviewing not only my daily standings but comparing how I have improved week over week and month over month.
  • Data 😍 4/5

    By sydneyjlindsay
    Please bring back the weekly, monthly, yearly breakdowns for specific activities? They don’t seem accessible anymore. Another feature request: allow associating photos to specific events and/or allow edits to photos chosen for weekly journals. Thanks for keeping this up, one of my favorite apps!
  • Used to love it 3/5

    By missk771231
    I used to love this app and it made me be more intentional with my time, but lately the time entries are very inaccurate which is really annoying. It will register where I am, but the timing of the activity will be completely off. For that, I'll most likely be deleting the app. It's too bad because I really do like the idea of it!
  • Such a cool app!! 5/5

    By J-run14
    As you start to identify where you have gone throughout the day (it prompts you to do so). Life Cycle gets smarter and smarter! It so cool to see what you have done throughout the day. As the data gets better and better you learn a ton about your habits! The sleep cycle app (free) paired with this tracks your quality of sleep! It’s freakishly accurate, I would highly recommend this and sleep cycle! You become more efficient and start getting better sleep which gives you more energy!
  • I love this app and think it can be even better 3/5

    By Shsxtn
    Wish I could layer activities, such as “dinner” + “time with kids” or “friend’s house” + “sleep”. Otherwise, this is a great app.
  • GPS Tracking 3/5

    By Heavenlynyx
    I really like this app it helps to answer the question, “just what did I do all day?” However my biggest issue at the moment is that, for what ever reason, when I arrive home the GPS hops all over my neighborhood. These occurrences happen often while I am in sleep cycle mode. I currently have 7 different locations that are marked as home. Six which are no where near my home. This is my only complaint. It is very unnerving to think my phone is out walking the neighborhood while I am sleeping.
  • Consider... 3/5

    By goddessdejour
  • Make more please 5/5

    By BrittNWD
    I love this app and would really like to see more from the developers. I’ve been looking for more health apps including eating cycles, mental health, physical health as well as mensural cycles. It would be great to see my symptoms on a circle similar to my daily activities!
  • Love it but... 3/5

    By Yodanimama
    Love this app but really wish there was a feature that let you add people to activities. I’d like to look back in the month/week etc and see how much time I’m spending with specific people.
  • I wish this worked... 1/5

    By Traveller88247
    I travel for work a lot and it’s incredibly useful to know when I arrived at and left a job site. I didn't use the app for a while, and now EVERY time I open it, it needs to process data from over 160 days. If I restart the app, it restarts the process over, if I let it finish for 15 to 20 minutes it freezes at the end and won’t function. It doesn't allow pausing the processing or allowing it to run in the background even while you review data that was already processed. I had to give up, it was completely broken for me.
  • Love this 4/5

    By LynnaKay
    I love this app and It’s super useful to see how much I work vs sleep and hanging out at home. It’s great. However I really wish that the week/month/year cycles were continuous like the day cycle. It would be great to see how much I’ve done so far this week/month/year without having to wait.
  • Data is beautiful 5/5

    By Misty Rose
    I love getting stats on everything, I track my weight, sleep, steps and now with this app I can track how long I spend at places during the day I.e. 8 hours sleeping, 2 hours at the gym, 30 minutes at the grocery store. Love it
  • Whyyyy do you not function like you should 1/5

    By mikkimar
    I really want to love this app, but the location setting drains my battery and never accurately maintains my location. I figured I would keep using it and it would sync better hasn’t. The worst part is that I adore Sleep Cycle and figured that the two apps would improve my life immensely. I was so very wrong. Sleep cycle doesn’t even match up with the life cycle app. Please fix this...the whole expense of the app is high and I can’t encourage anyone else to use this because I can’t for the life of me enjoy it
  • Just overall MEH 3/5

    By Marko Polo100
    I live in Massachusetts and the app still thinks I live somewhere in Sweden
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Dph126
    I love this app... It’s awesome for a busy person! Awesome😊
  • Best app on life tracking to date! 5/5

    By Pete Allport
    Would love to seem improvement in location accuracy. The auto-trends trying to give me insights on my life are so cool! Should be able to associate activity with location more tightly (i.e. 123 First St = home); I do not sleep at the coffee shop across the street! 😄
  • This is the APP I would have wrote for myself 5/5

    By danzaroni
    There was another program - that has been discontinued- that I used and wished I could add notes, or incorporate other data. Life Cycle does it for me. Highly recommended.
  • Interesting app 5/5

    By Anewtza
    I like it, makes me more aware of how I’m spending my time
  • Annoying Glitches 2/5

    By NaruStar
    For the first month of using this app, things were overall fine until suddenly the app edits entries from weeks ago saying that I spent hours at weird locations (e.g. eating lunch, at work) during weird hours.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Jamie.lags
    I’ve had this app for weeks and it still has not been enough time for it to collect data.
  • Accurate app 5/5

    By Zacster01
    This app is amazing and accurate.
  • Weeks 4/5

    By amontanye
    I really enjoy this app. But I have one request. Add something in the settings that allows us to decide what our week is. For the app it is Sunday-Saturday. I would want Monday-Sunday.
  • Paying what why 1/5

    By fjgjdfhd
    Come on you have to pay why to help you sleep I should just get a new app boo
  • Great app for sure 5/5

    By Pastor Cathie
    I enjoy this app a lot.
  • Good overall 4/5

    By ByondFear
    I’m trying to improve work life balance and increase activity in general. This helps me see behaviors over time. I wish you could correct a location though because sometimes it pins incorrectly. Especially if a short errand.
  • good but one, singular, constant bug 4/5

    By BeachkingTKD
    life cycle is amazing and it really helps when i forgot where i was on a certain day, but every time i’m at my house and i’m not on my phone, life cycle thinks i’m in a car, or “transportation”. this happens at least 5 times a week and it also happens on days when i don’t even leave my house. i could find a place where i could report that bug so i’m doing it here. don’t get me wrong this app is great, but this one bug is getting really annoying.
  • Yaaaay 5/5

    By tektekbtich
  • Very helpful 5/5

    By LegacyofL
    Successful people are trackers and this allows me to gain a new perspective on how I spend my time. Awesome app with amazing value!
  • Fun to see what you actually do 5/5

    By UtraV
    I think it’s interesting to track daily habits and gain insight on my routines!
  • love it 5/5

    By Jc8812
    this is a really cool app. i love looking back at all my activity!!
  • Very happy with this app 5/5

    By zekebob12
    It’s really helped me be conscious of how I spend my time and balance my life. Plus it’s just cool.
  • It’s a neat app 5/5

    By vbh852
    It kind of neat seeing how I spend my time when I’m away from home. If I could separate my home time a bit, that would be cool. I like it but not enough to spend money on it.

Life Cycle - Track Your Time app comments

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