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Watch full episodes of Dance Moms, Married At First Sight, Bring It!, Escaping Polygamy, the latest Lifetime movies and more, wherever and whenever you want. The Lifetime app gives you access to all the reality, drama and movies Lifetime has to offer. New full episodes and movies, plus behind-the-scenes and preview clips, are added every day! With the Lifetime app, you can: * Full episodes and clips of your favorite Lifetime series, including Dance Moms, Married at First Sight, Little Women, Bring It!, The Rap Game, and more * The latest Lifetime movie releases *Create a profile with Lifetime so you can continue watching episodes whenever you want, on your favorite mobile and streaming devices The Lifetime app is free to use. Sign in with your TV Provider to get access to even more content. If you do not have a TV Provider you can watch any 3 Full Episodes of your choice by creating a Lifetime profile. Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. To learn more about the digital measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit for more information.

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Lifetime TV Shows & Movies app reviews

  • ADS 3/5

    By Wowieji
  • Just wondering 4/5

    By alizza768
    This is app is good and sometimes the advertisements are annoying, but I don’t mind. I watch Dance Moms on this and I was wondering where’s season 2’s episode 9? After episode 8 of season 2 it goes straight to episode 10. This isn’t really a review, sorry.
  • gets really annoying 1/5

    By Shanshanibshani
    I’ve been using the lifetime app to watch Dance Moms and there has been a numerous amount of commercials in just one episode. Also, the advertisements are so long, i was watching them for over 10 minutes and the same add popped up 3 times. Its honestly easier to watch tv another place.
  • Ads 5/5

    By XoxoStella👑❤️
    The ads just trigger me so much, the app is good tho. Just 1-5 min ads every 5 min. That’s pretty annoying but overall the app is good
  • Too many ads. 2/5

    By Terrible ✊🏽
    This is app so many ads. in my 42m show there is 5 points when they stop for commercials (which is fine since the show is 42m) but for how man ads you guys play is ridiculous. i don’t even know how many it is. sometimes the ads are really long also. so no just a lot of short ads, but a mix of short and really long ones.
  • Too many commercials! 1/5

    By rachyy89
    I love that I can watch my shows, but there’s a commercial every 2 seconds and they last forever. Also, they cut my shoes off when people are mid sentence and then start after that scene has ended so I miss part of the episodes. They need to fix this.
  • Appreciate free, but is it worth it 2/5

    By carlnhoodsie
    First, let me say I appreciate that Lifetime offers their app & episodes/movies for free, but constantly having to sign in to cable provider is overly annoying. It’s either after every episode, in the middle of an episode or after you’ve watched maybe 2 episodes. I’m also not a fan of the ads or commercials , especially when the same one plays 3 times in a row during the same break. In addition, the app doesn’t work a lot of the time or will quit in the middle of program saying that the app is having issues. Personally, I don’t have the patience so #UNINSTALLED it goes.
  • Selecting TV provider 4/5

    By roxamel
    I’ve been trying for a week now to log in with my TV provider but every time I try it gets stuck and never loads anything. Please fix
  • ridiculous 2/5

    By savyuh
    it will skip to a whole different section of an episode that i haven’t even watched yet. this app is most definitely not chrome cast friendly. these glitches HAVE to be fixed
  • Lifetime 4/5

    By Cheyanne Montgomery
    This app is great but I would like to see more shows on lifetime
  • WAY too many ads! 1/5

    By Elissa P.
    The number of ads during breaks and the frequency of interruptions are really frustrating and make it not worth watching. It’s the same with the Lifetime app for smart TVs. There are way too many entertainment choices out there to deal with sitting through so many ads. I’m deleting this.
  • Problem... 1/5

    By magali90
    I’m not sure if anyone else is having this problem but, when I start a new episode it starts half way. So I have to sit and watch 3 min worth of ads and start the episode in the beginning and watch more ads. It’s getting annoying now.
  • Commercials 2/5

