Life Cycle - Track Your Time

Life Cycle - Track Your Time

  • Category: Health & Fitness
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  • Current Version: 3.2.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Sleep Cycle AB
  • Compatibility: Android
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Life Cycle - Track Your Time App

Life Cycle automatically keeps track of your time and presents your life sorted into slices. It shows you your daily activities, places you go, and who you spend time with. Life Cycle weekly journal provides personalized insights and clarity to your week passed. Start each week with a look back. Remember where you’ve been and vision where you’re going. Whether you’re just curious of how your time is spent or looking to make a change, Life Cycle is your daily companion, providing you with all the information and insights you need. What’s more - it uses only 1% of your phone’s battery while it seamlessly does the work. FREE FEATURES • Automatic - Life Cycle works in the background, recording and sorting what you do as you go about your daily business. • Less than 1% battery - Life Cycle uses less than 1% of your battery per day as it runs in the background. • Weekly journal - Weekly insight to activities, accompanied by photos tied to moments passed. • From a day to a year - view your life day by day, week by week, month by month or even year by year. • Apple Health - Fully integrated. Imports all activities, mindfulness and sleep data. • Friends - Connect with your friends on Facebook and see who you’re spending time with, what you’re doing and where. • Sleep Cycle connection - For accurate sleep data, connect with Sleep Cycle alarm clock through Apple Health. (Life Cycle only reads data from Health, it does not share any data. It reads Sleep Analysis and Steps data.) PREMIUM FEATURES • Connect to your Sleep Cycle account - If you have an online backup account with Sleep Cycle, Life Cycle will let you know how your daily habits affect your sleep quality score. • Backup - Keep your data safe with our backup system. Never worry about losing your Life Cycle logs again. • Graphs - Beyond the donuts, Life Cycle shows you what you do with your time in detailed graphs for deeper analysis. The visuals gives you insight to if you're spending your time on what’s most important to you. • Compare trends - see if you’re dropping in sleep hours, if you’re working too much or if you’ve taken longer walks this week. Compare trends over the weeks, months or years. BATTERY CONSUMPTION Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Life Cycle does not use the GPS in the background, but instead relies on cell tower and Wi-Fi locations. As a result, it consumes less than 1% of your battery per day, when the app runs in the background. REQUIREMENTS • Life Cycle needs to run in the background to be able to record your data. It only uses 1% of your battery per day when doing so. • You need to carry your phone with you, for Life Cycle to accurately record and interpret your activities. • Wi-Fi should be enabled on your phone for tracking to work. The optional Premium subscription costs $9.99 per year. Should you choose to subscribe to Life Cycle Premium, the purchase will be charged to your iTunes account. You can manage or cancel your auto-renewable subscription by entering the user settings in iTunes after the purchase. The subscription will be auto-renewed 24 hours before the subscription period ends, with the same kind of subscription you already bought, to the same price. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable. Terms of service: Privacy policy:

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Life Cycle - Track Your Time app reviews

  • Even free it’s great 5/5

    By UncleStepfather
    Don’t expect something it’s not. It just tracks your daily life. It is lovely. I get to see my commute times. What I do. Keep it nice and tidy. If I pay a small fee I can even see trends and historical data. One day? Two weeks? The data isn’t much. But one year? Two years? Five years? The amount of my own data I could use and see would be outstanding. Put it like this, anyone who tracks their steps, their sleep, or their workouts, anyone who has a smart watch that costs more than $60, anyone who has an Oura ring or similar, and anyone who tracks their daily calories in a food logging app, this app is for you. It has pretty numbers. I like pretty numbers.
  • Use to love this app…. 1/5

    By ahhhhhnickname
    But it stopped tracking my location less than a year ago. The app hasn’t been updated by the developer in seven months, and the website doesn’t have any information regarding support. Links to the app pages are broken. App may have been abandoned.
  • Please update this app! 3/5

    By jwilsonwsu
    I really do enjoy this app as it tracks everywhere you’ve been (and probably selling it but we can’t be sure). Plus the weekly, monthly and yearly charts are nice. I’ve never had real issue with accuracy but it can be off sometimes (easy fix though). What I really want is an update with new features! It hasn’t added new features in probably 1.5 years, if not more. A map of all the places we’ve been, or the ability to move the pin on location would be a start. A map of your day would be neat too. Really just anything new would be nice!
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Beversdorf
    I work from home. This was not a helpful app for tracking my time at all. It’s certainly more irrelevant in the pandemic age. It They also make it difficult to cancel by giving incorrect guidance for how to cancel.
  • Fun to see 3/5

