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WEBTOON - Find Yours App

Meet WEBTOON™. We started a whole new way to create stories and opened it up to anyone with a story to tell. We’re home to thousands of creator-owned content with amazing, diverse visions from all over the world. Get in on the latest original romance, comedy, action, fantasy, horror, and more from big names and big names to be—made just for WEBTOON™. We’re available anywhere, anytime, and always for free.   Already love WEBTOON™? Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter and join a community of over 50 million readers around the world.   Website: www.webtoon.com

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  • Paywall 1/5

    By AngryAndDissapointed
    They are making us pay for a WEBTOON that has already been free and put a “daily pass” on it which is honestly stupid I’m starting to enjoy this app less and less. WE WANT THE OLD WEBTOON BACK
  • Good but some glitches 4/5

    By jay jay kitty
    The story’s are awesome but the winter challenge where you check in each day glitches. I was day 7 and when I went to go mark another day I was at day 1, if there is a possible way to bring me back to day 7 please do, Your number one fan -Janelle Torres
  • Great 5/5

    Ok so I had this for a year now and it great but I feel like you can’t get any free coin cause all the challenges feel like they are cheating me so can you please make the challenges longer or different cause when I complete them I don’t get coins.
  • AMAZING!! 5/5

    By misaloni
    This is a nice app. It has all the comics you can read for free!! I’m a total bookworm so this is like heaven for me lol. I really like how it saves your progress and has bookmarks to show where you left off. What would be nice though is if they could add more anime romance! I’m just a sucker for romance and anime art is the best. And i would like there to be an easier way to earn coins? I can’t really do a lot of challenges because I’m very busy. But ya, other than that, I recommend this app. It’s amazing 😉
  • Juts a bug 5/5

    By oofer the wolf :3
    I love this and all its been great the past couple months but today when I was going to the app it took me out so i uninstalled the app and installed it but it won’t install so can you please fix this
  • This is the best app in the world 5/5

    By TheGamingMemer3500
    This is really good for relaxation when I’m bored at home and goes really well if you’re reading w/ music
  • It won’t let me sign in 1/5

    By sharlaporte
    It’s ok
  • webtoons had downgraded big time 1/5

    By Catiebug52
    should be a way to get coins or a 1 day pass by watching ads 🙄 webtoons used to be great but the new pass thing is so scummy & annoying
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Meem5244
    I would definitely recommend WEBTOON. It has all sorts of genres and stories. My favorite genre is fantasy and my favorite book is unOrdinary and WEBTOON has them both! What’s not to love about this app?
  • What’s with the coins? 4/5

    By girls_gotta_read
    With all the ads that I’ve been seeing, I was really tempted to download this app. And when I did I started to read this story, but when I got really deep in it, it just said that I needed 5 more coins. I was like, “What the heck?!” At first I thought that I finally found a good app that didn’t involve coins or tickets so I could continue reading. But I really don’t see the point in using coins or waiting days just to read another episode. But overall this is a great app! I know you probably won’t read this or even consider it, but I wish that I could just continue reading without using coins, everyone would probably like that too. You might even get more downloads and better reviews too. Well that’s all, just please take away the coins, thx! 💙💙
  • Reset Daily Check Ins 3/5

    By SadBoi73
    My daily check ins got deleted it reset what do I do
  • It’s good app 4/5

    By 8821520
    The content of the app and its users are all great but the uploads take too long. My only issue are the uploads. Since each episode is in the process of being completed, it can take several years for one series to end. This makes some of the readers, or at least the people I have shared this app with and myself, become less interested in each story. There should be a minimum requirement of uploads before opening the story to other users to have faster updates. If this is not possible, at least have a section for stories that have been completed. Thank you.
  • Rip off 1/5

    By SM50
    I’ve used this app for over 2 years but the new daily pass feature is about to cause me to delete the app. Some of my favorite old series are now locked so I can only read 2 episodes a day unless I pay to unlock them 25 episodes at a time and that’s only for 2weeks. I have bought some of the coins packs to support my favorite WEBTOONs but I’m not going to pay to read old series. They made a mistake with this feature and will be loosing readers.
  • It’s great! But.... 5/5

