Lifeline Library: Choices Are Yours + NEW Episodes

Lifeline Library: Choices Are Yours + NEW Episodes

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  • Current Version: 1.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: 3 Minute Games, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Lifeline Library: Choices Are Yours + NEW Episodes App

A collection of hit Lifeline games is available in your hands! Lifeline Library is your one-stop shop for exclusive news, content, and new games and episodes in this top-rated choose your own adventure series! Written by award-winning authors of comic books, novels, games, and more, the Lifeline series features unique storylines and characters in genres ranging from urban fantasy to space survival. But it's YOUR choices that shape how the stories unfold. Join millions of players around the world as you discover the immersive worlds of this text-based interactive-fiction series. • Get exclusive first access to news, updates, and new stories! • Start today and get a FREE hit Lifeline game! • Discover the RPG series millions of players are talking about! • Enjoy immersive storylines written by award-winning authors! • You choose how the stories unfold in real-time! Coming Soon: • More Games • More Donuts!


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Lifeline Library: Choices Are Yours + NEW Episodes app reviews

  • It's a great app but... 5/5

    By zXEnderSteveXz
    The app is great and looks extremely well done but I just want to know when whiteout 2 is coming
  • Good so far 4/5

    By Andricha88
    Pretty good stories so far. I would say my only 2 gripes are that the text speed is a bit slow - I can read much faster. And the ad system has issues... I click the watch ad button to skip delays and sometimes the ad will only play sound and not actually show up so I cannot close it.
  • Please add this 4/5

    By fwgal7
    I love playing these games but when the watch this add to skip this time delay comes up there is no way to close it. I'm a slow reader and wait for all the text to appear before choosing a route. So no exit on that means I have to push it or wait that long to read what I already had access to. What I liked about the game was the waiting, made it more realistic. Of course it's good you gave the option to skip for people who don't think like me but there need to be an exit button.
  • When the stories are done 5/5

    By Sleuthelle
    You know that feeling you get when you finish a really good book or movie? I’m having that feeling right now. I’ve finished Lifeline: Whiteout and chapter 1 of Lifeline: Whiteout 2 and I’m extremely excited for chapter 2 whenever it comes out. I am a very empathetic person, so I’ve allowed myself to become attached to Adams Five and Taylor. Which probably isn’t really a good thing. I find myself stopping and thinking about which one is likely going to get them out of whatever situation completely intact. These stories are really well written. I love it!
  • Text adventure games 5/5

    By Mojavegreen1
    Having grown up before the age of good graphics, I played a lot of text adventure games. The Lifeline text games are excellent! Great buy if you like this style game. I hope they come out with more sci fi type games.
  • Great but small bug 4/5

    By hebbyminer
    I love the lifeline series and I love the gallery, but when I play whiteout and get to a waiting point I always try to click the skip waiting with ad. The first like 3 times it worked, but now it just plays the audio. I can wait, but please fix!!!
  • Amazing game 👍 5/5

    By Kerry😀
    Cool game but the each chapter is really short but I am Giving it five stars and add more chapters!
  • I love lifeline just plz 4/5

    By Beast mode breh
    Lifeline is the best series ever great story and all that just plz finish whiteout 2 I am excited to see how it turns out,once you finish Lifeline Whiteout 2 I will give 5 star
  • Great game. 5/5

    By Mr. Awsome 14
    I like lifeline, and I LOVE lifeline library. It has tons of games in one app for free! I especially love whiteout. I can't wait until whiteout2 chapter2
  • 9 and up? Kind of mature for 9 yr olds. 4/5

    By Hahagurlhahalol
    I personally really like the app, but I saw the 9+ on the app, and I really think this is darker than the things they typically experience. Just wanted to point that out.
  • Gameplay Speed and Apple Watch 2/5

