Lifesum: Diet & Macro Tracker

Lifesum: Diet & Macro Tracker

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Lifesum: Diet & Macro Tracker App

Your personal diet plan, food tracker, calorie counter & healthy recipes, all in one place. Reach your goals with Lifesum! Discover how tracking small habits can make a big difference & join millions on their journey to a healthier, happier you. Low carb, ketogenic or high protein? We’ll help you find a diet plan best suited to you. Need some help to stay on track? Fear not. We’ve got tips, reminders & an intuitive food diary to help give you a hand. Top Lifesum Features: ● Diet plans & tips for any goal - lose weight & eat healthy ● Calorie counter with barcode scanner for easy food tracking ● Macro tracker - see your daily nutrition & calories WEIGHT LOSS & DIET PLANS Take our test to discover which plan best suits your schedule and lifestyle. From low carb to keto diet and everything in between, we have the right plan for you and your weight loss goals. FOOD DIARY & MACRO TRACKER The macro tracker ensures you reach the right type of energy composition to reach your recommended intake. Simply scan barcodes for calories and nutrition information, or enter manually. RECIPES & MEAL PLANNER Healthy recipes help you stick to your meal plan. Explore ketogenic recipes to beat the sugar cravings or search for keto ideas for snacks to eat. You also get daily feedback to keep you in the right mindset and help you lose weight. Download Lifesum now and get healthier today! Lifesum integrates with HealthKit, so you can export nutrition and exercise data from Lifesum to HealthKit, and import fitness data and weight and body measurements from HealthKit to Lifesum. For extended features such as specialised diets and detailed nutrition information, and to sync with fitness apps such as Moves, Nokia Health, FitBit, Jawbone, Endomondo and Runkeeper, get the Lifesum Premium membership. Three different Lifesum Premium Subscriptions (3,6 & 12 months): 3 months cost $21.99 
6 months cost $29.99
 12 months cost $44.99 Lifesum Premium Subscription: The subscription period will automatically renew unless the auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. To turn this function off, simply go to your iTunes account and turn off auto-renew. Renewal payments will differ depending on subscription and pricing at the time of renewal. Your iTunes account will be charged when the purchase is confirmed. Terms and Privacy Policy:

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Lifesum: Diet & Macro Tracker app reviews

  • premium 2/5

    By CasandraMaizon
    I’ve had this app on and off for about 2 years now and i’ve always loved it. But i bought premium recently and every time i clime on my plan it kick me out of the app☹️i hope this wasn’t a waste of money i do enjoy the app.
  • While I do love the app...there are some fixes that could be made 4/5

    By Ptness247
    While I am a long time user of MFP, mainly because it was free and very easy to use, I switched over to Lifesum to try something new. The app layout is very pleasing to the eye and I enjoy the meal ratings by the use of the smiley face, quite cute. I think the barcode scanner by far outweighs the efficiency of any other barcode scanner I have used on any food tracking app. With that said, here are a few things I would like to see updated/fixed/enabled: 1) logging on multiple devices seems to be an issue. Any time I log on my iPad and then try to view/log on my iPhone, there is always an issue with the two not syncing and my log being all out of whack. Example: my iPad will show that I hit my macros spot on while my iPhone will then show that I am over / under and any of the macros if not all of them. Would really like to see this glitch fixed. 2) the ability to enter in specific macros into your nutrition goals instead of the slider giving you only percentages. This is such a small option, I feel, that should be available because not everyone is using a percentage and some people, like myself, would prefer to be able to enter in specific numbers because I receive specific macro adjustments from a coach and not percentages. 3) more meals. Not everyone eats the typical mid-western eating schedule of breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack. I sometimes like to have more than 4 meals a day, depending on my day, to disperse my macros and the app currently inhibits this from being done. The app is pretty great but these 3 things would make it much more enjoyable for me.
  • Crombie 3/5

    By crazy keto
    Need to double check nutrition information there is no way green salad has no fiber
  • Awesome Tool 5/5

    By Pg253
  • I do not recommend spending money on the full version. 1/5

    By Vale1105
    I paid for the full version of the application for one month, it was written in the application that my subscription ends on February 20. I did not want to renew my subscription, because the functions of a paid application are not worth the money. I wanted to cancel my subscription a couple of days before the end, but I was withdrawn on January 14th! In customer support, they was answered that this is not their concern and need to contact the app store. So I do not advise using the paid version.
  • Best nutrient tracker! Buggy but I still love it 5/5

