LINE PLAY - Our Avatar World

LINE PLAY - Our Avatar World

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  • Current Version: 5.8.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: LINE Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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LINE PLAY - Our Avatar World App

Create a NEW you and decorate your own special place on LINE PLAY! Double the fun by meeting new friends from different Squares every day! Over 40 million new friends are waiting! Jump in and let’s hang out on LINE PLAY! [Main Features] 1) Create an identical YOU in 3 seconds! Take a selfie and create an avatar that looks just like you. Set your avatar as your LINE profile image that will amaze your friends! You can also use your very own avatar as a sticker to decorate images on LINE Camera!   2) Dress to impress! Get weird, get wild. It’s all you! Dream of being the next fashionista on LINE PLAY? Customize your avatar in your style with thousands of hairstyles, dresses, and makeup items. With hundreds of new fashion and interior items added every week, you can express your style however you like! Turn your room into a fun party room with BGM interior items and invite your friends over! 3) Let’s meet up at the Squares! Meet and connect with new friends from different Square zones. NY Times, Treasure Island, LINE Café, etc. Global community Squares for every themes. Come and let’s hang with new avatars from all over the globe! 4) Make unforgettable episodes at the Room Party! Invite your avatar friends to your very own room and throw a room party. Chat with friends using your animated avatar and make the party even more fun!   5) Keep a diary of your fun memories Life is more fun when you share. Post a diary and share your daily thoughts with your friends. Curious about who was featured on Today’s Best? Discover new friends from Today’s Best every day! *Today’s Best is only open to users in the U.S., Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand only. 6) Trendiest celebrities and characters are all here on LINE PLAY Become friends with PSY, WINNER, Astro, Hello Kitty, Snoopy and more! Visit their official rooms and connect with them even closer   7) Anyone who loves LINE PLAY can be a VIP here! Did you know that you can get Stars just by logging in every day? Collect Stars everyday to become a VIP! Get Ultra Rare items only available for VIP members! Don’t miss out on today’s log in bonus! PLEASE NOTE! LINE PLAY is free to download and play. However, some items can also be purchased with real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please set a password for in-app purchases in your device's settings. Visit our official Facebook & Instagram Pages


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LINE PLAY - Our Avatar World app reviews

  • Mph 😕 4/5

    Line play is great and all, I used my email and it banned me for an unidentified user! This needs to be fixed I have worked so hard!
  • Opinion 5/5

    By Tazmin ❄️
    I really love this app 🌊
  • Line play is getting badder ❗️ 2/5

    By Natalieeeki
    You said “Line Play is better then ever” when the update comes. I think it’s worst then ever. What I want you to change is can’t we have like free cash? And make gachas more cheap to be a popular game. Also pets, it’s ways too expensive and people can’t save till that much. Thanks for the “sales” but it takes 2 or 3 days to finish. Please take the old gifts back to line play. This is my favorite game but now it’s becoming my worse game. People really isn’t rich like you think. NO PURCHASING IS ALREADY GOOD Your rich you know. People is POOR out there and they really want cash. They have to spend so much money on purchasing and there parents need to take care of that. Kids can’t always be carful like you think. You’ll probably think that “These issues has nothing to do with me” but yes. If there kids get in trouble it’s all you fault. Some of my friends said that this game is boring and not fun cause they have to purchase for there cash. Update is more better next time. No? I’ll take the ratings I give back with a gift of haters coming for you and don’t forget many of my friends hate your little puppet cherry cause you took Bonnie away. And you should’ve took cherry away cause she’s no use. Bonnie is the best and better then cherry the puppet.
  • Line play 1/5

    By The addicted anime lover
    Line play is a fun game overall, however has recently been glitching a bit in the squares. I want to give some suggestions as well, I really love the guy and girl section of clothes, and would like to be able to purchase both in the shop, Thank you for your time.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Crēåm
    I recently got all bi gos and it was said I had to inform u but besides that this game is just perfect, it’s so much fun and makes it easier to make new friends 5 stars from me
  • so much charm and loveliness !! 💕🌸 5/5

    By LouTheSpud
    i’ve been playing this game on-and-off for nearly a year now- and it’s absolutely adorable! there’s always something to do, whether it’s playing mini games or slots, visiting online players, or chatting with friends! i also love the designs of everything! it’s so cute and heartwarming! everything looks simple at a glance but when you look closer there’s so much detail. LINE really did well with this! my only nitpick is the difficulty of getting gems as you progress. my advice for new players? spend your gems very, very wisely! ( AKA don’t give all of them up for Gacha!!! ) 💕🌸💕
  • Best app to play 5/5

    By nia 💓💓
    You can play this app forever and never get bored of it! Interacting with friends, talking to people and more! Enjoy line play!
  • An amazing and fun game 4/5

