LifeLock ID Theft Protection

LifeLock ID Theft Protection

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  • Current Version: 3.22
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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LifeLock ID Theft Protection App

You’re across town—away from your computer—when LifeLock sends you a fraud alert.† Someone is taking out a bank loan in your name. With a LifeLock® membership and the LifeLock app, you can take immediate action. If it’s not you getting that loan, use the app to tell us, and we go to work on your behalf. The LifeLock app uses our proprietary technology, putting LifeLock’s identity theft protection services at your fingertips. We scan millions of transactions every second looking for potential fraud. And if we find your information used within our network, we will send you alerts to help proactively safeguard your credit and finances.† LifeLock goes beyond credit monitoring to see a wide range of identity theft threats you might otherwise miss. An identity thief can commit crimes and open new cell phone accounts and take out payday loans in your name. Criminals even sell your personal information on the dark web. If we detect suspicious activity, we will alert† you. Download the LifeLock app and manage fraud alerts† from the palm of your hand. Not a LifeLock member? Use the app to sign up for identity theft protection today. More than 4.4 million LifeLock members trust us to help protect their identities, finances and credit. It’s no wonder why. There’s a new victim of identity fraud every two seconds.1 Criminals can drain accounts, buy property, and file fraudulent tax returns in your name. If you become a victim of an identity thief, a U.S.-Based Identity Restoration Agent dedicated to your case will work to fix the issue from start to finish. Plus, you’ll be backed by our Million Dollar Protection™ Package.††† Depending on your membership level, you can monitor your bank, credit card, and retirement account activity—all from your LifeLock app. LifeLock App Features • With the mobile app, our patented LifeLock Identity Alert® System† will send alerts directly to your mobile device. • You’ll be able to respond to possible fraud alerts† right away. If you tell us that any activity looks suspicious, our LifeLock Identity Protection Agents will be able to help you. • Use in-app calling to get in touch with LifeLock Member Services. • Easy access to credit information with your annual credit score, an essential part of credit protection. Ultimate Plus members see credit scores and reports from three credit bureaus and are able to track month-to-month changes to their credit scores. The credit scores provided are VantageScore 3.0 credit scores based on data from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, respectively. Any One-Bureau VantageScore mentioned is based on Equifax data only. Third parties use many different types of credit scores and are likely to use a different type of credit score to assess your creditworthiness. About LifeLock Since 2005, LifeLock has been a leading provider of proactive identity theft protection services for consumers. We leverage unique data, science and patented technology and provide identity threat detection, identity alerts†, and comprehensive restoration services. With more than 4.4 million members, we’re committed to providing our consumers some peace of mind amid the threat of identity theft. No one can prevent all identity theft. 1 - 2017 Identity Fraud Study, Javelin Strategy & Research. † LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses. †††Million Dollar Protection Package benefits are provided by a Master Policy issued by United Specialty Insurance Company, Inc. (State National Insurance Company, Inc. for NY State members). The Master Policy provides coverage for Stolen Funds Reimbursement and Personal Expense Compensation, each with limits of up to $25,000 for Standard members, up to $100,000 for Advantage members and up to $1 million for Ultimate Plus members. If needed, LifeLock will provide lawyers and experts under the Service Guarantee. Please see the policy terms, conditions and exclusions at:

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LifeLock ID Theft Protection app reviews

  • App resets at payment method step 1/5

    By Bevo MCMXVI
    Interestingly, you’re asked for all kinds of identity information, but when you get to the screen to make a payment for a subscription you cannot “pause” and pull up a digital safe app, like Dashlane, that keeps your passwords and banking information. After copying my credit card number from my digital safe and returning this app, it restarted. Sorry, LifeLock - I was ready to pay for your services, but this show stopper cost you a sale.
  • Notification or Alert? 2/5

    By rt51007
    I’ve had this “Alert” for over 2 years but, LifeLock tech support says it’s a “Notification”. Ok, but, when I look at my iPhone, the App shows a red #1 that tells me I have an “Alert” but, it’s the same notification that will not go away. This “Notification” should not be in the “Alert” column if it’s not an alert. I think the code writers need to fix this bug. Robert T
  • Redirect 2/5

    By N8DOGG77
    Now every time I try to log in it redirects me to the Norton app. So now I can’t check my fico score?
  • Life alert 5/5

    By more safe
    I have been scammed before, this app makes e feel as safe as you can be in this world. I am much more comfortable now that I have it. Wouldn’t change it
  • Finger print login 3/5

    By eekjs
    Keeps asking me if I want to use it but every time I login I have to type everything
  • LifeLock App 1/5

