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LINE WEBTOON - The Best Way to Read Comics, Manga & Manhwa on Mobile for free Join the largest community of comic fans with millions of readers worldwide. - Read over 170+ Featured Comics such as Tower of God, Heroine Chic, Bluechair, and Siren's Lament every week for FREE! - Discover over 7000+ comics in Action, Romance, Comedy, Horror, Superheroes, and more - Mobile optimized scrolling for an uninterrupted reading experience - Subscribe to your favorite series and never miss an update - Download your favorite series and read offline - Enjoy FX comics that feature sound and animation For Customer Service: Website: Facebook: Youtube : Twitter: Instagram: We are LINE Webtoon and we believe that comics are for everyone - for the tall and the short, the young and the old, the ninjas and the robots. We’re the home to thousands of creator-owned comics and continue to launch the careers of the next generation of great comic creators. We’re available anywhere, anytime, and always for free - because comics should have no boundaries.


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  • Ugh 4/5

    By lLaokajssjsj
    I loved WEBTOON and I still do but the new policy is horrible it is affecting many great authors for the comics and deleting there hard work the app is making it difficult to read the things I want to read and it is aggravating so please everybody on the app hates the new policy
  • Wattpad ily but why 2/5

    By Yuri the killer
    I’m sorry,I love you guys but really?! My favorite authors are suffering because of this new policy! I can’t take it! I have used this app for a couple years but now I just can’t anymore. Things have gotten downhill real quick. Maybe if things change I’ll come back. I’m really sad this is the deciding factor. All on a bad policy. My friends have stopped using this app too.
  • I hate the new policy 2/5

    By Jessalynntucker
    Don’t get me wrong I love WEBTOON more than anything but ever since the new policy came up it just got me so sad and some of my fav authors can’t post Anymore 😭
  • 👎 to the new policy 3/5

    By sssammiii
    I love webtoon, I think it’s great chance for people to display their stories and artwork, but the new policy is kinda stopping that from happening with some of my favorite stories!! I think everyone will put five stars when the new policy is gone, or at least fixed in a way where it’s fair for everyone.
  • Love but fix it 3/5

    By bobmonstergirl67315000001
    Love the app but I can’t read several webtoons that I want to bc of the nsfw policy. Plz fix it or maybe even have a nsfw section but plzzzz take it back!!!!
  • Overall is an amazing app that I will continue to read and suggest to friends 3/5

    By queen_._bea
    Though I understand it to a certain degree, I found that this new policy is making things harder for WEBTOON creators. I love reading on here and personally it doesn’t affect me but I have noticed a lot of webtoon creators struggling with the new policy. I believe it is obvious that some webtoon have 18+ content due to warnings of which you answer yes or no to confirm your age and then warnings in the descriptions. Many webtoon creators have resigned to making their readers pay to read there stories. My mates and creators I know and have spoken to are really annoyed with the new policy and think it could have been handled a different way. I suggest that they have a talk with some of the affected creators as to what they should do to come to a compromise. Through all this the app have many other creators on there that have nice webtoons that do follow webtoons guidelines as well. With all do respect Izabella

    By Jessica😆😆😆
    BRING BACK THE SMEXY PLZ 😭. This new WEBTOON policy deserves every negative word in the galaxy. After my favorite story ended up just getting deleted i just gave up on this app. I used to love this app and recommend it before it got updated 😒, but now I can only hold back many tears. Can you imagine how the artists feel 😕. Is it really that hard to make a switch that ask if you want NSFW or not 🤷🏽‍♀️. -A hella sad webtoon reader
  • Liked webtoon till.. 3/5

    By sunflowerboi
    I liked the old webtoon till they added more rules restricting the writers on what they can do and having them change the plot or completely stop making webtoons in general
  • New policy 2/5

    By Queen of Otakus
    I love webtoon but the new policy is forcing a lot of the artists/authors to change their stories. Webtoon will be less enjoyable without those webtoons that I love so dearly. The new policy is unnecessary. I have been using different apps to read the same stories I have started on webtoon. If this keeps up I might to leave webtoon entirely, because all of the great webtoon creators have been forced to chance their story or start to upload on different apps that expect their storylines.
  • Awesome, just mobile publishing. 4/5

