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Shop Your Screenshots™ and discover thousands of shoppable looks with, your go-to app for instantly shopping looks from your favorite trendsetters, featuring fashion, home, beauty, fitness, family content + more. Your summer style awaits! Get the app and shop the newest trends, anytime, anywhere. How it Works: Download the app to get instant access to shoppable product information when you screenshot your favorite blogger, celebrity, and influencer pictures wherever you discover them on social media and the mobile web, including Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and more. Simply take a screenshot of an image whenever you'd like to know the product information, then open the app to instantly shop the products featured in your screenshot! The experience is so quick and easy, our users tell us it's like magic! Everything you see in the app is 100% shoppable: • My Likes: Shop all of your screenshots and 'likes' within the app from one place • My Feed: Follow your favorite influencers to curate your live feed of shoppable looks • Discover: Browse thousands of images from home, beauty, sale, fitness, + more • Wish List: Save items you love to your Wish List and revisit them anytime • Search: Easily find and follow your favorite accounts • Profiles: Scroll all of the shoppable looks from trendsetters

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  • Terrible Change to Screenshots! 1/5

    By Emersons Mom
    For security reasons with my job, my phone (iPhone 10) cannot take screenshots!! I can no longer use this app to shop! So very frustrated!!!
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By Shell1231111
    I used to love this app. It showed me all my likes and opened the outfit I clicked on within the app. Now you have to screenshot the outfit to get it to show up and each item opens in a separate safari page which is ridiculous. If I am trying to buy multiple things it makes it difficult because you have multiple separate carts from the same store. Mostly I want the ig photos I like from bloggers to show up without having to screenshot it.
  • Nice app but.. 4/5

    By Caitiennn
    I like everything besides the fact that literally every time I use it to find out where something is from it’s always sold out. Always. It never fails. So really I never get to purchase anything making the app kind of pointless to me.
  • Used to “like” 1/5

    By bksgrl
    I used to love this app and used it all the time. I could easily scroll through IG, liking posts and going back later to look through everything. The new version is frustrating. I don’t want to use up space with my camera roll, not to mention needing to take the new extra steps required to see my likes. It was so clean and streamlined before, but now...? Not worth it. I don’t want to have to remember every person I follow in the hope I don’t miss an outfit, nor do I want to have to follow someone just to like an occasion style. I don’t usually take the time to write reviews, but it’s rare to find such a great app and then have it lose its reliability and fun.
  • Screenshotting vs Liking 2/5

    By FarinTaylor
    Not a big fan of not being able to like the photo anymore for it to show up in the app. Screenshots take up room in my camera roll, I definitely prefer the ease of just double tapping.
  • Search by Clothing Item/Hashtag 4/5

    By Sonya Bagonya
    Good app, but can’t search for clothing items via search bar or hashtag. Would love to type in “white skinny jeans” or “resort wear” or something similar to find what I really need! Guess I will stick to Google and Insta hashtags a while longer. Too bad!
  • My favorite app! 5/5

    I use this app daily, and it's so creative and easy to use. Highly recommend
  • Like feature 4/5

    By fashionista8393
    We want the like feature back! It made the app so much easier to use when it linked to your Instagram likes!
  • Screenshot vs LIKE 1/5

    By np.appuser
    Terrible having to screenshot in order to receive shopping information. Who wants tons of screenshots on their phone? No one. I don’t even like looking at this anymore because I don’t want to have to screenshot pics. Very frustrating. Isn’t the NAME of the APP “LIKE”toknowit?!?
  • I used to love the app... 1/5

    By Jillian Frigo
    Then they removed emails and like to save. So annoying to have to take screenshots to save items.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Sunshinecurls3
    Love the fact that this app allows us to have the option to buy. We see so many pretty outfits on vlogs and want to buy, but no idea where it came from. So thank, thank you, thank you! THIS APP ROCKS!!!
  • Why screw up something that worked seamlessly?! 1/5

