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Life360: Find Family & Friends

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Life360: Find Family & Friends App

Protect and connect the people who matter most with comprehensive safety features for life at home, on the web, and on the go — all in one place for added value and convenience. Enjoy modern, advanced tools that go beyond a basic GPS phone tracker. Bring your family closer with comprehensive safety features designed for busy, modern life — all in one place for added value and convenience. Go beyond basic GPS phone tracking with smart tools and anytime, anywhere emergency support. Life360 membership offers a wide range of all-new services. Highlights include: - SOS to send a silent alert with your location to family members, emergency contacts, and responders. - 24/7 Emergency dispatch that’s always on call for your entire family. Even if you can’t call for help, we will. - Family Safety Assist for comprehensive real-time specialist support anytime, anywhere, and in any situation. - Identity Theft Protection to safeguard each family member’s sensitive digital information and white glove restoration service, including up to $1M in coverage. Explore Life360 for free Download Life360 and get started with advanced Location Sharing, 2 days of Location History, and 2 Place Alerts to see family members come and go from your top places like home, school, and work. Protect your drivers and passengers and respond to a car crash faster with automatic Crash Detection, and stay safe on the go with automated SOS. Upgrade to membership for premium features and tools, backed by 24/7 specialist support and emergency dispatch. Find the plan that fits your family’s unique needs and try free for 7 days. Life360 Platinum Be prepared for anything, anywhere with all the features of Life360 Gold, plus: - Family Safety Assist: Disaster Response, Medical Assistance including a nurse helpline during the pandemic, and Travel Support with a team of trained, live agents - 24/7 Roadside Assistance, including 50 miles of free towing - $500 in Stolen Phone Coverage - ID Theft Protection & restoration with up to $1M in coverage per person - Credit Monitoring Life360 Gold Protect your family on the go with all the features of Life360 Silver, plus: - A full 30 days of Location History - Unlimited Place Alerts - Individual Driver Reports to see how (and what) your drivers are doing behind the wheel - Crash Detection with emergency dispatch and live agent support - 24/7 Roadside Assistance - $250 in Stolen Phone Coverage - SOS to send a silent help alert, plus 24/7 emergency dispatch to your location - ID Theft Protection & restoration with up to $25k in coverage per person Life360 Silver Make daily coordination a breeze with features like: - 5 Place Alerts to stay in step - 7 days of Location History - $100 in Stolen Phone Coverage - Crime Reports to see and avoid dangerous situations - Family Driving Summary Disclaimer: Continued usage of location services while the app is in the background can excessively drain battery. But not to worry, we’ve spent 10 years developing our location technology and our algorithms always keep battery usage to a minimum, even while you drive!

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Life360: Find Family & Friends app reviews

  • La amo 5/5

    By Casas_F
    Amo esta aplicación literal, así tengo bien checado a mi novio la neta JAJAJAJA
  • Do not like new update 1/5

    By life360 3
    The new update is not as good
  • Love 4/5

    By summmer12
    Love the app always keeps you updated and I would not get if you do not like having a lot of notifications but I love it
  • fix this please 3/5

    By Lex Talionis
    The view keeps auto zooming on the person. This is VERY ANNOYING. i want to zoom so i can see proximity to other people, but the darn app keeps zooming in. this is bad. please fix.
  • Typically a great app, but… 4/5

    By Chase_marie
    The app has recently started to show group members in a completely different spot than they actually are. It will correct itself pretty quickly but I’ve never had this happen before. I tried updating the app and that didn’t fix the issue. Hoping this doesn’t continue or may think about looking into a different alternative app.
  • Important 5/5

    By ophel D
    This is the most important app for ever parent with a minor kids
  • Good job 5/5

    By 12Quickie
    Yes good job
  • Zoom function loss 2/5

    By ShellyAnn22
    I used to be able to zoom out and now I can’t
  • Accurate 5/5

    By moounu
    Very accurate
  • Getting Disappointed 2/5

    By Cassienicolejones
    We have the free app and at first we all loved it. It allowed us to have notifications at at least five places. I have deleted all of the notification places except one and try to change it to another and the app will not let me. It keeps coming up error.
  • READ!! 5/5

    By AC loves G
    Amazing app! This is an amazing app! I recommend this app !
  • Crash detection doesn’t work 1/5