    By Aphmau pup
    I wish that it will have a mobile publication. I think that would be awesome. I would use the app 110% more, then I do. And I do it A LOT. I love all the free comics readings. The beautiful art and awesome stories. It makes me so jealous. And just wanna do it myself. I have a iPad(APPLE) and would LOVE to publish. And if you will respond I’ll be glad for your words. And will have a little respond. So pretty please make this publishing for IOS (Apple and more!) By the way.. I do not like the fact about all of the “mature” content is taken down because of “mature content and acts’. It’s a little dumb for me. If you would take down that policy that would be great. (Read the other reviews about it please!)
  • Very annoyed 2/5

    By Brii1197
    Is there something you can do? I’ve been reading some of the toons and in the middle of scrolling it takes me out of the app and straight to the App Store??? It’s been happening a lot lately
  • One of my favorite apps! 5/5

    By Amazing superhero #teddybear😎
    This app is AMAZING I love the community and how it’s free to upload your own comics and read others! If you’re looking for a place to publish your own comics or just looking for entertainment, I highly recommend this app!
  • New policy 2/5

    By Veraonna
    I don’t like the new policy because the artists have to change there whole story because of something like a stupid policy.So please change it back or we will start a strike of not using you app or even delete it
  • Its great but 4/5

    By Eunicorn19
    I love reading webtoons. However I wish and pray that the webtoons are also available to read in Korean as well.
  • Ugh?? 2/5

    By Phcbejoufkikvfdh
    I absolutely loved webtoon! I have an interest in stuff like bl and longed forward to the update for each comic every week! Ever since the new discover rules came out, the webtoons just aren't the same anymore. For some, the main plotline is gone! It is just super disappointing that I'm unable to read my webtoons like I used to... The new rules are causing havoc on some authors who just want to please their viewers and supporters!
  • . 3/5

    By @anna_is_awsome
    It’s good and all but like why can only subscribe to 100 titles on discovery like that’s just bs, I have many other webtoons I’d like to subscribe to but then it just keeps telling me “you can subscribe up to 100 titles for discovery webtoon” and it’s SUPER annoying bc I really want to subscribe to more but I can’t😡😡
  • The new policy NEEDS TO BE CHANGED 3/5

    By Aiden36
    I would usually give webtoon a 5 but ever since this policy has come into play some of my favorite webtoon comics and artists were are being forced to leave to another site. And it’s forced me to go to another site that forces me to have a lower quality but I will for my comic. I don’t understand why you guys did this but PLEASE TAKE IT DOWN. It’s taking a toll on everyone. I don’t wanna leave webtoon because there are great comics on here but I might have to because of this.
  • I can’t read the next chapter without being frozen 2/5

    By Luna tears
    Everytime I slide or tap for the next chapter of a WEBTOON it freezes and I have to exit out of the app and exit the tab and load it for it to work it’s manageable but rather annoying I hope you can fix the glitch cause I really do like this app
  • It’s all great but... 2/5

    By i am a weeb🤩🤩🤩
    The new policy is what I don’t like like everything is good it has great author but I really like BL but all of a sudden the mature scene are taking down and it’s ruining my reading experience. Its all censored so I don’t see what the problem is.
  • Really love this app 3/5

    By kiana😁
    I really like this app but the new policy has to go. Restrictions have to be made but to a certain extent and they went to far. If there is some content for above 18 than leave if if younger people are reading than that’s on them don’t punish the other readers or authors because because every generation seems to be getting older at younger ages. I’m pretty sure many kids under 18 have seen worse at this point.
  • New policy is gay 1/5

    By Tsuxubnvuxud
    I really just hate it, not the app by just the policy
  • ❤️❤️❤️ 5/5

    By Elflady25
    I love love love this app!!! It has so many story options and it also has the download (sadly for the webtoons only not the discover ones) option and is really useful too. I love downloading things so I can read them on road trips. The only thing I wish was also in the app would be the ability to sort the comments you leave. In the stories themselves you can leave a comment and read others. The ones you read can be sorted by “new” (most recently commented) or “top” (meaning the ones with the most likes). Under your profile you have recents, subscribed, downloads, and comments. The only thing I wish was different was the ability to sort your own comments. Anyway I loveeeeee this app and The authors and stories i have found have inspired me to try and make a comic. ❤️❤️❤️
  • Big problem but I love it 4/5

    By roselover 01
    WEBTOON is awesome but I wish that there was a way for authors to show inappropriate scenes I missed a whole episode because of this she had to cover parts of the word so it was annoying and hard to understand
  • Respect 1/5

