Likee - Formerly LIKE Video

Likee - Formerly LIKE Video

  • Category: Photo & Video
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  • Current Version: 3.34.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Compatibility: Android
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Likee - Formerly LIKE Video App

Likee (formerly LIKE) is a popular global original video creation and sharing platform. A World Leading Special Effects Short Video Editing Tool With thousands of stickers and Music Magic filters to help make ideas come to life. On Likee, everyone can create trending videos with a simple tap and become the video star of their social circles! You can even use the Superme feature to make a blockbuster video in seconds or make an exclusive music video in less than a minute!With the latest AI face swap feature FaceMagic, you can be any superstars or movie roles you like instantly! Countless Original Entertainment & Knowledge Content from Around the World You will not only get to enjoy Likers original videos, music videos and funny clips, but also get to watch food exploration series, life hacks and so much more! Powered by the world's leading smart recommendation technology, Likee ensures that you can quickly discover interesting content that you will love! A Short Video, LIVE Broadcast & Social Community. Young people from all over the world gathers on Likee to meet interesting people. You will not only get a chance to meet tens of millions of celebrities and talented artists from around the world, but also get to make friends with young people from your city or near you! A World Leading Video Creation Platform On Likee, you can quickly increase your fan base! Likee is committed to provide a stage for talented video creators to accelerate their personal growth. Everyone has a chance to produce high-quality video content & get recommended on the popular page, gain billions of video views, earn a living via the Creator Reward feature, receive professional training from our Creator Program and quickly become the next internet sensation! Feature Highlights - Brand new Makeup + Micro Surgery features, which lets you put on exquisite makeup in seconds! - A tool with countless special effects, thousands of stickers, and magical emoticons, each of your selfies will look truly one-of-a-kind! - Cutting-edge Music Magic filters, create exclusive Music Videos with special effects at full sync with the music's beat! - Smart features such as Hair Color, 4D Magic, FaceMagic,Superpowers, lets you shoot blockbuster videos on your mobile phone! - Superme, the fastest production tool that turns your photos into blockbuster movies in seconds! - FaceMagic, become a superstar with 1-tap! A photo is all you need to play any movie roles! - Dubsmash, with a collection of dubbing script from the world's most popular movies, you can be the star of any movies you want! - Have fun and learn new knowledge from countless high-quality original video content! Discover and share a bigger world now! - An innovating magical LIVE broadcasting platform, experience something new with our unique interactive gameplay and gift effects. - Quickly get to meet new friends in your city through short videos with the "Nearby" feature! - A global short video creation platform, where everyone has a chance to gain popularity, billions of video views and quickly become the next internet sensation!

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Likee - Formerly LIKE Video app reviews

  • Likee 1/5

    By Botirjon99
    Please add black mood ios 13
  • Knock off 1/5

    By Random Ugly Potato
    Knock off tiktok. Period.
  • Update 4/5

    By Gacha Jewels-.-
    I absolutely love this app and I spend a lot of my time reading the wonderful comments my friends say. However, I HATE the new comments update. It’s like the Tik Tok comments. So messy. Please go back to your old comments section. Thank you ❤️
  • Perfect 5/5

    By yasinbabayi
  • RASCIST 1/5

    By Jyrni
    My post about George Floyd’s death was deleted and banned for no reason
  • شكوى 5/5

    By يبهي
    البث ضعيف جدا جدا جدا
  • What a hate about it! 1/5

    By Estania
    I only shows ads of piper🤬
  • Great but... 3/5

    By ♡Sᴏғᴛ_Lᴏʀᴀ♡
    This is an awesome app but there is some perverts and other people are faking to be famous accounts like Charli damelio...they are making FAKE accounts..i don’t even know who the REAL Charli damelio is....
  • Ugh 2/5

    By Malaya fjfjdbf
    I downloaded this and went live and it banned my acount
  • I love it so much 5/5