    By steveo74
    After trying MFP and Lose It, I was going to give up. But Lifesum FINALLY works to help me track macronutrients (protein, carbs, fat) simply snd easily. It's much better designed than the competition as others have noted. That said there are some weird bugs right now in daily details it's showing my Monday stats on Tuesday... And yesterday it wasn't totalling my food to show the entire meal until I deleted all the items and re-added them.... Oh, and notifications have never worked for me at all (yes I double checked both my settings in the app and the iphone's settings and reset them multiple times.... ) I hope they get a handle on the bugs but realistically... It's serving the purpose. I feel a million times more informed about my food, and I am making progress towards my goals. Thanks Lifesum!
  • Great app, but I have somethings I wish it had... 4/5

    By Ethanbn
    I love this app, but I wish it had more water sizes. I use the 8 oz, which is perfect for me, but for people who have a water bottle that is 24 oz, then there kinda stuck. I also think it would be nice to have a warning sign, or something when you have more calories over. Like one time ate 887 calories over, and I haven’t had dinner yet. I was still kinda hungry, and I didn’t know if it was bad to eat that much over, because there’s no warning sign or anything. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t have the premium version or what, but other than those things I love the app!!!!
  • New user 3/5

    By drahonslaya
    I just started using this app, trying to really kick off my dieting. I like organization when I diet and i just wish you could more closely edit your planner from day to day. How it is set up now- you have to scroll through all of the days and once you finish one day you have to scroll alllllll the way back down to the next day. Also, not sure if it’s just a diet they are trying to promote, but no matter what answers I choose when taking the quiz I always get the Keto Burn. I don’t necessarily have a problem with this diet, I just would like to see what other diets I could choose from that would also be recommended. If I am just overlooking how to do this please let me know! Other than these two things I am very impressed with the app and how affordable it is!
  • Pretty easy to use 4/5

    By jvslifesj
    This app seems easier to use than other similar apps. Only problem I have is constant pop-ups asking me to subscribe to more premium programs.
  • Bugs Everywhere 2/5

    By kpotvin
    I would love this app if it didn’t have so many bugs that reset weights that you have changed and say you are on a different day in your daily reviews. The app is broken as hell. I pay for premium but wish I could take it back because of how buggy this app is.
  • I luv it! 5/5

    By Gram-Gram5
    This app is spot on. It allows you to keep good track of what you’re eating. The water part is the only drawback. You have no option of changing the amount-say to 12 oz. instead of 8.
  • Misleading 1/5

    By ms pauly
    Downloaded this app looking for a keto tracker. You can’t get the keto settings unless you pay. Waste of time. Deleted
  • Bugs,Bugs,Bugs 1/5

    By arberx
    Tried to sign up 3 times with email, was stuck in an infinite loading screen, 3 times.
  • Plans won’t open- app quits 3/5

    By Little boo boo 👍🏻
    I just added the Premium option for the Keto plan. When I hit plans, it goes to my home screen/app quits. Tried multiple trouble shooting steps- nothing. This is the whole purpose of paying for premium. Disappointed. The rest of the app is user friendly and well done. 3 stars and I’ll keep using it.
  • Please change this !!! 4/5

    By Ameliay
    I’m only give four stars because everything is perfect in the app EXCEPT for the fact that you’re not allowed to change your carb intake! I don’t know why they would lock that SINGLE feature. It says pay for premium to be able to edit your macros but when you do you can only change your proteins and fat. I’m so annoyed with this because it’s saying I need to intake way too many carbs for my ketogenic diet. Please PLEASE unlock this feature ASAP, this feature alone might make me cancel my newly paid subscription.
  • User friendly! Would like way to edit my created recipes 4/5

    By goldielocks42
    Because a lot of the nutrient facts of searched foods are inacurate, i often need to input recipes all over again. Would give 5 stars otherwise!
  • I would like a refund. 1/5

    By Shawnleem1027
    I didn’t realize that the subscription would charge me for the entire year. I realize that it’s my own fault. I requested a refund and was denied. $48 just seems like a lot for an app.
  • No me registra 1/5

    By Gabonvidia
    He intentado por horas. Pero no me deja ingresar mi peso para hacer el registro.
  • Misleading all options except basic calorie count are premium 1/5

    By 80sfreak
    I downloaded this app looking for a way to track keto macros against my allotment . Unfortunately unless you pay for premium it doesn’t allow you to select/track anything other than Classic Dieting.
  • Overall good 4/5

    By No breasts
    This app is good but has no place to account for breastfeeding moms.
  • Very helpful 5/5

