Lifesum: Healthy Eating

Lifesum: Healthy Eating

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  • Current Version: 16.10.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Lifesum AB
  • Compatibility: Android
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Lifesum: Healthy Eating App

Personalized nutrition and healthy eating at your fingertips. More than a calorie counter, Lifesum helps you adopt nutritious diets that fit your lifestyle and taste. Achieve your weight loss goals while building healthy eating habits for life. More than 50 million people use Lifesum to find motivation and inspiration in their health journey. We made food tracking easy so you can make more healthy choices for your body and mind. Put your well-being first with Lifesum’s innovative technology and expertise of doctors, nutritionists, and professional chefs. TOP LIFESUM FEATURES • Food diary with convenient barcode scanner • Calorie counter • Macro tracker (protein, carbs, and fats) and food rating • Water tracker • Diet plans for weight loss and body composition • Intermittent fasting plans • Meal plans with grocery lists to reduce stress • Integration with fitness trackers for in-depth health monitoring • Life Score test for personalized nutrition recommendations WEIGHT LOSS AND HEALTHY EATING Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or improve some of your eating habits, your nutrition plan should be all about supporting your personal goals. Find the right diet for your taste and lifestyle: • Keto diet / Low carb - to reduce carb intake. Comes in easy, medium, and strict • Mediterranean diet - to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables • High Protein diet – to build more muscle mass • Clean Eating diet – to eat more wholesome foods • Scandinavian diet – to increase fiber intake and healthy fats • Climatarian diet – to eat healthier for you and the Earth INTERMITTENT FASTING If you want to choose when you eat over what you eat, explore our Intermittent Fasting plans, and fill your eating windows with nutrient-dense and delicious foods. • 16:8 Morning fasting meal plan • 16:8 Evening fasting meal plan • 5:2 Fast 2 days per week • 6:1 Fast 1 day per week MEAL PLANS WITH COMPLETE GROCERY LISTS • Vegan for a week • Intermittent fasting • 3 Week Weight Loss • Sugar Detox • Keto Burn / Low carb • Paleo • Protein Weight Loss ALL YOU NEED FOR A CUSTOMIZED EXPERIENCE • Calorie counter, with the option to adjust your daily calorie goal and add/exclude calories burned through exercise. • Macro tracking and adjustable goals for carbs, protein, and fat intake. • Create and save your favorite foods, recipes, meals, and exercises. • Body measurement tracking (weight, waist, body fat, chest, arm, BMI). • A library of thousands of recipes with smart filters for quick results. • A weekly Life Score based on nutrition and exercise measurements, so you understand where you are and what's next to build the healthiest version of you. • Sync with health and fitness apps like Apple Health, Fitbit, Runkeeper, and Withings to track your steps and exercise in real time. Lifesum is free to download and use with limited features. For the full Lifesum experience, we offer 1-month, 3-month, and annual Premium auto-renewing subscriptions. Payment is charged to your credit card through your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription renews automatically unless you turn off auto-renewal in iTunes account settings or cancel your subscription at least 24 hours prior to the end of the subscription period. View our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy:

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Lifesum: Healthy Eating app reviews

  • Scanner 4/5

    By spacity girl
    The scanner is not always accurate.
  • Overall great app 4/5

    By appuserfrreal
    Love the app more than others I’ve used.especially the macro breakdown . Only cons- need more options for food entries. Also should be easier to adjust portions to tsp/tbsp/cup or single piece, etc- using weight and “serving” not easy enough.
  • Success without pain! 5/5

    By Scarletyankee
    Thoroughly enjoying the flexibility of the menus and the ability to create my own meal. The exercise tracker has gotten me up and going. Also enjoying the water tracker, encouraging me to drink more water. Thank you for giving me the boost I needed!
  • So helpful 5/5

    By LemonLady16
    The Lifesum app is one that I have had and deleted a couple of times, but my most recent download has been so helpful for me to be more mindful of what I am eating and how much water I am drinking. The barcode scanning feature is a super time-saver and the bank of foods to choose from has grown so much since the last time I used the app. This version is one that I think I will use for a long time, though it would be nice to be able to create a meal without paying for the premium version.
  • Not what it used to be 3/5

