Likewise: Movie, TV, Book Recs

Likewise: Movie, TV, Book Recs

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  • Current Version: 17.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
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Likewise: Movie, TV, Book Recs App

Find your next favorite with Likewise. Easily discover and share great recommendations for movies, TV shows, books, and podcasts. Find out what to watch and where to watch it. Explore interesting things to read and listen to. Likewise learns what you like to give you better recommendations. Our combination of smart technology and real suggestions from real people helps you quickly cut through the clutter to find movies, TV shows, books, and podcasts that you'll love. Explore Likewise Groups to get suggestions from people who love the same things you do. Browse for hidden gems or join the conversation. It’s an easy fun way to discover new things and share favorites with other like minded people. The best way to find recommendations - Personalized to your distinct tastes, Likewise learns what you like to give you smarter recommendations. - Daily recommendations just for you. Every day, you’ll have new recommendations waiting when you log in to the Likewise app. - Quickly find what you want, fast. Easily search across all your interests and streaming services with one convenient app. It’s fast and easy to search across all your streaming services at one time, or filter by specific streaming service, genres, and more. - Love lists? We do too. You can save all your favorites in one place and never lose track of the shows or books you want to remember. Find and organize your interests and get back to them easily. A community of like minded people - Easily share suggestions or discuss favorites with friends and family in your own private spaces. See their latest recommendations in the group activity feed and keep all their suggestions in one easy to find place. - A community of true enthusiasts. Browse suggestions, connect with like-minded people, give and get great recommendations. Start discussions and share about your favorite things. A great way to explore - Curious about podcasts but you're not sure where to start? Wish it were easier to find something to read? Likewise is for you. - Great for niche interests. From Anime fans to Rom-Com connoisseurs—Likewise's comprehensive library and mix of interests has something for everyone. Recommendations for Movies, Shows, Books, and More: - Movie and TV show recommendations - Find what to watch and where to watch it. - Create watchlists across all your streaming platforms (Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, HBO, and more). - Book and podcast recommendations - Find interesting stuff to read and listen to. We love hearing from you! If you have questions or suggestions tap the in-app feedback button or contact us at [email protected]

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Likewise: Movie, TV, Book Recs app reviews

  • An amazing where I can get AMAZING book recommendations!📚 5/5

    By Sierra 💅🏼
    - Sierra B.
  • Cool 4/5

    By DMB33
    Cool but needs to not have a limit when your choosing stuff and also should make it so you can edit your preferences.
  • Mostly good with one problem 4/5

    By KymberlyPM
    I found the app useful for finding new things and I've actually come across books and shows I might not have seen otherwise. My issue is that the app only allows you to comment on a show/movie/book/podcast if you like it. If you press dislike or ignore it, you won't be allowed to make a comment. I find this a problem because I always like to see what negative things people might have to say about something before I watch it. Overall nothing is lost except potentially some wasted time, though.
  • Good, but… 4/5

    By justinabeach
    I like this app so far and it’s great but definitely needs the option to search by author not just book title!
  • Don’t want to add contacts 1/5

    By Ten times 10
    Really frustrated that I can’t use the app without adding contacts from my phone. I don’t want to give access to my phone contacts, that has nothing to do with getting book recs. But I can’t skip that step, so I can’t utilize the app. Nice try.
  • Good but not good enough 3/5

    By 013loli013girl
    I got this app thinking it’s a app to read or listen to books but instead you can only buy them, while it’s a great app to buy great books people still get the app to listen to the books. If you want to get a app to listen to books get audible, but if you want one to buy it get this one. No hate, it’s just my truth.
  • Could be great… 2/5

    By Alex Adeosun
    The app is lacking people of color and stories by people of color.
  • would be 5 stars if 3/5

    By Tinymuciscian5
    please add a more established non-fiction section for the book catalogues, it is very easy to find recommendations to read fiction and romance, but i think there is a huge community of non fiction readers who would benefit from the community that seems to be present in the other main genres of the app. otherwise, very cool like the swipe recommendations
  • A little deceptive 4/5

    By LibsMcG
    I say this because, why can you only comment/review something if you give it a thumbs up? I really do enjoy this app, but I like to cross reference with Amazon reviews to get the full picture.
  • My Mew Favorite App! 5/5

