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Life360: Find Family & Friends

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Life360: Find Family & Friends App

Protect and connect the people who matter most with comprehensive safety features for life at home, on the web, and on the go — all in one place for added value and convenience. Enjoy modern, advanced tools that go beyond a basic GPS phone tracker. Bring your family closer with comprehensive safety features designed for busy, modern life — all in one place for added value and convenience. Go beyond basic GPS phone tracking with smart tools and anytime, anywhere emergency support. Life360 membership offers a wide range of all-new services. Highlights include: - SOS to send a silent alert with your location to family members, emergency contacts, and responders. - 24/7 Emergency dispatch that’s always on call for your entire family. Even if you can’t call for help, we will. - Family Safety Assist for comprehensive real-time specialist support anytime, anywhere, and in any situation. - Identity Theft Protection to safeguard each family member’s sensitive digital information and white glove restoration service, including up to $1M in coverage. Explore Life360 for free Download Life360 and get started with advanced Location Sharing, 2 days of Location History, and 2 Place Alerts to see family members come and go from your top places like home, school, and work. Protect your drivers and passengers and respond to a car crash faster with automatic Crash Detection, and stay safe on the go with automated SOS. Upgrade to membership for premium features and tools, backed by 24/7 specialist support and emergency dispatch. Find the plan that fits your family’s unique needs and try free for 7 days. Life360 Platinum Be prepared for anything, anywhere with all the features of Life360 Gold, plus: - Family Safety Assist: Disaster Response, Medical Assistance including a nurse helpline during the pandemic, and Travel Support with a team of trained, live agents - 24/7 Roadside Assistance, including 50 miles of free towing - $500 in Stolen Phone Coverage - ID Theft Protection & restoration with up to $1M in coverage per person - Credit Monitoring Life360 Gold Protect your family on the go with all the features of Life360 Silver, plus: - A full 30 days of Location History - Unlimited Place Alerts - Individual Driver Reports to see how (and what) your drivers are doing behind the wheel - Crash Detection with emergency dispatch and live agent support - 24/7 Roadside Assistance - $250 in Stolen Phone Coverage - SOS to send a silent help alert, plus 24/7 emergency dispatch to your location - ID Theft Protection & restoration with up to $25k in coverage per person Life360 Silver Make daily coordination a breeze with features like: - 5 Place Alerts to stay in step - 7 days of Location History - $100 in Stolen Phone Coverage - Crime Reports to see and avoid dangerous situations - Family Driving Summary Disclaimer: Continued usage of location services while the app is in the background can excessively drain battery. But not to worry, we’ve spent 10 years developing our location technology and our algorithms always keep battery usage to a minimum, even while you drive!

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Life360: Find Family & Friends app reviews

  • bad 1/5

    By johnjohn0
    bad app
  • Pathetic 1/5

    By grizzeria
    The fact you even looked here to try and track your kids every move is concerning
  • This worked for me 5/5

    By Claire Divas
    At a particular time in life, bad situations emerge for us to learn our mistakes and figure out what next is to be done. I've been married for 2 years battling with lies cover ups my husband dish out. I had no idea my husband has another child outside our marriage. I noticed he was always sending money to this specific address but I felt I shouldn’t question him how he spends his money. Also, since we’ve been at home his phone keeps ringing from the same name Lindsey. Whenever I asked him about her he will say she is nobody. Before I knew it I found my self playing detective and gathering together a lot of clues that led me to understand the type of person he is. I really tried all I could to be able to get into his phone until my friend introduced me to StarAccurate Spy and I contacted them via google mail with [email protected] Gmail com. They’re Certified Professional Investigator and also my friend who is an IT consultant testified on their effectiveness. I had my doubts about the service at first until they delivered and provided the service I paid for after 3hours, I wasn’t sure how it was done, I only explained what I wanted and provided all the information requested of me and I was able to see all that my husband does on my device without his notice. All my gratitude goes to StarAccurate Spy who helped me to access his phone remotely, and I was able to see all his Facebook messages, call logs, text messages, iMessages and even GPS location to know his activities. I’m really grateful for this quality service, very much helpful. You really should get in touch with them. It really helped me find out the truth about my marriage. Contact [email protected] Gmail com. I’m a living witness for this assured service.
  • concept is good 4/5