    By Nyle Matthews
    I’ve enjoyed Lifesum for years but whoever changed the designed failed. It use to be so fun looking and I loved the water and characters but now it’s so “elegant” it’s so unappealing. I love the app but hate the new design.
  • Great app- sucky business 3/5

    By RandaRenee
    I like the app, but making the option to exclude exercise calories a premium feature is a little ridiculous. You don’t care about inclusivity you just care about $$$.
  • Had to get charged $100 & $50 and wait for refund 4/5

    By riribrewton
    Don’t purchase the 50% off subscription through the app. I had to pay $109 then go to the subscription tab on the Apple Store to change it to the 50% yearly subscription. I don’t think it would be able to put a link saying “50% off” when it’s actually just the full price. Luckily I noticed what price I was actually charged. Use the App Store and scroll through subscription options to find your best deal, so you don’t have to get double charged and await a refund from apple. Otherwise great app, just needs to correct its subscription advertisement.
  • . 5/5

    By beifnsufksnf
  • Last update 5/5

    By Вик323
    Very cute pics! App starts faster.
  • Great but one flaw 4/5

    By Kingtiger93
    I love this app for tracking but the one major flaw is that when I click “same as yesterday” it only adds one item. It’s a minor glitch but an annoying one.
  • Pretty with room for improvement 2/5

    By sajale605
    Pros: aesthetically pleasing can see macros easily without subscription user friendly, mostly meal/day ratings are surprisingly helpful Cons: can’t easily move food between meals can’t see sugar without subscription can’t change water intake intervals worst part: servings are super inaccurate and all over the place. unless you know exactly how many ounces you consumed of something, you have to deal with the wildly inaccurate default amounts that make no sense.
  • Can’t change calories 2/5

    By ashley294
    I think it’s quite frankly a bit of a scam to not allow changing the daily calorie intake as a free feature. My maintenance intake is around 2200 and this app is telling me I should be eating around 1200 which is so greatly wrong. Make this a free feature
  • Updates making app worse, not better! 2/5

    By Pop 16
    -Same as yesterday feature only adds one item. -Change serving to ounces doesn’t record correctly. -Once entered items cannot be edited correctly, must delete and re-enter to have logged correctly.
  • Slower 2/5

    By Dejavugurrl
    Please fix the bugs that are occurring lately. If I try to use the “same as yesterday?” Feature, it only adds one item. Any time I try to add items, it takes longer. I’ve used this app for years and it always worked well until recently. Getting irritated, I might delete the app and go with something else.
  • EXTREMELY buggy 1/5

    By David12376
    I paid for a year long subscription because I got fooled with the “limited time 50% off” sale, like an idiot, and this is the biggest app purchase I’ve ever regretted. This app is unusable. You’ll enter in entries for yesterday, and they’ll show up in today’s. You’ll try to change a barcode, it glitches and doesn’t work. You click “add yesterdays items”, and it adds one item, except it doesn’t even add that item, because of course, it bugged out. The math in the “Weekly Stats” page is also questionable? I have no idea where they pulled some of these numbers from - when I do the calculations manually, they’re totally off.
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By Kngilliland
    They took my money and never provided a service. When I reached out for help I went back and forth with them over 5-6 interactions before I was forced to reach out to apple for a refund. This felt like a scam.
  • App has gone downhill lately 3/5

    By pixellava
    I have used and loved this app for many years. Then, suddenly the app was redesigned and the adorable little animated characters disappeared. Now it’s gotten super slow, more clicks are needed to track an item and when you go to log a meal and click “Same as yesterday” (my boring life - LOL) only the first item propagates. You have to do the rest … every time. This was a huge time saver, now it’s super annoying. Honestly if the devs could go back to the speedy version with the joyful little characters it would be soooo great! I’m on the brink of bailing, it’s just way too tedious. If the splotchy watercolors are making it all laggy it’s totally not worth it. I hope the devs can get it sorted!
  • Any Testing Before Prod? 1/5