    By Prat ham
    This app has a vast database of different foods and it is easy to use and really helps me to keep track of my calories and carbs and also can auto track exercise.
  • Good but needs some work 2/5

    By Trixy_bixy
    I’ve been using this app for awhile now and it’s got some really nice features! Beautiful layout and way of showing progress. However I do have a big problem with the “premium” content that you have to pay for. Without paying for the premium, this app is just meh. It seems like every time there’s something that could potentially further help you, you have to pay premium for it. You see that they offer specific diet plans and all this great stuff but that’s only if you pay premium for it. If you aren’t willing to pay the price, then this app is basically just a calorie and exercise recorder. That’s my one issue with this app. If more things were available to those not paying, then I would’ve enjoyed this app more.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Brobeck9
    The entire app pushes keto plans. I’m a vegetarian/ runner. I eat carbs 🙄
  • Love layout, hate plans. 2/5

    By smadsen1048
    I love the layout of the app and all the colors and designs, but I hate that we have to choose a plan. I’m on a specific medically prescribed diet and I eat a specific number of grams of my macros and none of the plans fit. If I’m paying almost $50 for this app, I should be able to design my own plan. My free app lets me do this!!
  • Visually appealing - pushy on the Keto diet 4/5

    By Rums223
    I’ve used other food tracking apps and have lost interest quickly because it wasn’t engaging enough. This app keeps things appealing and so far has had all the food I’ve eaten so far. I am dropping 1 star because it has been very pushy about the Keto diet. I’ve gotten emails, taken the test (which does not give an option to choose if you’re a vegetarian) and it’s always the Keto diet.
  • Love this app! 4/5

    By gebbie1990
    I’ve tried a lot of tracking apps and Lifesum is by far my favorite. I like the challenges to boost my weekly score. My favorite part is that it teaches me the pros and cons of the food I’m eating! There are a bunch of different plans to chose from and a simple quiz to help you find the best plan for your lifestyle. One thing I’d add is a journal or note taking portion. Journaling about my own personal weight loss helps me keep myself on track and my goals in mind. It would be nice if I could take notes right in the app.
  • Good concept but buggy app 3/5

    By _LMq&
    It's very difficult to find and calculate many of the foods, even the ones with recipe suggestions. It's not consistent with measuring, frequently making you select Kcal versus grams, tablespoon, cups, etc. A few bugs also require hard closing the app such as adding suggested recipes into your tracker. That's a pretty basic feature of the application and should be fixed promptly. The sync with my iWatch is seamless and the charts/suggestions are kinda helpful (except the smiley faces could really use definitions). Overall the app is just okay in my honest opinion. 3:5 stars
  • Can’t sign up 1/5

    By makingmealittleuoset
    I’m trying to make an account but it’s not loading
  • Every button leads to a premium link 2/5

    This app is more difficult than it needs to be and every time you press any button at all it’s a pop up telling you to go premium.
  • Please Fix The Apple Watch Complication 1/5

    By P-Wunder
    Everything else about this app is great. But the Apple Watch complication does not update reliably. Even deep pressing the watch and pushing refresh does nothing for the complication. The only way I’ve found is to switch to a different complication and then switch back. I’m using Apple Watch Series 4 with the latest OS. Bottom right complication on the info graph modular face.
  • Why? 3/5

    By MomFabi
    Every time I want to create a meal the application is closed there, everything is great!
  • Ads ads ads! 1/5

    By fodery
    Every thing I clicked on was on ad! No, thanks!
  • Recipe builder tracker 3/5

    By hortaji
    I wish there was a way to input a recipe with amounts and serving sizes so that it wouldn’t be as much of a guessing game on how much of the 2 tbsp of butter was part of your dishes out amount. Or am I missing a section of the app? Other than that, the app has been great so far, but I’m only 4 days in.
  • Just love it. 5/5

    By DaBronx-718
    Love this app. Very happy with it.
  • Clean Eating could use improvement 3/5

    By misterhickory
    I got this application as a vegan/plant based eater. The clean eating intrigued me, but I’m disappointed to find there is no meal plan for it, just recipes. I also find it disappointing that recipes are usually imbalanced or off track, even though they are suggested from the app. I’d like to see balanced, on track recipes, so that I can have an idea of how to eat better. It seems to be more favorable for those interested in a ketogenic diet. Please try to create a clean eating meal plan, and recipes that are balanced and make the system happy. Overall because of this I don’t think I will continue premium subscription.
  • Best weight loss app !! 5/5