    By Riley McFadden
    I have a suggestion. I have been using this app for about 4 years and I was so happy that I could watch my favorite show (dance moms) but when I first got on there the commercials were like 300 seconds long (I think that is what it said) and they changed it to where the commercials were shorter but there are still SO many and on apps I usually never do the ad free option but on this app I 100% would (depending on the price) I am on this app almost everyday and I have watched it grow and I have to say it is a lot better than it was but now the only bad part is the commercials so I with that they had an ad free option
  • Can’t sign in 1/5

    By resellar
    They must not want new subscribers. Every activation code does not work
  •! More ads.... 2/5

    By noveezy1
    Way too many ads and even worse, not enough variety. I watch the same 3 car commercials and maybe 2 oddball ones, and then I only get to watch my show for 5-10 minutes before going through the commercials AGAIN. I understand why lifetime needs to televise ads, but at least add more variety of what’s being shown. I was going to rate a 3 but I realized that you have been getting complaints about advertisements for at least a year, probably longer, and I think you should be listening to the people who actually use your app and try to make our viewing experience better.
  • Use of app 4/5

    By KODY577o
    Whenever I try to use the lifetime app it always says that their shows are having a hard time loading and I’ve tried everything and it still won’t work so I’ve not been using your app for the last couple of weeks and that is all I have to say thank you.
  • Rotation Plz?!?!?! 4/5

    By TNT2.0
    U rly need to change it to where u have to push a button to make it rotate the screen, thank u!
  • Dance moms struggle 4/5

    By bbargar
    K so I couldn't find dance moms anywhere else but when I got the app it had all but two seasons free! Great app
  • ADS!!! 1/5

    By haleygriffin08
    Way too many ads in a video timespan. They really need to fix that if I intend on keeping this app.
  • Love this App 5/5

    By Addy Hihi
    So many great shows to watch. My favorite is escaping polygamy. We need more awareness brought to this issue and help save these people
  • Adds 3/5

    By LemonJelm
    There were a lot of adds during the show I just wanted to have fun.
  • Ads 3/5

    By agahagsgsjdhbdnd
    The app is great! Except for one thing, the ads are insane. They place almost 7, 30sec ads and 2, 15sec ads in ONE ad break.
  • One problem 5/5

    By kryhvfybuguhyg
    I love it the ads are long and do repeat but I do understand you would have to watch ads if you were watching tv . 5/5 because I can watch my shows on the go and for free! They don’t charge you at all you just have to watch ads in between, which is fair in my opinion. I mostly like it Cause it saves my spot and again is FREE to use!!!!!!!
  • Awesome app!! 5/5

    By Rae2332
    I wanted to watch dance moms but I didn’t know how to find a software that I could watch it on. So once I found out they had an app, I was so happy I could finally watch it! Thank you Lifetime!!
  • i like it 4/5

    By purity mcstay
    it’s pretty good. there are a lot of advertisements but personally i think it’s worth it. the reason i subtracted 1 star is because to view all the episodes, you need at TV provider and people who do not have cable cannot watch all the episodes. i can’t help that because i don’t pay the cable bill. maybe this app could include Roku if possible idk.
  • Listen to it? 3/5

    By maple1.
    I think the app is good but I do think you should be able to listen to it if you get out of the app. You can hit play and you can still hear it. Thank you.
  • Yes! 5/5

    By UnicornsSpeak#1
    Okay I adore this app it is my all time favorite! I don't get why so many people have issues with the ads, the ads are like 1 to 2 min long! I get up and do some dances or whatever, one thing though, On dance moms does S7 really have to be locked PLS FIX IT!!! Overall it's an amazing app and when it gets season 7 of DANCE MOMS unlocked I'll make sure all of my friends have Lifetime and give it 5 stars ✨ Let's get Season 7 unlocked!!Thank yall!
  • Review 1/5

    By Nihzhonie
    Way too many ads! Plus it’s the same ads over and over again!
  • 20 Commercials in row 1/5