    By A.zline
    Gone are the days where I could like photos on Instagram and then it show up in I hate having to take the extra step to screenshot everything that I want to shop...
  • I don’t get it. 1/5

    By Gfesz12345
    I would be awesome if you could open Instagram and shop a photo. Oh wait, you can do that already.
  • Please bring back the like feature in IG 4/5

    By Superpheebs
    I really miss having the posts that I like on Instagram showing up in the app! First world problem but a problem indeed ! Other than that I love the app
  • Horrible functionality on the iPad 1/5

    By Yorkiesandme
    Update edit: now that you no longer support likes I have to clog my device with screenshots? No thanks. Deleted. 5/2/18 I hated the website the having to sift through stuff the emails. I'm not a fan, but influencers want that money so they use it. (Mind I'm not against monetization) I had hoped that the app and screenshots of pictures I'm actually interested in shopping would solve this. Nope.. every time I log on with my iPad it wants me to connect to my Instagram. Then it tells me I'm already connected use another account??? My screenshots never appear. They do on my phone, but I browse IG on my iPad. 2 stars because I think the concept if it worked improved a service which quite frankly I hate. Could we just go back to tap for deets please???
  • Great. But i have enhancement suggestions 4/5

    By Caroline101010
    Create a search filter where i can search for people my size and height to use as a style reference.
  • Way to hard to use 1/5

    By CaitlinReed14
    They make it way to complicated and a make you do too many steps! It’s lame
  • Great app 4/5

    By kateido
    love this app!! just wish you could search certain things!!
  • Never works... 1/5

    By CKSpell5
    I wish liketoknow hadn’t had to change; it was so much easier before to get an email. Now I have to take screenshots of everything which takes up memory, and then I feel like this app barely works. It doesn’t capture any of my screenshots and there isn’t a way (that I can tell anyway) to manually add them to get the product info. Every time I attempt to use it I’m told “no internet connection”. How many apps these days require a connection to WiFi to work? Isn’t that why we have iPhones? It’s frustrating and I feel like I’ve used the service far less now that they’ve changed over to this. I’m sure this hurts the bloggers who get paid to promote products. I hope they improve it.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Tricia251
    I am so in love with this app. It makes finding great outfits so easy!
  • Screenshots??? 3/5

    By ajohnson007
    Shop screenshots? I’m taking screenshots on Pinterest but nothing is coming up in the app. Am I missing something?
  • Only works half the time. 1/5

    By brandi657
    When I screenshot liketoknowit pics the app only works half the time. I have updated my app so that’s not the issue. It’s very frustrating. Wish it would’ve never been changed. I never had any issues when I liked a picture and received the email with links. Thought this would be more convenient since it stores all the screeenshots together but it rarely works. 👎
  • Used to love it 2/5

    By christinamarina7
    I am very disappointed in this app. I used to love it because all of my favorite looks were in one place when I liked a picture. Now, I have to screenshot everything that I like which I don’t like because I don’t want my storage being taken up with screenshots. Now, I have to search through the app whenever I see something I like on Instagram to find the influencer and then find the picture so I can see where the clothes are from. I do not like that at all. I liked it the old way where I just liked a picture on Instagram and then it was in my feed on the app. I know you can have your likes sent in an email but I enjoyed having everything on the same feed rather than in multiple emails that take up more storage on my phone.
  • Easy way to shop 5/5

    By BGnation_gurl
    My favorite part is viewing a item as part of an outfit. I would love to be able to search categories and price ranges(as well as follow bloggers who wear different price range clothing).
  • GENIUS app. 5/5

    By Eneverythingnice
    I love that this app offers me to shop the looks of so many bloggers I follow. It’s seriously genius. I wish I made this😂🤣
  • Why change what works?? 3/5