    By fox7rot
    Just a quick review: I’ve played the Lifeline games in their ‘own’ apps and LOVE them! ★★★ Because: The Lifeline Library app is missing the option to adjust the gameplay speed settings and doesn’t work with or have an app for the Apple Watch. So if I want to play Lifeline games on my Watch or pick-up/slow-down the pace on my iPhone, I have to download the individual games/apps. Unless you want to play the small in-app game or download wallpapers this means the Library is just taking up space on my device. The app itself is stable and the free stories/chapters are a nice feature, you just can’t ‘taylor’ them like you can the individual apps. The games themselves are awesome and I am eagerly awaiting the next installment. ~
  • Awesome, but small mistake 4/5

    By R.L.G123
    I LOVE it!!! I think Whiteout is the BEST lifeline ever made!!! Silent Night could have been better but I still liked it! I can't wait until chapter 2 of Whiteout2 comes out!!! I just wish there were more games on it.🙁 The front cover has a picture of Lifeline2 on it but it isn't in the game? Why is that? Part of the reason I got the app is because it advertised Lifeline2? Other than that GREAT! Keep do in' what u do in'!😜
  • Lifeline is Awesome 4/5

    By Zebeka
    I got this app after having downloaded a few other Lifeline games. I love the stories, the layout, but right now I’m in the middle of Lifeline: Whiteout on a different device. I really wish I could skip to where I am on my other device and continue playing from my phone. Other than that, great idea to bring all of the Lifeline games together!
  • Whiteout 2 Ch? 1/5

    By Profzoom
    Seriously when are we getting ch 2? It’s been months now. Doesn’t take that long to write a text adventure. If this is the glacial pace you’re going to be releasing chapters I’d rather you finish the whole game and release it like you used to
  • Dear developers 4/5

    By MFH EO
    All in all very good story, but I wish that I had more stories to choose from so keep up the good work!
  • LifeLine is the best thing ever! 5/5

    By Helloiloveapps
    I’m addicted. I need more stories!
  • Just a few things 5/5

    By Nancy870
    Overall, it’s great. But there’s a problem with whiteout I noticed. When you watch the ad, it just plays the audio and doesn’t skip the delay. And with silent night, ANYTHING I do past knowing the marines got occupied kills Taylor. Also, I’d just like it if you added more than 4 playable games.
  • Check screen orientation 5/5

    By ShawnyKaye
    Interesting games. Can you make them in landscape orientation for iPads?
  • Is a great time killer! 5/5

    By Blue in whiteout
    This app truly hooked me! I fell in love with blue (the dog in whiteout ) the characters hooked me like they were really there I felt as even if they died I wouldn't want him to perish again at the wrong path the free games are great to! The comm was a great idea almost like a book but deep! If you like lifeline this is the game for you are shall I say library?
  • Amazing 5/5

    By EuryTRex
    Had me hooked right away, I wish there was a bundle for the rest of them that was cheap enough for me to afford.
  • Great App! 4/5

    By Бисингцарь
    I love how it's all very centralized. The games are great, and I love having more Lifeline in my phone! Great app!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By MistAce
    It's so cool and Awesome, I love how interesting the story's are and interactive.
  • Gripping Storylines, Tangible Characters 5/5

    By Meg💝
    This game series never fails to impress. The dialogue, sound, and visual effects drag you deep into the story to the point where you almost believe the characters are real. Every decision must be thought out carefully, as it could mean life or death for the person on the other side of comms. The games succeed in creating a bond between yourself and the character, so even though you can start again from a point before death, you genuinely care not to lead your friend down the wrong path. The story and wait times bring an unshakeable sense of fear and thrill. I feel as if I've made a friend after every game, and I am always left wanting to know more. If you've never played the series, I highly suggest you download the app, as they've been ever so generous to let us revisit many previous games and the discover the latest game (of which I've been itching for as I was devastated by the cliffhanger of the first Whiteout) for FREE.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Hsahzuhd9281
    Love it
  • Auto save not working correctly 1/5

    By greypaperpen
    Wiped my current progress
  • Great Story Game 5/5

    By Persus Chzz
    This game is amazing. I remember getting the first Lifeline and loving it. I played through all the rest, and when I saw they were all piled into one, it just got so much better! If your looking for a good story, then this game is perfect. There's waiting sometimes, but once you complete a path, you get a fast forward option which is amazing. I don't recommend it to people who don't like waiting or reading. Otherwise, this game is a must have.
  • Great game 4/5

