Likee - Short Video Community

Likee - Short Video Community

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  • Current Version: 3.94.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Compatibility: Android
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Likee - Short Video Community App

Likee is a free original short video maker and sharing platform worldwide with excellent live streams. Likee brings short videos, video effects and live stream into one easy-to-use application. With the powerful personalized feed and video effects, you can easily find viral videos, capture flawless videos, watch and go live stream. It’s time to express yourself, show your talents in live broadcasts, explore and connect with the content you love on Likee. We have over 100 million users all around the world. More and more people choose Likee for fun, self-expression and friends making. Download and join Likee to discover a bigger world! Why Likee? A Popular Special Effects Short Video Maker and Editor Various video effects, face filters and editing tools on Likee to help you make cool videos with little efforts. - SuperMix: enhance videos with cool special effects like Face Morph, Astral Travel, Face Cut and MV and more! A photo is all you need to make professional and fantastic videos. - Stickers & Music Magic: Customize your videos with various funny stickers, greetings, quotes, colorful hairs and cute emoji. - Beauty Camera &Video Filter: Change video backgrounds with video filters. Unlock bunch of video effects like sketch, glitch, vintage, montage and much more! Try different makeups styles in seconds with beauty camera! A Global Live Stream and Friends Making Community Millions of talented bloggers, vloggers and video creators like you have already joined Likee! Follow the creators you like, let's chat and make friends. • Go Live, Receive Gifts and Gain Fans Go Live on Likee to express yourself to the world. Live stream your life and engage with your audience. Show your talents, boost your fan base and receive gifts. You might just be Likee's next Internet Sensation! • Watch Live Stream Anytime and Anywhere Discover countless talented hosts from around the world. Watch Live stream, chat with hosts, and support your favorite hosts by sending gifts. Special features such as LIVE PK, fan club and tournament of Likee Live await you! Viral Videos and Creative Contents all around the World Choose from a great variety of videos, including music, dance, makeup, drawing, DIY, news, movies and everything in between! Powered by the personalized feed based on what you watch, like and share, Likee will offer more of those you like and less of those you don’t. On Likee, you can quickly grow your knowledge, get life hacks, laugh with other Likers and keep up with the trend! SuperFollow your favorite creators to explore their exclusive contents • Price: $0.99 - $49.99/month • Payment: the payment will be credited to iTune ID after users' confirmation of purchase and payment • To cancel subscription, please open the "Settings" of your iPhone --> enter "iTunes Stores and App Store" --> Click "Apple ID" and enter " Account Settings" --> Click "Subscribe" --> Select the SuperFollow subscription you want to cancel. • Renewal: iTunes will make a deduction within 24 hours before expiration, following which the subscription period will postpone for a month Terms of Service: Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: All Likers are real, creative and full of passion just like you. Watch and edit editors & go live in likee. Now Join Likee community and explore more than you like. Connect us Instagram : likee_official_global facebook : @likeeappofficial

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Likee - Short Video Community app reviews

  • Likee is amazing 5/5

    By MailyandKyle
    Likee you could do anything there’s amazing stuff on Likee
  • No cuss word 5/5

    By aven Switzer
    Can you please take out all the cussWords
  • Don’t get this app!! 1/5

    By anajjsjajssk
    When I was a kid I downloaded this app, it was fun at first but than some guy came into my dms and would constantly ask me for inappropriate pictures,and than I got groomed ☠️🧍🏻‍♀️ . Please do not download this for your children, if you are child I beg you don’t download this!! . This app is absolutely disgusting and deserves to get deleted and banned, this app caused me so much trauma and for others too. The developers obviously doesn’t care about these situations!!!.There is child p***graphy,and girls inappropriately dancing and doing stuff meant for adults. Please again, I beg that you DO NOT!! AND I MEAN DO NOT, download it.
  • This app is cool but 4/5

    By Candy_Queen11111
    Yes I love this app but I don’t like how you cant say cuss words please change that Thanks -Hailey
  • u gotta read this⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ 1/5

    By hi the games great
    so when i was little i was always on this app this app is a version of the app tiktok but for younger people this app has so many creeps waiting for a new little girl to join this app has no way of making your account private therefor anyone can see it pls delete this app asap
  • I like the app buuut 3/5

    By Nining18
    It’s a pretty good app and I have found some pretty cool people to follow and stuff but there are also weirdos and creeps and that’s what I don’t like bc I can’t make my account private so literally everyone can see and these random people always like my post and it’s kinda creepy. Also it’s kinda bad quality and y’all should really make more filtersss and if somebody’s twerking let us delete it plsss bc its nastyyy anyways that’s pretty much it I wouldn’t recommend this for people under 12.
  • No 1/5

