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Life360: Find Family & Friends

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Life360: Find Family & Friends App

Protect and connect the people who matter most with comprehensive safety features for life at home, on the web, and on the go — all in one place for added value and convenience. Enjoy modern, advanced tools that go beyond a basic GPS phone tracker. Bring your family closer with comprehensive safety features designed for busy, modern life — all in one place for added value and convenience. Go beyond basic GPS phone tracking with smart tools and anytime, anywhere emergency support. Life360 membership offers a wide range of all-new services. Highlights include: - SOS to send a silent alert with your location to family members, emergency contacts, and responders. - 24/7 Emergency dispatch that’s always on call for your entire family. Even if you can’t call for help, we will. - Family Safety Assist for comprehensive real-time specialist support anytime, anywhere, and in any situation. - Identity Theft Protection to safeguard each family member’s sensitive digital information and white glove restoration service, including up to $1M in coverage. Explore Life360 for free Download Life360 and get started with advanced Location Sharing, 2 days of Location History, and 2 Place Alerts to see family members come and go from your top places like home, school, and work. Protect your drivers and passengers and respond to a car crash faster with automatic Crash Detection, and stay safe on the go with automated SOS. Upgrade to membership for premium features and tools, backed by 24/7 specialist support and emergency dispatch. Find the plan that fits your family’s unique needs and try free for 7 days. Life360 Platinum Be prepared for anything, anywhere with all the features of Life360 Gold, plus: - Family Safety Assist: Disaster Response, Medical Assistance including a nurse helpline during the pandemic, and Travel Support with a team of trained, live agents - 24/7 Roadside Assistance, including 50 miles of free towing - $500 in Stolen Phone Coverage - ID Theft Protection & restoration with up to $1M in coverage per person - Credit Monitoring Life360 Gold Protect your family on the go with all the features of Life360 Silver, plus: - A full 30 days of Location History - Unlimited Place Alerts - Individual Driver Reports to see how (and what) your drivers are doing behind the wheel - Crash Detection with emergency dispatch and live agent support - 24/7 Roadside Assistance - $250 in Stolen Phone Coverage - SOS to send a silent help alert, plus 24/7 emergency dispatch to your location - ID Theft Protection & restoration with up to $25k in coverage per person Life360 Silver Make daily coordination a breeze with features like: - 5 Place Alerts to stay in step - 7 days of Location History - $100 in Stolen Phone Coverage - Crime Reports to see and avoid dangerous situations - Family Driving Summary Disclaimer: Continued usage of location services while the app is in the background can excessively drain battery. But not to worry, we’ve spent 10 years developing our location technology and our algorithms always keep battery usage to a minimum, even while you drive!

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Life360: Find Family & Friends app reviews

  • Best tracker ever 5/5

    By Kyle--Florida
    My husband and I use this app and love it. Not too long ago, my husband got into a car accident but couldn’t tell me where he was. Using Life360 I was able to locate him and get to where he was as well as send help his way. Since I’ve been using Life360, I have also brought over my parents and the rest of the family a well as my best friend and her girlfriend.
  • Speed changed to KMH from MPH 5/5

    By RayBho
    I have asked numerous times why the speed on the app shows as KMH. All my settings say US. And one day it changed from Miles to KM. After so many emails I was impressed the customer sevice stuck with me. They had me troubleshoot every option and never gave up. It works great now. I have to say I could have lived with the KMH because I love the app so much. But the service!! Email from the CEO!!! Amazing!! Customer for life.
  • I’m an adult and am still being tracked 1/5

    By Emi98777
    I’m 18 years old and a college student. My mom uses this app to constantly monitor my actions because of her control freak nature. The times I’ve actually had a medical emergency or been in a car accident I didn’t even use the app or need it, I just called her. She uses the app to try to keep me from doing anything she wouldn’t approve of which includes hanging out with friends past 10 pm.
  • Great app 4/5

    By T.Gibb
    Great app overall. I do wish there was a way to leave certain groups but other than that it’s a great app.
  • Love everything about it 4/5

    By tai_elyce
    I really do ☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽 the only thing is , I wish there were more features for the free version but I mean I guess someone has to make some money somewhere with this app . Still worth getting for sure !!
  • Peace of mind 5/5

    By Morganof5
    Love this app. For my kids.
  • Abusive 1/5

    By Ljcox_2814
    App is abused by parents tracking children.
  • This app is abused 1/5

    By gavin044444
    All the parents abuse this app and use it to be over protective you all should really find a way to make this not happen with this app all they ever do is track there kids and watch everywhere they go shame on you all for letting this happen
  • Worse with time 2/5

    By zero 00000000
    This was a great, reliable app. Lately it doesn’t work. Showing people phones with no battery when they are full. Showing people as not available or no permission given to monitor when all the things are as they should in settings. Very bad lately. Looking for different app after being with this company for over 5 years. Very disappointed.
  • Great for teenage kids 5/5

    My son was in a wreck with his friend. He was unfamiliar with the area and couldn’t tell me where he was. Because of this app, I was able to find him with no issue.
  • Stupid 1/5