    By Lyziird
    Fun to see where you've been and where you spend the most time. However recently the location tracking has been off by a few hundred yards and is creating awkward places to have spent an entire day. Hasn't been updated in 6 months and probably requires a patch.
  • Love the app but needs updating! 3/5

    By Sam1737485929
    This app is one of my favorites because it tracks everything you do for you. However, it really needs an update. Please add more color options, icons, and allow us to delete preset activities like cycling which I’ll never use.
  • What’s the point? 2/5

    By Squareman
    I used it for a month. It’s a pie chart expression of a daily journal. No thanks.
  • Not Completely Automatic. 2/5

    By kaimax18
    I have been using this for a number of years now. At first I understood that I needed to tell it what I was doing as it learned the locations and many times it was just unable to get it close. After years of it having inaccurate location data I finally decided to raise a case with support just to find out if I can manually move the map pin to the correct location. I was told that it is unable to change the pin as it just pulls the data from the built in location services that the phone does automatically. Upon learning how it does it, I was able to look up the data from the most recent inaccurate map pin only to find that the phone had the location correct. I also noticed that the times on the in built data was more accurate than life cycle. I wrote back to support saying that the phone had the correct location and asked how can I get the app to use it. The response I got back that it wasn’t possible and just to create an event manually. When you do that though it doesn’t let you pick an address or location on a map so if you return you have to hope it gets it right when you go back. Would have given a higher rating if they showed some effort at improving it. But since there has been hardly any changes to the app since it started I shouldn’t expect them to start it now.
  • Has Major Bug on iPhone 2/5

    By frank3451
    App is unable to consistently track visits on iPhone. Pops up an error message blaming Apple for the issue then suggests restarting phone. This has been going on for months and I am now ready to cancel my subscription. It’s a real bummer because my wife and I had used this app reliably for years.
  • One star 1/5

    By Kiana Karahalis
    I actually like seeing where I spend my time and how much time I waste in transit, this app mistook me being at home for me being somewhere else. And after I had my screen replaced, it stopped working even though I had my location thing on “always” I had to manually add activities and it actually screwed up a previous day during the night when I was asleep. Downloaded one more time, if it doesn’t work I’ll definitely delete for good.
  • This app is in sore need of an update. 3/5

    By dfpcmaia
    This app only gets updates maybe once every 6-12 months or so, and even then it’s just to make it compatible with new versions of iOS. New features are hard to come by. It works and does the basics though. However, you can’t delete or edit the default categories. Apple Health workouts just sync in individually instead you being able to lump them into a category called exercise. Once you’ve used this app for years, the list of place just grows and grows and you can’t organize it. There’s just a laundry list of QOL features this app has needed for a long long time that I don’t have faith will ever be implemented at this point.
  • Kept me up all night trying to get it to work 1/5

    By Nessustoo
    It appears to function only or you can sleep with loud music playing. The only alternative explanation is that it is far too complicated. It also seems to require the ‘phone to be plugged in all night at 100% charge which will destroy the battery.
  • Like it 4/5

    By zabetprof
    I like this app. The only challenge is if you some show manage to get two events with times that overlap. Suddenly the conflicting tasks disappear and you can’t find them. It would be nice if you could get a view of the time on a list format so overlapping entries could be identified and corrected.
  • Different locations/same area 4/5

    By Rileymichelle77
    Does this app recognize when you go to different locations in the same area? For example, it doesn’t seem to differentiate from a self care (I.e. a massage) and then dinner in the same area like a mall. I either have to pick the self care or the dinner and then it shows I was doing that activity way longer than I was. It seems to have quite the range and doesn’t narrow it down very well
  • Great App 5/5

    By Jacobrun24
    I think they did a great job making the app. I don’t find it particularly useful at the moment, but I’m also not paying for additional feature. I could see this being helpful to some people
  • Wrong location 3/5

    By Smgdmg
    Sometimes the app logs a wrong location and won’t let me change it. I tried contacting support but can’t find a way to do that either. So I have wrong locations in my timeline frequently and there seems to be no way to rectify it.
  • Doesn’t work half the time 2/5

    By Lindyjijang
    This app is great when it works properly. However that’s only half the time maybe. Often times it’s saying I’m sleeping when I’m at work even though it’s gotten me being at work correct other days. So why now the day it’s incorrect? Other times it doesn’t show places I’ve been so I either have to manually enter it or just leave it out. I paid for this app sadly but am almost ready to delete it since it’s not reliable.
  • Just started using the app and can already tell 2/5

