Lime - Your Ride Anytime

Lime - Your Ride Anytime

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  • Current Version: 3.16.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Neutron Holdings. Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Lime - Your Ride Anytime App

Lime is your ideal carbon-free option for any trip, any time, anywhere. Available in more than 150 cities globally, Lime is a leading provider of electric vehicles, including scooters, bikes and mopeds. Whether you’re commuting to work, running errands, riding with friends, or exploring a new city, Lime has an electric vehicle to meet any need, preference or comfort level. HOW IT WORKS • Download the app, create an account, accept our User Agreement, acknowledge you’ve read our Privacy Notice, and add a valid payment method • Find a nearby Lime vehicle on the map (vehicle availability depends on your location and supply) • Unlock your vehicle by scanning the QR code, entering the plate number, or, if available in your city, tapping a button on the app RIDE GREEN Our mission is to provide for a carbon-free future, creating cleaner, more livable cities that put people first. Transportation is one of the world’s largest sources of climate-disrupting greenhouse gas emissions, contributing approximately 25% of global CO2. To address climate change and make cities healthier and more livable, we aim to revolutionize urban transportation, creating a shared, electric, and carbon-free future. Electric, shared micromobility is among the most sustainable ways to get around, with the potential to replace all short car trips. RIDE RESPONSIBLY A safe community starts with riding responsibly. It’s important to remember the rules of the road before every ride. You should always: • Ride scooters and bikes in bike lanes, never on sidewalks • Wear a helmet when you ride • Park clear of walkways, driveways, and access ramps Visit to learn more You can read more about Lime’s products and services, including how we calculate our prices in our user agreement: Please check the Lime app for details of the services and vehicles offered in your city.

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Lime - Your Ride Anytime app reviews

  • Don’t fall into the prepload balance trap! 1/5

    By Knapscha
    This scrupulous company entices you to prebuy credits (by giving you some small bonus credits when you buy it). What they don’t tell you is they have designed the app in such a confusing way that it is very easy to accidentally buy more credits than what you really want. I tried to dispute the charge and they won’t refund- never doing business with this company again and will warn everyone I know who is thinking about using them
  • Map is terrible, most scooters are broken, app is glitchy. 1/5

    By D Bo 86
    Tried to use Lime for the “last mile” to get to the Seattle center. Found a bunch of scooters, but they were all busted. The map can’t track my location, shows me scooters on the map that aren’t there. It’s basically useless.
  • First Rider 5/5

    By **SUNSET**
    Great And Fun Ride. To Make The Experience Even Better It Should Have A Place To Hold Your Cellphone To See Your GPS
  • bad scooter/experience 1/5

    By Zebra yoyo
    my scooter would not end no matter what i did and i had to call the company for them to get it to stop it took me around 10 minutes to get the scooter to stop very frustrated
  • Not getting paid, "support" is incapable 1/5

    By Xopher H
    Support requests are generally answered by copying and pasting publicly-accessible snippets from their site that are vaguely related to keywords from your question. 👎👎The app removed the dots separating words in my email address when registering it for payment to the Paypal account linked to it, and while gmail doesn't care if you do this (you'll still get your email), Paypal most certainly does, because I'm getting emails from Paypal saying that they've sent me payments... but to what my email address without the dots would be, which Paypal does not recognize as my valid account.👎👎 Also, I originally signed up using an Android phone, and i'd been signing in with my Google account. I got an iPhone, and for whatever reason, despite my phone number being the same, I can't log in as a Juicer anymore, and trying to sign up again produces an error message. 👎👎I've submitted several tickets to their support group, and it's going on two weeks with no resolution. I hate to leave a 1-star review, because this seemed like such a promising gig, and I'm uniquely equipped to be able to do this very profitably (car with good city mpg, utility trailer, 4000 watt RMS power inverter for charging up to 20 or 22 scooters on the go as i drive around rather than having to take them home), so it's a shame that I'm being treating this way. Not cool 👎👎 I completed over 100 tasks in just a couple days, and I'm owed several hundred dollars. I don't work for free 😡
  • What happened to ring the bell? 3/5

