Lifesum: Diet & Food Tracker

Lifesum: Diet & Food Tracker

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  • Current Version: 8.9.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Lifesum AB
  • Compatibility: Android
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Lifesum: Diet & Food Tracker App

Your personal diet plan, food tracker, calorie counter & healthy recipes, all in one place. Reach your goals with Lifesum! Discover how tracking small habits can make a big difference & join millions on their journey to a healthier, happier you. Low carb, ketogenic or high protein? We’ll help you find a diet plan best suited to you. Need some help to stay on track? Fear not. We’ve got tips, reminders & an intuitive food diary to help give you a hand. Top Lifesum Features: ● Diet plans & tips for any goal - lose weight & eat healthy ● Calorie counter with barcode scanner for easy food tracking ● Macro tracker - see your daily nutrition & calories WEIGHT LOSS & DIET PLANS Take our test to discover which plan best suits your schedule and lifestyle. From low carb to keto diet and everything in between, we have the right plan for you and your weight loss goals. FOOD DIARY & MACRO TRACKER The macro tracker ensures you reach the right type of energy composition to reach your recommended intake. Simply scan barcodes for calories and nutrition information, or enter manually. RECIPES & MEAL PLANNER Healthy recipes help you stick to your meal plan. Explore ketogenic recipes to beat the sugar cravings or search for keto ideas for snacks to eat. You also get daily feedback to keep you in the right mindset and help you lose weight. Download Lifesum now and get healthier today! Lifesum integrates with HealthKit, so you can export nutrition and exercise data from Lifesum to HealthKit, and import fitness data and weight and body measurements from HealthKit to Lifesum. For extended features such as specialised diets and detailed nutrition information, and to sync with fitness apps such as Moves, Nokia Health, FitBit, Jawbone, Endomondo and Runkeeper, get the Lifesum Premium membership. Three different Lifesum Premium Subscriptions (3,6 & 12 months): 3 months cost $21.99 
6 months cost $29.99
 12 months cost $44.99 Lifesum Premium Subscription: The purchase will be charged to your iTunes account The subscription will be auto-renewed 24 hours prior to it running out Manage your subscription from User Settings in iTunes after purchasing. Cancel the auto-renewing subscription from there at anytime. Terms and Privacy Policy:


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Lifesum: Diet & Food Tracker app reviews

  • The best tracking app out there 4/5

    By hmtz333
    I’ve tried loose it and my fitness pal. I went ahead and went premium for this one so I can see grams of protein. Like the other apps, data for food isn’t 100% accurate but it’s good enough. Also like other apps, with premium you can see grams of protein, carbs, etc; but if you want to see vitamins and minerals you’re out of luck. This is the cleanest, most elegant of the tracking apps out there m. I appreciate it. The diet plans are ok, but the protein amounts are cray. My dr told me protein for me could range between 20 something and 70 g per day. I’ve tried different diet plans in this app and they all tell me I should have 30-45g of protein per meal - basically twice what my dr directed me to eat and the equivalent of 1/4-1/3lb of beef at every meal. I am not a body builder and that’s a lot of protein for me!!!! The meal ratings are a cute idea, but I never eat 45g of protein per meal so I always get messages that I’m off track. It’s a little demotivational. However this is still the best diet app out there.
  • Pretty, but all the features require premium upgrade 3/5

    By Staerskye
    So far I like the layout and the user friendly nature of this app. It’s easy to use and it has a nice aesthetic. The versatility of this app separates it from other fitness apps. However I wish it was more clear on which features come with the free version and which features are premium. I understand that the developer is trying to encourage people to upgrade (the price seems reasonable) but I’ve realized that almost all of the features listed in the description are premium features. I wish I had been told upfront what I can do in the free version rather than having a popup telling me I’ve encountered a premium feature as I’m touring the app. As many of the highlights of the app are premium features (barcode scanning, almost all the diet plans, the custom recipes, etc) the app does nothing beyond track calories in its free version and I have no way of knowing if the extra features are worth the money (and reading some of the reviews convince me that the extra features don’t run as well as I would like for a paid service). I’ll stick to my fitness pal.
  • SUPER Helpful! 5/5