    By jellybean2117
    Had an amazing experience with this app in the past and starting using it again now after gaining mommy weight
  • Can’t make an account 1/5

    By WolfeMasters
    After trying to sign up and granting FaceBook access, the app just sits and asks if I want to sign up with FB or an email. Restarting, deleting and redownloading, and just plain waiting doesn’t work. The app won’t respond.
  • Premium Features Not Working 1/5

    By ❤❤❤❤🙆🙆🙆🙆
    I recently paid to use the premium version on my phone and none of the premium features are working. I paid a lot of money for the features not to work, such as the camera, improvements for my life score etc. Everytime I click on it it says download premium, yet when I click on the option I have it says I already downloaded it. I also have already been charged so I am not very happy. If this issue could be fixed ASAP that would be great.
  • The app is great but it needs some work 3/5

    By Khadijah1993
    I’m on the keto burn plan and i like the app a lot, but there are some points that needs to be fixed. First, the recommended daily meal plan in the keto burn have more carbs and or protein or calories than i need, so if i go with the recommended meals i would be exceeding my limits of carbs or protein, the recipes are great i like them but they don’t suit my plan. I mean i can choose only one and plan the rest of the meals of the day myself. Second, sometimes when i log food it counts more carbs/protein/calories then i have to close the app and open it again or delete the food and re-log it again. And the numbers keep changing inaccurately sometimes. Third, i can’t decide the amount of water in my glass or bottle my self because the bottles we have in my country are either 330ml or 600ml. Other than that the app is really nice and i hope you work more on it.
  • 😓 1/5

    By abamhls
    I love this app so much and I’ve been using it for the past few years and I’ve decided I wanted to change my macros It’s not necessary to buy premium to lose weight and track your macros, but I guess it is to change them now I need to count pennies so I’m going to have to go to another app with a free version that’ll let me achieve my goals 😓 love this app thought without premium, it’s just frustrating
  • Great app, but... 2/5

    By Paul Jakob White
    The calories, carbs, protein, and fat shared to the Apple Health app are rarely correct, In 2019 this is a basic and fundamental feature that should function correctly and be put front and center over pushing users to subscribe to their premium plan. Paying for an app that’s missing this basic functionality is criminal (hyperbolic I know). I’ve been using Lifesum for ages and this issue has been present from day one after Apple released the health app. As a secondary note: the Apple Watch complication and Watch app have stopped updating in the background without having to open the Watch app and force refresh. This has only been an issue in the latest two release and I trust it’s a temporary bug.
  • Lol 1/5

    By knfjbbuoöåååååååååååååå
    Mulle tulee vitun läski olo
  • You have to pay for the diets 2/5

    By JinGinJin
    I’ve been looking everywhere for an app that will give you free diet meals and I thought this one was the one, but it’s not. Don’t get me wrong if you want to be able to track your calories this app is great but other than that you basically can’t do much, unless of course if you pay for the meal plans🤷‍♀️
  • Over Charge 2/5

    By justbarbie99
    Watch what you sign up for, I signed up for monthly got charged 3 months. Cancelled after it’s up, I don’t need that hassle.
  • Lifechanging 5/5

    By odecker28
    So I will start out by saying, I did not mean to get the premium account for this app. BUT I am so grateful that I did (everything happens for a reason)!! This app is SO easy to use! They have recipes that are actually AMAZING! and easy to make (not with a million weird ingredients that you’ve never heard of lol) and it has this “smart camera” which you take a photo of your meal and it figures out the amount of calories, cholesterols, sugars, and so on!! GREAT FOR EATING OUT!! And I have lost 3 pounds and this is the first week!
  • no cancellation 1/5

    By bellelisabeth
    i can't cancel my account subscription ! please help. i do not want to be charged another year's worth if i'm not going to be using it!
  • No refund even after canceling within 24 hours. 1/5

    By Formertexan87
    I decided almost immediately that this app was not going to work for me so I canceled, on the app, as directed, within 24 hours. The charge was pending and is now posted to my card. This is ridiculous! And, of course, there’s no way to actually talk to a person to clear this up!
  • Spamming 1/5

    By Radu.Andrei
    Between 2 emails back to back and in-apps pop ups to upgrade , i didnt find time to log in my food
  • Misleading and unhelpful 1/5

    By CMR9837
    The app was very misleading about purchase options and overall I did not enjoy the fitness app. As a person who strictly tracks their diet, I found it to be actually inaccurate in many calculations.

Lifesum: Diet & Macro Tracker app comments

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