    By Southern Lady12345
    As much as I love the LifeLock service I HATE their app. Every time I open the app some ad for me to buy their Norton service pops up. I don’t want their Norton service and there’s no way to disable it from popping up and destroying the facial recognition login. I have to manually login and then answer a question asking me if I want to login with facial recognition which won’t work because the Norton crap will pop up every time I launch the app anyway. For sure this is the most annoying app on my phone.
  • Covers all the important stuff in easy to manage app 5/5

    By CarolinaTerry
    With this easy to used app LifeLock has built on its foundation as an identity protection tool to become a very helpful dashboard for managing private information in a dynamic digital world. Great app!
  • App isnt letting me reset my password 2/5

    By Pham1990
    The i am not a robot option isnt working correctly and when I try to get it to work it doesnt even send an email. It send the first one to start the process tk reset password but thats all. I am going to delete this app since its kinda useless now. The credit cwrd apps give us almost the same thing
  • Peace of mind after a 3rd credit fraud attempt. 5/5

    By JRhett57
    I am thrilled to have financial peace of mind at my fingertips. I am convinced this is my only way to stop todays lowlifes from stealing my life through IPhones and IPads. Doing everything one can to protect themselves from Identity theft and still have an endless email box full of malicious fraud links. LifeLock is the only real way to have protection from today’s electronic world of thieves. Love to see them all held accountable some day!
  • Meaningless 1/5

    By 68mal
    I have had the same two “alerts” for months. Cannot archive, cannot delete. Basically you receive the same information from this app that you would receive from your credit card company if you set up alerts properly. The only useful feature is quick access to credit scores.
  • Peace of Mind 5/5

    By 🐉🐲🐉🐲🐉🐲🐉
    Having Lifelock gives me peace of mind. Your life can be devastated by id theft. It’s better to be PROACTIVE then passive. Get lifelock in place BEFORE they have your personal information and ruin your credit and life🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
  • Problems need to be resolved ASAP 1/5

    By HERKENG1964
    As of late, this app has been problematic. I have 8 alert messages from 2 years ago that will not archive nor will not clear. They are presumably permanent. I requested help from Lifelock to remove these old alerts and yet, 2 years later, they are still showing. The app will not archive them. It does not give me to option to do so. Newest issue arose this week. I received a credit check alert (good). I confirmed it was me as I am have a refinancing done on my mortgage. The alert cleared. All should be ok. Instead of being ok, I received 6 alert yesterday and more today. When I go in and check, there is no new alert. The only alerts are the ones from 2 years ago. I’m currently at the point to where I am going to disable the notification function for the app. All I am getting is false alarms. This situation makes the app useless for notifications. Until LifeLock resolves the inability to archive old alerts and stops the false alerts, I rate this as a 1 star.
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By SamH128
    I’ve been a customer for three years. Since they merged with Norton it has been an absolute disaster. Systems aren’t working, customer service has long wait times and just bad.This app isn’t so useful either.
  • So far all good 5/5

    By Vd120
    I don’t know if it LifeLock or my luck but so far I did not hear from any problems
  • Great App 5/5

    By pastordanny
    All the subjects are easy to find. And everything is at your fingertips and everything is covered from A to Z.
  • Prompt Notification 5/5

    By Arandomcoolperson
    I was notified in less than 24 hours when a fraudster opened a bank account and tried to obtain a credit card or debit card in my name. I was able to notify the bank promptly, no charges to my name were noted. I really appreciated having LifeLock services!
  • Facial Recognition not working 2/5

    By Tellin the truth ppl
    What’s the point of facial recognition if you have to Log In each Time??
  • Doesn’t let me start a membership 1/5

    By Sleezy E
    Everytime I time I pick my payment plan and put in my credit card information it doesn’t let me continue, the submit button does nothing. Idk if this is a glitch or just me but what’s the point of having a his app if I can’t even use it
  • I like it so far! 4/5

    By Im Not Putting My Name on Here
    The app is very convenient. It gives great tips and gives me peace of mind. I’m 21 yo and my sister give my SSN and personal information to a friend of hers to file me on the friends taxes and split the money. Currently doing a federal investigation right now… but anyway, I got LifeLock Ultimate Plus and pay annually. You can do a 30 day trial actually if you can find a link for it. I think it’s worth it. There’s a feature to talk to a live agent through message or phone call. You will get alerts if your information is on the dark web or being used. I have it set up for email, text message, and the app will alert me if this happens. You can lock your credit stuff or freeze it (there is a difference between a fraud alert and a freeze). You can freeze your bank stuff, your utilities. You can even get alerts for any criminal records if someone were to use your information as an alias. Protect your 401K money or other investments. A lot of the alerts and services they offer will have a description and why it’s important. Now this is just what my Ultimate plan offers. You can add other members but I only pay for myself.
  • Great coverage 5/5

