Lime - #RideGreen

Lime - #RideGreen

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  • Current Version: 3.101.0
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Lime - #RideGreen App

You have places to be and people to see. Get there easily and on time with an emissions-free Lime e-bike or e-scooter! START YOUR RIDE IN 3 STEPS Step 1 Download the app, create an account and accept our terms and conditions Privacy Notice Step 2 Find a nearby Lime vehicle on the map (vehicle availability depends on your city and supply) Step 3 Unlock your vehicle by scanning the QR code, entering the plate number, or by tapping a button on the app. RIDE RESPONSIBLY A safe community starts with riding responsibly. It’s important to remember the rules of the road before every ride. You should always: - Ride in bike lanes, never on sidewalks - Wear a helmet when you ride - Park clear of walkways, driveways and access ramps - Visit to learn more #RIDEGREEN Lime is on a mission to build a future where transportation is shared, affordable and carbon-free. You can read more about Lime’s products and services, including how we calculate our prices in our terms and conditions

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Lime - #RideGreen app reviews

  • Do not use lime scooters 1/5

    By perriedieseee
    I picked up a lime scooter in DC thinking it would be fun… but this app only lets you go on bike lanes or the road or else every minute it gives an annoying warning! The worst part of it all is when we wanted to park our scooter we made sure to put it where it said there was parking available and where there was a bike rack but NOOOOO it wanted us to park it all the way back to where we originally got it from which was pretty far from where we got it from. The opposite way from where we wanted to go. In the end we had the thing for an hour, without wanting to, before we got back to where we got it from. Totally ruined our DC experience. My advice? GO WITH SPIN! SPIN is so much better than this!
  • Mess up app 1/5

    By Dee's poopy
    I think that it is nice to ride something some times but changes need to happen like not allowing people with holding scooters bikes and any other transportation when they are not using it and also not charge someone if something wrong happens and give back what was charged because today I used a scooter and it went from almost fully charged to one bar in a second and pretty much cut off on me while on a bridge too
  • Phone died 4/5

    By First Time Lime
    The ride was great. It took a long time to get started and three vehicles didn’t work before I found one that did. My phone was roaming and eating up battery and died. I was able to lock the bike up. Hoping I don’t get a fine.
  • V glitchy 1/5

    By poopybuttboy
    Like doesn’t work when you need it to and their scooters / bikes are trash
  • Fun and easy to use 5/5

    By 😗 10-00
    I had a great time and very convenient
  • Beautiful bike ride through Charleston 5/5

    By ginagaliano
    I highly recommend bike riding throughout the gorgeous streets here in Charleston. Renting the bike could not have been easier!!
  • Great ride. 5/5

    By muchoart
    The bicycle performed well everything worked effectively. We had a great ride. Would rent again, great idea for sightseeing.
  • Parking issues 2/5

    By Money hungry Atlanta
    The line bike makes you park in a certain area. They charge you until you find the area. Not user-friendly for the first time user. I probably won’t use this again.
  • It is ok till you have an accident. 2/5

    By Idontthinkso...
    It was fun till I crashed. I didn’t see a helmet in all of DC. I needed to talk lime out of a fine when in DC and I left the scooter in an unauthorized spot so I could leave in an ambulance…..
  • Inconvenience 1/5

    By pbpham96
    I’ve always used Bird. I was in an area that had no scooters and there was 1 Lime scooter available. Decided to download the app and was surprised I had to get verified with an ID. The verification was hard to use. After the 3rd try finally got it. I needed a scooter to get food because I’m attending an event and had bruised one of my toe and was not able to walk long distances. I HAD to stay on training mode for at least 3 rides and then was only able to ride it half a block and ended up locking on me. JUST A BIG INCONVENIENCE at the moment.
  • Seemed like a scam 2/5

    By gsetnvyum
    Rented scooters in Washington DC. At first it seems like a super smooth process, setting up the app and getting going on a scooter. The real issue is when trying to stop your ride and park the thing. I tried dropping it off at three different locations listed as designated parking spots on the app but it kept telling me I had to ride to another spot far away. After the trying the third parking spot and seeing two other riders with the same struggle I had to call the number to stop the ride, all while my ride timer was incurring expenses. Seems cool in theory but there are some real bugs that make it almost not worth the hassle.
  • Don’t bother with the scooter 1/5

    By pedstrom
    1) it wouldn’t let me end the trip — in a location Lime themselves had marked as a parking location. Software forced me continue to rack up minutes as I tried to find a place it’s gps found acceptable. 2) it made loud obnoxious “avoid sidewalks” announcements on a speaker whenever it thought you were on a sidewalk (which it didn’t get right all the time) 3) they cap the speed of the scooter so much that it doesn’t feel safe driving it on the roads. Will not be renting from Lime again. Either I feel unsafe riding slowly on the road, or I’m constantly harassed by their nanny system. There are no wins here.
  • Please make these on NYC 5/5

