Lightleap by Lightricks

Lightleap by Lightricks

  • Category: Photo & Video
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  • Current Version: 1.9.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Lightricks Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Lightleap by Lightricks App

Finally, you can take the photo you actually meant to take! Lightleap (formerly Quickshot) is a photo editor that proves you no longer need to be a professional photographer to take amazing photos. Let’s face it - your photos don't always come out the way you expected. You pull out your phone to capture something awesome, but the photo you take just doesn't do the scene justice. The background is too blurry, the lighting is just all wrong, or maybe the scenery needs a retouch – something only an experienced editor can do, right? The Lightleap app is here to change that! With this editor app, you can capture the beauty and magic you see with your own eyes – or enhance it. You become the editor with filters, effects, and retouch tools at your fingertips. There’s no need to spend hours pulling your hair out as you learn how to use professional editor software. The Lightleap image editor app takes moments to retouch your photos into eye-catching images with professional vibes, using stunning pre-set filters and effects. With unique, easy-to-use features like background Sky, Heal, Effects, Filters and Looks, every photo you take from now on will be picture perfect. If you’ve dreamed of taking Instagram-worthy images to inspire the world, this is your chance. Brought to you by Lightricks, the award-winning app developer, Lightleap photo editor app is part of the Enlight Creativity Suite, including Pixaloop, Videoleap and Photofox. We help you harness your creativity in every photo. App user favourite features from Lightleap include: Sky Replace the background in your photos with a brand-new sky! - With one tap, you can change the background with a new sky. - Select from 60+ high-quality sky backgrounds. - Choose from sunny, dusk, sunset, storm, and even fantasy skies! Heal Remove unwanted people, background smudges, and easily retouch your image with the heal function, like a true editor. - Select and erase items in the forefront and background of your image. - Smooth over bumps and quickly correct photo mistakes. - Undo retouches with a single tap to restore your image! Filters No photo is complete without one of Lightleap's gorgeous filters - one of our top features. - Find filters by theme, whether you’re looking for warm, black and white, urban, fade and many other filters. - Easily adjust the intensity of your filters over your image. - Achieve the effects you desire in moments! Looks Change the vibe of your photo like a true editor in one tap. - Choose a predefined look as filters for your image. - Create a signature style for your Instagram feed with our designer editor looks. - Give your images a golden hour glow, or set the mood with dusk, black and white, shadows and fantasy looks. Effects Add tons of special effects to retouch dull areas and bring your background to life. - Overlay shadow effects, sparkles, lens flares and more to enhance your photo. - Change the weather effects and add seasonal themes. - Access our extremely popular mood elements and adjust the magic level of your photo effects! Adjust The full collection of essential editor tools is at your fingertips. - Every minor retouch adjustment can be made, including light and contrast to temperature, tint and hue editors. - Crop your photo, retouch, and edit all within the app. - Sharpen, adjust the depth, structure, and grain as a professional photography editor! With Lightleap, you become a photo editor in moments. Fix and retouch your photos with filters and effects to truly capture the magic of the moment you experienced. Download the app to discover how you can become a pro photo editor! - Terms of use: - Privacy policy:

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Lightleap by Lightricks app reviews

  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By Yanacation
    I used to love this app... until today! The new update is horrible! What happened to the old filters!? I will have to stop using this app after my subscription ends.
  • Worst update. Used to be a 5 star app. 1/5

    By Everydaygirl78
    The new update literally changed everything and took all the best elements away. I’m not entirely sure why you would make such a drastic change. Now the app is full of basic crappy “filters” that are so bad they can’t even be tweaked to look better. Very disappointed. I get revamping the look of the app and accessibility… but why would you completely remove things and replace them with crap?
  • change it back 2/5

    By ericauser
    so upset ! this was my favorite filter app but they changed all of them and now they make my pics look awful :(
  • Older version never needed to be changed. 1/5

    By izz12896
    Please bring back the features from the older version. The filters are what I loved about this app and now the ones available are horrible.
  • Update 1/5

    By Misssssssss92
    The new update remove most if not all of the filters that use to be really good. Now, I can’t even find the filters that I like anymore.
  • Not as good as it used to be 1/5

    By bldaly
    Super disappointed with the new filters. Is there anywhere we can find the old ones?
  • Filters 2/5

    By msbshwj
    Please add back the other filters!!!! Loved this app before taking the old filters away!
  • What I hate 3/5