    By lolayjay
    I had been trying for an entire YEAR to lose the (I call it) “Happy” weight from my marriage. I found this app & started tracking my meals & I noticed that I was getting better about not impulsively eating because I was a little hungry. I’ve also gotten better about making sure I drink enough water with the help from Lifesum! One thing, I LOVE the idea of implementing friends into the mix. But I think it should be more than just individual posts & sharing recipes. I think you should be able to go to your friend’s page & look & see how their day is going! I’ve been going thru this healthy journey with my sister & we both think it would be beneficial to compare & contrast what each of us are doing in the app. Just some constructive criticism from your local Virgo. Much love!
  • Charging to adjust macros? 2/5

    By crimsonlovesyou
    Y tho? Very disappointing from you guys. If you are going to compete with My Fitness Pal, you need to have the same basic features free as they do.
  • Limited food or recipes 2/5

    By LJ Blue
    Great looking ap, but you can't add your own food or recipes. You also can't add recipes by clicking on the heart unless you by the ap
  • Premium Pricing. 3/5

    By rauhlwitdrew
    The app is great in itself, but in order to make it more accessible and reasonable, instead of charging the full price for a subscription to Lifesum premium at once (i.e. $44.99), simply just charge the basic price ($3.75/month). It’d be more preferable to make recurring payments of that small amount and be able to cancel your subscription at any time, rather than cancelling your subscription and losing an entire $45 for an app.
  • I find this app repugnant 1/5

    By toleXcore
    I downloaded this app and took the quiz to find my “best” meal plan and it told me to fast for two days. Telling people to not eat is NOT healthy. I find this app repugnant. The “Nutritional Advisor” said “when you befriend your hunger, you can lose weight without changing your lifestyle”. What??!! If this is really what you are telling people and saying it is healthy you should rethink your entire life. I would downvote this app if I could.
  • meh 2/5

    By kkids26
    good app but i can’t add it to my apple health
  • Changing macro levels is premium now 3/5

    By In Omnia
    Today I deleted lifesum and downloaded my fitness pal. I didn't want to. I like lifesum much more as it has a nicer user interface and minimal clutter. It is pleasing to the organized eye. The reason is when I went to start food tracking again, I wasn't able to change my macro percentages unless I switched to premium. I used to be able to change this no problem with the free one, and was so shocked I decided to switch immediately. Changing macro levels should be no different than changing your calories. Fix it lifesum! I would much rather use your app, but I will not be paying for it.
  • Doesn’t support family share 1/5

    By whatsupwuththat
    I purchased this for my daughter on my device because it says that it supports family sharing up to 6 people. This is false. It is single use only. Now I paid the $45 for the year and she can’t even access it.
  • Not that helpful 2/5

    By heidiburnstoast
    While the app looks great and has a wide variety of recipes, it is essentially just another tracker app. I think the claim that it can help you plan meals is pretty misleading. It is true that you can collect recipes into favorites, but (unless Im using the app wrong) there is no way to create meals for the week and to generate shopping lists from there. You have to go into each recipe to find out what ingredients to use. I can find the same recipes by searching keto sites and I can track my fitness through my fitness watch. I signed up for three months but unless it suddenly becomes a helpful meal planner I wont be renewing. Considering asking for a refund.
  • This app is great 👍 5/5

    By BenjaminGaming360
    So I woke up one morning, realized I wanted to lose weight, so I downloaded an app that my friend told me about, and that was this app. The day I got it I felt motivated to eat healthier because I could see how much I was eating way better than I originally could. I even tested the app myself and the calorie counts are very accurate. If you want to keep track of what and how much you eat I definitely recommend this app!
  • Very friendly app 5/5

    By Marinaoo7
    I love this app, absolutely user friendly! Downloads my workouts very easily, never had a problem unlike with other apps. Easy to find foods to track and delicious recipes. Strongly suggest, worth the price!
  • Big fan! But can always improve :) 4/5

    By NurseMomCrafter
    I love this app! It makes starting a Keto diet super easy. It scans barcodes so well, has so many foods in its database. I love that you can adjust the measurements of foods, ie grams ounces tbsp etc, so you can track accurately. Here are my suggestions for improvement: - You can’t edit a meal or recipe in your favorites or delete it once created. Sometimes I add a recipe, decide I don’t like the macros so I don’t make it- I want to be able to delete it. OR I’ll input a recipe for 10 servings, then once I’m making it I’ll realize that it’s better as 8 servings, but I can’t adjust it in the app. Then I have to remember to do some weird calculations to input the correct amount into my daily intake record. Hint hint Lifesum, you should include these edits in your next update, please :)
  • It’s Ok 3/5