    By -Magnus-
    The app is great for reading some comics. However, due to the new policies, I’ve noticed a lot of artists struggling. An industry, app, program, or whatever this is should respect their creators more and understand why there is such a backlash. There’s a diversity of comics on this app (or, there was) and I’d much rather keep it that way.
  • Thank you 5/5

    By dancingballetshoes
    Webtoon is awesome, but the new policy in my opinion is kind of weird. Please remove it, it does nothing. Thank you!
  • NOT WORKING??? 4/5

    By Jakzgdhebevjdkehshz
    I love webtoon and I read it everyday but after the recent update, webtoon just won’t open. I’ve tried deleting and redone loading t but it still won’t work. I have a iPhone 6 and I’m not sure why it’s not working :/// _ But other than that, webtoons are amazing and you should definitely download this.
  • Webtoons y’all better think straight be4 ur rating drops like Snapchat 1/5

    By f u webtoon
    Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE webtoon, I mean compared to other apps such as Tapas or LezhinComics where you have to essentially pay to read comics using “coins” everything on webtoon is completely free and what could get any better than that. HOWEVER, there recent policy has led me to think otherwise. I know this policy is meant to keep young people shielded from any sexual content BUT this is inevitable for they are meant to come across this content at some point in there lives some may say it is too “early” to expose such things but seriously society is going down to sh*t we have 13 year olds smoking and having sex trust me bc im sadly part of this cancerous generation but u can’t take away my NSFW scenes from my fellow peers and I, it’s just flat out unjust. But on a serious note this policy could ultimately ruin a creator’s webtoon, if there story is meant to be NSFW and now they are unable to even censor and share it. In addition, it limits creative freedom and to be quite frank it’s discouraging to see such a big website do everything their power to stop creators from sharing their work. This is also resulting a majority of authors to go to patreon which im glad that they r receiving revenue for their hard work but let’s be honest most of us readers r broke af ;( Anyways... webtoon get ur sh*t together but there’s alway tapas ;)))
  • Please stop the new policy 3/5

    By Hdbhh
    Your new policy just made one of my favorite webtoon have to stop posting because of this POLICY this made me really upset to see the authors have to go like this over some POLICY! Fix now please if would help a lot of the reader and AUTHORS TOO 😑😒😥😓😰😨😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
  • For sure my favorite thing but 3/5

    By pizza0501
    I love webtoon a lot I read it everyday. But the new policy has changed everything for the readers and the authors, like that’s there art and everyday that have to remake everything they worked on because of this new policy. It’s supposed to be about something for everyone to enjoy, not just if it’s to much or if you don’t think people will enjoy it. Trust a lot of people enjoy everything these authors put into there work before the new policy, like you are ruining what’s good about the authors work and what people really want to enjoy, it makes no sense why the authors have to remove the art that they love so much that they have to change because of the new policy, that’s why I give it a 3 Star rating because it’s not enjoyable to see that a lot of stories I like are being put on hold to remake and or remove something from their story. Their stories are for them to create so the reader can enjoy and get a sorta feel to the reader and connect with them in many different ways.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By kathyychen
    This is honestly one of my favorite apps. It has a huge variety of comics that you can read every day! My personal favorites include unOrdinary by uru.chan, I Love Yoo by quimchee, Phantom Paradise by Rurisen, Let’s Play by Mongie, Siren’s Lament by instantmiso, and My Dear Cold Blooded King by lifelight! These are only a few of my favorite webtoons and they all have brautiful artwork and storylines. This app is definitely worth getting, and you can get absorbed in gorgeous art and stories.
  • New Policy 2/5

    By Deziria
    Loved the app until the new policy came out... 😭
  • Policy’s 2/5

    By Mama/Drama
    Once again policy’s have been changed and authors and creators are leaving or having to redo or go on hiatus because of these new policies. Great job WEBTOON!
  • New policy 1/5

    By HighFlier87
    This new policy is bs. Not only is it ruining comics for fans but it’s ruining it for the authors as well. WEBTOON was supposed to be better for authors than tapas but now it’s going down the drain. Sad. Very sad.
  • I love it! 5/5

    By Nicolettia
    I just downloaded webtoon last night, and have finished three comics! The artwork and storyline is phenomenal! Definitely recommend to anyone out there!
  • Love 5/5

    By FairyyFloss
    The only problem is that they're so good so I binge read em and then I gotta wait 😂 its a personal problem LOVE THIS APP the art I'd amazing and the stories are just phenomenal
  • Great butt.... 3/5

    By Thee_java
    The stories are great but the new policy really pisses me off and I don't even think the developers of the app plan to change it.
  • Frustrated with webtoons now 2/5