    By The Moninator
    Sat thru 20 commercials. It wouldn’t stop and play my show. INSANITY. I am done with this app. Garbage
  • 4/5! 4/5

    By Best to game Ever
    I do like the app lifetime. I gave lifetime 4/5 because when I longed in or signed into lifetime where I leave off it does not save. Also I just think there are two much commercials. I do like that the app is free. Finally you have a amazing choose of shows to watch!
  • Almost Good 2/5

    By KylaMW
    The main issue is the amount of commercials. I’m watching a show that aired in 2014 and there are commercials that last a minute and a half to two and a half minutes which is just too much. Another issue is the compatible devices. I have a smart Samsung TV that can SmartCast any other app besides this one which is a bit frustrating.
  • Awful App 1/5

    By prettygirl29
    I don't understand why you have to provide certain information just to watch a tv show. I downloaded this app thinking I would be able to catch up on the show Escaping Polygamy however I was only allowed to watch the first three episodes and then I was required to provide my cable provider and social security number. I don't think that information should be necessary to watch a tv show. Not to mention the excessive amount of commercials/ads you have to watch but I can deal with that. However I will not provide my cable provider and social security number. If I could give this app zero stars I would. Very disappointing. I am sure it all has to with money.
  • Beckib 1/5

    By hershdk
    Way too many ads!! I appreciate watching these shows for free BUT an ad every 5 minutes is ridiculous!
  • Why can’t I find a show to watch ? 1/5

    By bunisluvleathr
    I don’t get what’s wrong with this app- under ALL SHOWS tab there is nothing. If you enter a show in the SEARCH it always says unknown. I have tried entering 20 different show names several different ways- always says unknown. So I go to where shows are available to watch. The website constantly try’s to reroute you to the app. I thought that by re routing me it would take me to the app and let me finish watching the show that I was watching. IT DOESNOT. Stupid, why have an app. What also is stupid as others have mentioned are the amount of ADs and commercials - insane
  • Help 1/5

    By 123helpme aerith
    What the heck is going on with this app I won’t let me watch any shows and all I watch is dance moms and it won’t let me watch that
  • So confused! 2/5

    By lilyohlandt
    I’ve been using this app to rewatch dance moms for a couple years now and it has always worked great! Today however, when I opened the app, dance moms along with all other shows except for one had disappeared, and are gone even if I search for them. Not really sure what happened, I’ve tried deleting and downloading. Please help!
  • WHYYY?!?!?? 5/5

    By allisonplays132
    So I just got on a few minutes ago since I only watch dance moms really, I got on the app and it’s loading to the shows..... ONLY ONE APP APPEARED !!! What is happing?!?! Then I turned off my phone, completely off, and turned it back on and still only ONE show. now I’m just going to delete the app and then reloading it. if it does this again I will go to settings and do my update thing and she if it still works. I’m still giving this app five stars because when it DOES work I really enjoy it. Thank you and hope lifetime employees respond.
  • Randomly losing my progress 4/5

    By olivia ismert
    I’ve been watching dance moms on lifetime like everyday and today I go on lifetime and I can’t see dance moms on my previously watched. I try to look it up on the “search shows” button and it say no results for dance moms and so I try to delete it and get it back again but the same thing happens so... lifetime... please fix this! 🙏🏼🙏🏼
  • Best App!!! 5/5

    By Sluder357994425784493
    I love the app! I always like watching Dance Moms it’s great it shows you what one it is it also shows you where you left off! Sometimes it doesn’t show commercials and that’s awesome cause who likes commercials right! Best App Ever!!!
  • Great but frustrating 4/5

    By dancemomfreak7648
    So overall this app is wonderful the shows you provide are great and I like how you can hook it up to your tv.but there is one issue I have that I hate. When I’m watching a tv show like dance moms for example they will say something and the audio will not match it and it gets very annoying I’ve tried shutting off my device I’ve tried resetting the app and I’ve tried waiting till the next day I’ve also checked WiFi. But overall this app is good I just hope you fix this problem
  • Did the math! 3/5

