LIKE-Magic Music Video

LIKE-Magic Music Video

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  • Current Version: 2.12.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Compatibility: Android
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LIKE-Magic Music Video App

This is the Magic video maker & community that youths around the world are playing with. Time to show your creativity with 300+ unique special effects, one touch to enjoy the Sci-Fi effects with “Superpower”, “Flying”, “Time Travel”, and “Lilliput”. Do you want to stand out among all your friends on Facebook,Instagram,Twitter. Join the world’s largest community with Special Magic Effects video maker, play with millions of social influencers around the world, and discovery something new every day! With LIKE, everyone is a Magician! 1. Unique Music Magic filter The worldwide unique technology recognition of music rhythm,various amazing effect will be shown according to the change of tone, intonation and volume. Using this filter, you can mix music and magic effect together smoothly, in order to make a dynamic music comedy in 1 minute. 2. Acting & Lipsync LIKE have collected million of dialogue materials all around the world. You can turn into the protagonist of your favourite movie in 1 second,sharing your acting skills and happy to the people all around the world. 3. Unique 4D magic all around the world The worldwide first teachnology foreground and background segmentation function plus body edge recognition function, which can help you realize many different effect such as Rocket,Pass Through, Lilliput,etc. What’s more, you can switch into different scene smoothly with more than 20 kinds of appear and disappear effect. 4. The world’s neatest technology “superpowers” Control rain, snow, thunder, fire, and even earth through simple body movements. The world’s first tool to create magic videos: through the leading technology of body action recognition + self-learning AI algorithm model, we realized the innovative video-recording with gesture & movement control of special effects. Unlike post-editing tools, you can achieve 10 types of superpowers by gesture & movement. What you see is what you get! One touch to complete the superpowers video, and become supernatural. Time for you to be cool and fun! Meanwhile, through this body action recognition +special effects, we proudly introduce the X-ray dance and lightning dance, time to move specially, to be chic and playful! 5 Magic Touch Over 50 funny magic effects including Heart,Fire, Rain,Star Dust and more work smoothly and make your videos completely perfect! 6. Face stickers Cute, beautiful,cool,ugly,magical,elegant,funny,etc. No matter what kind of style you want, you can trun into the type in 1 second with LIKE face stickers in 1 sceond. Bloom, My Heart,Spit Fire and so on funny dynamic stickers can make your selfie to break away from tedium from now on. 7. Magic Live The world’s first Magic Live can give you a brand-new magical experience! With enriched fans interaction functions, you can prank or beautify the Live vlogger as your wish, and there are more gift option for you to stand out from the crowd. 8.Boom Exciting Boom effects enable you to make videos just like in Hollywood War movies! You will be the superhero in 1 second the moment you use the Boom effects! 9.Mix Effects Just a simple click and the mix effects including Soulstuff, Blurred lines,Heartbeat better than Special effects movies are coming! The moment you use the Mix effects, your video becomes powerful eye-shocking! With the Mix effects, you can make videos faster and better! 10. AI Beauty Filters Smart Beauty functions together with various filters automatically makes you perfect in the video! LIKE is now available in 23 languages: English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Gujrati, Bengali, Kannada, Malyalam, Punjabi, Pilipino, Indonesia, 日本の, 한국의, Malay, Português, Pусский, Español, ไทย, Türk dili, Tiếng việt, 简体中文, 繁體中文 Should you have any feedback or suggestion, please don’t hesitate to send them to [email protected]

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LIKE-Magic Music Video app reviews

  • Age limit. 1/5

    By hdbvdhdhvdhs
    I hate that the age limit is so high because this was an app that I went to for stress relief but now I can’t because my parents put a restriction on my phone and it deleted the app and now I can’t use it. I mean come on,, there are 9 year olds on this app so I don’t see why I the age limit has to me so high.
  • Dear Like Creaters 5/5

    By helloLeyla
    It is amazing but the thing is you have to be 16 to go live🙁 but LIKE could I go live if my mom is there with me P.S my account is Leyla.Garcia
  • Filter change/a lot of robots on this app and creeps 3/5

    By snnssna
    So whenever I go to make a video I make it normally but on every mode there is a different filter and I don’t like. Second whenever I post a video there is a lot of creeps commenting on my videos and bots so plz fix this
  • Haters, Block feature needs to be more effective 3/5

    By StumpedOnEffects
    In some ways Like is like was before 2018, which is mostly a good thing, except for the block feature. A blocked person should not be able to see your videos or profile info, or respond to comments: That just keeps the friction alive. There are more haters on Like. Some are at least legitimate musers also, but most have no videos, or don’t show themselves if they do. The 2 accounts I’ve gotten the most hate from have never even liked a single video of anyone’s on Like. Seems obvious they’re only on the app to hate. There needs to be some sort of standard for those who would report things, before reports from that account are considered. If someone is legitimate, posting and liking videos, and when they feel necessary reporting what they happen to come across while minding their own business - that’s okay. Too many are going out of their way to cause trouble. Some are only on to look for things to complain about. Another thing all such apps need is the option to watch videos at a lower resolution for quicker loading. Love that there isn’t a limit on how many likes you can give. There is a follow limit, but it is higher than on a competing apps.
  • boys 5/5