    By Maddy Rum
    Love the docking!!! Amazing!!!
  • Absolutely the worst 1/5

    By SSSophieK
    Literally use any other app for scooters oh my god. They would not lock and made us ride for an extra 20 minutes to find a parking zone even though I was already in a parking zone as designated by the app. My friend’s scooter broke and she wasn’t able to end the ride and so lime took extra money from her for the time it took to fix it herself. I hate this app and this company. In the future I will either use a different scooter company or walk. Do better.
  • Seriously dangerous 1/5

    By 2693477271
    Says you’re on sidewalk when you aren’t. People behind me almost hit me several times when it abruptly slows you down. Seriously dangerous. Unfortunately happened multiple times. Deleting service.
  • ATX Fun 5/5

    By MattIce476
    Best place to ride scooters is the domain area in Austin Tx. They have multiple activities around. Scooters.bikes, etc. I would recommend to anyone living or visiting ATX.
  • Stay away, use any competitor 1/5

    By RennyBo
    The experience we had in Washington DC was terrible. The app kept saying we couldn’t park the scooter in a designated parking spot and would recommend a spot far away… you’re just stuck with the timer running and no way to end the ride. Done with Lime
  • Absolute trash do not ride you are limited completely in Tampa 1/5

    By jjtrades
    Absolute trash do not ride you are limited completely in Tampa and you will be charge for putting it in a parking zone when it didn’t work
  • Some are not in Service but app still CHARGING MONEY $$ 2/5

    By Troostye
    It’s not honest charged money without using the Scooter !!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By golden nights rule
    Used this app to get around for a little and when i went to put my scooter away right were 6 other lime scooters were, it said i could not park here after i locked it. The app still timed it and still kept charging me. Never will use again and i recommend you do the same.
  • Do not download 1/5

    By coolkiddj24
    I suggest you not to get this, they tried to charge me extra they told me $13 and then tried to charge me $38, I stopped the ride at the exact time they told me to and they some how tried to charge me extra
  • AVOID if you are in DC 1/5

    By PWJ34
    Don’t be like us and assume you can actually go somewhere with a LIME scooter. You’ll go to one of the parking areas only for the app to tell you it’s full. You can only see if a parking area is full by riding there and finding out for yourself, so the app can waste more of your time and money. Awful.
  • Group rides unavailable 1/5

    By leoindec79
    We planned a group ride during our vacation in Corpus Christi but the option wasn’t available.
  • Lack of parking makes it pointless to use 1/5

    By Klox14
    Taking Lime will not save you any time for the majority of trips in London. Required parking spots are very far apart and rarely near where you want to be. And if the parking spots full you’ll have to travel to ANOTHER spot, and then walk all the way back to your desired location.
  • Fun! 5/5

    By Madmaxsss
    Soo much fun! I hope the rate stills the same
  • Best Scooter Experience 5/5

    By Ndrawdy
    Tonight my son and I tried out the Lime, Spin and Bird scooters. Lime was the most reliable, comfortable and affordable. Spin looked cooler, sported turn signals and was faster but didn't let me stop and start the time I paid for giving the win to Lime. Bird was the fastest bike by far but it was the most expensive not offering a "ride pass" like Spin and Lime. Lastly, Bird literally came to a stop in no ride zones whereas Lime would continue to chime but was still able to be maneuvered. Thank you Lime, for a great experience and I look forward to using your products in the future.
  • Mysterious charges 1/5

    By Antwon Carr
    My gf was fined $25 for parking a scooter in a “unauthorized zone” even though the app doesn’t tell you you are in such area. They also didn’t notify her when she was fined, they just pulled the money from her account. She inquired and they gave her the money back. I decided to look into my account and saw two separate $10 charges. The support team said they could not locate the charges on their end, therefore unable to refund me (listed as LIM*LIME in my bank statement). I have pulled my credit card from the platform and will simply use the other scooter platforms in the city. Watch out y’all!
  • This company feels like an absent authoritative parent 3/5

    By james dude man
    Too many rules, big brother 1984 vibe. I understand why they have to implement this rules. They way the app and the writers of the app go about it is very overbearing and cheesy
  • Tourism 5/5

    By blackkidd36
    Visited DC and this was the perfect way to go sight 👀
  • Money 1/5

    By MohammedAWAad
    Its not safety payment they are taking every time amount without using the app or any scoter and they dont have customer support or anything to report that they let me change my bank account number to stop this fraud of money
  • Group Ride 5/5

    Couldn’t find how to use a group ride app is not useful
  • actual garbage 1/5

    By -+(SingedWaffle)+-
    held my scooter hostage for "invalid parking area" because you people think GPS is accurate down to the centimeter. This startup, like many others, exists to gift consumers of their money through cheap tactics like an overly aggressive parking requirmeent
  • Only scooter app I use 5/5