    By aneaton
    I’ve lost 12 pounds following the Ketogenic Medium plan from Lifesum. It is by far my favorite tracking app, however, I’ve recently switched back to another app. I do a lot of my own cooking, using recipes from internet sites. The other app makes the input of recipe data much more simple and less time consuming then Lifesum. I was spending too much time putting in every ingredient to get an accurate count. If Lifesum ever gets this feature I’ll definitely be back!
  • Food listings are pretty much all inaccurate and a PAIN 3/5

    By Fb messenger hater
    So in general this app is great. It’s beautiful! It’s fast, it doesn’t crash, and it’s also motivational. My biggest problem with it is with one very important aspect of functionality - tracking your food. Essentially when you’re inputting a new food the system is unfamiliar with, it’s really difficult to set the portions. You’re given the option to use weight, or a cup, a “standard serving” (whatever that is, but it’s a defined amount, not just the “recommended serving” that’s on the box) or to choose your own serving amount (so you can say that one ear of corn is a serving, for example). The problem with this is that most foods don’t break down their nutritional information by cup, it’s by the recommended serving. So for example, let’s take a can of black beans. A “recommended serving” is 1/2 cup, and is 100 calories. But there are 3.5 servings per container. This means that I have to do the math and figure out the multiplied nutritional information of EVERYTHING. It’s not so annoying to double 100 calories, but it’s ridiculous for foods that aren’t nice round numbers - I don’t want to have to use a calculator to figure out the nutritional information from an app that could just as easily have a drop down to say “and there are how many servings in this box?” It’s annoying on an individual level but when you scale up it becomes really problematic. When you use the barcode to scan an item, three possible things can happen. The first is that a user has entered this food, and you can edit the nutritional information. The second is that Lifesum has “verified” the food which means you can’t change it, and the third is that you can enter it yourself. The problem with the first one is that often people will get annoyed by how impossible it is to customize the serving and will just say “1 cup” is whatever the recommended serving is. So for example, the recommended serving of corn meal is 1/4 cup. But somebody put it in all the recommended nutritional info as being “1 cup” so if you’re not really careful and don’t double check values, you can end up thinking that corn meal has 4x fewer calories than it really does. This becomes a super problem when we get to foods that are verified. Because they’re verified, you can’t change them. But verified foods have this problem too! Take, for example, Peanut Butter & Co. Crunch Time peanut butter. The recommended serving is 2tbsp which is 180 calories. But the Lifesum verified listing says that a serving is 1 tbsp at 180 calories. And since it’s “verified” I can’t even change it. What’s the point of tracking if THE COMPANY can’t even get it right? Even putting in a new food when the barcode doesn’t exist in the system is annoying because it won’t determine how good it is for you unless you have ALL the nutritional information in there. Even stuff that’s listed as “optional”. And that, again, requires doing math to figure out how much fat is “unsaturated” when you’ve already put in how much “total fat” and “saturated fat” like..... why can’t it just do the subtraction for us. And then if you do the math wrong, you’ll get an error saying that the values you put in must be wrong so it’s clear that the app is calculating stuff anyway, so it’s not like it’s not built to do math or something. Basically it seems like it’s not built for American users or the FDA standards of representing nutritional info but at this point it feels like what I’m entering doesn’t actually reflect what I’ve eaten, which is totally ridiculous for an app primarily designed to track your food.
  • Charged without knowledge 1/5

    By Still_Hangry
    My complaint is that this app just charged me $50 for a year subscription! I never even saw any subscription options. If I did, I certainly never would have picked a year. Thanks for making me overdraft...
  • Highly Recommend 5/5

    By meggravy
    I never write reviews for apps, but this one is an exception. I’ve been going to the gym a lot lately and wanted to start to balance out my food calories and burned calories. I downloaded LifeSum and MyFitnessPal just to see which one helped me better - LifeSum exceeded my expectations by a long shot. The layout is aesthetically pleasing and super easy to use. To be fair, it might take some time to get a hang of logging certain things, but I keep finding new features and I love it! As a rule I never buy premium versions of apps (with the exception of Spotify) but I bought the premium version of LifeSum and I don’t regret a penny of it. This has helped me out so much - I highly recommend the Clean Eating Plan, or the Keto Easy Plan (even if you aren’t keto — I’m not, but I am trying to cut down on carbs and Keto Easy helps so much). I love this app
  • Ok 2/5