    By Jfdybc
    The developers of this app have repeatedly pushed updates that worsen the user experience. I’m the latest update, as others have said, it is now much slower to add items to meals. Also, adding meals from the day before erroneously adds one single item rather than the entire meal. Do better.
  • This app is a scam 1/5

    By Da Root
    If you subscribe to this app it’s yearly and you can only cancel online making it harder to cancel. They want you to subscribe and forget and offer no forgiveness if you miss the cancel deadline. Don’t get this soo much better ones out there like my fitness pal
  • Laggy and glitchy since update 1/5

    By mmillerp
    Been using this app for a long time. Since the latest update even tracking a single item takes forever and there are a bunch of glitches that weren’t present before, including not being able to use chat support. I’ll update my rating when these are fixed
  • App still lagging 3/5

    By Happy Healthy Strongish
    This is my favorite tracking app until recently. For the last few weeks the app has been very glitchy. It takes forever to log food and sometimes it doesn’t log it at all or doubles it. If I try to delete one entry it deletes both. It constantly spins when logging too. I have the most updated version and read some of the comments that this has been fixed but it hasn’t for me. I’ve tried other apps in the past and this one has been the best but I may look at alternatives if the bugs continue.
  • Significant downgrade 2/5

    I used this app for years and paid for premium. But this time I’m not going to renew my subscription. For some reason in last couple releases application got a lot bugs, as well as poor design decisions. I’m getting network error when I’m trying to communicate to support in app. This is horrible!
  • Don’t waste people’s time 1/5

    By Blankensnooze
    This app had me answer a 40 question survey to determine health, then at the end, 10-15 min later, it told blocks the results unless I subscribed. Dark pattern.
  • Glitchy 3/5

    By Chillinwithmybuddie
    while I do love the features of this app, it is constantly glitching and telling me numerous different calorie amounts for how much I still have to eat in the day. My water intake also freezes at least once a day. The sync feature between itself and fitbit is subpar and slow- I’m not sure how it is with apple watches but it appears that the Apple health app syncs better and faster. I still use it for the meal ratings and ease of imputing food, but it’s really a pain most of the time.
  • Very buggy of late 1/5

    Lifesum used to work for the most part for me. Now, it takes seconds to add items (get a loading wheel instead of just adding). In addition, when I try adding a meal from the day before, it only adds one of the items. Food logging should be as easy as possible, and this makes it a burden.
  • Need premium for basic features 1/5

    By thejrod1633
    This app makes you pay for premium for features as basic as simply setting a calorie limit. They don’t let you set a custom macro limit either. This is base functionality that should be critical to use of this app. It’s ridiculous that this isn’t included. I’m so sick of apps that make you pay for the most basic features like a pure calorie counter. It’s so greedy.
  • Great, but needs a bug squashed 5/5

    By Wood Chuck Chucky
    I’m a premium user and love the app. BUT the last update appears to have a bug. The app will not connect to Health Mate or FitBit as it used to do in Automatic Tracking. Both apps are taken to a mostly bland page that says to return to the app.
  • A little worse with every update 2/5

    By Drewjames
    Every update seems to make this app run slower and with more bugs They seem to keep adding more features and overlooking the basics that make the app run The more I use it the more bugs I find. Did anyone review this before it launched?
  • Bug 2/5

    By carly1513
    Have always loved this app however for at least a year it always resets to “today” when you’re trying to input food in the past, often times when I’m in the middle of selecting an item for one date, it will mark it as today instead. Takes 10x longer to track my food because of this.
  • Issues 1/5

    By Major424
    I used for 1 week and cancelled. Love the look of the app, the idea of life score, and there’s a complication for my Apple Watch. However that’s where it stops. I compare calories burned vs eaten daily. App doesn’t always write to apple health. Sometimes it writes then disappears. I’ve had to rekey an entire day of food only to have it re-erase later. Doesn’t automatically save (used) scanned or looked up food. I bought dark chocolate organic clusters. Scanned to food the next day wanted more and app didn’t automatically find the clusters, I had to go to the day before find the food add to favorites. Yes I could have scanned the package again, but I had already put in the trash. I’m training for a race so I’m really watching what I eat. I weigh my food in grams. Scan a food even if in favorites I have to go in and change the default measurement every time. I’ve input the same food with the same weight and gotten different calorie totals. Scanned Honey Nut Cheerios (it’s my sweet treat) 1 cup was 279 calories, next time 978, box says 180. Lost trust in the app. Although I’m not a big fan of MyFitnessPal I went back. LifeSum was a waste of a 3mos. subscription.
  • Meal Ratings and Added Sugar 3/5