    By LCRowyourboat
    I love this app and use it all the time however I’ve noticed recently that my likes weren’t showing in the app and once I updated it I got the message that limit a photo is no longer supported and you must screen shot. I have no idea why this change was made but it is a poor one, seems to be going backward in user friendliness rather than forward. The last thing I want is hundreds of screen shots of stuff taking up space in my phone when all I had to do before was a quick tap on something I liked. I’ve used it much less because of this. Go back to the old way!
  • More convenient! 4/5

    By nkcombs
    I love the new update that allows you to preview and “favorite” an item before opening another page to shop!!
  • Used to love this 👎🏻 2/5

    By Libbiehartley
    I used to love this app and I used it several times/day. Now I barely touch it. Why did they have to change such a good thing!?!? At first, They would send me my “likes” in an email with links to where to find the items which was great as I could shop and peruse at my convenience. Then they took the emails away so I had to “like” something to see it in the app feed. I used it less and less then as it wasn’t as convenient. Now I have to take screenshots In Order to see my likes. Nope. Not doing that. My phone barely has enough space as it is and I don’t want my photos filled up with things I might want to buy. Please go back to your roots! The people want this!!!
  • Used to be better 1/5

    By phdfsu
    Personally hate the new way this app/site works. It used to be great. Used to be so easy and user friendly. Now it’s not. Deleting it
  • What happened? 1/5

    By Caseydiane1234
    What happed to getting emails with your likes? Also I don’t get the screenshot and shop? The app takes me right back to Instagram. What’s the deal?
  • Hate the new update!! 1/5

    By caseyld1211
    Are you going to change the name to “screen shot to know”? Hate that you can only get looks by screen shoting. I don’t want all those pictures on my phone!
  • Clothes lover 5/5

    By lover of clothes
    Love having all the options from each post and buying the clothes you didn’t think you would wear
  • Update 1/5

    By sellingmysoultopaystudentloans
    Used to love this app until it updated to support only screen shots and not instagram likes.
  • No more emails or feed of likes 1/5

    By Jamro330
    Really disappointed that the emails are no longer sent. I’d be ok with it if my likes still appeared but that was taken away too. I don’t want to screen shot every pic.

    By ang2638389493
    LOVEEEE THE NEW UPDATE! Proving details of the items before leading the the retailer is amazing!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 well done!
  • Used to love this app.... 1/5

    By Luv2PlayInCA
    I used this app daily when I could shop looks on IG just by “Like”-ing posts. But now they’re getting rid of that and forcing users to take screen shots instead. SO LAME!
  • No good after update! 1/5

    By cancan8863679
    AWFUL! I receive about half of my screen shots. They are clogging up my photos and iCloud! This is awful. It was so much easier to LIKE the photo and receive the notification that that photo was ready to shop in the app. It is completely NOT like to know it anymore. It’s screenshot to sit in your photos and maybe receive a notification it’s ready to shop.
  • Hating update 2/5

    By TheOGKC226
    I definitely do not like how the app now works exclusively for posts that you screen shot instead of just liking. This is how I do 80% of my shopping because it’s easy, not really in to it putting a bunch of bs photos in my album that I will then have to go delete.
  • No longer “like” to know it 1/5

    By Playaplayaplaya838163
    The best part about this app was only having to “like” a post for it to populate itself in the app. It’s redundant to screenshot, go into your album to delete the screenshot, then get the info you need in the app. Bring back the “like”!!
  • Past versions were better 2/5