    By BIJAN11
    Line play is such a fun game to play. The only thing it don’t really like is how you can only earn small amounts of cash.
  • Seriously?? 2/5

    By natsu°°
    GACHAS OVERPRICED. The recent update has lowered the amount of gems earned which makes it harder to save for the gachas that have gone up in price. The game is fun and you get to make cool friends and meet people but it could be more enjoyable if the gachas weren’t so expensive.
  • do not recommend. 1/5

    By DERP😠
    i’ve had it with this game. it only gets worse with each update. i literally have no nice words for this game. line corporation refuses to listen to the people who play it. line corporation only cares about your money; not how the game actually works out for you. these are only a few of the problems with line play. so, basically. if you’re looking for a fun game to play, i definitely don’t recommend this one. i may just delete this game, and my avatar. i’m so fed up with this.
  • Sailor star gacha please 5/5

    By ART LOVER 😍
    Hey line play can you please make a sailor star gacha it would be really nice and cool if you did please because I finished the sailor moon series and it would be really nice if you because I would be really happy Please do this
  • Great app 4/5

    By Samesamsame
    I love this app so much! But I can’t seem to login to my account. I don’t know the email or password.
  • I can’t play line play 😭😭😭😭 1/5

    By fbjydv
    I would love to play line play but I have to sign in like why do you have to sign in please make it so we don’t have to sign in
  • Fun Concept but very Greedy 1/5

    By An Avid App Reviewer (Zoe)
    I have been playing for almost a year now. I didn't buy anything for first few months but then I spent a few dollars getting cash...Between the $100+ you need to spend to complete Curious Closets and constant need of purchasing cash to continue to build up your animated (and sometimes not) closet collection it's not great. It is possible to play without paying but after a while it gets boring without spending one or two dollars, and then twenty all of a sudden. The one time I actually bought cash (a few weeks ago) Line Play logged me out of my account and I couldn't get back for 24 hours. Now I've been "temporarily logged out" for logging in and out too much (apparently) I haven't been able to access my account for the last 48 hours! How long is the "temporary time period?" I still have cash and valuable things on that account, I'd rather not completely lose all of it because of a simple glitch. If you are thinking of spending money in this game, know that at any point it can be taken from you. Spend your money wisely but be careful when spending large amounts, you could be kicked out of your account and never see that money again.
  • Help Q A Q 1/5

    By CuddlesfromPetBuddies
    I use to play this game and can't seem to log back in.My id is orsc6139 and it refuses to load my data from it.May I get some help or advice to regain it and give a 5 stars?
  • 👎👎 1/5

    By Clifford, the big red dog
    Why is everything so expensive?!?? LISTEN TO YOUR REVIEWERS! LOWER YOUR PRICES! I am so fed up with this game
  • Good but a problem 5/5

    By kristalhoni
    I love the game but I don’t like how things have to cost people money and it’s like so much and I really do love the game I just love this so much I was going crazy when I was downloading it but why can’t you earn coins I don’t know what’s happening here I’m only eight and I’m going crazy in this game it’s becoming a little greedy how you got it take peoples money but you can just let them earn something and something that might just be important to the game I have to cost money like some clothing could have to cost peoples money
  • Accont 3/5

    Please let the people use guest account and do not have the username and password please
  • Good game but I got logged out 1/5

    By 没有名字啦!讨厌
    It’s a very fun game everything was pretty cool but one day I suddenly got logged out for no reason, I tried logging back in multiple times but it just wouldn’t work, it kept telling me to create new avatar and I was never able to log back in, I wish you could fix that bug
  • line play what have you become? 3/5

    By Kristina_83821
    Honestly, I have no complaints of the design nor graphics of the game. They're absolute elegant and very cute--however something's I changed; the environment. I don't know why, but I have this feeling the developers raising the gems of gachas and just really trying to make profit strikes the environment. This is a very addicting game, when you actually have friends. I thought this game was invented to "meet new people." Everyone cares on how you look. It's okay if you don't look too good but actually make the gachas affordable. I deleted this app because not only the economy around me was absolute outrageous and the gachas are rigged but because the developer doesn't do anything. I suggest they/he/she should start observing and moderate the chats/squares. See what's wrong with the surroundings, not make overpriced gachas, not try to make a profit and hope the app would grow. That's all I have and I'm just very stunned and disappointed of how much Line Play has changed. Please put my opinion(s) in sincere. Thank you.
  • Cute but.. 3/5

    By Dahviesangel
    I can only justify giving it 3 stars because everyone is so expensive!! Gatcha takes 3 forms of payment and I can't afford any of them. The charge packages are expensive too. I don't know how they expect people to buy everything in a collection or Gatcha... For the gems etc you get in what you pay for, is very disappointing. Bottom line is, you have to have literal money to enjoy this app to the fullest. My review stands at 3 stars. They're greedy as all get out. This feels like more of intense greed than us playing for fun...
  • It’s ok 5/5