    By Lets Be Akward!
    I have a problem . I’m making a account and I did the things correctly but it didn’t send me a password ;-; Idk if I didn’t do it correctly buuuttttttt I tried 100000000 time s but nothing happened. Send help pls. But other than that it’s a great app and the comics are great! I would really recommend Small World and Lumine if you don’t know what to look for.
  • “Bastard” 4/5

    By Matth-ew
    Why does the story “bastard” have daily passes but other completed stories like days of Hana don’t.
  • Great app but there’s a little problem 4/5

    By Breethekitty
    I absolutely love this app, there’s so many great things to read on here and I get lost within every story but lately I’ve had a problem with the app. I created my account and I never logged out, but lately I’ve been having to log back in and it says my email isn’t registered. I have to keep re-registering it and it still happens. I hope there’s a way that this problem can be solved and I hope others aren’t going through the same thing as me.
  • Ugh 3/5

    By littleface040107
    I freaking loved this app until they installed the coin system, it makes me not even want the app anymore and I really like it.
  • Coin event 4/5

    By Shiryulik
    For the coin even is anyone’s progress not saving??
  • Why this is app is good but bad 5/5

    By Jozadale
    I was bored so I decided to read Lumine and it was so annoying and it would freeze and then it would take me out of the app 😡😡😡 And also they added “ daily passes “ like 😒 I just wanted to read Orange Marmalade and they added “ daily passes” to the comic 🙄🙄🙄 But I still like the app 🥰
  • Forgotten my account? 5/5

    By Evelin 🤩😂🤪
    The app is really nice and a lot of good story (o^^o) But the problem I had today that my account was forgotten, I made it into my account and realized that my fastest passes and the challenge to get 5 coins are erased Can I get my stuff back!? ;-;
  • Amazing 5/5

    By PotatoBro3241
    There’s so much stuff to read and all of it is so good and everything is free. The coins are a great deal! Totally worth your time, absolutely amazing countless hours of joy.
  • I’m Scared 5/5

    By Carecare27
    I got this app originally for just one series, The Cursed Princess Club...I finished all the uploaded episodes pretty quickly and decided to try another like it-My Zombie Boyfriend...I fell down the good stories hole I’m scared to read another The first story I of course liked but...how could these stories be so good! I’m scared that if I start reading another I literally won’t be able to stop...literally Help
  • Network. 4/5

    By Krystal Solares
    Everything was going fine but it started to tell me that the network connection wasn’t working, so I went and fix the network but is still said it wasn’t connected. Also the challenge that is about earning 5 coins I tried it. And I had 6 days reading but it deleted all the time I read an now am restarting everything,
  • Was so good... 4/5

    By ʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)ʚ
    It used to be the only free comics app, but they added coins where you can buy ahead. It was kind of annoying because other people could get top comment, but not that bad. But now, to read the finished WEBTOONS you have to use passes which last only for two weeks, and then you have to buy them. You used to be able to read it unlimited times for free. I get they need money, but this ruined the only free comics app.
  • Suggestions 😊 5/5

    By GracefulGracieGirl
    I’m absolutely obsessed with the stories on this app! My favorite stories right now are Strawberry Seafoam, Cursed Princess Club, True Beauty, and Lets Play. It’s an amazing platform but I only have three suggestions for the app. First is that some of the stories might be not appropriate for certain people. It would be nice if they maybe added something in the descriptions of stories, indicating that no one below, for example, 14 years old. The second suggestion is also kind of related to the first. It’s that they put suggestions for your age. Like when you start the app and it asks for favorite genres, it also asks for age so it can suggest stories that you might like at that age and also it tells you if certain stories are mature or if they might be inappropriate for you. Lastly, for my third suggestion, I love the stories but I get easily annoyed when I finish all the chapters that are out in a single comic. I would like it if you get like a few coins every week for example that you can use. Overall though, I’m obsessed with the app!
  • Glitch in the app 1/5