    By bennymac102
    I’ve been walking around for almost an hour trying to find a scooter that says it’s here but I cannot find it. Why did you remove the ring the bell option ?
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By moni2238
    I called no fewer than 5 times to try to get the group ride function and was mysteriously disconnected every time. I need a refund to get my money back.
  • Horrible service 1/5

    By frankief46
    They deleted my account without my consent, I lose all my balance in the account. I called the customer service and so far I get no response on how to resolve the issue.
  • Bad first review 1/5

    By marcus9317
    Scooters left brake was broken also did not have a phone holder. Need more locking zones
  • Fun for the boys 5/5

    By jmjarman1
    Four sixteen year old boys from Maui Hawaii had a riot exploring the city looking for ice cream while the parents were able to relax after dinner. Although they got lost and we had to go pick them up, It turned out to be a good life experience for them. Thank you.
  • App doesn’t get past step 3 in tutorial. 1/5

    By Bulls 94
    Tried on 4 separate devices. App functionality is garbage.
  • App is buggy and bikes rarely work properly 1/5

    By 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪
    Bikes never work. Sometimes I’ll reserve a bike, walk to it, then it says it’s not available...
  • Scooter 5/5

    By Caybop369
    An amazing ride
  • Fun 5/5

    By Mzm62500
    Fun way to explore the city!
  • Elite experience! 5/5

    By $MikeH & MK
    Shouts out to LIME! My wife and I have been to many different cities and seen the scooters parked and people riding them. We decided to tour downtown Cleveland today and had the amazing time on the scooters! It was more convenient, comfortable and fun than walking. We can’t wait to tour more locations on LIME scooters! Thanks
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By rustyshackleford8675309
    Forces you to take safety quiz but it won’t accept any answer and unlock the scooter.
  • Never use 1/5

    By Deon-Te
    These are terrible they overcharged me for a scooter I didn’t use then said I couldn’t get a refund so I had to pay a extra 21 dollars for a scooter I didn’t use.
  • Waste of Time 1/5

    By heyyheyyheather
    I was visiting a metropolitan area out of state and saw lime scooters everywhere. Little did I know that when I went up to nine different scooters they were all “unavailable“. No explanation for why they were unavailable or how I could get another scooter. Definitely deleting the app after this experience as there is literally no point in having it. Don’t bother.
  • What a scam 1/5

    By Sean-SV
    Complete crap. Tried to use two different scooters, neither one worked. Honestly a scam as far as I’m concerned. The app had no problem taking my money though...
  • Uses notifications for marketing 1/5

    By Ian Falrglegobsmacked III
    In violation of App Store policies, uses notifications for marketing.
  • Very in satisfied!!!!! 1/5

    By try bird
    If you have a chance to use this company, pass! Wouldn’t go and couldn’t end my ride!
  • It’s been a while 1/5

    By V5,
    In my area there is no scooters, I don’t know why. But last year there was scooters around. I see other people using scooters but not from lime.
  • Frauds 1/5

    By Chris12687
    Every bike and scooter is out of battery or under work. Basically theft putting money into this, you probably won’t find a vehicle that works.
  • Anna is dead 1/5

    By Mark_Esguerra
  • Group doesn’t work-scooters need repair 1/5

    By Booderax
    First scooter had a broken kickstand and wouldn’t run, but was still charged for the ride. Second scooter the lock wouldn’t unlock, but was still charged for the ride. The group ride function doesn’t work on IOS. Maybe it’s great for single people who use android but not family folks with Apple.
  • Why? 1/5

    By Bri😂😍😭😢
    Even though I am unsubscribed to line prime is still took money off my card and then when I try to remove my card from lime it did not work
  • Super fun 5/5