    By bx ch
    Can y’all do something about these boys asking us to twerk or belly roll I will report y’all if you do not fix it
  • Good but also bad 3/5

    By chngchong101_101
    This is good and also bad because I have an account that I can’t to get rid of and I can’t make a new one because it won’t let me.
  • Not safe 1/5

    By watch out for your kids
    It says you have to be 17+ to use app however the age it lets you put in goes all the way up to 2019. Not safe - a bunch of little kids posting videos. Waaaaaay younger than 17 . With grown men liking and commenting on the videos. My 9 year old daughter was able to make an account just using her phone number. Anyone can save / send your video to anyone. Here’s the worst part .. you can’t delete the picture you use, you can only change it. Same for your phone number! You can’t deactivate your account without sending an email to the company - which is ridiculous! Sent an email to the address it said and still haven’t heard back from them. No number to call. This app should be removed.
  • Glitching out 4/5

    By unknownblondie
    I love like and have made many videos on it. I like seeing what other people do, and I think this app is awesome! The only reason I am giving it four stars is since after the update, it will have half of one video, and half of the other one down below it.
  • Hate it 1/5

    By violetlane7
  • This app is perfect! 🤗 5/5

    By Kntryprncss
    Dear, LIKE this is a wonderful app with a bunch of cool, fun, and especially interesting effects. We know you tried your best with this app. I fell in love with it the first time I played it. After this I will give it a five star rating. Anyways, I am a TikToker and I make aesthetic videos. And for that my wish would have this video to have spins and stuff. Thank you for working hard on this app. 👍🏻
  • This is copy right 1/5

    By NDez28
    Ok tik tok has all the stuff like has. Like was created 2uears after musicly whatcha is now tik tok idk I don’t like it
  • Awsome 5/5

    By Ivy ann green person bla bla
    It is awesome a few bugs with the uploading part but I give 5 star(・ิϖ・ิ)っ
  • I love the Fx , But ? 4/5

    I was attracted to this app because of the special effects , but once I got on I was hit by a barrage of kiddy vids, and other lame content...I believe this app can be useful to me if I can get anything to work for me, I am a hip hop veteran, and I love special effects, and when I tied Yours out I was excited, then I tried to upload some of my videos, it said something about iCloud, but all my videos are on my iPad, I tried to upload my music,and nothing...I don’t really see likeminded artists...I would love to post my videos, play my music...I wanna like this app, could you please implement some of these suggestions

    By gymnastellajoy12313
    Can you please change the update back in the old days.Like the update 8 months ago....because people in here are getting suicidal.Just please bring the old days back the happy ones.But it’s a great app😊
  • Love it 5/5

    By rambow unicorn
  • Great! But restrictions...... 5/5

    By Functionalzaee
    I love using this app but later it was 17+ and I think it should be 13+ and now I can’t use it. Please make it 13+! Btw LOVE THIS APP!!!
  • I hate this app 1/5

    By sxfiabxella
    I can’t do anything your pictures say
  • My review 5/5

    By La Ruvia 3
    Hi I'm jose and I love this app it's super fun and super cool
  • Ok 5/5

    By vlove7
    It’s ok
  • App keeps crashing/glitching 3/5

    By sammye2003
  • Edits 5/5

    By numb_tunes
    I like this app because I do edits and I use this app to add cool affects to the edit and yea bye
  • It is good but I feel unsafe 2/5

    By Emy3.0
    So my friend told me to get this app so I got it. It is fun but it is like a copy of TikTok with levels and effects you need to get using your levels. I feel unsafe because there are these people that comment stuff that can be weird like kids emojis and heart emojis. I even know it is unsafe because I am not the only girl that realized that my friend to and other girls to. And when you look on there profile ( for me it is usually a picture of a man ) they have a weird bio no videos and they only like and comment on young girls vids. So get it at your own risk. Sincerely, Partybot3000
  • How do I do this???!!! 5/5

    By hjskbfmfs
    How do I like make the time go without me touching the button? I can’t figure that part out!! Help pls
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By ona-gang-lover
    Worst app ever this app oh haha this app you do not want to download it because they earsed my account and I had to move in tiktok but tiktok is much better then like
  • Best app ever. Just need 1 thing 5/5

    By lexmvs
    This is the best app ever. There is just one thing I need when ever you add a video to favorites there is not a place where you can go to get to your favorites. I added a song to my favorites but I can’t find it because there’s nothing to click to see them. Please make there be a favorites section for favorited songs. Otherwise the app is the best.
  • Bugs in magic background 4/5

    By bugs in magical background
    They have a problem with the magical green screen. For the background when you move the green screen starts to have line surrounding that person. That uncovers your real background. I think this app is still cool it’s a really good app that needs a little help with the problems.
  • I can’t download upload videos unless they are resources from iCloud 1/5

    By alsruru
    I don’t know what happened I used to download or upload videos to post it in my account after update I can’t upload any videos I want to share it?
  • Great App, but Some Flaws 4/5

    By OnVenus
    Every time I try to upload a video on movie maker, it says I need to download it from iCloud, but gives me no other information. What makes it even more confusing it that it’s a video I had taken on that same day. I also don’t like the fact that on every post I make, I get likes from mostly fake users, and most of my followers are also fake. But Like has such a great community! The people on it are generally very friendly, and there are so many effects to work with.