    By izabella1245
    i love the concept and it a really fun app to use with my friends but i can just imagine that some abusive parents are gonna misuse this app and i feel horrible for those kids :(
  • hate this app. 1/5

    By lil______
    my parents depend on this app. so stupid. give me freedom
  • life 360 1/5

    By DisneyLover711
    i have no freedom for my parents they track me and i can’t have a life outside of this app
  • very bad app 1/5

    By toey0555
    i was sneaking out late at night and i thought my data was turned off but then i received a text from my mother informing me that i was grounded.
  • I’m too old for this 1/5

    By Cupcake5420
    I am 21 and have had this app since highschool. I hate this app because now I feel like I can’t go have fun without being judged or watched. What’s worse is my brother got his phone stolen and my parents found it with the app. Meaning I’ll never have a good reason for them to let me get off this app. I’m stuck
  • Enjoy the peace of mind 5/5

    By Brain games20
    This is a nice app To know your loved ones got where they were going. It especially helps with new drivers.
  • So glad to have Life360 working 5/5

    By danna hardt
    Didn’t understand how to get it back. Hopefully, now I can find my daughter
  • Retarded 1/5

    By dumbapp360
    Dumbass app
  • Removing Ratings 1/5

    By Caleb Stoney
    Apple decided to remove ratings of this app because they hate kids privacy. 20 years ago there was not trackers but now parents have the right to know kids every location at every time. This is not right!!
  • I hate it 1/5

    By pppppppppppppppppppplp
    One of my members is stuck in Alaska
  • Meh 3/5

    By luna lynn shumaker
    It’s a great app, when used for good intentions! My mom uses this app to only track me so she can get on to me when she knows where I’ve been. It glitches a lot and tells my parents that I’ve been doing more driving then I have.
  • I hate you 1/5

    By Colt n L T
    Idk TikTok made me say I hate you goodbye
  • Stalker App 1/5

    By Avenge Dominus
    Stalker App
  • awful 1/5

    By fcbucx
    it’s a shame that parents use it to control their kids. Dictates everything I do. Me and every other teen have no freedom because of this terrible app. That gets me in trouble almost daily because it quit working or won’t connect to Wi-Fi.
  • ... 1/5

    By ...;:$&-8
    For tik tok...
  • I have my doubts now 1/5

    By naniwadin
    My granddaughter was in a crash last night and the crash alert was enabled yet no notification from Life360!! 🤬
  • Left me in tears 1/5

    By Basket ball lover 999
    Life 360 killed my dog.i got the app then around forty five minutes later my dog died.i also got roaches because of this app don’t download has been haunting me for three months
  • garbage 1/5

    By yeetmfyeet
    get this app off the app store. thanks for telling my parents where i am 24/7
  • 360 is not accurately showing. 3/5

    By KDilshod7
    The last update is kinda glitchy. It used to show everyone moving in speed that they are moving and used to show accurately. But now when i check it, it updates where that person was if that person is moving. It’s kinda when you someone moving it will show in one place and when you update it will show in another place.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By O'Dellgirls
    Our daughter was in a car accident and was quite shaken up and was not sure where she was, I opened life 360 and found her so we could go to her. Thankful she walked awa.

    By Goinsbacaioffnrbsjzkidhfbtb
    I got into an accident which involved me hitting a deer and it DID NOT NOTIFY MY FAMILY. Even though my family PAYS for this feature. Car totaled completely.
  • Trash 1/5

    By ParkerYT
    It’s trash
  • Great for my family 5/5

    By kmc109
    My family is spread over a wide area on the East Coast. I live alone and rely on Life 360 to feel connected to them at all times. I can see the places they go, and speeds at which they travel. I feel part of their lives from the comfort of my recliner. When I do go out they track me until I am home and back in my recliner. Great app!
  • I know mr kids are safe 5/5

    By Dr Terri B
    My kids hate this app. They were s part of the 1 star review effort. I’m happy the were unsuccessful. I can sleep better when I know they’re safe.
  • They changed for the better 5/5