    What I hate is that I can’t even take a screenshot.
  • Used to love this app! 3/5

    By zebra 831-7543
    I’ve been using this app for YEARS! The recent update is just AWFUL!! Not only has the look of the app changed, but many of the features I have used for years are just gone! I paid for a yearly subscription last month, and I definitely would not have, if I had known this was coming. I get that things need to be updated, but at the same time, loyal users should be able to continue to use the same features we always have. I’m so disappointed right now. That being said, I’m sure new customers will enjoy the app the way it has been redesigned.
  • They just want your money 1/5

    By Lilpop1993
    Use to be great with lots of filter options now they charge a lot for a simple filter. Money hungry company
  • The. Best. 5/5

    By _savage_wolf_
    Anything a good photographer will ever need!
  • going downhill 1/5

    By Madimaxine2345
    used to be amazing~ cancelling my subscription because theyve taken away so many features like portrait mode, filters, natural sky, and primers. whats the point in paying for an app if theyre going to take away the best features?
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By anyother unhappy buyer
    Not what I expected and disappointed for the amount of money I paid.
  • User for almos 3 years 3/5

    By Blancocote
    I used to love it! But where are the old filters? This new version change the “Looks” and I can’t find my favorite presets. Hate it...
  • Terrible 1/5

    By dmonasg
    I now have to pay to use backgrounds and when I take screenchots it doesn't let me and it shows a different picture it is also pretty bad with the erasing and also makes you pay you literally have to pay to do edits this is a scam app you get it free but then you have to pay to do things
  • Can’t save photos 1/5

    By Marchelllla
    Why pay they will take your photos
  • I love it 🦜 5/5

    By dguhhgjvfych
    Hi I love drawing and I LOVE SCARLET MACAWS 🦜 so i did some fillers and now I have a beautiful rainbow 🌈 behind the macaw flying but I will tell you I also love DOGS 🐕 🐕‍🦺🦮🐶🐩 bye for now 👋
  • Need a FREE trial period! 1/5

    By Kipp777
    What I tried so far with removing an unwanted element from a photo was not at all impressive. It might have been me, but I doubt it as most options were blocked. Even PhotoShop gives a trial period. Update: I read your response. I’m not buying an app if I can’t ‘try’ out all the options. When I tried the option to remove unwanted items in the photo, it was poor. I like this app in concept but not buying until I can see if it works. You have too many review that mention how difficult it is to cancel once folks have purchased. Not interested in getting into hassles.
  • poop 1/5

    By Meli68119
    Insane! Just don’t download it it’s stupid they ask money!
  • Annoyed 1/5

    By Bri879625
    I do not like the new update. All my favorite filters are gone!!
  • Looks like a child is editing photos 1/5

    By Whootiewhoo
    I am not satisfied with my purchase at all! The app doesn’t give you the opportunity to play around with edits to see if you want to purchase. The only option was to purchase right away to play around with the filters. These edits are not professional looking and they look very childish. I have requested a full refund after only having the app for all of 10 minutes.

    By kitteh mowlol
    On the coulda with the heart shaped hole in them for the sky, but then it said I had to pay? Even though it didn’t have the little star at the bottom. This happened with all the other “Free” things too. 😭😡😤😢
  • This app suckkkks! Don't get it it's not worth it 1/5

    By lilsnowflake*
    This app used to be so great. You could change the sky in your pictures easily. You didn't have access to all of the sky filters but a few in each category were free. The sky filters are now only for pro users. All of them! The only free features are helping and magic, which are editing tools you can get for free (with great quality) on other apps. I don't over edit my pictures, I just like to add a tint of blue of the sky is washed out. It's not worth investing in it for that.
  • Better than most other photo apps 4/5

    By bennersw
    Been using for a few days. The filters are better than most other apps I’ve downloaded. Some of them are even realistic looking and natural. I don’t like my photos to look too over processed or fake. Been able to do a few realistic composites. I might just end up keeping this app for a while. I like how you can totally change the mood of a photo by changing the temperature of the light. Yes, most other apps have this feature too like Photoshop. I hope they keep on adding more filters to the program too keep things interesting. Most other apps I’ve had didn’t offer very much. I still need to play around with this a bit more.
  • Fell cheated 1/5

    By Ganag2014
    IPhoneXR crashes every time I try to open a photo. Paid $19 a year, already canceled but app doesn’t work. Just money grabber and click bait. Apple should remove this app from App Store as scammers.
  • I love this app 5/5