    By Andrew jonnie
    Employee super nice always wanted this service Finally got a company who offered I love it so far it’s like Donald trump America first Life lock puts me first
  • LifeLock keeps track of my money 5/5

    By Cosmo1832
    I am grateful to LifeLock for sending me a warning that a suspicious online bank account was being opened in my name. It was my first warning that my ID was being stolen and one of my bank accounts was being drained and poured into an online one. I had LifeLock as an add-on to my Verizon account and never really paid attention to it until that first warning. The only account I set it up with was the one that was not hacked. That transfer was stopped, thanks to LifeLock, but the other, unprotected accounts were depleted or compromised. It was a messy few months of clean up. I appreciated the warning. Now I take LifeLock more seriously and set it up with all my accounts and check it every few days. It works, which allows me to relax. BTW, the person allegedly responsible for my data breach was identified and I was one of several victims. He had acquired more than $300K collectively from people on my street by stealing our mail right out of the boxes. This led to nine federal indictments in superior court. But no trial for now as his lawyer convinced the DA and judge that he is suddenly mentally incompetent. Defendants have lots of rights! Protect yours with this secure app.
  • Mary Ann 5/5

    By dfypxwmqzui
    I would like to thank lifelock for how they protect information. I feel safe with your company and am very grateful. Thank you!
  • Great protection 5/5

    By HouDave
    It’s a little pricey when you have multiple family members but in today’s circumstances and so many bad people trying to cheat other people, this is a must have to protect you identity and credit.
  • Great support 5/5

    By Art-os11
    Getting started requires imputing accounts and data. My questions were quickly answered. Within a week of signing up I had an alert about a possible fraud using my identity. The bank opened a claim and resolved it.
  • Try to be on top of the fraud 5/5

    By noel21119
    Love this app.. they do a great job trying to stay ahead of the fraud and scam. It’s difficult as fast as Life Lock works to stop scammers new scams come in. I would highly recommend using LifeLock!!
  • Identity Theft 5/5

    By Luvlylady007
    I joined LifeLock to have constant surveillance and protect my credit and identity after my wallet was stolen. I would recommend this company to anyone who wishes to have accuracy and close monitoring. I'm so very pleased with the service they've provided me. The monthly price is very much worth the work they do.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Rowdytwos
    Bought two months before my bank account got hacked, they didn't know and were clueless with customer service, very hard to communicate with their “customer service”.
  • I love it!!!!! 5/5

    By multiracial princess
    I absolutely love this app. Keep up the good work guys!!!
  • Not happy 2/5

    By jrwampos
    Accounts keep coming unlocked
  • Useless 1/5

    By GWTrombley
    The app doesn’t do anything and is a waste of space
  • Great program, but terrible app and customer service! 3/5

    By TKheaver
    I gave you a 3 star rating only for my hope that your program will work if I ever have to take advantage of it. But after that, it is a 1 star support program. You can’t do anything on the app really but monitor. If you try to manage your account or change anything you have to call. That is where the pain starts. You go through the automated zoo and end up talking with “Bob” or “Sally” from somewhere in India after 30 min if you are lucky. You can’t understand what they say half the time, they can’t give you straight answers. It is utterly painful. Let alone when “Bob” or “Sally” have equipment issues or your call gets dropped and you have to start over. Some of the worst app and customer service EVER! I can only imagine what would happen if I had to use their program guarantee and “Bill” or “Beatty” from India had to help me.
  • Peace 5/5

    By justJulie57
    Having LifeLock gives me peace of mind!! Thank you for your services
  • app 1/5

    By Micka F
    I’ve been trying to log into my app I’ve called twice a week for the last six weeks and expecting a call back still haven’t received one that resolve the issue ..very disappointing. Mike F

    By Anonymoususer??
    After giving my SSN, Driver’s License, and possibly my debit card info to someone, my mom got mad. She then called my grandmother who recommended I download Life Lock and get the Unlimited Plus, which I did! Omg, it is such a handy app! Since I inputted all my info including my SSN, Driver’s License, and debit card info, I am confident that on one will be out to get me! Thanks a million to the people who created Life Lock! I will forever be a member of your great security service!
  • Bad app…add Norton terrible 2/5