    By The Music Lover guy
    Life 360 was used by controlling parents, but teens that didn’t like the invasion of privacy started to try to get the app taken down. i was a part of that. The CEO of life 360 saw our movement and agreed with us. He is adding features that change a lot of the invasive features so that teens can have privacy but also allows parents to make sure their kid is ok.
  • Glitching? 1/5

    By Areyes02
    I have had this app for a while but recently its been acting up. I keep getting in so much trouble for going out in the middle of the night... but guess what I never did I always fell asleep before it said I left & it would say I left at 1-3 am for example also most of the places it said i was at I didn’t know about. It’s not just my phone though it has done the same for the other people on the app I share locations with too & I share a room with my sister & it would say she left when she was right there the whole time. I don’t get whats wrong but it needs to get fixed asap! I’m tired of getting in trouble because of it.
  • Wreck 2/5

    By Totaled 2011 Accord
    I just got in a wreck on thanksgiving and I have my life 360 settings set to send out a message to specific emergency contacts. I locked my brakes and slid across an intersection and ended up in the woods across the street. Car was totaled and phone was on 10%. Supposedly it was to send a emergency alert to my set contacts but never did, thank god I had my brother with me and he was able to call my list of emergency contacts before Life 360 ever could. I would really like to rely on a good idea as emergency contact dispatch (such as parents and close relatives) after a collision but life 360 does not properly notify.
  • App If You Want To Be Known As A Child Abuser 1/5

    Yes and no Apps great for parents just to check on the kid but when parents use it and handles it like a Karen, the kids going to get depressed and could hurt themselves. My prediction is if more parents use the app to control the kids location every minute, kids are going to become more suicidal and depressed as time flys. This App Needs To Be Taken Down And Should Be Charged With Tons Of Lawsuits!!!!
  • cancel life 360 1/5

    By Tuffgdscnushajjrvnjxgk
    it pushed me in front of a bus and gave my grandma covid
  • Trash 1/5

    By jdhsjwirjwbqbs
    So bad please remove from appstore
  • It’s ight 4/5

    By Taesia😎
    When the phone is powered off or don’t have WiFi it doesn’t have where that person is .. and when you put the phone on airplane mode it puts it a street off but oh I will allow it
  • cool 5/5

    By young 9oat
  • F**K life360 idc Karen’s 1/5

    By Flex25510
    This should be criminal. There is no privacy. The parents say it’s for your well being but in reality it’s the reason why I don’t got any friends 🤣😭
  • Overly intrusive 1/5

    By rarehare56
    This app is simply to help overprotective parents stalk their children 24/7, I get the saftey side of things, but just share your location through iMessages if that’s really a concern
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Baby sneakers
    My girlfriend introduce me
  • Life 360 ruined my life and freedom 1/5

    By Cap ace
    Simple as that
  • Worst app ever. 1/5

    By jejkfkemndnfms
    I get stalked by my parents and it makes my life a leaving H e double hockey sticks. Pls take it off the app store.
  • Not accurate 3/5

    By blythekd32
    My life 360 is not accurate and not up to date and time. It says I’m home when I’m at work, says family are at my house when they are 40 miles from my house. Not 100% accurate
  • HORRIBLE 1/5

    By joidjs
    i hate it and i think it should be taken down. its very slow and it updates my location very oddly. HATE IT. DELETE LIFE 360
  • depends 4/5

    By xa Howells isidora
    while i think the app is a good idea, it can be misused by the parent who might possibly be abusive. but i do think the idea is good.
  • Life 360 5/5

    By DaRealBacon
    I love life 360 it helps me know where everybody
  • The best app 5/5

    By PBG Farms
    This is the best app everTT
  • Thank you to Life 360- 5/5

    By hasiley
    It helps a lot, it’s so safe! I actually trust this app.
  • Notifications 4/5

    By crystalcat2,000
    I noticed a glitch when you remove notifications you can’t put anymore back on! Can you please try to fix that? Anyways I love that app it changed my whole family’s life.
  • Needs fixing 1/5

    By Gigi.Billz
    Y’all need to fix the “ Last Updated “ because it’s never accurate.
  • Wow 👎 1/5

    By andre18m
    Congratulations for building trust issues among family and friends