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Meet WEBTOON™. We started a whole new way to create stories and opened it up to anyone with a story to tell. We’re home to thousands of creator-owned content with amazing, diverse visions from all over the world. Get in on the latest original romance, comedy, action, fantasy, horror, and more from big names and big names to be—made just for WEBTOON™. We’re available anywhere, anytime, and always for free.   Already love WEBTOON™? Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter and join a community of over 50 million readers around the world.   Website: www.webtoon.com

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  • Like the app, but...... 3/5

    By Violet(Artemis)
    I used to have the app that was just for the iPad, but then it changed to using one app over multiple devices( which I have no problem with), I just wish we could browse the app with the screen sideways; like how the IPad app allowed.
  • Amazing app! Spoilers in comments are an issue tho... 5/5

    By Lynnfill
    The user experience is really well-designed! If I could suggest any changes, it would be to add a feature that allows readers to filter out spoilers in the comments. Perhaps a spoiler alert before clicking on a specific comment, or even a separate comment section for first-time readers and for re-readers?? Specifically in the webtoon Tower of God, the comment section is essentially just a war between first-time readers who want to read and talk about the story from a pure perspective, and re-readers who want to talk about new insights and spoilers with other re-readers. I feel like there should be spaces for both types of audiences to interact with each other without having the story ruined!!
  • Simply amazing 5/5

    By shejwjsjkamwkjf
    SIMPLY AmAZINg!!! U don’t have to pay!!! Get the app
  • The most thing I love about this app 5/5

    By Doooooo nooooot geeeeeeet
    When you download it you don’t even need to sign in! You can still read books and it will save don’t change that because it’s so awesome!
  • Praise Webtoon! 5/5

    By MusiqMysfit
    Webtoon comics are what I look forward to every single day. They’re the highlight of my day!! One thing I’d like to search by is keywords. For instance, if I’m looking for a comic with Vikings, I’d like to be able search “Vikings” and those Viking comics pop up.
  • Overall, Good. 4/5

    By Noooooooooooooodles
    I was using webtoon for a while a couple of moths ago. Then i deleted it because i realized I wasn’t using it much, and needed more phone storage. I re downloaded it and i’m overall very happy, except for the fact that they added the new coin system. I’m not a big fan of that, since i don’t want to have to pay to buy 5 coins per episode. I get really hooked, and then to continue i need to get coins. Overall a good experience on webtoon though.
  • Loved it, then hated it. 1/5

    By icantfindanicknamesowhatever
    I loved the story. And for the first 26 episodes it just let me keep reading but I knew at some point it would make me wait to read more. I didn’t expect however, 6 days to be the wait time. The only way to keep reading would be spending real money to get coins. And you don’t even get that much. If it was one day it wouldn’t be that bad but I’m not waiting 6 days every time I want to read one chapter. Even if it would let me read 26 more six days is just way too much.
  • Amazing but... 5/5

    By jkjolan
    I LOVE THIS APP the only problem with it is the coins. I’m okay with the system and things and you might need to wait a while. But there should be a way to GET FREE COINS, IT EVEN SAYS IT IN THE SETTINGS AREA, FREE COINS. There should at least be a way. Like 1 coin per episode, or every 10 episodes depending on how big that episode was. I think this would be a GREAT thing if it was added to the app
  • Coins and Dates 5/5

    By HLM200
    I love this app it’s really fantastic to see and enjoy all these comics, people have taken a lot of time processing and making them. But however I can’t ever get to look all the episodes I want, because I have to wait several days to see it because I don’t any coins and I’m not going buy them just for a skip pass to see the next episode. I think it would be great if they take out the coins and dates so people are able to enjoy reading there favorite comic book.
  • LOVE IT 5/5

    By hshdhdjdjsjd
    Amazing no words
  • nice 5/5

  • Hate the policy 4/5

    By .........improve
    Tbh WEBTOON is great but new policy is not what it needed, I understand that there are children using this app as well but it could’ve been 18+ instead of 12+ so the policy could not have been needed.
  • Let publishers post whenever they want 3/5