    By Birdbrain101
    I’ve had Lifelock must be over ten years maybe longer…Service has done well for me until Norton which I also have for even longer merged with them…it’s been a huge hassle especially renewal…I still cannot get it right with both…Charges are confusing and probably costing me way more…Wife also has Lifelock and instead of offering family costs literally another 3 or 4 hundred dollars a year….Not the best business model Provide an honest decent service and customers will flock to you…(my advice/opinion) Probably time to change both Norton AND Lifelock…Plus the App is horrible a real pain to work with….tired of yelling at my phone
  • Great company 5/5

    By aaroninthe808
    Love this app and company. They do as advertised. Worth paying for the peace of mind.
  • Nor Bank of America 5/5

    By Saint not
    LifeLock is a first class site. Everyone should be a member.
  • Notifications Crazy 1/5

    By Rdyrbl1967
    you will get a ton of notifications but when you open the app, no actual new notifications. tons of false alarms.
  • Fraudulent company 1/5

    By effffmylife
    My wife and I began subscribing to this company to protect ourselves after my wife had her identity stolen. We have paid over $60 a month for this service and most recently I was the victim of identity theft and fraud through an unemployment compensation scam. I never got an alert that someone was using my personal information but yet I got in the mail not only an unemployment check but also a debit card for unemployment benefits. Had this company actually been monitoring my personal information I should have gotten an alert. But the only way I knew a breach had occurred was because I got the physical check and debit card delivered to my address. When I called them to inform them of what happened, I was told to do my own investigation and legwork to resolve the issue. At no time did I feel I had been protected and going forward I have no confidence that the money I pay is actually being out to good use. The only communication I get from this company/app is occasionally they find something on the dark web regarding ab already closed account or username. Never do they give actual help or instructions on what to do. A COMPLETE wast of money. Do NOT trust this company.
  • Who does LifeLock serve? Law Enforcement. 1/5

    By BeckbBeck
    It appears to me on empirical data alone, LifeLock serves Law Enforcement/Criminal Elements, or those who believe they represent legitimate “law enforcement”. It has proven that it puts substantial barriers in the way of those who only wish to protect their identity by trusting LifeLock with the most personal information. This appears in the form of reCatcha which do not prove identity, but only that the entries are not computer generated. For a computer to challenge you with a question like “Are you a human?” Is not only absurd, but showed reCatcha is used in a way it was not meant. One star only.
  • Customer 5/5

    By nappycut
    LifeLock is great! Nothing but good things to say! They are always there! The only thing is price for plans are high? But other than that they are a great company!
  • Poor customer service… 2/5

    By Menicus7275
    I have reached out multiple via email regarding the Norton Cyber Security plan and have never received a response. Reason why I reached out via email was because their customer reps via phone are too unprofessional and lack training. I will be canceling my subscription at the end of the year.
  • Still needs some simple fixes 3/5

    By SS Daddio
    Works well, but there has to be a way to exclude known vendors or payments. I have almost quit using the app because I’m so tired of having to okay the same payments over and over ever month. My mortgage payment has been the same amount every month for years, but since it is over my notification limit, I have to log on and clear it every month and it just gets tiresome
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Eratem20148
    Multiple times this application has saved us. Fraudulent charges and other issues caught early. We’ve been a member for years and love this. Just signed my elderly mom up for it too. Great peace of mind.
  • FACE ID login not working 4/5

    By mamaCLC
    I really appreciate this service. The app is also good. However, I have to login with my name and password every 2 weeks EVEN THOUGH my most recent login immediately prompted an option to use FACE ID to login, which I turn on. But again a week or 2 later, after successful FACE ID logins, it makes me manually enter my login again. It’s very annoying. Has been going on for months maybe a year?
  • App doesn't work 1/5

    By Onitsuka fast hound
    I sign in and the little circle spins in the center of the screen until the app says I've automatically been signed out for lack of activity. It's been like this for at least two months through several updates. Worthless.
  • Outdated 2/5

    By Dizzlemiester
    It’s sad that LifeLock can cannot show real time credit score , this gets updated every year is a bummer
  • iPad app is terrible… 1/5

    By taaaaaaaaj
    Screen doesn’t flip.. no apple pre-populated passwords allowed, also no access to apple password link. Have to go lookup my password every time.. real pain..
  • LifeLock is Life Security!! 5/5

    By Florida Dreamin
    Admittedly, I didn’t have any protection until I was taken advantage of…the first call I made was to LifeLock and I’ve had rock solid protection ever since! LifeLock has been a LIFESAVER!! I have such peace of mind, I receive alerts quickly when anything is opened in my name…etc. LifeLock is invaluable!!