    By elpontillo
    Just started using the app and I can already tell that I will have to wait a long time before they figure things out. First, when it comes to activities, the app has no way of knowing what you are doing so it will naturally just guess what is happening. Secondly, when calculating the time at home, allow it to be editable inside the home activity. for example, I work out at home, watch tv, play video games etc etc., yet I can’t edit home to contain all of those activities within it. Third, allow me to start and stop my own activities. I work from home so the app literally has no idea what i’m doing, to the point that it will just start creating long gaps of times (like 30 hrs) where it believes im doing an activity but the start and stop times couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s no way the app. can tell the difference between me cooking or playing the guitar, watching tv or meditating. So it will always give inaccurate information until you allow people to track themselves.
  • Good in Theory... 2/5

    By JupiterViolet
    The app’s concept is really neat and I do like the data it provides, but I feel that there are some recommendations I would make to the developer. I would do this, but it appears that they have fallen off the face of the earth. As other users have mentioned, there is no response to tickets put in and the only way to contact them is through a ticket. They stopped responding to their social media platforms around 2018/2019. The lack of support renders this app useless past it’s current state. **The biggest concern I have with the app is that it offered me a 7 day free trial on the March 23rd, but it instead paid for a full year subscription. I don’t think that it is appropriate to offer one thing and then take the money on day one. That is false advertising.**
  • Great app! Feature suggestion 5/5

    By Rahder5
    I really love this app, no questions asked. It’s great. I like that you can retroactively add events that weren’t recorded automatically. But I think it would be really cool if there was an option to “start” a certain event and then “finish” when you’re done and it would put that event in between the start and end times. I think that would be useful because sometimes I want to add something that I did and I don’t always remember exactly when I did it.
  • Never could pick up my data 2/5

    By jueicjqkc
    Would’ve been great if it could have ever actually collected any data. I turned on all of the setting it needed to function several times so I don’t know what it wants. The app seems really cool but with its primary function to analyze and collect data being so flawed I can’t give this app a good rating.
  • Stopped Working 1/5

    By AL2021!
    I pay for premium! Yesterday, the app stopped tracking me. So I did what they said turned my phone off and on. Long story short, I had to delete the app and reinstall it. Everything is gone from June to now. Plus it is not tracking me. I was so happy with his app. It was perfect than this happened! Argh!
  • Usually good but frustrating 2/5

    I have used the free version for a couple years now. It has reset my data about 3 times now. I have given up on it and deleted it because it once again reset my data. Honestly, if you don’t plan on paying for it, I don’t know if it’s completely worth the annoyance.
  • Weekly reviews 2/5

    By kathytranx
    Support has not responded to two of my requests. On my calendar the days do not start on a consistent day like Sunday or Monday. It has been messed up for three months and I still have not heard back. I am obsessed with this app and have been using this for three years religiously. Without the dates lined up correctly, it’s hard to keep my information straight which becomes useless.
  • What happened 3/5

    By Brooksmom30
    The app was doing great. Loved that the app tracks everything. Links to my Apple Watch and can tell when I am asleep. Now all of a sudden it stopped tracking some things or it will add things to days that never happened. Or it will tell me that I did not sleep all week.
  • Not worth it 2/5

    By photolife2193
    Not worth the time for it to download all your data on where you have been and how doesn’t show how to use the app, won’t let me add and to do all the other stuff you have to have the premium version. You can do three things without the premium and it’s not worth my time to buy the version
  • Interesting 4/5

    By WatWuzIThinkin
    So far, I’ve had app for a few days. I like it.
  • Sells your data 1/5

    By sprrry
    The app sends your data to several ad networks and trackers including Facebook with no option to disable it, despite claiming information is not tracked. No wonder there hasn’t been an update since Apple has required disclosure of tracking.
  • Very insightful 5/5

    By VivaElToro
    Like finding out what you eat each day, it’s really valuable to know where you go and by extension what you do.
  • Good but Not Great 3/5

    By Kefliss
    This app is great for tracking your day by location and editable that you can add things in at the end of the day or label new locations. My complaint is that it comes loaded with a bunch of hyper specific activities that cannot be edited or deleted like ‘flight’ and ‘cycle’. If they were ‘travel’ and ‘exercise’ I’d use them but I’ve never cycled in my life and get on a plane maybe once a decade. I haven't needed a bunch of these activity types in the several years I’ve been using the app so far and will continue to never use them but there’s no way to get rid of them so they continue to clutter up my app using icons and colors I’d rather assign to other activities.
  • Helpful 5/5