    By likestarlite
    The app looks nice and seems helpful, but I'm running into issues with inputting food. I found the food I wanted to add when searching, but it didn't have the right number of calories. So I decided to manually input my food instead. But it only let me put in the calories and nothing else, so I'm on track for my calorie count for the day, but all the other nutrients are lacking. It also won't let me go back and edit or delete anything, so I'm stuck with the mistakes.
  • Review. I was very disappointed with this app 2/5

    By its taken because its me
    I deleted the app because all I got was two bills.
  • Misleading 2/5

    By Bruknikol
    I purchased the premium because it showed the personalized meal plans. However, the meal plans only change how your input is tracked. I thought it would actually give me a meal plan and what to eat and recipes for how to make it. If I wanted to simply track my food I would have stuck with MyFitnessPal since it’s been around forever and many foods are already logged in there.
  • Instantly deleted 1/5

    By Screwthisnicknamecrap
    I’ve been curious to see what this whole “diet” thing was and this app popped up on Pinterest so I figured what the hell, let’s give it a shot. Instantly deleted it. I’m not giving you a dime if your company doesn’t have the common curtesy to let us actually use the app before hand. You get to look at one recipe before it starts forcing you to pay to look at more. Red flag #1. This company doesn’t even offer a free trial - red flag #2. There’s nothing worse than money hungry companies and I have no use for you. And Red Flag #3 is the whole micro transaction thing. Seriously. Go ask EA Games how well ~*their*~ decision to charge micro transactions worked out for them. (Hint: it didn’t)
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By bkmegan
    I’ve been using the app for a week on the strict keto diet. Pros: the app is easy to navigate and integrates seamlessly with the step counter in my iPhone’s health app. I’ve never done consistent meal tracking because it’s a pain to enter all the foods, and then nutrition info on top of that. Lifesum makes it easy because it has a huge library of foods, but... Cons: the library is wildly inconsistent with nutrition info. It looks like there is some self reported stuff in there that’s inaccurate (fat/calorie/carb counts way off) and therefore throws off all your nutrition tracking. I’ve started looking through multiple entries of the same item and comparing against web info before logging my food. I noticed there’s a label for lifesum-verified food. It would be helpful if these items got sorted to the top of the search field instead of being mixed in with the rest.
  • Glitch 4/5

    By SolinTheSecond
    When adding exercise, the app shows one their history in order to make tracking faster. However, if one chooses from past options, the calories burned are lower. As a result of that, one has to look up the exercise anyway in order to get the proper calorie count. Surely this is a glitch?
  • More workouts 4/5

    By hernaisjazzy
    This is a good app, but it doesn’t have workouts like mountain climbers when you try to add a workout to your log. Please add more workouts!!
  • Useless unless you pay 1/5

    By crinkster54
    I’ll be honest. The original reason I downloaded this app what is to integrate it with the Walgreens app in order to earn bonus points at that store. Once I open the app, I found it useless. I took all kinds of quizzes which were to determine my eating habits and to suggest diets. I can’t imagine why eating vegetables watch a week or fruits just three times a week would indicate a balanced diet. Then it offered to give me suggestions. After every quiz, in order to get the answers or suggestions or meal plans or diet suggestions I was directed to sign up to get the paid version. This app is a complete rip off. I don’t have to take the time to go onto my phone just to keep track of how many glasses of water I drink! I have chronic kidney disease and was looking for a few other suggestions. Since I have to pay for everything here, I’ll stick to the FREE Davita app. It’s easy to set your calorie goals (along with protein and other nutritional content). You don’t have to have CKD to use Davita, either. Their food database is enormous. Lifesum (free) is useless in conjunction with the Walgreens app.
  • Not true 1/5

    By Cucpakeslove
    The app is free but the plans are not!! Totally felt miss leaded
  • Lifesum 4/5

    By Ben371
    First of all, amazing app. It has really helped me start gaining weight. But, I wish they would show your progress better. Maybe showing if you are on track for how much weight you have lost(or gained) each week so we know if we need to eat more or less. Also, it said that “Dave’s Killer Bread; Good seed” is unhealthy, but I don’t see why at all. I eat it everyday and it lowers my score because its “unhealthy”. But all in all, really good app
  • Deleted 2/5