    By Chedajo
    It’s ok 🙂
  • Likee can u help me 5/5

    By cutiey_fans
    So umm u saw that it happens to. A other person now my likee vids can load😭 btw love ur app
  • LOVE IT 5/5

    By Catlover434
    Its so fun Love It🤩😍
  • Need live 5/5

    By xTootsie Roll
    I like this app but I want my live back.
  •  Likee ‍  5/5

    By Groeke aMg
     Likee is an amazing app. I love it you can become famous in your own way. I found you are more likely to get famous on likee than on other platforms like tiktok.   ‌
  •  Great ‍‌   5/5

    By y iyitnnsem
     Super app. I love likee and my self experience is so much better than others this type of app like vigo, tic tok and kwai. ‍  ​ 
  • ‌good   ‌ 5/5

    By Ddv aCiorredor
    ‌Likee is an amazing app. You can post and edit videos with amazing effects! Join Likee now! A user move from tiktok to Likee.     
  •  best     5/5

    By slny EopTin
     This is an excellent app for spending your time you can watch amazing, funny and delightful videos on this app. I think it is another tiktok but got its own features.    
  •  I Love It!!   ​  5/5

    By dong ngiuipg
     This is the best app for video editing and making. Even compared with tik tok. My account has been deleted for no reason so I move to Likee. ‌   
  •  Livy1234  ​​ 5/5

    By HdLn?a?i
    ‍This app is awesome I have been using it since 2 years. This app is younger than tiktok but even doesn’t' lose its shine to tic. and this is the direct way to the social world so guys make different videos and fans . Win hearts too  ‍ 
  • It’s great 5/5

    By Patt#1
    I love the app
  •  I love this app ‌    5/5

    By zaairtv nomke
     Very nice app. Nice ,funny and beautiful. I have more fans on Likee than on tiktok. But here are some videos not so good pls help to remove them.    

    I am a 9 year old and I am getting weird comments and bully’s on my videos and I am depressed because a person told me a lot of things that I belived, it made me depressed so please delete this app...😭
  •  Mariah      5/5

     Best app found on play store. I love this app very much and I especially love those cool video effects, which are even better than tik tok. ‌​
  • ‍Why I downloaded likee   ​ 5/5

    By Alv roiRvaas
     This is a great app. I use tiktok and Likee at the same time. Likee got marvelous video effects but sometimes it tell me video uploading fails. Pls help to solve this problem.    ​
  • ‍C     5/5

    By asrioemtr it
    ‌The next short video app after tik tok. When I got this app I thought it was boring as all you do is watch stuff. I also make videos and I got 10.1K hearts for my last videos. I feel so exciting.​    
  •  Looooooooove     5/5

    ​It's a fun way to watch and share funny and entertaining videos with friends. It is also a great way to meet new people just like imo, tiktok and bigo live. ‌ ‌
  • ​Likee‍   5/5

    By Pianathnp Ngnthawrjari
     I love Likee. It is another tiktok. Thanks Likee users for supporting me and giving likes to me. Now I got more than 50 K hearts on Likee. Thx!   
  • Likee Lover 5/5

    By lexi dison
    It is great
  •  If you like it really bad for kids      5/5

    By eezaAulBmayeh
     Good for entrainment and very nice video maker. The most beautiful video app apart from tic tok. I am growing my fans now! Thanks Likee. ‍‌ 
  •  Its good but,​   5/5

    By FL c ykeyunuOldHr
     Likee fan here. Tried tic tok and funimate, but found this one is my type. Likee is a really nice app I can make my videos and post them on it and I just want one more thing is that more options for hot music.  ‍  ‍
  •  Thank you‍     5/5

    By 8 618620679905
     This is a really cool app what you can watch things like memes and other amazing things if you download this you will have so much fun. One thing make it different from tik tok is the fantastic videos effects here.‍  ‍
  •  The app it’s self​   ‍ 5/5