    By person583
    I used to really like WEBTOONs but their new policy got rid of some of my favorite stories and it’s really frustrating
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By 😊😜😋😀
    I love it.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By TokyoGhoulTouka272672
    I’m in love with this app it’s the best app ever ! ! 😍 ❤️U❤️
  • Loved WEBTOON before the new policy 3/5

    By I luv yoo
    I have had webtoon for 2 years almost and loved it all the way through but ever since this new policy it has taken away the majority of my favorite webtoons. So many ppl complained about it and I agree with them, this new policy has done nothing but negative reviews and reports!😩
  • I love WEBTOON 2/5

    By 2sweet89
    I love this app and I’ve always looked forward to reading the toons and the updates. But with the new policy, many of my favorite artists have had to delete their stories in the middle leaving the readers up in the air and disappointed. I use to be on this app faithfully but ever since the change, that’s definitely declined ☹️
  • The new policy is causing issues 2/5

    By Antatia
    Love this app to death! Until this new policy came up ( ¬_¬) it’s restricting a bunch of my favorite authors for having anything remotely NSFW or mature. Some of them even left WEBTOON and moved elsewhere. Find another way to ensure young readers don’t read mature content or hard-hitting subjects instead censoring the creators! Forcing them to change stories they’ve already planned out is unfair to them. It also ruins the reading experience to see our authors so frustrated because of this policy. I hope this policy changes soon because I’ll just follow where the authors go if this keeps up.
  • Love the app, hate the policy 3/5

    By Gabbie_love
    I used to love coming to WEBTOON when I was bored and wanted to read a comic. But since the new policy came along, I can’t enjoy my favorite comics as much as I used to. I think something should be done about this because it is stopping many people from enjoying everything that this app has to offer.
  • A simple fix(maybe) 4/5

    By Grsal
    The only thing it needs to be 5/5 in my book is to make it to where WEBTOONs you have subscribed to cannot pop up in recommended, for more diversity.
  • It was great 2/5

    By Octopus Battery
    I love WEBTOON with it’s endless amount of content(most of it amazing) and weirdly great community. But, lately, I’ve been hearing about a new policy on discover which is forcing authors to leave big chunks out of their content, which also might affect their revenue and make their hobby not as enjoyable as they can’t share it like they used to be able to. It’s still a wonderful app, but personally I preferred it before the new policy.
  • Music doesn’t work 3/5

    By Crazycandygurrl23
    I’ve kept this app updated but for the last several updates, the music hasn’t been working for any of the webtoons. Not sure what’s going on
  • The New Policy Has To Go. 4/5

    By ItsAMeAbby!!
    Im going to be clear and give my honest opinion about the app WEBTOON. Starting off by saying how much I love this app and all the different types of stories that are drawn out and written by some amazing authors. My experience has been stupendous. Everything was going great until this New Policy of taking down any NSFW content off of WEBTOON. It has made many authors take down their work which obviously took many hours and days to complete, and it honestly ruins the reading experience. Ever since people started reporting some stories that have NSFW content in them, this new policy appeared. I honestly want to say that the people who reported and obviously found the chapter or the images inappropriate, should have just exited out of the page. I mean it obviously says that the story will have mature content and if you want to keep reading or not, so why continue if you have been warned? There are many other types of genres that you can read so why not go and do that instead of reporting a story for your own selfishness just because it has mature content (which tells you beforehand). People who just report out of nowhere without caring or thinking about what might happen to the story are disgraceful. In conclusion, I think this app is amazing and I, and many other people would really appreciate it if you would please remove the policy. Thank You.
  • New Policy NSFW 1/5

    By LuckyStephy
    Please revise your policies for NSFW, if art is subjective then so should this policy. There should be a button that can ‘hide’ NSFW content without the entire removal of a comic. :(
  • Amazing!!!! 5/5

    By MultifandomMe
    I love webtoon so much and it’s amazing how many different kinds of comics there are and how they’re made by anyone, not just people who have chosen this path of careers!!!
  • WEBTOON Policy 1/5

    By Lucychen1688
    So Webtoons is overall a great comics reading app with all the free comics and etc. But, the new Webtoon policy is ruining the reading experience for us reading and ruining the authors’ stories. Some of my favorite discovery webtoons are restarting, ending, or renewing because of this policy. It would be better if you guys could change the Webtoon Policy into a fair one.

LINE WEBTOON - Daily Comics app comments


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