    By Colombiansoul324
    Deleted because I can’t set my own calorie goals and I don’t want premium and it doesn’t even say if premium will allow you to do that. Even the free version of my fitness pal will allow you to set at least your own calorie goal and they give recipes for free. I don’t care about the recipes but I would like the basics of setting your on goals for calories, fat, protein, and carbs.
  • Major lack of thorough accuracy 1/5

    By Shakti Devi
    First, there’s no way to connect with a support team or person. I’m not able to deactivate a plan so it’s changing my daily Caloric expectations, which I don’t want. And, I am also trying to change the protein, carbs and fat ratio for the meals that I create, because their system is not calculating anything correctly. There’s no way to change that, so what’s the point? Now I have to go through the inconvenient process of canceling and getting my money back.
  • Great app that’s sure to get even better 5/5

    By Deekajane
    Ive been using Lifesum for a couple months now. Honestly I don’t use it everyday (I don’t track on weekends) but I love it! I love the look of it and the fun and encouraging tone. Love being able to see my macros front and center and seeing how my meal is looking on carbs, fat and protein. Two edits: as a previous review stated, notifications could use some work. Don’t need to weigh myself every single day, and also don’t need notifications for things I’ve already done (like log breakfast, etc.). Also get a note at 6 asking how my dinner was and I don’t eat til about 7:30 bc of my commute (this notification reminds me how much I hate it!! lol). Also, I’m a vegetarian, so I got the app to track my protein intake. So wish there were more usable vegetarian recipes (creamy avocado pasta might be delicious but... where the protein yo?), and that vegetarian was just straight up just one of the diet plans. For the record, I use the Simple Dieting setting and have not lost any weight (maybe it’s that not tracking on weekends thing... 🤔). Anyway, overall I am super happy with Lifesum and love the app 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
  • I would give it no stars! 1/5

    By neveragain987
    I downloaded the app and attempted to log then said I had the wrong email and said I needed to log in again. I couldn’t log in because I couldn’t go back a page so I needed to delete the app and reload it. Once I was in, I tried to sign up for premium 7 times!!!! It kept saying premium could not be purchased at this time! I deleted the am and AM NOT reinstalling it again!
  • Helpful but limited 3/5

    By imnottryinganothernickname
    I like how easy it is to plug in calories and exercise - extensive data list. I’ve not found anything not in there in the 2 weeks I’ve used it. However it keeps pushing to buy the upgraded version. App should give a sample of what the upgrade offers. I’m curious to know what the different smiley faces mean but enough for that price. So the smiley faces are ignored. I am disappointed the recipes aren’t really available on the free app either.
  • Good but could use work 3/5

    By whitneyxmasbean
    I enjoy the app and the interface but my allotted calories for the day seem to change frequently, without adding any exercise, and my Fitbit is connect but will not sync which is the most frustrating of al. The calorie and nutrition entry could use a bit of a cleanup and the barcode scanner as well. Overall i genuinely do enjoy the app, the diet plans and the recipes but I also feel like I’m working with a beta app.
  • Motivational 4/5

    By Mckayla10210
    I downloaded this app because a had vacation coming up where I would get to see my family after Lamont 13 years. I love the water tips because it applies to the problems I’ve been having. It’s also shows you the right and wrongs of dieting and whether what you’re eating is good or bad. I highly recommend this app.
  • Recipes 4/5

    By Marks Iowa
    App looks great so far. It would be great if you could subtract ingredients from populated recipes to tweak intake needs. For example, some recipes have too high of carbs, if you could swipe an ingredient out and re-evaluate that would be awesome.
  • Easy & Helpful, Needs Independent Food Scanning 5/5

    By Tori516
    I’ve tried many apps like this, I always got annoyed and deleted them. Lifesum is really easy and user friendly, I actually WANT to use it. I just wish you could independently scan food items outside of adding them to a meal. Like if you’re shopping you can scan it and see what the rating is to help you make better food choices while you’re getting groceries.
  • Only plan that's free is classic i 1/5

    By Keye86
    I brought it to manage my keto lifestyle after seeing it on Facebook then it told me I had to buy a subscription to use the services. I would mind if I had a chance to try it out first. But that's not an option and I'm not in the business of giving money away
  • Very difficult to find food 1/5

    By Stephaanieex3
    Even for large retailers like Trader Joe’s. I think more time should be spent making logging food easier. I find it a bit lazy to make the users in charge of the database, and as we can all see it isn’t working out. If other apps managed to do it I’m sure lifesum can too. And as I’m paying to use the app I think resources should be delegated to this.
  • Issues with purchasing premium 4/5