    By mkennealols
    Just no
  • LIKEE 5/5

    By un leachtime
    I love likee so much they're are no ads I totally recommend it❤️
  • Likee 5/5

    By icequeenangel01
    I like the app because it’s better than TikTok lol y’all mean so much too me love u guys
  • Likee 4/5

    By Yo Lon
    Ii love it love the app its fun easy to use the only thing I would like to in this app is stickers and gif to put in the video I never get tired of using this app
  • It’s cool but not my thing 1/5

    By lost in London :3
    Nope sorry tho I kinda like it tho so yeah um 😐
  • 5 stars amazing 5/5

    By filxuflfxufufyx
    It is a good app like there is so many filters like I would try this app 100% get it
  • I just need help 2/5

    By Pikachu loves you
    Can you help me send pictures pls
  • About my old account 1/5

    By queeeeen93123
    I Likee will not let me take my old account off and will not let me put my phone number in because I already had likee it will not work someone please tell me how I give likee is zero stars
  • Amazing 5/5

    By gg go dhhhdhd
    This is seriously the best app ever it’s like Instagram but for younger kids it’s amazing it’s called Likee you can make your own videos watch some really cool stuff pick your favorite hobbies it’s a really really really really good game it’s amazing
  • There is no safety, danger everywhere 2/5

    By panchito mahalnberry
    Detective pancho, i heard that this app was a hotspot for predatory users, I didn’t believe it much but i was able to make two long videos of the nasty comments that are left behind by perverted people. So not only does it have a high amount of thirst traps, there are preds EVERYWHERE, some of the guys are even on the registry list. So although it’s for kids, I do not recommend for your kid unless you want them to be stalked by the same 40 yr old man with 100+ liked photos of children. Stay safe out there and be careful who you text
  • Can’t delete account 1/5

    By Zxtkev
    I don’t see where to delete my account on my profile or nothing I looked everywhere
  • Likee 5/5

    By mallory Alice
    Hi there I think Likee is an amazing app thatYou can just be your self on it is like TikTok but has less bad words and all the songs you were gonna thank Us all for telling you. bye
  • Horrible 2/5

    By mmonkies
    It’s horrible and you have to sign up to like and follow

    By butthole butt butt butt
    I was on live like the innocent girl I was when I was 7 and I found a girl having sex on live and I got off of it and went to a different one where a girl was getting naked and showing her boobs and over parts I can’t say! I also found a video of girls twerking,showing off there boobs, and getting naked please fix this and don’t allow children to look these up
  • I hate this 1/5

    By Laureleestars
    this app was so cool until it started not letting me here the songs and my screen is black when I trie to post ):< 0/10
  • Kinda good but creeps 5/5

    By Annabrookbrannon
    So I love likkeee but I have been hearing about creeps so ya
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By New Baby 345
    I love this app
  • I love this app so much I wanna be a good editor plz help me to make 10 k 5/5

    By mr_blue589
    I love likee so much I learn many things from likee
  • From angel<3 5/5

    By narwhaledancings
    I love this app like y’all have the best song and everything
  • Everything to know about this app before you have it 4/5

    By sav24430
    I love this app not only that I can have it! I’m a kid and I can’t have tic tock but this app is exactly like it. Although there is a little cuss word every now and then and twerking so if it’s your young kid that is getting this app might want to look at it first.But there is an adult account and a kid on the kids you can’t comment on posts nor post your own videos and there’s no lives. So if your getting this app I hope this helped to know what it is like!! :)
  • The game 5/5

    By how847
    The game is so cool you can Watch anytime and anything
  • I wanna kill myself from this app. 1/5

    By ksjmsm
    You heard me?!
  • It’s so entertaining 5/5

    By Lila Larose
    I love watching these things they’re almost better than tic tok I love I could watch they’re freaking vids for hours especially the lives I been watching it lately and now I’m freaking addicted try it it’s so much fun I spen all my free time on this app I love hope you get it to highly recommend it hope you get it
  • I hate like 1/5

    By queen12313
    Like is horrible don’t use it it is so inappropriate even for me and I’m 13 it shows so much of people s body’s if you want it get ready for private parts DON’T USE IT
  • Sooo good 5/5

    By rawrimadini
    This app is amazing and a much better app than TikTok
  • Likee great video game but… 5/5

    By I hate me but not this game
    So I just scroll down and I see some inappropriate things so please The person who made likee please say no inappropriate things! Thank you so much __love this game!
  • I really like the app but… 4/5