    By Madison8121
    I absolutely LOVE using LikeWise! It has connected me with a network of people who love books and tv/movies just like me! The app allows you to ask for recommendations, host and respond to discussions with others, and save your favorite works into organized lists that you can share with your friends and family! It also provides a quick and easy guide to show you what streaming services provide certain movies/tv shows. I love how accessible the app is and how much information is provided for each listing. I can’t express my love for this app enough!
  • Needs better search options!! 2/5

    By ragingGirl84
    Why can't I search from the actor, director or crew member of a movie? That would really help in the search.
  • Janky Setup makes the app unusable 1/5

    By Dez938
    Their app has a horrible account creation process, and it locked up my phone and doesn’t let me finish. Don’t waste your time.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By UruChick
    This app is awesome, great recommendations for books and movies. Great feedback from other people as well.
  • Great but needs some work 4/5

    By annsley brashier
    It is great for finding but they only have a seen it and a save it non of which are where you don’t like it
  • So amazing and helpful 5/5

    By TMRscout
    This app is so helpful. Found some really great books and movies that are just my type. Definitely worth it
  • Loving this app 5/5

    By Ariana Galvez
    I literally love this app so much. I have so many new books and have switched personalities a thousand times already I definitely recommend using it and finding books that are dying to be opened by you.
  • It’s not bad, but I have some suggestions 3/5

    By Abby elrod
    I think this app is ok, there are things I really like about it and other thing that I wish were different. I wish it had a button for things that were ok, like I’m not gunna stop the movie/show, but it isn’t something I wanna revisit. I also with it curated mor suggestions for me to say yes or no too. Something else I wish it had is the ability to just say that something isn’t interesting to them so it is no longer suggested
  • Love the recommendations 4/5

    By Weggie Lee
    So great to keep up with new titles & be reminded of old ones!
  • This is the best app 5/5

    By dilanonthego
    As someone who is addicted to movies and shows this helps me find awesome choices, helps me find awesome podcast. I have used this so many times. Life changing app!!
  • Super helpful! 5/5

    By swaggiest of the swags
    Im always struggling to find a hood book to read and the community is wonderful at giving recommendations!
  • Great until 3/5

    By Alyssa_Claire
    I absolutely love this app, i loved being able to ask community questions the most, and I had nothing but good things to say until my account deleted, this would be ok, annoying but ok, but it won’t let me create a new account. If that was fixed it would be a 5 star. I’ll keep trying to make an account but I hope it gets fixed !❤️
  • So helpful 5/5

    By Gghhjekskdisbxjlaickslqknkq
    Been great to help find new books! I struggle finding the specific types of books I like to read and this app has given me to many suggestions!
  • Terrible sign up experience 2/5

    By SallyCheese
    Update: Once I was able to sign up with a different email address, the app was pretty great. I would open Likewise every day before bed and create a personalized profile by rating movies and TV shows. I spent hours and days and weeks and even months doing this. Then I temporarily left the app for a few months, tried to sign back in and was told my account was DELETED. All that work and time and effort was completely erased. I’m so upset. Customer service has sympathy or solution except to create a new account using that email address, which had been wiped completely. I’ve never encountered an app that deletes your information after mere MONTHS of inactivity. When I used to use Likewise it didn’t seem that it was very popular at all- I’ve never met anyone who’s heard of it. Great way to increase your popularity, Likewise. First review: I wrote a previous review which doesn’t appear to be here anymore in which I said that the sign up process is horrible. Because it said year of birth was optional, I selected 2021 to move the process forward and it instantly informed me it deleted my account. I tried to go back and sign up again with the same email address and it wouldn’t let me. So now that email address can never be used to sign up for this app— what an awful practice. The developer response to my (deleted?) review, as predicted, was that they don’t collect data on children— okay, then how about warn me before you delete my account, thereby rendering my email address unusable? I’ve started to use the app and it’s okay, but getting there was a chore. This needs to be fixed. If you don’t want to collect data on children (who does?) that’s fine— but don’t penalize adults who for whatever reason select the wrong year— it’s completely possible someone does that by accident and now they can’t ever use their own email to sign up for the app again? smh
  • Oops! 2/5

    By Riker Deloustal
    the app doesn't work at the moment and hasn't for weeks which is a shame because the app is actually really feature rich but can't use any of them!
  • Complaint 1/5

    By Onyemach
    I have a complaint. I can’t watch the shows I want to watch. Whenever I press play, it won’t play, and sometimes I don’t even see the play button.
  • I love this app!! 🤍 4/5

    I’ve read and discovered so may new books to read! You ask and you get a suggestion suited for your taste 10/10 !! 👍🏾
  • Pretty good 3/5

