Likewise: Movie, TV, Book Recs

Likewise: Movie, TV, Book Recs

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  • Current Version: 19.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Likewise, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Likewise: Movie, TV, Book Recs App

Find your next favorite with Likewise. Easily discover and share great recommendations for movies, TV shows, books, and podcasts. Find out what to watch and where to watch it. Explore interesting things to read and listen to. Likewise learns what you like to give you better recommendations. Our combination of smart technology and real suggestions from real people helps you quickly cut through the clutter to find movies, TV shows, books, and podcasts that you'll love. Explore Likewise Groups to get suggestions from people who love the same things you do. Browse for hidden gems or join the conversation. It’s an easy fun way to discover new things and share favorites with other like minded people. The best way to find recommendations - Personalized to your distinct tastes, Likewise learns what you like to give you smarter recommendations. - Daily recommendations just for you. Every day, you’ll have new recommendations waiting when you log in to the Likewise app. - Quickly find what you want, fast. Easily search across all your interests and streaming services with one convenient app. It’s fast and easy to search across all your streaming services at one time, or filter by specific streaming service, genres, and more. - Love lists? We do too. You can save all your favorites in one place and never lose track of the shows or books you want to remember. Find and organize your interests and get back to them easily. A community of like minded people - Easily share suggestions or discuss favorites with friends and family in your own private spaces. See their latest recommendations in the group activity feed and keep all their suggestions in one easy to find place. - A community of true enthusiasts. Browse suggestions, connect with like-minded people, give and get great recommendations. Start discussions and share about your favorite things. A great way to explore - Curious about podcasts but you're not sure where to start? Wish it were easier to find something to read? Likewise is for you. - Great for niche interests. From Anime fans to Rom-Com connoisseurs—Likewise's comprehensive library and mix of interests has something for everyone. Recommendations for Movies, Shows, Books, and More: - Movie and TV show recommendations - Find what to watch and where to watch it. - Create watchlists across all your streaming platforms (Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, HBO, and more). - Book and podcast recommendations - Find interesting stuff to read and listen to. We love hearing from you! If you have questions or suggestions tap the in-app feedback button or contact us at [email protected]

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    By egretsrus
    READ PRIVACY STATEMENT. In its entirety! 😱
  • Stream Queen finds her tribe!! 5/5

    By justsingmeasong.
    I love Likewise. The suggestions and reviews are fantastic. I’m always looking for something to download to my kindle so I can watch during my commute. Likewise makes it seamless!!!
  • favorite app 5/5

    By marsardt
    I love this app! I found so many new books to read!!
  • there a bug or something 4/5

    By Helllleennnn
    I absolutely love this app it helps me find my favorite shows or movie and has recommendations but I’m trying to see where I can watch this movie and I can’t stay in the app for 2 seconds without it saying “ oops there is a problem retry again” when I click retry it won’t let me there no way I can get in to this app please help because I love this app and I want to show my friends this app but I can’t because of this problem 😭
  • Help 5/5

    By bfly988
    Whenever I go in the app it says “Oops! There was an error with your request. Please try again” it gives me the options retry and ok, when I hit either one it just shows me it again. I downloaded it awhile ago but this is the first I’m actually using it except for setting up my account.
  • it keeps crashing 2/5

    By comicvy
    when i try opening it it says an error occurred so i close the app and refresh it but it still says the same thing. i then delete the app and install it again but when i try to log in it says invalid email or password even though i have saved the account info
  • A MUST Download 5/5

    By Likewise Downloader
    Great app and interface (and text messages if you choose to opt in for those). Likewise keeps you informed!
  • nice, little confusing 4/5

    By mustardsocks
    it’s an odd set up and the tinder for media thing is kind of annoying but i love how responsive your asks are! i wish you could search for books by genre tho
  • Love it 5/5

    By sewcountry
    Great app! Lots of choices!
  • Very easy to use and gives me a community of book readers 5/5

    By Anafefegigi
    Amazing community and recommendations for books
  • Tinder for Media 4/5