    By fasion girl 123
    I love that I can watch my favorite lifetime shows (I luv Dance moms!) but every six minutes there is an ad. Sometimes it will skip the ad but most of the time it’s ad, ad, ad, ad! Over and over! That’s it, hope you find this comment helpful.
  • TOO MANY ADS 2/5

    By justinberman
    A 45 minute show is almost double in length because there’s literally 7 ads every 5 minutes! It makes my favorite shows unenjoyable.
  • Love this app but there is so many adds! 3/5

    By Kayla❤️❤️💕💕
    I love the app and that you can watch so many different kinds of shows but there is so many adds and so frequently too,It’s add after add but otherwise it’s an amazing app!
  • Ok 1/5

    By Welovenola
    I love being able to catch up on shows but the ads are ridiculous! They repeat over and over! So I got sick of the ads and deleted the app
  • Good! 5/5

    This app is great! Lifetime is letting me watch all the episodes of Dance Moms for free! There aren't that many advertisements either! I only got 2 mins worth of ads only like 2 or 3 times out of the whole episode. So I recommend downloading this app to watch the latest episodes of your favorite shows!But the ads are so Annoying! All the ads I get are about cars! And I can't even drive! But I recommend you should download this app to watch every show you want to watch.
  • Lifetime review 4/5

    By lady smarty pants
    I love this app how ever I hate that I can only watch the first three episodes then u have to pay.
  • Just charge a small fee for the app 1/5

    By Lisa F Lead
    Stop with ads...I know what I want to buy. I’d rather you charge for the app and let us decide if we want it or not. The ads destroy your experience and I just out my headphones nd do something else while they pay because you cant force me to listen to commercials that I don't want to listen to.
  • Lena 4/5

    By roblx gamer girl number 5
    I like this app but the reason why I gave it four stars is because some episodes are locked
  • My time personal and professionally 5/5

    By A true blink
    I really enjoy Lufetume programs especially when I wake up in early mornings They are topics I can follow without being glued to the television. So that means to me that I can listen and enjoy my shows; my son calls them mommy’s shows, and I can come away with a positive get it done attitude ! That’s huge! I give my tv time high priority over other items cause after my son was born mommy had to be the one to return directly back to work as soon as I got the dr’s approval to return then bam I was back. No more than 6-7 weeks back and a big chunk of that time was winter break cantered around Chistmas and New Year’s eve and so forth Then my birthday in early February! That just a time of year that stays busy personally and professionally as a teacher! I just really take the time out and watch mommy t.v. On Saturdays and Sunday mornings to rejuvenate my attitude super nanny helps me deal with special children in my everyday classroom. Reminds me to make time to celebrate the little achievements which may seem minor but may be major for the kids perspective! Oh and Dance moms reminds me to keep my acievements in proper perspective to the students gains for the week. That’s when I reflect on some positives from the week before for my Monday morning time that’s when we think about last weeks positives and then talk about the hopes for the upcoming week! And that’s when I expose my own little version of the inner circle (a play off of dance moms pyramid of weekly performance strengths and bests It’s hard to use that to motivate a student who needs a little boost compared to someone who’s left feeling under too much pressure to proform extra well on all given assignments I always gave a spot or two to the kids that felt they had to rank on the pyramid for stress breakers. And kids could go to the board and grab the stress card and submit it for a given task for the day and if I had an activity for the day that the kids would submit a stress card for. It obviously told me I needed to spend more teaching time on the subject before testing or grading on the specific assignment and then when they felt able to they could ask for there card back for that assignment and we would proceed. As planned but there were other times I discovered that it was the kind of assignment that the kid felt inadequate in doing or whatever. So I would ask them to rejuvenate my assignment that would still show me that they knew and were able to prove the skills the first assignment were meant to grade for??? Interesting it was and yet I had the highest achieving students They were able to self diagnose their own ability or hurdles and seek help For improving how to complete this skill specifically. And it showed on their yearly skills tests

Lifetime TV Shows & Movies app comments

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