    By zynca232
    This app has been really useful for me for tracking my calories and protein. It has a very clean layout and I’ve been using it for awhile. I’m trying to purchase premium though, and it’s just constantly stuck loading. I’ve reinstalled the app and everything. Is this a bug, or an issue on my end?
  • Best App Ever 5/5

    By Cibola16
    It cost a bit of money but it keeps you honest and does the counting for you. Great recipes and easy to add your own to get the nutritional info. Would really recommend !!
  • Sugar not taken into consideration 2/5

    By MiseesMules
    This would have been the perfect app. I cannot use it because while protein, carbs and fats are important, the most important thing is controlling sugar. I wish I would have looked Into it further before buying the subscription.
  • Great app but could improve one thing 4/5

    By Mikki!!!!
    Such a great app and more esthetically pleasing then using myfitnesspal although it would be extremely beneficial if the water settings allowed you to customize the Oz. Of your personal water bottle to track accurate water intake , I use a 40 oz bottle and it’s hard to track it accurately with the app. Otherwise this app is amazing.
  • Overall amazing 4/5

    By jadeycakes777
    Overall I think this app is amazing. I love the reminders and the weight tracker. I love the label scanning and entry capabilities. I love that you can track for different types of diets. Where I think this fell short is in the Keto diet tracking area. I track net carbs and yes it does track them to a certain degree. I occasionally buy low carb treats with three and under in the net carb department they are higher carbs but the majority of carbs are sugar alcohols which should be subtracted from the overall carbs just like fiber to get the net carb total. Like I said overall an amazing app just needs a little tweaking for net carbs to calculate correctly. I should add that I don’t buy apps but I did purchased this for the three month timeframe to try it out and will definitely be purchasing for the next time frame!
  • Ripped off 2/5

    By aimee4b
    Downloaded this and decided to go for the premium. Said it would be a monthly charge. Nope they charge the whole $ 44.99. Wouldn’t have got it if I had known.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Seymole
    The aesthetics of this app are great, as well as the functionality of it. I’ve used a lot of apps and food trackers, and the fact that this reminds me to drink water, gives me calorie goals for each meal and provides the option of following different diets, makes it easy and streamlined. The only thing I wish I could do is pay for one month at a time versus having to buy in 3, 6 or 12 month lumps.
  • Incorrect nutrition facts 2/5

    By katiegoneketo
    Beautiful UI, easy to use, but there is so much incorrect nutrition information that I have to manually track my macros anyway. It’s insane how wrong so many things are. Needs work, for sure.
  • LOST 50 LBS!!! 5/5

    By wmalderman
    I never ever write reviews but this one felt like a must. After I read the reviews and contemplated paying for the $40 yearly subscription, I did. The app and platform itself is simple and aesthetically pleasing, therefore I felt this app would hold me accountable better than I could hold myself accountable. Although I didn’t log food every day and only used a couple recipes, the “update your weight” button kept me motivated to weigh myself everyday and think more consciously about my intake. I also enjoy that my watch activity connects to the platform, adjusting my goal caloric intake based on my plan. After 4 months I am down 50 pounds and I’m not done yet. Thanks Lifesum!
  • Food choices have wrong numbers 4/5

    By Sanadon
    EDIT: the company reached out and showed me where I could change numbers that were put in by other people. They said I need to let them know about mistakes if the problem is on their side. I’ve learned how to put in my own recipes so this helps tremendously. I’m keeping this app as it’s been a better help to me than any of the others I’ve used. This app started out looking pretty good. But, when choosing my food choices, like the Carl’s Hr 1/3 lb lettuce wrap, it says it’s 166 calories. It’s way more than that. Carl’s Jr. Web site says it is 420 calories. So of course the other numbers are also wrong. I see why they don’t let you really look into the app... no one would purchase a subscription if they knew the numbers were wrong. I won’t be keeping my subscription once it runs out.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Getting beach ready
    I absolutely love the ease of this app. The Bella Twins from WWE, shared info about this app. Of course I thought , here goes - another celebrity endorsed product , but it’s a great food diary. The best part is that I can scan in my food items with the barcode scanner. I tried out the free app for a couple weeks and wasn’t bombarded by ads which I was very surprised about. This made me upgrade to the premium app because the makers “got it”. You can get more users when you don’t overwhelm users with ads . Thanks!!!

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