    By Little Irish Layna
    A really good app! I just wish it didn’t only give you a few to swipe through for each type of media per day. I do like that it shows which streaming service something is on for tv and movies!
  • Great to find new movies, books, and podcasts! 5/5

    By mountain_lover111
    Do you ever feel like you don’t know what to watch? I do all the time and likewise just makes it so much easier to find entertaining options right for me! Likewise is also a friendly community of fellow people that open discussions and make great suggestions! Highly recommend this app!
  • Terrible Suggestions 1/5

    By lutkie
    Literally had nothing to do with the content I entered. Just main stream garbage.
  • Good 5/5

    By 😀😃😄😁😉😌🙂
    Very good app
  • All it needs is a dark mode 4/5

    By 『6』
    This app is great, i’m able to save all my favorite movie’s, podcasts, books, TV shows, and cartoons, in a uniform manner that’ll be there forever so I never forget. Along with getting recommendations for things to watch based off my liking has been amazing, all it needs is a dark mode. If this app had a dark mode It would be perfect 100% 5-stars till then it’ll be stuck at 4.5/5 ⭐️’s for me…
  • I like it 4/5

    By 34?kop
    I get to have all my shows, movies, even books and podcasts in one spot. It’s like a TBR list on Goodreads.
  • BOOKS 5/5

    By pancakkee
    there are so many amazing recommendations on here!
  • Good place to find things to watch/ read or listen 5/5

    By Laurachorba
    Love it
  • Like wise review 5/5

    By MJ11811
    AMAZING it takes a quiz to show what books you my like ITS FREE I hate when something in the App Store I really want but it is money amazing amazing amazing
  • Better than everything else I’ve tried :-) 4/5

    By SampleSizeOfOne
    The UI is nice. I like that “how could we improve” polls pop up once in a while with just one quick question. Still seeing how well the recommendation engine is.
  • Obsessed 5/5

    By :)))))))))));))))))))
    This app makes it so easy to find people ready and willing to recommend countless amazing books!
  • Complete 5/5

    By Scrapgrrrrl
    No where else do I get such a comprehensive list of TV shows, movies, books and where to find them. Love the updates. Loving this app and use it often.
  • Just got the app recently…. 5/5

    By luvinbooks
    And I am enjoying it very much! I love seeing opinions on everything and has encouraged me to try things I might not have noticed. 😀
  • so bad it’s funny 1/5

    By biggasjotmskzhvs
    admittedly i’ve had this app for about an hour, but i expected better recommendations after being somewhat particular about what favorites i was logging. i downloaded this app with the main goal of finding more horror books and movies, so 99% of the favorites i logged were of the horror genre. the first movie that was recommended to me was an early 2000s comedy because “you liked train to busan and coraline”. the randomness of the pick was enough to actually make me laugh. i did not express any interest in comedies, nor do any of my logged favorites fall into that category. my recommended books were just as irrelevant and random, seemingly only including romance novels aimed at a teenage audience. i’ll keep the app to see if the recommendations by real people are any better, and i’ll adjust my review accordingly, but i don’t have high hopes.
  • Fave 5/5

    By Vegghead4life13
    This app is a gem 💎. I get stumped all the time, and chase my tail on what to watch/read next. This is an awesome app & community to keep that watch:read list going!
  • awesome! 5/5

    By laura577
    great to find new books to read :)
  • New Movies 5/5

    By hay5602
    This app helps me find new shows to watch
  • Fun app for book lovers 4/5

    By *Riley Reviews*
    It’s pretty fun!! I don’t have any complaints, I’d definitely recommend to download.
  • Babel 5/5

    By Jbeindorf
    This book in on my top 5 of all times. So well written, intriguing content, compelling storyline and character development with history, action. Suspense, magic. So well written!!! Love it!
  • Recommended by Primm Cinema 5/5