    By WuffyGirl
    It’s nice but let us keep our accounts like when ever I go on everyday it kicks me out of my account.
  • Takes to long to load 3/5

    By Chanchoboy
    I love this game a lot and played it a lot for a couple months, but after a couple of updates it now takes forever to load into login :( I don’t play it as frequently because I don’t have time for a slow loading screen.
  • I already forgot the ID ;-; 1/5

    By Kawiisuff🦄
  • why? :/ 1/5

    By SuranJelly
    I've been playing for so many years and then decide to come back after a while. I log in and I lost all my stuff? I don't understand why.
  • A soul sucking app full of weebs and disappointment 2/5

    By artioi
    I’ve been on LP for about 3 years now, and it’s truthfully been quite the experience. What originally made Lineplay so attractive to many players was that unlike many avatar platforms, they gave you enough coin to actually enjoy the experience. Lineplay itself is a fun experience which allows for plenty of interaction and the art is cute, mini games fun, and Vegas is super addictive. However, Lineplay has been going in a negative direction since vip was implemented, and somehow the players eat it up so I don’t see it changing. Keeping in mind that I’ve probably spent a solid 2k real money on this game since I started, I have to say: I am fed up. I shouldn’t have to explain in such detail as to WHY LP’s prices are an honest to god insult to their players when a screenshot of the purchase prompt on the app would easily have the same effect. What is this “VIP”? The VIP system is a series of i game privileges ranking gold, platinum, and diamond (possibly not in that order). In order to reach VIP you need to collect stars which are a side reward earned when the player spends real cash on in game cash, “cash” being the special purchase-only currency used to spin most gatcha. With that said, about 40 dollars gets you to gold, another 40 to platinum. The gold rank is useless since it doesn’t unlock any of the gatchas (gatcha=randomized item dispenser), you need to spend at least 80USD a month to reap a majority of the benefits VIP provides by reaching the mid rank, EVERY MONTH, or until you’ve spent at least 1.5 on the game to get the forever pass (I’ve spent more and I don’t have it, so the true cost eludes me). Since VIP was introduced LP has dropped their login reward calendar from about 32k gold a month to 6, and gatchas rose from about 1-2.5k average per spin to a hard 3k as well. LP also started to push out their cash gatchas at a ratio of roughly 6:1 (cash and gold, respectively). In addition to general greediness, the quality of their product has gone down as well. Most ideas are recycled and this holds true for the VIP exclusives. Too many of the VIP items are just recolored versions of old items, and LP has a habit of recoloring old gatchas and bumping up the cost in addition to reviving removed gold gatchas at a cash price. Not to mention that the app is the glitchiest piece of nonsense I’ve ever dealt with. Every time I exit the app I have to wait for the information to redownload before it lets me log in, and half the time you can’t even go anywhere because the servers are too unstable.
  • :| 3/5

    By uglyusername
    Update: I’ve had this app downloaded on and off for about a year now and can’t say I still love it like I did. It’s overpriced and I lose interest quickly. If I’m going to dish out real money for this game, I want a guaranteed pick from the gacha. I’m not going to pay and risk receiving an item I don’t want. Coins/cash purchased with money vs earned in the game should be utilized differently, e.g., random gacha —> earned coins, having the power to choose items —> purchased coins. That is all. Although I think the currency in-game is overpriced (especially for just an app on the phone), I love this app. It's fun and cute and I love winning the little fashion items when I'm able to by collecting daily coins. I'd probably like it more if you guys offered packages that weren't as expensive as $29.99, because there's nooo way in hell I'd ever spend that much on an app, lol. Aside from that, it's great. Beautifully made.
  • THIS is. It I’m done 1/5

    By katgames124
    This is a horrible game I was almost vip on valentines and I was at 40 you changed it and now I’m at zero you dumb game make me vip or I’m never getting this again all stupid line plays fault so make ME VIP
  • Awesome & Cute 5/5

    By Hkgirl4ever
  • I love Line Play 5/5

    By Madizombie
    Been playing for 6 months now and I love it. I invited my twin sister to play and all my other girls. We have fun dressing up and just having a great time. Keep up the fun fashionista’s
  • I used to love this game... 4/5

    By Kyle P.
    I used to play this game all the time! 24/7 and then these new updates came out and they were pretty good! But the old cute eyes you can’t get anymore and to add SOMEONE TRYED TO KIDNAP ME ON THIS GAME
  • Its soooo nice but..... 4/5