    By Ehazel99N
    Unfortunately the most recent app update has proven to be nothing short of a setback. While you used to ‘like’ photos in Instagram and have the photos/items show up in the app, you can no longer mindlessly scroll and like photos to receive product information. In order for the app to work you must now take a screenshot of the Instagram post. Not only does this change the user experience (for the worse) it fills up your photo albums with unwanted screenshots of Instagram posts! Like most users, I think the option to shop in-app rather than having links open in mobile web would be a lot huge improvement.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By pleasechangeback!
    Really disappointed in the new “enhancements”. It’s fine not to send emails anymore, but your current likes should at least still show up in the app. I don’t want to screenshot, since I don’t feel the need to give every app full access to my photos. It’s invasive, and I feel like apps would finally learn people want privacy. Plus, the likes I already had before are now just permanently in the first tab, making it’s useless altogether going forward since it isn’t being updated any longer. I can follow influencers, but I already do on Instagram, so searching through all my followers for a specific item is like scrolling through my insta feed all over again. Pointless to use your service, since I will be going direct to the source from now on.
  • Best idea ever ! 5/5

    By KseniaD86
    I’m busy with work and busy mom. This app is amazing !!! So easy to find what you saw on some website, take screen shot and see where it’s sold. How brilliant! I like that you also can see prices immediately now. Enjoying this app very much !
  • lost it’s efficiency for me 1/5

    By eselleck
    don’t want to waste my photo storage space with screenshots since they took away the like feature to see the posts. you have to save a screenshot to see the posts in the app.
  • Loved it but stopped working 1/5

    By Mary Bycholski
    I used this religiously. Stopped working. I’ve deleted and reinstalled. The “send feedback” doesn’t work. Would love help
  • Annoying changes 1/5

    By caitlynh57
    I used to love this app but now I can’t stand that screenshots are the only option. It was so combiner that the normal Instagram scrolling and liking would send me an email as a reminder to go check out the sources of items. Now you have to stop scrolling to screenshot an item, get out of Instagram to go to the like to know it app, and then your phone is crowded up with screenshots. I know there is an option in the app to delete the screenshots but I just really don’t want them in the first place. They old version was so convenient. I get that they are trying to force people to you the actual app but it isn’t hassle now. And my other complaint is that the home bloggers NEVER source the exact items. I know they probably don’t have that anymore but almost every time I fall in love with something in a home shot, it’s never sourced!

    By navinoir
    Love the screenshot feature that links photos you screenshot on instagram to the app for you to shop! So fun and easy to shop items directly from a photo!
  • Screenshot EVERYTHING! NO. 1/5

    By PhotoCrazyLady
    I’ve been an avid user even before the app was launched! Had always enjoyed my experience. Even back when the website only sent emails with the photos to shop. However, this new update has cluttered my photo albums! First of all, I’m not comfortable allowing the app to access my photo albums since my photos are private. ESPECIALLY after Facebook dropped the ball and selling our personal data! Not to say that this app does the same and sells my information. Let’s suppose I do grant access, who’s to say the app isn’t going though all of my albums and not just the screenshots? Please reinstall the “like” feature! After all, the app is not called Secondly, the app would be amazing!!!! if we didn’t have to open safari to view where the items are being sold and the price. I mean, there’s times I have over 50 tabs open making my phone slowdown and forcing me to close all tabs to have my phone working properly again. Should say that I’m not sure if there’s a correlation to my phone slowing due to a high amount of tabs open. Due to the “like” feature being turned off, I will have to stop using the app and instead shop directly from the bloggers webpage. Get it together!!!!
  • Items don’t match 3/5

    By Nicalessia
    The items in the pictures usually don’t match the exact item for sale.
  • Loved until last update 1/5

    By Hhiffsrh
    I used to use ltkit all the time! But for some reason, they no longer support linking posts with your likes on insta - you now must screenshot a post for it to show up in your feed on the ltk app. This utterly defeats the purpose/beauty of the app - I have no desire to have the pictures on my phone riddled with screenshots. Now outfits I like and want to purchase can’t be catalogued solely in the ltk app, they must also be saved to my phone. May as well use Pinterest. Boo, ltk!
  • Amazing/ could be better 4/5

    By Aleigh W
    I love this concept & the app is great! I would like it more if I could change my home screen preferences. I would like to see the most current posts from people I follow there instead of my old screenshots. It would also be nice to get more recommendations of things I might like. app comments


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