    By 457447477
  • Good but problems. 4/5

    By Profeesional Kitten Torturer
    I like the whole idea of organizing all the games and having a gallery, but some parts of the app is buggy. On my iPad I have troubles with the gallery's in which it won't display some photos when I open it and I still can't see the new Fourth of July stuff, It also sometimes closes me out of my game randomly. Other than that it's all fantastic and a great app.
  • Whiteout 2 2/5

    By Yello3lightning
    When are you going to release the rest of Whiteout 2? I love these games, I have completed all of them. But this new "chapter" thing is not cool. Give us the whole story! Please?
  • Story is great. Countdown timer, not so much... 3/5

    By Parrotkoi
    Worrying about your imaginary pal and anxiously wondering when (or if!) they're going to text you back is one of the best parts of the Lifeline games. It's a feature not a bug. But now, playing Whiteout 2, I see there's a timer. I know exactly when I'm going to hear back. It ruins the suspense and the immersiveness. And the ads...ugh, don't get me started. Anyway, I hope this isn't the new business model, and the complete version of Whiteout 2 (and future Lifeline stories) will be available in the original format, pay once and play.
  • Reasonable idea, but lacking needed features 2/5

    By aldiyen
    The lack of fast mode when you reach a bad ending makes the stories in Lifeline Library infinitely more tedious than in the standalone apps. Also, as other reviewers have noted, the push notifications are generic rather than specific to the story you're playing.
  • When is Alex coming back? 5/5

    By ShadowGal21
    I love LifeLine! So much that I played the first five games at the same time, instead of one at a time. By interacting with the main character in text-message style, it feels like you were already a supporting character, that you're part of the story. My favorite is Crisis Line. Please tell me that Alex will show up in the next game, after White Out 2!!!! I NEED to know what happens to him!!!!
  • Whiteout 2 2/5

    By Edward Ramon jr
    The first chapter of lifeline: whiteout 2 completely destroyed the personality of Adams, Adams was the reason that whiteout was considered such an amazing story because no matter what path you chose you could always rely on the humor and optimism he brought to any situation. The second problem is that the choices are so one sided and you are always leading the character towards a certain outcome. (P.S. could you bring back the ability to rewind the story by clicking on the choice you made). Please keep these things in mind when you continue your story, don't milk the story and not deliver to the expectations us as fans deserve.
  • 10/10 would recommend, great app 5/5

    By World of Tanks Blitz player
    Read Clay Bird's review: I do miss the notifications :/ but I'm overly happy there's more content :>, I didn't have a problem with the visuals/graphics

    By okjhgbhjik
    LOVE this app this is Amazing I've Finished All the lifeline series in this App and lifeline Whiteout 2 l want more chapters When will you release chapter2?! l really want to continue this lifeline,Looking forward to it😃😃😃😃👍👍👍.
  • Great 5/5

    By boostedsneakers
    This app is amazing, lifeline games are some of the deepest games I have ever played, please add more to the library, you don't need to make all of them free in the library but some free is nice. Flatline was my favorite out of the lifeline series that I have played so far and it would be great if you could add it to the library. Thank you for making these games.
  • Happy with free game and library idea, but format etc. could be better 3/5

    By klwhale
    The notifications aren't working. They worked for me on the whiteout game, but not with this library silent night game. :( The layout of the game options isn't exactly as visually pleasing as I wish it could be. It'd be nice if the game I'm working on came up when I opened the app, rather than having to tap into the game every time. It would also be nice to have a notification in the app for the story that has an update (since the notifications aren't showing up outside the app.) I just really want the notifications working. :/ I am very glad there is a free game on the app. It's nice so far. It appears to be a sequel game to the original lifeline game. Also I got whiteout as the free app of the week and for some reason it's not in my library? It just takes me to the App Store, which is annoying. It would be nice to have a screen before going to the App Store, so you don't go there on accident. It's a great idea, this app, as many have said, but could use a lot of graphics improvements etc. to be really quality.
  • A big fix would be greatly appreciated 5/5