    By Bentleybezzz
    The App is only 12+ and there’s cüśš words on the app
  • Superb Social App 5/5

    By S+R Jaan
    “ It’s a very lovable, enjoyable and mind refreshing site.” All the best to Likee.
  • Idk 1/5

    By 𝚖𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚢𝚙𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚢:𝙿
    Likee was a okay app The thing that happened it some guy showed me his Thing when I was younger I didn’t even know what it was until they said it was I wouldn’t recommend this app for kids or maybe take off the pictures
  • Likee report system. 2/5

    By dhdhbdhd. chdbdbbf. f
    The likee report system is stupid. Some people would get bullied, or say racist, sexist ect. Things. Some people make inappropriate videos, that could involve twerking, or saying inappropriate, and porny things. While that doesn’t get taken down, even though it’s breaking multiple rules of likee, small things, that could involve very slightly revealing clothing, or just anything that’s not at all bad , that includes perhaps innocent cosplay, LGBTQ+ things, gets taken down. It is very stupid, and really needs to get fixed. Whoever might be controlling the system, must be a perverted , homophobic, and racist man.
  • This is a great app but i have a question 5/5

    By kekereyrey
    Hello this is a really good app and has great content but i wanted to ask if you could please delete two of my old account or atleast ban them please the link ids are 107864879 and 307127669
  • The best Likee people 5/5

    By bria6219
    Y’all are the best and the mom can I ask you a question do you Kidz like Barney ? But I just wanted to say I dance to y’all music videos so if your kidz like Barney their is a Spanish one
  • Don’t use this app 😡 1/5

    By joiyio
    Never use this app it is really creepy some stranger ask me some creepy questions and my mom said delete this app right now so I did and that is your lesson never use this app😡😡😡😡
  • The best 5/5

    By hhehrhdjjfffgjrkdjdhdhrjjf
    I love love this Likee 1/1000000000 The best but tiktok is still better but u are to
  • Good but trama 5/5

    By lyssnevaeh
    Likee is a great app but on a live I joined someone’s zoom and on the zoom another person on there was showing a video of 2 people have sex and it really traumatized me at the age of 8. Other than that it’s a great app
  • 😒 2/5

    By mjhdxbn
    So I have to sign up with a phone number but I don’t have a SIM card so I can’t sign up or do anything
  • I miss likee 5/5

    By yayayeyemama
    I had likee then I deleted it because it didn’t work it was glitching so yeah
  • About likee 3/5

    By never sad about any game
    I like likee a lot but there is bad things sometimes
  • You are so amazing because you give me a chance to change thing in my family love🥰🥰🥰 5/5

    By application ...
    Love you guys 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰Likee is the best
  • Grooming and pedos 1/5

    By Sam's Review's
    This app is filled with pedophiles and people who are grooming minors. Do not allow your children to download this. It even allows access to your location so it allows access for pedophiles to track your children. Please do not allow you children on this app.
  • Likee is.. questionable but fun ^^ 4/5

    By Someone ❤️❤️‍🩹❤️‍🔥😱🤬
    Likee, yea, Likee. Likee is.. it’s well, pretty much the same as tiktok, so I have no clue why they made this app. but, if your parents don’t allow you to get Tiktok, there is likee out there for ya. and lemme say, likee is a great app. It’s amazing n’ all, but.. creeps. there are so many creeps out there. they’ve been asking me for my snap and calling me babe/princess. so, if your thinking abt getting this app for your 7-9 year old, please don’t. I don’t think they’ll be able to handle the creeps. and even tiktok, tiktok has some inappropriate videos. I know I’m not here to talk about any other apps, but.. don’t let your even kids watch YouTube shorts, there are videos that show two ppl kissing or even doing the dirty. And there in even a link in the comments to see inappropriate pictures of private parts. I’m 11, I can handle this well. but we don’t need any of your kids becoming perverts. now hopefully someone will fix all this and ban all the creeps.. but yes, this is my review. also, if you wanna help me get to 200 followers on likee, my username is y69pofs💋, ty, and have a great day!
  • Was fun 2/5

    By {Cherry}
    Likee it’s a fun app but it could be better a few months ago there was a green screen and now there’s not I am really sad I cannot find green screen anymore so can someone please tell me why in the world it’s not there anymore like I really need green screen and it’s nice but there’s so much bots and I only get like 10 likes for video and 100 views per like video and zero comments on every video so can someone please tell me why this is happening to me and please fix green screen if you can if you fix green screen maybe I will change my review to 5 to 5 star
  • idk 2/5

    By Hayleyhaleyhayleyhaileh
    honestly it’s a 2 because I can’t delete my old account and make new ones