    By mario-luigie-bowser
    Tracking helpful in tracking how I spend my time.
  • Super fun but not ideal for work-from-home 4/5

    By pianoplayah
    This app is super cool! It’s really interesting to see your life mapped out and how you’re spending your time. The only problem is, for those of us that do most activities at home (especially during this pandemic) it has a big gap in its tracking ability. If you work out at home, work from home, especially working from home on different projects as a freelancer, or have different video chat meetings or appointments while at home, it would be awesome to have those activities tracked. Maybe it could access your screen time app or see what apps you are using to guess whether you are working, working out, or I could program it to know that when I open certain apps I’m working on certain things? At the very least, I think the easiest thing would be for it to access your calendar and cross-reference your location with what you had planned. That would be super neat.
  • Apple watch syncing issues 4/5

    By Lilly Allium
    This app would have rated 4 stars but the steps taken doesn’t match my Apple Watch. It used to but not now.
  • I was looking for something like this 1/5

    By xxcscdficucufufuff
    When I downloaded this I thought it would be great and then I went on and I had to pay money to get the good stuff I mean like if you don’t want to pay money there is not good app like this out there and that is what frustrates me and I don’t want to pay money on this so I would not recommend this to people that don’t want to pay money for
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By Tonkadumptruck
    I use this app to track my jobs at work. It’s just fantastic to be able to view my life on a scale. Thank you for the simplicity and ease of use.
  • Confused 1/5

    By Kayyyra19
    So I downloaded this and it said it would take something like 40 hours to work... so I waited those 40 something hours. Well low and behold it said there was nothing to show. I WAITED THAT LONG WITH THIS APP GOING IN THE BACKGROUND AND IT HAD NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT. Super disappointed. This app sounded pretty cool. Deleted.
  • Disproportionate pie charts 4/5

    By Kalepa2400
    I have had this app on my phone for almost a year, and I love it. It is so interesting to see what I've done with my time. The pie chart does a very good job at representing what is important by making the little things that I do a bigger part of my day. But I want there to be a setting in the advanced menu that shows an accurate pie chart, so I can see exactly how much of my day I spent sleeping or whatever. Over all this us an amazing app :)
  • Life cycle has proven in a year to be my go to app 5/5

    By They Call Me D
    This app helps my habits per day, week, per month and per year to track my life steps and journal myself. Please give me some comfort that this will not be misused. Is this my worry, absolutely I would like the notice of security. Besides that it works to confirm my sleep app too. I hope everyone enjoys this good app.
  • Invasive 1/5

    By fjiacnndjdjc
    I see no reason for it to require my location data all the time
  • Love this app, BUT... 4/5

    By malicoparker
    I am a long time user (and lover) of this app but I was really disappointed when they removed the step tracking feature! Please bring back the step counter!!!! Thank you
  • Kinda creepy 2/5

    By snow201917
    I feel like there is kinda no point to having the app and it just kinda feels stalkerish and creepy because it requires having your location on 24/7 soooo... it does accurately for the most part get what you’re doing most of the time but yeah mostly just creepy.
  • Only missing two things 4/5

    By LuvlyLibrarian
    Premium subscribers should have: 1. Custom time periods (I.e. so you could see quarterly, biweekly, etc.) 2. Easier way to pick a week or month from the past rather than scrolling.
  • Recent release 1/5

    By PleasanceO
    I cannot access my records. The app is frozen. Not happy about that!
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By phschleb
    It's everything
  • Apple ID sign in support 3/5

    By JackT556
    Needs support for signing in with Apple ID if the user has already signed up in Sleepcycle with the Apple ID relay. I do not see a way to connect
  • Unhappy 2/5

    By _ariel
    After having to redownload this app onto my iPhone it would no longer work stating that my location needed to be on but it was on all the time. I had no issues prior to this, but now that I redownloaded it I’m having all sorts of issues.
  • Really good at its job 5/5

    By Sapphiregirlie
    I’ve been using this app for years. It really helps me learn how to better spend my time in different places.
  • Been using this for years now 5/5

    By gnattat
    It’s the exact tool a data nerd like me always wanted. Just runs in the background and is good for habit tracking and more.
  • Sync issues 3/5

    I like the app. But I have 2-4 sessions from the last few years that cannot be synced into one account. That would make it jump from 3 to 5 stars immediately. It’s like every 6 months I have to start over in this app. Sleep Cycle doesn’t have this issue. I have 1,000+ nights synced there. But only the last few months in Life Cycle.