    By harlieho
    I understand the to put you want your kids to be safe but do you really have to have a app to have trust on where they go or what they do especially if you have had no reason to lose trust
  • Dear parents, 1/5

    By zach elson
    This app makes me extremely sad and want to cry
  • Could’ve Saved Our Lives! 5/5

    By Kilanni P
    My fiancé & I got in an accident last night & Life 360 called back to back (even when I declined the call multiple times because I didn’t know the number & was talking to an officer on the scene) until I finally picked up to ask me if we needed an ambulance. While we did not need the service because bystanders called the police already this app could have seriously saved our lives. When we later checked our phones we had both gotten notifications that the other had been in an accident & the app records the location & speed you were going so we will be using that along with the police report for our insurance claim. The location has about a 1-2 min lag (noticed this when I watch my fiancé leave the house but don’t get a notification until a few mins later that he’d left) but overall it’s pretty accurate & we’re really pleased with the app.
  • I love this app 5/5

    By shayshay1983
    I can see we’re my son is at all times thank you guys
  • Life360 5/5

    By old driver.
    I like this app because I can see where certain family members are and they can find me. We, in fun call it the “stalker” app. We first got it because my husband and I were Uber drivers and wanted our family to know where we were. Although neither of us are driving for Uber, he’s in his 70’s with complications from diabetes. We want to be sure he’s safe.
  • 360 app 5/5

    By Ed 631204
    360 is an awesome app. Very accurate and useful.
  • No 1/5

    By sCg11994
  • peepeee 1/5

    By dr doofenshmurtz
    kys xx
  • Hate the app 1/5

    By Kthomas5863674
    This app has ruined my relationship with my parents, I feel as if they can’t trust me at all to truthfully tell them where I’m at. All this app does is let parents control their kids. I’m not the only one who thinks this, my friends go through this as well.
  • It Doesn’t Work Right. 1/5

    By ttbaby87654
    The App Tweaks Over & Over Again . So You Gotta Keep Downloading It Over & Over Again . I Prefer The Other App .
  • Help keep u safe 5/5

    By موسى بوخشم
    I’m stock because lot snow the app help me to get my family to call police and help me
  • the best tracker 5/5

    By Elijah Cherisma
    this app has been useful to me countless times
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By thegermanarmymarch5367
    Good app
  • bruh😃 1/5

    By AbdielFS
    I can’t go make out w my gf in a car unless her mom is calling every 15 secs 😐
  • NO 1/5

    By connysdeadmeat
    Children/ teens won’t have any memories of them sneaking out going to party’s and having fun 😤 .Don’t you dare lie I know you have snuck out at least once, and you wonder why they are on there phone so much it’s because of YOU! Do yourself a favor and don’t make your kids download this app if you want to have your kids have a GOOD RELATIONSHIP with YOUR KIDS! They will end up not wanting to see you often because you never let them have fun or trust them.This is why children have trust issues, this is your fault do better, in this day and age I expected a lot better from parents!
  • Im 5/5

    By Taylor lover
    Mois linbi Nimble hmmm jk. I’m
  • No longer real-time movements 2/5

    By cvinc
    The update no longer shows real-time movements. When people in my circle are driving, I can see them when I open the app, but then after about 30 seconds they disappear off the screen and teleport to wherever they actually are down the road. Unfortunately, Life360 doesn't show you where they teleported to. You have to manually search for them by dragging the map in the direction you think they're going. When you find them, they sit idle for another 30 seconds or more, then teleport again. This is a serious failure that reminds me of the ancient radar technology that the old air traffic controllers used with the clockwise sweeping radius on the green screen that updated the blips every few sevonds, but that tech is actually faster than Life360 now. It'll be a deal breaker for our family if you don't fix it soon. I'd like to enjoy depending on it again.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Jonathan12345666657890
    Very useful for families and relationships! Or someone very trusted!
  • HORRIBLE 1/5

    By sof m4
    this app barely works and is so terrible and unnecessary
  • Bad 1/5

    By ehehjeyheyhwtheyjy
    Bad bad bad
  • Not reliable 1/5

    By cdl032302
    The app used to be accurate, but it lacks on accuracy. Also, it seems to continuously glitch, and I have the paid version. Don’t waste your money on the paid version. It is a good resource, but just know it isn’t totally reliable. If I could give this app a 0 review, I would.
  • Does not work on VPN 3/5

    By 12yoyo
    Many of you may be like our family. We use a parental control app (Disney Circle in our case) to help limit screen time, “online” time, and internet content for our kids. And we love Life360 to halo with location tracking and all the other benefits. But the apps that control internet contener use a VPN and Life360 does not work (location is not updated) via cell data when on a VPN (wifi still works). Somehow that must interfere with the device’s built-in location services. So we are forced to choose between Life360 and the internet filters. Otherwise I love all the features of Life360 except that subscriptions only apply per circle. If I subscribe/pay I want it to apply to all of my circles.
  • I loved this app at one time... I just want it to work again 1/5