    By soooo cute and sad
    I got dis game a year ago and I love it. But then it said i was banned so tgen I deleted then re-download it and it worked again but keep getting banned. So i need a lot of help!!!!!
  • Why would they... ? 2/5

    By tamarashannon2002
    I play a lot of games on my iPad. All of them have in-app purchases. I understand that there is a team behind each game that must get a paycheck. In most games I spend $10, MAYbe $20 a month as a contribution for those people who make the games so fantastic. And my money usually goes a long way, making the game even more fun. Line Play - Our Avatar World is beautiful and incorporates my favorite activity... shopping. Great! Five stars, right? No. This game is highway robbery. Even as financially stable lady, I struggle immensely to get gorgeous new releases I must have. And I have spent money trying... and failed... more than once. One item (a pixel item, mind you) can cost you literally $100. It's absolutely absurd. And almost cruel to the younger kids who will never be able so spend money on something so frivolous. Luckily, I still have my other games. I do NOT recommend this game. It's addictive, which isn't bad, but you'll find yourself wanting all the beautiful clothes that cost real money. Line Play just asks for too much.
  • Not bad without paying 4/5

    By Daissert
    It's pretty fun to make a character, create a home, and play games. It would be more fun if you didn't have to pay for things but, ehhh, they gotta make money.
  • 걍 존잼 5/5

    By 라플쫭
    존잼존잼존잼존잼존잼 그런데 나중에는 이벤트하면 (한국인만 이면 한국인만 하는 그런 것도 있으면 좋을것같
  • It’s awesome 5/5

    By Timberwolf2014
    I love this game, it takes effort and time to get good items, it’s great to chat with me and my friends too!!
  • Good Game but.. 4/5

    By Naomi290
    I really like this game but there’s always an update every few months and you CANNOT play the game until UPDATED
  • I love it 5/5

    By Animeloversecret
    I really love this game 💕💕💕
  • Horrible 1/5

    By BobberKitty
    I love this app but if you log out and try to log back in it won’t let you. It’ll say that your email is invalid.
  • super cute game ✨ 5/5

    By RadioactiveNumbat
    LINE PLAY is a nice game. The art style is adorable and I really enjoy playing it. You don't have to purchase everything either. There are a lot of different ways to earn gems. As a beginner, they give you loads of things to help you get started. I definitely recommend it!
  • Wonderful for customization, bland for everything else. 3/5

    By pedronguyen
    The absolute beat part of this game is customizing your own avatar and then building a home in just the theme you like. It will take a while of saving to do, but it’ll look great when you’re done. That being said, outside of that, the game has little to offer. Going from room to room takes far too long, once your daily quests are done there is little reason to play at all that day. There should be more ways to earn gems so people have a reason to stay on and be drawn in.
  • Seriously?!? 1/5

    By Thefurfur
    This app was so fun. I got on it everyday and I played on it so much. I loved it. But now I hate it. Why, you ask? Well, I took my phone to he theaters today to watch The Greatest Showman. I guess it connected to a weird WiFi the theater had. So I came home and checked the app. And what did I find? Well, I found that it said something about my account was banned because of an unconfirmed user. So unfair!! The app shouldn’t just do that out of the blue!! Fix it!
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Queen Bomby
    This game is actually pretty good! Everything is a tad expensive, but, if you do the requests, that money comes easy! :)
  • It’s a good distraction 4/5

    By Colonelcaramel
    I love this game so much. It’s addictive, I get to customize my little me, and it’s a form of distraction whenever I’m bored. And also, if you’re into interior designing, you get to shop for furniture with the free gems the game gives, and you can buy furniture and clothes. The world is your oyster here.
  • Great 5/5

    By Jules🤡k
    Great game but too expensive :D
  • It's fun, but... 3/5

    By Tayune
    So many connection issues. Over half the time I try to do anything, it doesn't connect or it boots me out in the middle of whatever I'm doing. Other than that I feel like there isn't that much to do in the game. But it's still cute and fun.
  • Cute! 5/5

    By Nautiana
    Honestly the app is super cute and I am having fun! I just wish that it can be a bit easier to get diamonds but besides that I love the cuteness and being able to make friends
  • LET ME PLAY 1/5

    By melovetocos123
  • Why did I get banned for nothing 1/5

    By i hate cloud path
    I hate his app now it ruined my life people for you guys banning me forever after doing nothing if they give me my acc back I won’t do what I was going to do but if they don’t I’ll do it
  • It's great but... 3/5

    By Line nerd
    I've been playing line play for over a year now and absolutely love it. The problem is, I signed out to make a friend an account on my phone and absolutely can not get back into my old account. I have over a years worth of gameplay and am sad to see my stuff go. If someone could please help and someone at line play do something to make sure that does not happen again, please do so

LINE PLAY - Our Avatar World app comments


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