    By #1professionalgamerater
    Most publishers and readers hate the fact that you could only post once a week. What’s up with that? I bet you’ll probably get way more people to download your app if that change cause TT.
  • Awesome 😎 5/5

    By errerrererr
    This app is amazing I do have one complaint though I don’t under stand how to get free coins
  • Not free 2/5

    By uniqueme20
    How can u say it’s completely free on the tv but then u get the app and u want us to wait 5 or more days to read another story or pay money to read more not ur happy with this at all....
  • Great app! 5/5

    By JC 🐒😚🌚
    Before downloading this app I though that I would delete it after a few days but that isn’t the case, ever since then I’ve been hooked on their great series that contain beautiful artwork! Some recommendations are : Unordinary, My Dear Cold Blooded King, Freaking Romance, Tower of God, God of high school, and many more! Just know it’s a great app!
  • Email won’t work 3/5

    By Galaxywing2488
    I really liked the app at first but I wanted to have a account so I went to type my email and the other information in the sign up box and submitted it.. It just went back to the email box so I double checked if I missed spelled it and I didn’t.. so I tried two other emails both were not missed spelled and both did not work either and it’s kinda of annoying.. I really hope they can help me on this because I did not see it in there helping site to login.
  • Great app but there’s one thing that I would change 4/5

    By waffle the narwhale
    As said in the title it’s a great app but I have one problem when I spent a lot of money on fast passes ( not that much only like 8$ but still) I was in high hopes that the ones that I fast passed and the new episodes just opened to the people who pay like me. I guess it’s not that much but I was I little disappointed that is happens but it’s okay I can live with it. :3
  • I love web toon! But... 5/5

    By liberty_grace
    So I’m almost 14 and I LOVE to read webtoon comics. One day I wanted to buy a fast pass but I needed a account so I tried to create a account I did my email and my password then it said “we will send you a verification code to your email” I was like ok. And I waited and waited for it to come but it didn’t, now it won’t let me sign up with that email account and I have no idea how to make an account now... sooo❤️❤️❤️
  • Can’t play music while in app 2/5

    By Martinsdog
    Why must this app take over the speakers when there aren’t any sounds to be played? This has to be some sort of mistake. I’d love it more if I could play my tunes in my headphones while reading. For the love of all that is holy please let me play my music while reading.
  • Very Good 4/5

    By Clurrr_2023
    I would like to see more “real” horror such as Silent Screams and Found You. Some of the horror comics on this app are quite good, but some of them in my opinion don’t seem like they fit this category.
  • more horror! 4/5

    By guest287438
    A lovely app, but I’d love to see more suggestive horror and/or thriller stories! My guilty pleasure is to read entertaining comics of this genre (such as Silent Screams and FOUND YOU.) with a friend of mine.
  • Addicted and disappointed 2/5

    By SpeedySinger
    I adored Webtoon back in the good old days, when they didn't try to rape us for our money. I'd much rather watch a 30 second add before new episodes, than pay a dollar for ten coins to view a mere two recent ones. I will not put a single dollar into this scam, but I remain addicted to many of the comics, I greatly appreciate the efforts and beautiful art created by the authors. I emplore the creators to require viewers to DONATE to the AUTHORS $1 or even $5 for new episodes rather than this purchased "stars" scheme. This is my first ever review on an app, after over a decade using apple products, the reason I chose to make it is my severe disappointment in the running of this app and the love I have for the stories I've grown attached to. It's time to make a change, Webtoon. It's time.
  • Love it but should offer a monthly subscription.. 4/5

    By Annasbananaas
    I realize there are tons of free comics and that’s so awesome. I also understand that artists deserve to be paid for their work, so I see the desire to charge us to read ahead with fast pass. It’s pretty amazing there are no advertisements either. I just find purchasing coins to be tedious and it makes me feel guilty each time. Plus when you skip ahead once with fast pass, your basically stuck in the black hole of passing every time or waiting over a month for the next one. Plus many of the comic episodes are SUPER short and when you have a lot of comics you following you are spending a ton of coins! I think there should be an affordable monthly subscription option instead. I pay less for a month of Netflix at this point.
  • girl love support pls ? 4/5