    By confusedsalad
    I use this app everyday, literally but a new log in challenge started and it’s now restarted on me 3 times!!!! I loose all my log in progress and sometimes the prompt for you to log your progress doesn’t show up. And then when you try to contact the developers there’s absolutely no way for you to contact them just Q&A of frequently asked questions. I post this in hopes someone will reach out to me to fix this but I feel as if I’m going to be sorely disappointed
  • Good app but a few bugs 5/5

    By catgirlcham
    I really like this app but sometimes when I get on it ,it says it’s not able to work because of the internet and I sometimes have to re download the app again and my history is clear which I don’t like. Other then that really like it.
  • Bugs, bugs, bugs!!!! 1/5

    By Madison=ARMY
    I cannot even access the app!!! It crashed after 30 seconds!
  • Daily Passes. 4/5

    By logicalslimshady
    I love WEBTOON so much and always have, but this is gettin ridiculous. I know there are already reviews about this, but nothing is getting done about it in response, so I’d like to add my support to this. A huge part WEBTOON so amazing is the free accessibility. For a completed WEBTOON to have to pay or wait for new episodes is utterly ridiculous. Not only does this make it limited entirely since we can’t even have the episode free forever, but it also means we can’t look back on our favorite WEBTOON and reread the best parts. Newer readers won’t want to wait forever for new chapters and will lose interest in the comic entirely. This creates a problem for the readers because we either can’t read the comic we love or lose interest to a good comic because of this. If that wasn’t bad enough it also is a problem to the author of the WEBTOON, because they’re losing readers because of this. This isn’t a bad app, it’s just making bad choices, that take away from the best part of it.

    By Hi Hi!!!!
    I can read comics everywhere I go! Perfection!! Good job
  • Daily Pass 2/5

    By Jaddrgbxdhkpphc
    Webtoon disappointed me. I was reading Bastard, a story already completed. It got locked. I couldn’t remember where I was when it loaded again. Now I have to pay money for coins or wait 24 hours so I can read 2 chapters. This app has gone downhill.
  • Daily passes 😭 2/5

    By XxwintermoonxX
    I have had this app for many years and absolutely adored it. But the daily pass really needs to stop. It’s frustrating and kind of unfair because it’s on completed comics and sometimes I really want to go back and read bastard, and I forgot where I left off, so sometimes I have to skip through episodes. I can’t do that with daily passes and it’s really making me sad. I can’t be the only one not happy about this. But all I ask is to fix or stop this. I rather spend money on the merch 100%
  • We have to start paying for completed series? 2/5

    By jo27kim
    I tend to reread some series on WEBTOON and i guess now I can no longer binge read. It makes me wait til 10 pm to read an extra chapter or I have to buy coins? What’s up with that?
  • I love it but it’s not working 5/5

    I love WEBTOON but a few months ago the app started buffering. I would be able to use that app then all of a sudden it would say that it can’t connect to the wi-Fi even though I had it on. I would then turn my wi-Fi off and on but it still wouldn’t work. I had to delete and reinstall the app for it to work. But I don’t want to have to do this every time it done want to work. Thank you! Please fix it.
  • Good comics, bad app design 2/5

    By readingthings
    The top of every comic is cut off so I have to pull the picture down to read the dialogue at the top of the page. They also don’t make it very easy to switch from page to page (tbh they should take a page out of the Tapas app design)
  • I can’t be the only one experiencing this????? 1/5

    By Djdjdjjjwisifiwjwjwiivifiwjwkc
    I’ve had this multiple times where the webtoon just didn’t load anything at all and just showed blank screens I’ve uninstalled it and everything but when I try to log in it just doesn’t it’s really annoying because I just wanna read please fix this
  • Love reading the serial bit me size web comics 5/5

    By AmethystBastet
    I love reading the different web comics. It’s fun to be able to follow along with a story line each week.
  • Good content, app a bit buggy 4/5