    By jessiloveak
    I was involved in a very bad car accident, none of my contacts were notified. Now I’m the mom on the account so it scares me to know I wouldn’t be notified if one of my kids was in an accident and I wasn’t notified!
  • It is honestly the best 5/5

    By tweoslsfsa123
    So amazing
  • Keep us together 5/5

    By Yroa22
    Great app, very accurate. Sends us notifications if we want
  • I use it for my Family of Four 5/5

    By Adam 123Miam
    This is great for so many reasons!! We use it in town, out of town, it is so nice to have one place that keeps the whole family together on a simple app.
  • It’s awesome but 4/5

    By sorry bot sorry🙃👍🏽🤪🙃🤪
    Ok so this is awesome but I hate how you have to pay for more notifications
  • Pls 3/5

    the messaging on life360 is actually so glitchy i cant but the rest is okay it jus lags so maybe fix that
  • Worry reducer!!! 5/5

    By anotherbarbaraaa
    I absolutely love this app as a mom it’s so much less stress and I give my children so much more freedom because of it and also as a daughter of a senior citizen that needs a little looking after this is invaluable!!
  • Life360 5/5

    By Telcelbob
    We have used this app for the entire family and it works great. We have a peace of mind knowing the whereabouts and safety of our family members. The notifications are also very handy.
  • Helicopter parent heaven 1/5

    By Pepitosbnlfo
    This is the source of distrust in my family, please don’t reply with the same generic excuse about not wanting this when you started the company. It continues to be the absolute strainer for many child-parent relationships. If parents wanted piece of mind, maybe don’t track your kids, it’ll make them feel like they are on a chain.
  • Lifesaver! 5/5

    By spicybeet
    Not going to lie I forgot I even had this app when late at night my car hydroplaned and hit a guardrail. Soon as I knew what had happened my phone was already ringing from this apps call center asking if I was okay. Was able to alert the police and give exact coordinates when I was I. The middle of nowhere. Can’t say enough how I love this app. I just got it to see where my kiddos phones are and it has done so much more!
  • Automatic zoom???Driving me nuts 3/5

    By Willerus
    What’s going on? When I have a person selected I can’t zoom out and have it stay. It automatically zooms back in on that person to where you can’t see anything? Driving me bananas
  • Peace of mind 5/5

    By tammy dean
    My daughter is very social and loves doing things with her friends. This helps me keep an eye on on her. Plus she just loves keeping track of me! Hahaha
  • Whooo hooooooooooo 5/5

    By Madylin87
    The app is awesome and it’s cool I can keep track of my friends and loved ones
  • Idk 5/5

    By fagggghhhhhg
    Last year my stepbrother got into an accident and he couldn’t reach his phone so life 360 called my mom and asked if a wreck had happened
  • Greedy devs 2/5

    By snitchez81
    Apps works really well. However, to unlock all the features they want a monthly/yearly subscription. Why? I just want to add more locations. That function is just a simple activation on their part. If you charged $5 or even $10 to unlock the app you would have my money. But since you want to be greedy you get nothing.
  • NO STAR!!! 1/5

    By Jomomma430
    I didn't want to give this any star but I had to. This app almost killed my son with not updating the location no matter how many times I refreshed and log in and out while he was in a dangerous situation 6 miles further than the app showed. Locations are hardly ever accurate which I was warned about. I have great cell service in my area and no excuse as this has happened to many others! I should have listened to my friends who told me NOT to use this app for that reason!
  • Super useful 5/5

    By evayanghua
    It’s really super helpful to release the nervous level with the app when you know where your teenager new driver is!
  • Hate the update 3/5

    By hhrhchrhovh
    It was a good app still is. But I can not stand the new update. I preferred being able to scroll through the map to see where someone was going instead of zooming out and it immediately going right back to the persons icon. I also do not like the new feature of not being able to zoom out, it really is irritating. Otherwise pretty good app and gives comfort of mind knowing where loved ones are.
  • 360 life saver!! 5/5

    By elizaburnett1982
    I have teenagers one of which is autistic, I can check where ever he is anytime and pin point the address!! Love this
  • Kenli writing 5/5