    By Lia Castle
    i’m giving this a 3-4 because it doesn’t seem to support girl love as much as boy love and i myself am a girl love fan and would like to see girl love webtoons being more appreciated
  • Amazing but one tiny thing 5/5

    By Nightshade ^ - ^
    I completely love this app and have nothing to complain about and I completely recommend it. There’s nothing wrong with the app but I CANNOT find this one story about this world where you find your spouse with your fingerprints and this girl is the only person to get two matches. If anyone remembers the name of this story, I would be eternally grateful.
  • Please stop 1/5

    By TassLynn
    Please stop giving me ads for this app!!!?!!!?!
  • Nice app, but bad customer service 2/5

    By nuggetking20022
    Nearly a week ago I tried to purchase coins so I could support my favorite artist on here, and I never received them even though I paid and the money had been withdrawn from my account. I contacted customer service many times about it over multiple days and they ended up just never coming back to me. The coins were never put into my account and the money was never refunded either. Id like to say I love this app, but the customer service really ruins it for me.
  • Love it but new policy gotta go. 4/5

    By nickyay1234
    The new policy is making it hard for creators, and readers. Please do something about it..?
  • Amazing but 1 tiny little thing 5/5

    By GamingWithPanda
    This app is AMAZING. The stories are awesome to read! (I usually read the horror or thriller ones and they scare the sh** outta me) Everything is awesome, the design of the app is cool, and they organize the comics too! Love it and I’ve only been using it for about a few weeks. But heres the tiny problem: I try to sign up for Webtoon because Im in LOVE with the stories. I enter my email, Pass, bla bla bla, but when I try to proceed, It goes to my “email address” and just doesn’t work. So, I try my 2 other ones, but they still won’t work! I don’t know if this is like a glitch, my problem, or something. But yeah other than that app is AMAZING.
  • :(( 1/5

    By dani.23.
    If you love reading then I would suggest not to get this app. You can only read a certain number of chapters before you have to buy coins to continue reading. If you don’t buy coins you have to wait days just to continue reading one chapter. Honestly it would just be better to get Wattpad.
  • GREAT but I wish I could download the series 5/5

    By A person who plays crossroad
    Everything about this app is perfect other than the fact that I can’t download a series fully and it’s annoying when you have to go through every episode and download it, I’d be on this app everywhere I go if I could just get a way to download them.
  • Says there is no connection 1/5

    By Joeydragonlady
    I was in the middle of reading and then no connection. I tried to restart and then reinstall the app but no avail. Please fix this.
  • I dont even have the app yet 5/5

    By amazing!!#easy
  • AMAZING 🥳 5/5

    By Lolipop🎶🍭
    Ok look, I have never been interested in comics or ever cared until I saw an ad for WEBTOON. These are not like any other comics you will find these are written by authors, episodes uploaded weekly and the stories are straight up amazing I TOTALLY recommend!
  • Super duper amazingly wonderful app!!!! 5/5

    By Xellion001
    I've had this app for about 2 years now and it is still the greatest app ever! If you like reading webcomics this is the app for you! They're are so many great and wonderful stories that you will absolutely get obsessed with! Not to mention they're all free!! They do have this fast pass thing but it's only for the lastest chapters of a series and over time they become free anyway but it's not on all the comics , Not to mention the coins for fast pass or like 5$ max but honestly you won't resist and buy on impulse lol And to top it off they give you tips, advice and pretty much a whole done deal package on how to start a webcomic and put your own story on this app. It's great!! You won't regret trust me!! ❤️❤️
  • Kinda annoyed 2/5

    By Jazzy2111111334647909
    I love the story’s but I think it’s ridiculous that you have to wait 5 days or so at a time to read the end so far of the episodes. The story’s are amazing full of life beautifully drawn, lots of life and color. But the wait time it out of proportion. It’s kind of unfair to people who get the app read a whole story then I have to wait 17 days to read the last 3 episodes. It’s just kinda annoying. Or you could pay to speed it up. But like unfortunately not everyone is able to pay for that kinda stuff. Well that’s my rant. Good story’s. Terrible wait time.
  • Broken for me 5/5