    By Christian Strong
    When we first downloaded this app I absolutely loved it! The concept behind it settled a lot of my fears as the momma of a new driver. Even the thought just of knowing that we had Life360 became my “security blanket”, so I worried less & less. As my trust in the app grew & I decided that I wanted to look at the options to upgrade one of the paid options, the app began glitch. At first this could be solved by logging out/logging back in. Then it began glitching more often than not, & logging out/logging in no longer solved the issue. I even accused my son of turning his location services to the app off, which of course caused an argument since I made him show my that he had not. While he was standing in front of me his location services was on, yet the app showed he was at home & lad not left in days, this obviously not accurate at all. Currently, it will alert me that he has left the house after he arrives a location (I have been at the location he arrives at & received the location that he left the house). Then I can try to pull up his current location, & while it will either still show it him at home for several days, or be “unable to locate him”. I have previously submitted a help ticket through the app, as well as an email, but have never received so much as one reply. I am so glad that I didn’t ever upgrade & spend my money on an app that no longer works! The concept is amazing & this was once an amazing app, I do hope that it can go back to working soon!
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By teen2625721917
    just horrible teens have no freedom anymore it’s actually sad. if you parents want to trust us this isn’t gonna do anything. and i know you may say it’s for safety but there’s so many more ways you can be safe. but not have your family know where you are everyone second of everyday. this is stupid. just think about your son or daughters perspective how would you like it if your parents could see your location all the time. just let us have some fun every once in a while. this just ruins your relationship with your mom/dad/ children who ever is reading this. i hope you don’t get this especially if you’re looking for a better relationship this your son/ daughter. this is not it!!!!!! talk things through, listen to what they have to say.
  • Awful App Highly Disappointed 1/5

    By taco bell cheese nugget toe
    hoped for better
  • Doesn’t always work. 3/5

    By Sch7777
    Most of the time it works but sometimes you cannot get it to update. I’m not sure what the problem is but just every now and then it will not work.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Maria Panza Fria
    The free version works wonders for me. I live in a different state than my “married with children” daughter. I can now know when she is on her way to see me, where she is on her trip, and when she reaches my home. Since she has WiFi in her vehicle it shows in real time and lets me know when she is in my driveway. Since I work outside the home I can now be at my house before she gets there. I absolutely love this app!
  • If I could give you a half star I would 1/5

    By Louliebird
    Whoever thought this was a brilliant idea can stick a crayon in their nose. I dont trust my parents at all because all they do is stalk me and my location. I’m tired of getting phone calls about my speed, constant messages about my location, and even my battery percentage??! Really?! This app has made me dread talking to my parents because all they talk about is my locations and why I did 60 mph in a 55. I want this app gone. I no longer have any privacy or trust with my family. It’s caused nothing but problems and hatred
  • Location 4/5

    By vaas shopper
    Everyone my daughters phone battery goes low it disconnects the location on life 360. She has to turn location on and off for life 360 before it will reconnect.
  • unbelievable 1/5

    By ~XxIzzyXx~
    ruins lives
  • Reassuring 5/5

    By K. J-Will
    I am able to able to know where my kids are at when they are away from home. I can allow them freedom without them having to constantly check in with me. They like it as well. This app will be even more important as they start driving. I’ll be able to know that they are following the rules and boundaries I set out for them.
  • literally give kids no childhood . no fun . no ANYTHING 1/5

    By Minecraft LOVER!♥️
    i honestly think when ur tracking us, you don't make us any more independent , or ready for the world. y'all say u trust us, but if you use this app, obviously you don't . and if you lose trust in us, we will obviously distance ourselves from you , because if you don't trust us, and we've done nothing for you to not trust us, than what's the point of interacting with you . like this app is the worst thing ever invented . this is the worst child hood i've ever had , bc if this app. do y'all NOT understand that we can never get those years back ? y'all say how fun it was when you were younger , well, how does it feel to have a fun childhood ? bc i obvi can not relate, when i'm not allowed to go ANYWHERE. i know what's best for myself , and being overprotective , thinking y'all know what's best for us , is just wrong . just trust us . is that so much to ask for ?
  • One sided 1/5

    By Mellon🍉🍉
    This app does let members check on each other, however if there is an immediate emergency (kidnapping) it will take much more than an application to find a child again, and young adults should slowly be learning to be independent from their parents while being aware of risks, because many students are unprepared for today’s shifting society and needs an element of trust in familial relationships, not a shadow of disbelief and the constant feeling of isolation.
  • Terrible and trashy 1/5

    By kaitlynkidd
    This app is terrible
  • Very good. 5/5

    By EsawJoseph
    My husband is a disabled man. The whole family has this app. Once in a while he drives and he can sit&drive ok for emergency cases. This helps us locate him in case if he is unable to get home. We use it for our kids with their permission as well. Nice tool.👍

    By Cate Bustamante
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  • Feedback 5/5

    By CocoTheReviewer
    Amazing feed back and location services. It is more up-to-date than find my friends on the iPhone and a terrific upgrade from it to with so many options.
  • Location cannot be located 1/5

    By ID87290
    I was trying to locate a close person and the app did not want to update and told me the person cannot be located and two days later I tried again and they were located. Was it a bug or did the person turn off their location?
  • Life 360 5/5

    By alicatfarty
    Life 360 is a great app mostly for kids if you want to know where they are