    By kittywolfkelly
    this app is asome you should get this app sofar apart from youtube this is my favorite app but me and my friend suggest to put more music with alot of cool efects we love to make music videos but we are gonna half to start useing the SAME music however we are fine doing this but were trying really hard to avoid that also with "superpower" when i try to train at home it dosent let me like i will be trying and it wont get it
  • I like it but... 4/5

    By Hannah_Grace_6
    I love like because it so fun but I warn all young kids that are going to be joining. There are many people that want pictures of you and are very inappropriate. I have had many people message me on this app asking for pictures of me in my underwear or without a bra on or something like that. So please be very careful with who you talk to and what you send
  • Bad people 1/5

    By hehdbdhks
    One time I followed someone who had a kid picture and they texted me saying here’s a photo of my zucchini😖 pls make it safer
  • I’m not receiving my Live 3/5

    By Kira🧸♥️
    I love the app it’s great but it doesn’t let me go live and I’ve surpassed everything to get access to it
  • Videos 3/5

    By jeysha girl
    Once you get to about 100 videos it messes up and you wot be able to make anymore
  • Great app 5/5

    By MomOf3Dancers
    This app is awesome has some really cool effects and the option to go live! Definitely my favorite app!
  • Buscar personas en nuestros seguidores o en los que seguimos 4/5

    By rafarojass
    Por que no se puede buscar personas en nuestros seguidores o en los que seguimos? Es un fastidio tener que bajar y bajar para buscar a alguien!
  • It’s amazing!!! 5/5

    By frodrickz💗💗
    I love this app, you can edit your videos for free! But there’s only one problem I have. How come when I try to post a video it says “Please download resources from iCloud first”? What can I do to not make it say that? Please respond quickly and thank you💗💗
  • Official like 3/5

    By dylanbro112
    I have been black listed
  • I love it 5/5

    By blesiv lover and wwe lover
    This app is so much fun and I get a lot of likes
  • Why will it not load 2/5

    By JayTima
    Ok so I just got this app and so far everything LOOKS great but when I try to search a song it says that it can’t connect to my network and I checked it and it was running perfectly also when the tutorial it won’t download it will just stay at 0% so how can I use this app up to its best if I’m only getting the worst
  • LIKE LIVE Feature 3/5

    By Grac1e108
    I love the app. It is a wonderful platform for people to express themselves and feel happy. Although the live feature is supposed to be provided for users lvl 40+ AND 16 and older or parent managed. I am parent managed and LIKE has been ignoring my request for so long. I am fed up with it. I hope that they will gain some common sense to review my account because I have a platform of almost 30,000 people that want me to go live and I cannot. My like is @_lebow_
  • Hated it 1/5

    By kgage209
    I tried making the flying rock one and I did not work it made me so mad I threw my phone😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡worst app ever
  • My perks of the app 1/5

    By hhbuvhcvhcc
    This app won’t allow you to delete videos and when a video gets reported you have to delete your whole channel because someone reported it and I think they should work on that a lot they should allow the person to delete the video and only delete the video not the profile
  • The review 1/5

    By bigfoot&elmo
    I don’t like this thing. Nothing works.
  • Too many robots 2/5

    By Delon Shallal
    There are too many robots on this app when ever I make a video they comment on my videos and they try to scam me it’s too annoying
  • Like 5/5

    By Kaitlin Ritchie
    I think the Like app is a great app. You can post so many cool and fascinating videos. I like the like app.

    By Seriously1235
    While this app is fun for kids to create videos, your children are at risk being messaged by pedifile’s. This app makes it too easy for your young children to go line and post their videos and be contacted. Even with privacy settings. Please make sure you are checking this app on a daily basis if you download it for your child. There is A LOT of sexual content posted on this app as well.
  • Why this app has 5 stars 5/5

    By Denim Glover
    It’s amazing,it’s so fun,and I never received a negative comment on this app🤩🤩
  • Question 5/5

    By 99999dag3
    I love the app but what does a check mark mean some of my followers have check marks by there names
  • Funimate Copy!!! 1/5

    By Google man dude
    This is a complete funimate copy! "Magic Effects"! Obviously touch magic!🙄the new transitions? Like, funimate just came out with those and you are already copying them😡:(

LIKE-Magic Music Video app comments

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