    By beefwellington17
    Not the greatest algorithm for finding book recs but it works
  • Fun to find recommendations 5/5

    By ShyKnitter
    The recommendations are spot on
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Makayla_rae
    I honestly love this app so much! I just started reading recently (like frequently) and this app has helped me find a bunch of new books that I want to start reading and all the people on the app are really helpful!
  • Amazing!!! 5/5

    By M. Elaine. A.
    Not only does it give you amazing book recommendations, It also tells you about similar books and where you could buy the book.
  • Loved it 5/5

    By PinkMomma3
    I couldn’t put this book down. It took you on a ride of emotions. So glad it had a happy ending.
  • Diminishing returns 3/5

    By dr.alex22
    I came to this app specifically to find more horror movies and LGBTQ+ books. At first, the app worked really well, but after a few weeks, none of my recommendations were based off of things I had actually liked. The number of rom-com suggestions were insane. Some days I'd be lucky to have one horror movie suggested. I also got the feeling that at one point LGBTQ+ books were being censored as searching the hashtags produced no results (searching for other genres/themes did). It's not a bad app, but it needs a lot of work.
  • Brilliant idea & it works! 5/5

    By goodchic
    Just got it ! Loving it already! User friendly and simply helpful!
  • This app is what you need! 5/5

    By HippieChicks&PixieSticks
    Likewise is the best app to find new entertainment. With such a huge selection at our fingertips it’s easy to waste your time reading, listening or watching something that you think you would like but then it turns out to be terrible. Likewise takes the guessing out of equation. Tell the app what you like and it will suggest other things similar with high ratings. I’m so happy I found Likewise.
  • Love it 5/5

    By not something bad
    It has good book and movie suggestions
  • Likewise is great! 5/5

    By jolt28
    I love getting recommendations for new books and movies that are in line with my taste. It’s fun!!
  • Can’t get past set up 1/5

    By stottleinabottle
    App seemed cool but I can’t get past the set up because it wants to send a link to friends otherwise you can’t use it. I’m not interested in sending links to my friends… I just want to use the app. Why on earth would this be required? If it’s not required then it’s not easy to get past that step. Giving up and using another app.
  • So helpful! 5/5

    By gasp360
    I like not having to skim so many available titles, shows, and podcasts! It can be overwhelming. Likewise helps with suggestions related to my favorites!
  • All good but 4/5

    By Itech Void
    I love the concept and the mechanics work great. It’s just little things I don’t like, like you can leave comments on movies and TV shows you like, but can’t leave comments on the ones you don’t.
  • Great 5/5

    By sam the. bolony
    I can find new and cool movies
  • I like it, But Could Use a Couple Improvements 4/5

    By adhdreviews
    This app is just what I need, but I wish that tv and movies were separate categories. It’s annoying to have to sort through the movies if Im looking for a show and vice versa. I also really wish it showed you lists of books, movies, shows, etc that you have watched/read/listened to and what you rated it as. I know it stores that info but we have no way to access it and that would be really helpful. I agree with the review asking to add other categories like PC games or board games, that would be really cool.
  • no iPad app 2/5

    By DSpaceNine
    A rather promising app held back by not providing a tablet experience. Kinda lame in 2022.
  • consolidate 3/5

    By Anabellinia
    the redundancy is making it hard to use
  • good review lol 5/5

    By gysygaceandlunagirl
    Okay so I have seen ads after ads on this app, and I finally decided to download it. Literally have been on it for 10 minutes and am already in love, I have books I now want to read, and it is so easy to navigate through. I have already started bragging about how awesome it is to my family, bestie, and girlfriend. Sorry but whoever made this app is my new favorite person.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Taylor 3774792
  • Not great 1/5

    By BrinaaBear
    Haven’t even been able to use the app because I can’t get past the start up questions. It wants me to send a spam link to invite friends before it lets me access any features. I’m not interested in spamming my friends with something like this.
  • Wish It Had Music Too 5/5

    By Fred's Appliances
    I love this app! I use it for books and have found some of my favorites through it. But I so very much wish along with podcasts and movies and books there was one for music! You could recommend songs, playlists, and even bands! It would be so great and honestly I’d use the app even more.
  • Reina's review 5/5

    By Queen reina07
    I love what they recommend for books
  • Review 5/5

    By karinamariep1239
    Very nice and organized! People give the best feedback about recommendations as well.