    By Lómelindë
    Let me start off by saying I'm SO glad that this update is finally here so we can continue the next part of the story with V. Adams! I LOVED Whiteout and I'm super pumped to play whiteout 2. Problem is, there is a bug that is making me choose the opposite choice of what I tap on, which is kinda frustrating since the whole game is built on choices and their outcome. So if that could be fixed, that would be awesome😀😉 Another suggestion (just a suggestion, not an issue) would be to have the message say what the person is texting you, and not just "a message is waiting." Other than that, this is a great app and I love how it has multiple games (like Lifeline Jump! Although I wish that there were levels and that it would keep track of high scores) and hooray for the return of V. Adams and Blue!
  • Great game!!! 5/5

    By JuggernautK777
    Absolutely brilliant game. I found myself completely invested in these characters and there story's! You'll find yourself going back over and over again just to save them!! I love their different personalities and placements. I recommend reading whiteout first ;)
  • Fun short games 5/5

    By theputer
    Love the free games (4 at the time of writing this). Resume and switching between games works really well. Thanks developers!
  • Notifications not immersive 3/5

    By escapedturkey
    With the stand alone apps the text appears like an IM, but with the Library App notification only says the app has message. It loses the immersive quality found in the stand alone apps - as if a real person was the texting to the player.
  • I love it but 4/5

    By Mzimmy13
    I love all of 3 minute games' stories so far but I'm noticing with this app that sometimes when I click a choice it chooses the opposite of what I clicked, and it's very frustrating because i keep rewinding because it keeps happening at really important choices :(
  • The Lifeline games are perfect but this app isn't. 3/5

    By youbroughtyourdog
    I love the Lifeline games, which are so well done, but this app leaves a bit to be desired. I love the idea of an all-in-one app but this isn't quite that. Instead of granting access to all of the games and upcoming Lifeline info, you only get two games. Don't get me wrong - two free games is great! But if you're going to have free games wouldn't it make sense to have the free ones be the first two rather than two random games in the middle? What I really want is one app that allows me to access all of the Lifeline games (and even better factor in that I already bought them all separately) and then has the extra content as well. This would help me keep things much more organized on my phone! It would also ensure that I check the app every day because honestly I rarely check it since there isn't much keep me interested since all the games aren't on it and there's rarely any new content.
  • Happy to support this series 5/5

    By Somebodystolemyusername...
    Easily my favorite thing on the App Store, Lifeline and 3-minute games never fails to impress. Been here since the original, and I'll stay here till the end. Looking forward to meeting Taylor on the other half of infinity.
  • Nice game, but long waits 4/5

    By krystine_rae
    So far, the game is engaging and I like it. That being said, it almost seems wait periods are true to life...for example, when you tell the character to sleep, it seems that you have to wait 6 hours or so before the game continues. This is somewhat nice as it adds to the format of the game as being a genuine contact and communication with someone else, but it makes for a frustrating game play. Also, these breaks come about every ten interactions, so you play for maybe two minutes then have to wait for forever.
  • Disapointed 2/5

    By ℌѦмʝ℮◎♭ґʝη℮117
    I'm disappointed in this addition, I have all the games (except the "halfway" one) but I can't play them from the library app. SMH
  • Yaaa 👩🏼‍🚀👩🏼‍🚀 5/5

    By D.J.L.-3😎😎🔫🔫💵🇺🇸
    Cool games I would rate it more than five stars but I can't.
  • Needs more. 3/5

    By Gilo💙💜
    I love silent night so far but there are only 2 games on it. One game doesn't even work! It is annoying and I want to delete it but I am still playing it. is hard to decide to get it. (There is going to be one more game soon so technically 3 games).
  • Awesome deals and great content 5/5

    By Pchrone
    👍👍👍👍🙌🙌👏BUY ITTTTT
  • Garbage 1/5

    By JEmlay
    The game is garbage. Horrible response. Doesn't save progress. If the device goes to sleep the game will be screwed up when you come back, unplayable.

Lifeline Library: Choices Are Yours + NEW Episodes app comments


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