    By lenachlys
    I think it’s worth every penny. Beautiful photos every time. I’ve been using this app for a year and it is my favorite
  • Disappointed 1/5

    I thought this app would exchange my photos . Waisted my money would not recommend.
  • Doesn’t tell all the limitations til you purchase app 2/5

    By cmcaninch
    It will not remove complex backgrounds which is not made clear until the purchase is complete. I am a craft jeweler and I was so excited to repair older photos of works. So, it is useless for me!
  • Not Free 2/5

    By Hiswillbedone!
    Sure it looks great but you know it’s not free.
  • Nice work guys, I call it unfair 1/5

    By Peacequiet
    I had this back when the free part existed. Now suddenly I need to register, and you can’t even snap a photo of it. I bought it free, it should stay free for me. Btw it’s on ALL the products I have had by them. Notice this is spreading?
  • What a joke I wish I could post pictures. 1/5

    By Jeffeys Mom
    Do not waste your money. You have to repeatedly go over the areas you want to remove. And then it is all blurry and looks like a child was playing with the computer. I tried using the backgrounds to cover up the crappy areas and that didn’t work either. The person I removed blended through the background.
  • Save your money 1/5

    By Photo411
    I like the app, but disgusted that I paid for a year and still get popup ads. I will not be renewing.
  • Love it so much , it's easy to use 5/5

    By jbvivi
    Thanks so much
  • An okay app 2/5

    By Golfing_Fool
    This app did one things few apps did that was cool. Easy to replace the sky. If it’s not complicated it works well but if trees etc are in the scene it takes mask editing and in the year I have had does not seem to have been improved. The other things that is annoying is instead of adding and improving the app they remove things. For instance the app when it first came out you could take a pic in the app. Gone. They had backgrounds that you could place your subject into that was fun. Gone. So it’s up for renew and I am going to let this one go.
  • Refused inaccurate charge 1/5

    By Jjcox
    I requested a refund after only a few minutes of trying this app, it was denied. Caution with their trial, a gimmick.
  • Crashes/Lags 2/5

    By The_Batgirl
    So the features of this app are fantastic and it is a great editing app, but as of late it hasn’t been too great. Every time I try to batch edit photos the app crashes, or after every-time I use an editing tool the app will freeze for about 15 seconds so an edit that used to take a minute or two, now can take 3-5 minutes and it’s very frustrating. This app used to be perfect and now it’s getting close to unusable.
  • Best Editing App I’ve Used! 5/5

    By Nanocardenas
    I highly recommend this app to anyone honestly it’s quick and easy!!
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By FauxMoon
    This app makes photo editing a smooth process and fun as well! A powerful tool for your photo manipulation arsenal, any Lighttricks app is where it’s at
  • Worst app 1/5

    By MAZ of upstate
    Save ur money
  • $19.99 subscription required to even test it 1/5

    By lij
    Looks fun, but I *hate* apps that fool you into installing so you can see if you like it and then require a subscription to even try out any features. So no thank you, I’m deleting this.
  • Quiero cancelar la suscripción 1/5

    By luisa2fleg
    No encuentro cómo cancelar y que me devuelvan mi dinero
  • Lol 5/5

    By Episode the best game
    I was like I can easily screenshot, but i you up guys are smart.
  • Not as good 😌 1/5

    By PeachyAK
    My subscription ends in a month, WILL NOT BE RENEWING, some of the wonderful features have been moved to another Lightleap app which was in the first series. The old bait & switch! Poor product today- May 2021.
  • Why is there no trial 1/5

    By Copahc
    It’s ridiculous you expect me to pay for an app without being able to try it out.
  • Another forced subscription app 1/5

    By Doihavetomakeanickname
    You can do nothing on this app without agreeing to pay monthly or yearly. Uninstalled.
  • Don’t like it 1/5

    By shealymom
    Definitely not what I’d hoped it would be. Have not been able to unsubscribe to this app either. It just charged me $19.99 and I can’t find a way to cancel my subscription. VERY MAD! also have no way to contact them as the app says my email isn’t configured..
  • What the **** 1/5

    By hydrohyrax
  • Lead on App 1/5

    By Cherry Val
    Great idea but once you upload the app and they get your info then they want to charge you. They should state theirs a fee in the app description.
  • Fake 2/5

    By Maya Ladon
    It’s not ethically right to make people download your app and ask them to pay for every feature of f the app !! I’m gonna delete this app.