    By gingerton IV
    Currently my WEBTOON app is unable to show any new series
  • I love to read, but I wanna make one too 5/5

    By BabyTiger❤️❤️
    I love reading all the different varieties of stories, and art styles, but I wanna make one myself too. It doesn’t say how you can do that, like, at all.
  • Loving this app!! 5/5

    By 😄😃😀danielle😀😃😄
    I fell in love with so many of the comics here but be warned new readers~ if you get attached to too many comics at once its gonna be hard to catch up and you’ll end up staying up addicted!!
  • I Would’ve Given It Five Star, But... 3/5

    By GamingGirLA
    I saw an add about webtoon. I saw the story was about Greek mythology. I was so excited, because I love to read about Greek mythology.. I’m basically a geek when it comes to that stuff. So I thought why not get the app and look at it? I found this really a amazing story, that I read till 11:00pm, and I woke up this morning to read it. I wasn’t signed in, (probably because I’m still 11) and it got to a part when the boy said “I.. I..” to the girl and then I thought, HE LIKES HER!! YAY!! So then I try to turn to the next page, but then it says I have to sign in?! WHAT? I would’ve given it a five star, but I want that fixed immediately. To me, there’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to read the rest of the story unless I sign in. This, is very sad to me. I may delete the app, unless they fix that problem. Maybe the app can say, you need to sign in if you want to give story ideas, or something like that. But I don’t think it’s necessary for me to have to sign in to see the rest of the story, ESPECIALLY on a cliff hanger like that! I love this app, besides that problem. To some, it isn’t a problem, and I know this helps the community.. but it’s kinda annoying, being a kid without an email address, or a password. This app is definitely recommended if you are an adult, or a teenager.
  • Completed webtoons 5/5

    By Kinda seems rigged
    First and foremost I want to say I absolutely love this app, I’m just here to suggest you add a new feature to narrow down the search for comics. I’d appreciate it if you added completed to the shortcuts menu because It’s hard to find all the completed webtoons in a certain genre just by scrolling through. Thanks
  • Good but frustrated. 3/5

    By Sdrko
    I love this app and at first it didn’t ask for anything to read as much as you want when you want. But now we have to have tokens to read on? Totally lame. You can’t even do anything to earn tokens. Not all of us can afford spending money on an app.
  • This app is mad amazing but I have one ☝️ issue 1/5

    By fixitapple
    Okay as an artist I was trying to figure out why can’t I draw my own comics just for love of art and fun. But I tried everything and all I saw was canvas I mean click on a couple of times but honestly I kept going in circles cause I would say click her if you would like to make a comic? So I was frustrated It might be a bug but I have no clue if y’all are having this problem then I suggest just read. The comics they are great especially the authors who put a lot of work in to them👍 but as I said if your trying to make your own comic or series good luck
  • What happened to my data? 2/5

    By Oxi Clean Stain Detergent
    I don’t know what had happened to everything. Today I was going to use the app but for some reason, it logged me out. What I usually did, I logged back in but all of my data besides my recents all disappeared. My comments, favorites (the ones you bookmark), everything. I went back to favorite everything back but even my the episodes I liked were gone. The only thing that was left where the recents (comics you read) and that you read the episodes and that was it. What happened? It happens every single time at least 3 times every year when I take so much time on something and it all just disappears like some magic. Did someone hack into my account or something? Luckily, I was in a good mood and didn’t delete the app like I always did when these things happen.
  • Love it 5/5

    By theyy_hate_zariya
    Omg love it ❤️ѕσσσσσσσσσσσσσ мυ¢н
  • Person 5/5

    By Im not going to do this
  • Love the app, hate the policy 3/5

    By Galaxiesarecool
    Okay, so look, I know you are trying to keep your app kid friendly, but there is the warning for 18+ content, and so that makes the policy really stupid if you have the 18+ warning too, but basically only cuss words are used. Other than that, the app is great, and I recommend it! 💜
  • Best comic app ever 5/5

    By rose_360
    Hands down best I have had this for a little over a year now and I am always on this app read it everyday it has the best stories and I would recommend you read it it is my absolute favorite comics so far

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