    By Alexis.C.Jensen
    First, the individual meal ratings are disheartening. From a psychological perspective, it’s hard to see how four “bad” meals (pink straight faces) make a green smiley face at the end of the day (If you use the app you now what I’m talking about). I think that if I have a protein shake for lunch after exercising, it shouldn’t show a sad face because my protein intake is higher than the app thinks it should be for that given meal. Second, I’ve noticed that the sugars in a few Lifesum verified items register under added sugar rather than natural sugar. It’s a little concerning when I see nearly 30 grams of added sugar on my daily log when it shouldn’t be in that category. I use barcodes as often as possible, and even when a label says it has natural sugar in it, some products register as added sugar in the daily total, but not in the item information. It would be very helpful if this were corrected.
  • Carbs and Net Carbs Calculated Incorrectly 1/5

    By JHC_momoffour
    This app is visually pleasing and has good functionality overall. However, I purchased a membership for the sole purpose of having it calculate my net carbs. It does NOT do this correctly. I reached out with this issue less than 24 hours after purchasing the membership. Customer service is slow to respond. Despite giving them screenshots showing that the app calculates incorrectly for multiple recipes, and multiple times requesting a refund, they still have not refunded my membership (or fixed the issue). Disappointed
  • Paid with no benefits 1/5

    By BaronE55
    I’ve used Lifesum on and off for a for few years. I hadn’t used it for over a year but like so many apps I continued to pay. My Apple account says paid and I’m unable to get into the “premium”. I’ve sent emails with pics from my phone and nothing.
  • Beautiful but unimpressed 2/5

    By Jakerizzi
    Struggled with this app. Won’t let you customize/tweek your macros.
  • Gorgeous… but useless 2/5

    By jandrorojas
    This app looks like everything you need to control your weight… until you give it a try. There’s a paywall at every corner of this thing. The little you can do with this app is not worth the hype.
  • Love the app but could use some improvements 4/5

    By Julie 2937
    I love almost everything about the app but the serving sizes need improvement. Some just say “standard serving size” or just grams or ounces. It’s especially difficult when adding a recipe.
  • This app is almost perfect! 4/5

    By bronsword
    This app is a perfect replacement for my fitness pal but as of yesterday the app now sluggish when adding foods. Sometimes the food is added twice when it is only selected once which causes me to delete one and end up deleting both in the process. If these changes are fixed I can confidently say this app is worthy of a 5 star review.
  • Enjoying it! One suggestion.. 4/5

    By Kabl2023
    I’m loving this app so far! It’s aesthetically appealing and the pro features are great. It would be really helpful to be able to adjust the water container size in the pro app or add some other standard options. I drink out of a 20oz bottle all day, but the only options are an 8.45oz glass and a 16.91oz bottle. Makes it tricky to track accurately.
  • Lag after tracking items 2/5

    By jjpriest25
    In the latest update, each time you tap the plus icon to add a food item, it spins for a few seconds making adding additional items confusing when the UI jumps after it’s done doing whatever it’s doing. Possibly related, this update also broke tracking the same set of items as the day before for a meal (it only tracks one item).
  • Calorie Counter 5/5

    By genevieveogorman
    This is a good app to use if you want to track your calories and exercise Easy to use
  • Prior to yesterday… 3/5

    By Seansey63
    Prior to yesterday (app update) I would have given the app 4 stars. This is because I have run into so many foods that were marked “verified”, yet the nutritional information was off by a long shot. After the app updated yesterday it no longer correctly adds a repeat meal from the day before. It shows the meal from the day before, but it just adds the first food from that meal when the “+” is tapped.
  • It’d be better if you could create your own recipes 3/5