    By Smiley5ey
    Prices are really good and they’re fun to ride. One time I had a bad ride (scooter battery almost dead) and told them and they refunded me too.
  • Battery problem 4/5

    By Fart family
    I love this scooter company. The only problem is when it’s at 1 battery it it goes very slow.
  • Use to be great 1/5

    By Thumbs Way WAY Down
    My boyfriend and I use to love grabbing scooters and scooting into town about a mile away. Now zoning restrictions prohibit parking these scooters just about everywhere. We tried to park in a usual spot and was told to go a little further. Got there and was told that wasn’t an approved parking spot either and to keep going. We finally dropped the scooters as their advantage was depleting quickly and we could’ve saved ourselves a LOT of money and just walked. Matter of fact. I’ve been off the scooter for about 10 mins now and it’s still charging me. DO NOT RECOMMEND. Great in theory, poor execution.
  • Rip off in certain areas 1/5

    By bunky bruser
    Saw lime scooters on River walk in Tampa florida and thought it would be fun to ride. There are no clear markings on the path about legalities only faded paint. It seems that like and the river walk are working in conjunction to charge people in necessary amounts of money. First the river walk is littered with these scooters seemingly being inviting. Second why is this how it is when you are in a restricted zone per the app. So all that time you are charged your initial fee even though you only rode .1 of a mile… such a shame that this is a hustle that you should be aware of if your funds are limited. So I propose that lime as a company does better at making sure that their equipment is in usuable areas not in areas where you will be charged unknowingly though you may need the money.
  • Scooter 5/5

    By -shanshine(:
    Was fun and fast, but cost a lot for just around the block.
  • Can’t stop the ride 5/5

    By Buffer26
    For the second time riding Lime, I was not able to stop the ride and my app locked up. They did, kindly, charge me only for the time I was riding the scooter. Thank you.
  • “Avoid sidewalks” 1/5

    By fjalkdj
    Recently a change was made so that the scooters will bark at you through a voice box that screams “AVOID SIDEWALKS” if you ride on a sidewalk. That sounds well and good except that you know, PEOPLE PARK THESE THINGS ON BIKE RACKS ON THE SIDEWALK YOU ABSOLUTE MORONS. So the NANOSECOND you start the ride, before you’ve even had a chance to retract the kickstand and get on your way, the scooter is already berating you in front of everyone like you did something wrong! It’s such an absolutely MISERABLE and HUMILIATING experience. Furthermore, because you rely on buggy trash geofencing for this “feature”, it often goes off IN The MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. And god forbid you’re lucky enough to have a bike lane to ride in, because it will scream at you THE ENTIRE RIDE. no cap lime you straight up need to fire whatever talentless mouth-breathing hack suggested this as the solution to sidewalk riding. Instead of shaming riders who simply wish to not be MAULED by a distracted SUV driver, you could lobby your local government to build more protected bike infrastructure instead of capitulating to their pathetic car-centric demands. You are such a miserable mediocre company and I can’t wait for you to go under.
  • Very inconsistent 1/5

    By Upset alot
    I’ve been riding the scooters and bike for a year I have 100 rides and more and out of no where the app is saying I can’t ride a single scooter It’s a no go zone everywhere in my city I’m not accepting this at all I advice anyone to just not use them and use another app because this isn’t acceptable at all. Very unprofessional needs to be fixed asap
  • App is broken, got charged for parking correctly. 1/5

    By Erothild
    So Lime requires you to park your scooter in designated spots. Problem is that the app doesn’t understand where those spots are, and won’t let you end the ride at all. You will pay for the time it sits idling, AND pay extra for “improper parking” despite using the labeled parking spots. Use any other ride app.
  • Little price 5/5

    By Hi karma sutra
    Great ride
  • Stuck in ID verification loop 1/5

    By 123jimmy
    ID verified successfully, the. Booted back to intro screen and asked to verify ID. Tried 3 times, impossible to complete and start a ride.
  • COST ME $20 to go ONE MILE 1/5

    By PresentMoment_1111
    Because I forgot to end the ride and someone else took the scooter. I didn’t get to eat dinner! thanks lime! Sure is convenient for you that someone can take the scooter and you will still charge me. Totally ethical. Thanks!
  • Quick and easy 5/5

    By GErICO42
    When you need to be on time, Lime is ride that gets you there-
  • Love it!!! 5/5

    By julia LA gritona
    It was my fist time riding, It is a must when visiting…. Great way to get around.
  • Parking an issue 1/5

    By Son Is Rising
    Don’t park here - go there. No, not over there. Clunky.

    By poopydicksr4kids
    You heard me
  • My first experience was terrible. 2/5

    By Luca D.C
    There is places where the map tells you is a valid parking spot, but when you get there, it doesn’t let you park. Good app overall but that error makes you pay more than you were supposed to, and is a major inconvenience.