    By lukesmith75
    Very fun
  • Literally almost died. 1/5

    By Big Seahorse
    Rented one of these things and the scooter I got on had literally no brakes whatsoever. Almost got creamed by a car but luckily I was able to jump off with minimal injuries. Never using these JUNK scooters ever again. People put their lives in your hands Lime, why are you so negligent with your scooters? I reported it in the app and it’s been total radio silence. I hope nobody else gets injured riding these pieces of JUNK. AVOID AT ALL COSTS, MY SCOOTER HAD NO BRAKES AT ALL.
  • Too many not operating 2/5

    Seems like it’s hit or miss on finding an operational unit
  • Read review before dealing with them 1/5

    By breashifiikpl
    I purchased a 10$ credit. They never let me access it, customer service continues to tend me they refunded and that it was a hold but I know that is not true . I feel the customer service agent showed no empathy, they continue to tell me that it was only a pending authorization that full of agreed I showed them proof I made the purchase. They charge way more then they should, they are very dishonest. I love riding the scooters, but not to be treated this way.. they won’t see another time for me!!! I’m so frustrated with this company’s lack of ownership, acknowledgement , and due diligence!!!
  • Bad service 1/5

    By oscar9658
    Really bad service
  • First timer 5/5

    By Waa-cha-le
    So easy to download your app and get to riding!!!
  • Bug!! 1/5

    By Adealg
    Bug!! Won’t start!! Loop when attempting to start
  • Love lime 5/5

    By raspbery limer
    But I like to ride a lot so I often get the day passes and I just found out they have month passes but it’s not available on my app and now I woke up and the day pass is no longer available on my app either 😣😫
  • No charged 1/5

    By link0286
    Uncharged and it cost me 1.40
  • App doesnt let me unlock scooters 1/5

    By kdot4472
    This is new and since the update please fix switching to spin.
  • Lime 5/5

    By 696969hhkfg
    Great service
  • Ride 5/5

    By iplaytrivanaked23
  • Spent more than half the time trying to park and lock the scooter will not be using lime ever again 1/5

    By WesHew
    Spent more than half the time trying to park and lock the scooter will not be using lime ever again
  • Worse than useless service. 1/5

    By Language Lover
    Can’t go faster than 5mph. Literally faster to let push it. Can’t lock it where your destination is. Enjoy paying to move their scooters for them. Such a joke.
  • Money loaded 1/5

    By swa265
    Makes you pre load $10 $20.. Etc. I don’t want to pay more upfront for a service that is going to only cost a few bucks per ride. Until I can pay only for my current ride I’ll use a different service. Prices are too much and not accessible consistently in my area
  • Ride experience 5/5

    By gloman1993
    The ride was amazing !!!
  • Great ride 5/5

    By ru4will
    Great ride
  • Awful experience 1/5

    By PJustin928
    This app is terrible. I paid for the 24 hour pass yesterday, and it only worked for one ride. It stopped allowing me to scan scooters/bikes. I had to sign out and sign back in and it wouldn’t honor the pass I just bought so I had to pay more for another ride. Also tons of these in the Seattle area do not work or are “unavailable”. Very disappointing and I would like a refund but I can’t see anywhere on the app to contact customer support.
  • Fun with my babies 5/5

    By mirikaDB
    My boys were skeptical about me spending the money bless their hearts! We had a blast and will definitely do it again!
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By spindler2727
    Bucks in 6
  • Stole My Money 1/5

    By zzvgfcvt
    I download the app while I’m in downtown Orlando. Came across 6-7 lime scooter parked on the corner, ALL ON 100%. I scan a scooter, it started my ride and immediately starts charging me. Before I can even put my phone away the app tells me that I’m in a no-riding zone. So I say, “never mind then”. But as I attempt to stop my ride the app prompted me that I can’t even stop the ride I began because of this “zone”. WHY PLACE READY TO USE SCOOTERS IN A NO-RIDING ZONE??!!?? CHARGED MY CARD $106.50 by the time I woke up!
  • Hmmm 1/5

    By Ryan Pa Wa
    Good besides it dying on me
  • Love these are here 5/5

    By bank confirmation
    Awesome ride. So fun! Our group of friends come down here and ride these regularly. We have fun.