     Just move from tic toc. Likee is fun and interesting. There's a lot of crazy entertaining videos and you can make your own videos too. I also like the live stream on Likee.   ‍
  • ‌I love it    5/5

    By oDvidG ordan
     Likee is a very imaginative app! You can make anything you want! I would tell you to download Likee it's amazing! Another tiktok but even more cool effects!   
  • ‍It FIThe best 🥰😝      5/5

    By ArsyiTa aabhssum
     It is really fun to watch and make different videos and to play with all of the effects. Even more effects than ontiktok. ​    
  • ‌I Just. Love. your. Channel    5/5

    By alis buzala
    ​It's one of those apps you download ironically because you wanna be funny but you have a negative opinion about it because of reasons just to find out it's nothing like you were told and you get addicted.    
  • ​I like likee, it makes me happier. The. ‍​ 5/5

    By AngelmaamoL ni R
    ‍I complete 1000 followers but not started live. It is easier to get fans on Likee than on tiktok. I wiil keep using this app and I would recommend it to my friends. ‍​ 
  • Multiple accounts 5/5

    By lillyan12343
    I was wondering if you could add the ability to have more than 1 account on your account. I tried to log into my account from a different device and it just ended up kicking me out from the original device. In my personal opinion, I think the app would be so much better if you added the option to add multiple accounts and people onto one account without being kicked out on the original. Thank you for your time if you’re reading this.
  • ‌The app is good but I download it  ‌   5/5

    ​This is amazing it's a starter for youtube in my opinion so I have an idea of what peple like! If you like video effects, likee is a better choice than tiktok.   ‌
  • Weird strange thing 3/5

    By jnlfaijlreiofea
    There is fake people on the app
  •  LIKEE IS THE BEST‌  ‌ 5/5

    By 熙y翁哲
     Likee is amazing!! This app lets you be you. It has a wide range of amazing effects, much more effects than tik tok. But I would suggest content auditing should be more strict.      
  • ‌Mad ‌‌ 5/5

     Likee is best platform to show talent. I personally suggest this app which gives you nice effects , filters to make your video more creative than tik tok or kwai. This app can make you popular and famous . Gives you new identity and also at same time you get love from your fans   
  • Liked 5/5

    By Schieu
    I really love likee
  •  :)     5/5

     Very nice app. Nice ,funny and beautiful. I have more fans on Likee than on tiktok. But here are some videos not so good pls help to remove them. ​  ‍
  •  Прошу помогите лайки💕💕💕‌ ‍ 5/5

    By 陈浓5汉
     Nice app. In some way it is similar to tiktok but still different. Likee got much more video effects. As for the new function FaceMagic, I hope there is more choices of movie clips.    
  •  Likee view    5/5

    By Rioardt saCoillc
     Nice but add one more option is that there is no option for add my music. I don’t know thether other short video apps like tiktok or vmate got this function but I think it would be much more convenient. ‌​  
  • I was born to be on Likee 5/5

    By Mimi The gymnast 101
    Likee is like Tic Toc but you won’t have a private account and more. So what are you waiting for download Likee
  •  Love it ‍   5/5

     Soooo fun I've had it for a yr and a half. The only thing is I'm never ever noticed nore Have i been on the for you page. It's sooooooooo hard!!!! I have 890 followers‍ ​  
  • ​Great app ‍    5/5

    By l aaCcWle
     Love this app and i really like to make vedios on Likee and i like its features some things like effects filter i spend my leasure time seeing this app . Many people dont like this app but why i dont know many of my friends say that its a waste of time but its really a good app. It teaches us many morals . So at list i would like to give 5 stars to this app ​‍  
  •  Hey I don’t like the app bc it won’t let me log in or sign in     5/5

    By saiob rvcJaA
     I would like the white background to change the colour! But i like Likee also its a really fun app to enjoy your day with making cool videos. This is the next short video app I would tried after tik tok. ​‌  

Likee - Formerly LIKE Video app comments

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