    By kenli3080
    It is fun to see were you are at and see were your family is and you can see how far the are
  • This isn't what it should be used for 1/5

    By kava.konoshi
    My parents forced me to get it I'm home schooled and don't have any irl friends so I don't go out yet she uses it to track me once I'm old enough to get a job so soon I'm gonna get my own phone and pay for it she also made my 16 almost 17 brother get it he's also home schooled and has no irl friends this is just wrong and kinda creepy ☹️
  • App Not working 1/5

    By goldrose2018
    I just downloaded this app & it keeps kicking me off as soon as I get on it I have already added my information but it just keeps kicking me off plz fix
  • The best app for a family 5/5

    By Mcorralejo
    This is the very best app for a family and somebody tracking their children
  • Can’t zoom out on map 1/5

    By thomasruns
    *Update* I got a developer response to my last review saying the zoom bug would be fixed in the next update, but that hasn’t happened and complaints continue to roll in. There’s no excuse for it to not be fixed by now. There was no excuse for it to be released either. It makes me worried for the rest of the app since they clearly aren’t testing anything. *Original Review* Apparently the latest update makes it where you can’t zoom out on the map. Every time you do it autozooms all the way back in within less than a second. Super annoying and there’s no valid reason for it to do this.
  • Stupid 2/5

    By awesomexx lexixxx💞🖤
    I don’t got no number you should be able to use emails🤮
  • Spam spam 1/5

    By Mr.Customer
    Tell the truth you steals people data and sell for money
  • Cool app 5/5

    By Da Rocmeister
    I use it to track my roommates so I know when I can get naughty with my girlfriend
  • Thank You!!!! 4/5

    By zoooooqui
    Very good app, a peace of mind for me, I absolutely recommend it, I get notifications when my daughter gets on the school bus, when she arrives and, and when she comes back home. She needs to have it charged otherwise wherever the phone died it will look like she is at the place and doesn’t move, also she has to keep wi-fi on.
  • 360 4/5

    By Lizphelan
    Only use it because our Son has a SAMSUNG Cell Phone and his Parents have Verizon Cell Phones. So if we want to know where everyone is we have to use this so everyone knows where everyone is
  • Me encanta 5/5

    By raquela paradiso
    Estoy enamorada de esta aplicación puedo saber donde o por donde transcurre mis familiares
  • Love it amazing 5/5

    By ANDREWK 856
    This is amazing
  • Don’t update 3/5

    By Alaska girllll
    I’ve had this app for a long time and I live having it it works very well. I just updated the app and when I click on one of my family members to see where they are it won’t let me zoom out on them. I’ve always been able to zoom out on people but after the update it hasn’t been letting me and it will just zoom right back in on the person. I love having the app but this update is very frustrating.
  • App 5/5

    By Jas1036$
    The app has eased my mind. I can keep track of my daughter and know is she is on time for school and appointments, it’s better than texting your every move
  • Doesn’t update properly 3/5

    By Life360-Mom
    I began using Life360 about a month ago. Since then I have switched to the paid subscription because it seemed like it would not update my daughter’s location. It would often have her in the same spot for hours and hours when she had already left that location. Even with a paid subscription, the app does not accurately track my daughter’s location. For instance, this morning I dropped her off at camp, which is about five minutes away from me and 25 minutes away from home. The app still shows my daughter at home since a little after 8 o’clock last night. She is definitely at camp with her phone as we have sent messages back-and-forth while she has been at camp.
  • I really love this app because y can she wear you’re mom or dad are 5/5

    By familia umanzor
  • Life360 helped me find my phone 5/5

    By from Jacksonville Illinois
    I had a lovely picnic with a friend at a park. Afterwards we made one other stop. After I got home I noticed my phone was missing. I retraced my steps and did not find it. So I called my son who shares Life360 with me. He verified that it was at the park. My friend and I went back to the park and looked until we found it on the ground. What’s so amazing is that my son was halfway across the country when he located my phone for me!
  • No 1/5

    By vote no for life 360
  • Was loving this app 4/5

    By Speedyt1961
    The update I’m not liking. When you look at a person’s driving it would tell you when they parked and then what time they got to their office. Now it a straight shot when they got to their office and not what time they parked. I know some people will think it’s petty but I liked it a whole lot better before they changed it.