    By kdieberbsken
    Fantastic app!
  • Top Notch 5/5

    By Toni Signoretti
    This app really captures my preferences so I don’t spend so much time on reviewing programs that don’t fit me.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Ethanreads
    I love this app. I want the same app but for music so bad.
  • Great book suggestions 4/5

    By Jamie Pat
    I love this for books. Not as much for TV/Movies. Our taste in TV is such a wide variety that I didn’t care for any of the suggestions there. I wish I could set the app up to show me books first, and didn’t have to tap past the TV section every time. Only reason it’s not 5 stars.
  • Likewise 5/5

    By Freyjah
    This app makes it fun to keep track of all I watch and connect with other fans of the same genre. Books tv/movies and podcasts. I just wish they would optimize the app for a “horizontal” full screen experience instead of the small box. It’s awkward to use on the iPad in Vertical. Otherwise GREAT app.
  • Mrs. MHolt 5/5

    By Emilyplease
    I love it!
  • Does not deliver 1/5

    By recleaguebackup
    I had such high hopes but the algorithm just does not deliver. Particularly disappointing is when I search for a book I’ve liked and go to the “similar books” section at the bottom—it often shows three books from the same series as the recs, and/or just really poor recommendations that don’t correspond to the book I selected at all.
  • It drains your battery 1/5

    By Lillybrathe
    Just be careful about using this app!
  • Great 5/5

    By ardrgz100000
  • The best 5/5

    By Algebrazion
    This is the most amazing app out here for reader and movie lovers. And the comment section is always good to read.
  • LOVE!!! 5/5

    By halloweenspook
    Did I mention I LOVE this app?! It’s just what I’ve been missing!
  • Cool, but really slow 3/5

    By Sweetpiedie
    It's an interesting concept, and I like making lists of stuff I want to watch/read, but it's very slow. When I use the search bar, it often doesn't type correctly. Recently, since the last update, I can't even use the app because it keeps showing an error. Other than the slowness, there are some other things I don't really like. The recommendation feed is only about 5 different things a day. I also think it'd be cool to add different categories of media, such as plays/musicals, video games, webseries, etc. Speaking of recommendations, I'm not interested in any of the ones I see. They usually relate to stuff in my watchlist, which I'm not even sure I like yet.
  • Awful, does not listen to your feedback 1/5

    By Whitt1999
    This is one of the worst apps out there. Seriously do not download or give any of your time to this app. I have repeatedly, as in daily asked them to stop recommending me a certain type of book (do not care for young adult books) and every. single. day they recommend them to me. I have nowhere in my profile or likes say I like that type of book and yet they repeatedly, again daily, recommend them to me. I give feedback (yup you guessed it daily) on how much I do not care for this style of book and they continue to do it. I don’t know what else to do. They do not listen. If you want good recommendations go to goodreads and follow a group, or look at the lists. Heck their recommendations far surpass whatever the heck likewise thinks they are doing. So TLDR: goodreads good, likewise bad
  • I’ve had a lot more fun with it than I thought 5/5

    By Yorick Delano
    This has got to be one of if not the least toxic communities of anything on the internet, everyone seems really nice! Just wish I could also recommend music and video games
  • Best 5/5

    By Nominish
    Refreshingly simple to use and immediately gratifying.
  • Horrible 1/5

    I selected my age. It said I was to young. I set my age as 18. It said my account was deleted. I deleted the app. I downloaded the app again. I clicked sign up with Google. IT STILL SAID MY ACCOUT WAS DELETED. ASDFGHJKL
  • Good 5/5

    By duh zs
    Great I get to watch lots of movies
  • Next Steps 5/5

    By <3PaNdA<3
    Next step for this app is to be able to choose a person or a group of people and then we get recommendations of whatever based on our likes. Right now I want to find a movie for my bf and I and we have very different tastes. It’d be cool to select our profiles and see some matches that could work for both of us.
  • YAASSSSS!!!! 5/5

    By Olee Betty Lou
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Hailey Garlock
    No matter how much I look on TikTok, I can never find the book that’s right for me, but this app has made it so much easier and faster!!