    By Fhdtvhjjfyktt
    So far I love this app. But I wish I could create a meal or recipe on the free version. I’m not willing to pay for this until I know I’m going to keep using it on a regular basis but this is kind of throwing me off to find a different app.
  • Net carbs do not work 2/5

    By NelsBates
    I love soo much about this app, but I purchased mainly to track net carbs. The net carbs do not calculate correctly when you enter a meal or a recipe (it appears that it does not subtract the fiber) so it’s kinda useless if you want it for this. I asked support to fix, but no response yet.
  • Not enough nutrient information 2/5

    By mgoss334
    I was looking for a food tracker app that includes calcium intake!? Or vitamin intake info… I was forced to purchase the app to see the full nutrient information only to find out after there is not complete nutrient info at all 😩 I want my money back!!!!!
  • A super great app, although there is room to improve! 5/5

    By 25ehard
    This will be really long. First of all, this is overall an amazing app. I am in middle school and I want to stay moderately healthy and fit so I can have a healthy, long life as an adult. I asked my dad about a calorie counter and he told me to download MyFitnessPal. I did, but it ended up to be one of those “free” apps that need a subscription to do anything useful with it. I didn’t want to ask my parents to pay for it, so I decided to look for other apps in Apple Health. I stumbled upon Lifesum and immediately fell in love with it. The simple, navigable interface and the extent of the free features was incredible. As my parents still cook and buy my meals, I can’t have a separate meal plan just for me in a house of 5 people, so the main features of the subscription wouldn’t even work out for me anyways. I appreciate when developers respond to reviews and sincerely work to fix problems. It shows that they are willing to listen to others and they actually care and listen to different ideas. There are quite a few good ideas that many people have suggested, here are a few: Customizable water bottle size, as well as the ability to log only half or a quarter of a bottle. The ability to manage your own calorie intake. It would be nice to customize our calorie goal, and Lifesum could make a feature to prevent it being too low or high. An intermittent fasting tracker, to go along with the meal plans. Basically just a simple interval timer. Suggestions on what to eat to boost your calories or macros, such as suggesting a snack when the calories for the day are low, or suggesting a high-protein low-carb snack if you are high on carbs but low on protein. The ability to link your account to someone else’s, so you can share a meal plan that is customized for both of you. A camera feature that can scan food, such as the one that MyFitnessPal has. It would make logging already prepared food so much easier. A water bar to track hydration near the top of the display. More customizable features such as background, animations, or style. A customizable “coach” that cheers you on when you reach your goals and gives helpful tips. The ability to customize how often you weigh yourself, to prevent an unhealthy obsession with your weight. The optional customization of body type, for more accurate estimates of calories and plans, and metabolism rates and such. The optional ability to enter in any eating disorders you have or conditions such as diabetes. More vegan meal plans, less intense. Continuous nonstop meal plans, that only give recipe recommendations, and aren’t on a strict meal regimen. Gluten free and vegan would benefit from such plans. I may add some more ideas, there is a lot of space to improve for the better, and lots of ways to make it more flexible. Was this too long? Yeah, it’s way too long…
  • Update is awful! 2/5

    By kk5797
    I’ve loved this app, but the most recent update is horrible - Bring back the old Lifesum look!
  • Recipes don't give all the ingredients 2/5

    By drsharon522
    I just purchased app and was trying to select recipes. The ones I liked don't provide all the ingredients but they are in the photos and also refer to them in the instructions. On a few it did have an area to click to "see more" but on others it was just 2 ingredients.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By awkdhfhc sncks
    It charged me for a whole year when I just wanted to try it out for a year. Once the year was over I tried to cancel the membership and it would not let me, even after reaching out to apple they still try to charge me every month. They will not leave me alone.
  • Added sugar 3/5

    By TheReview
    I upgraded to premium specifically to track added sugar intake but I find that the app doesn’t always seem to collect that data from food correctly and I can’t edit the info to make a daily total accurate. It seems to struggle particularly with foods with natural and added sugars, but today I had an issue with something that was all natural sugar coming up as added. The distinction is important for my current goals.