    By Someguy6347733
  • PLEASE READ. 5/5

    By Betito10999
    You should really consider on giving the app a dark mode look for those late night reads when u just can’t sleep and wanna read some comic without burning the hell out of your eyes.
  • WiFi? 4/5

    By 20RainbowIris19
    I like this app but right now my WiFi is off and you have to have WiFi? Which makes me kinda mad because I wanna read it but once you open it you need WiFi. Not everyone has WiFi but they do have like LTE or use their data so I just wanna see if you can make this app not just for WiFi.
  • It’s a good app but the challenges where you get free coins don’t work 4/5

    By Nope neon
    The last two earn free coins challenges haven’t worked and always glitch out.
  • AMAZING!!! 5/5

    By Cardi B requester
    This app is an amazing app and I like that it’s in English because I’m Cuban and I know English and Spanish and those are the only languages I know so I am very limited I am hooked and I’ll wait as much time as I need for a new episode because the series I’m reading is the best thing I’ve read in a while! So I think this app can make people read and the illustrations I love them so cool! I am very grateful the creator created this app! I think everyone in the world should download all types of webtoon! I’ve only had it for three days and I’m already hooked! Thank you so much!
  • New Challenge not working 1/5

    By Shy_Hitari
    There’s a new daily challenge that gives you a chance to earn coins to read ahead on stories. There is no link opening up as directed in the notice on the “For You” page and no where else in the app. I’ve checked everywhere. Nothing. I can’t track my progress. The link was there yesterday when the event started but now isn’t. Please fix this ASAP!
  • Great comics, mediocre app 3/5

    By lawpa27
    The comics are top-nautch but the app is kinda garbage. If you try to like a comment or episode the app won’t register. Then you wait 5 seconds and click the like button again and it will like and unlike the comment. Quite annoying. Also whenever you touch a new series to read it starts from the most recent episode. So if you’re trying to access early episodes you have to scroll down. This would be fine except that whenever you scroll down more than about 30episodes, the app takes an outrageous amount of time to load the next 30 episodes. Now imagine my frustration when trying to reach episode 14 of Tower of God which has like 400 chapters.... great comics but fix your app WEBTOON
  • Not Ipad Friendly in Vertical Mode 2/5

    By Taonergy
    Please make the app support for iPadOS version, it’s always force the ipad to vertical mode.
  • Sellout 1/5

    By sharkdomo
    I used to love this game now their a sellout with this buy coins thing bummer
  • Completed Webtoon Daily Pass 4/5

    By feebee2004
    I used to be very happy with the app until they added Daily Pass to some Completed Webtoons. I like to go back to some completed Webtoons and re read and not have to face a cliff hanger or wait for next episode. Due to the new Daily Pass, i can only read 2 episodes a day (besides the first 6 few ones). I really don't enjoy this cause I've already read these webtoons and would like to be able to read them over and over again. For example, Orange Marmalade is an amazing Webtoon and has 119 Episodes. I've already read this story at least 5 times if not more. I recently came back to re-read and by doing the math, i have to wait 2 months to finish. It's just a way for the company to make more money and i'm a "free to play" reader and i'd rather spend my money on webtoon merch. Could webtoon please either remove daily pass or at least make the daily pass make the episode free after use instead of the episode being unavailable after 14 days? I know i'm not the only one upset about this. I may only have been on Webtoon for 2 and half years, but i still love to read the older ones and re read the ones which have already been completed. It's also inconvenient because right now a series could be near completion and i can read all the released episodes (non fast pass) whenever i want but after the "grace period" i won't be able to. Please do something about this because i'm not the only one who is upset about this.
  • I hate the new update 3/5

    By jgdkhflhclgclgx
    I don’t like how you have to pay for those coins now I wish that they didn’t make that a thing I used to love Webtoon but they ruined it now
  • Daily passes need to go. 3/5

    By crawlivd
    I’ve had this app for years. I love all the series and I liked the fast pass idea. It’s a great way for authors to make money and readers to get ahead on their current, uncompleted series. I just don’t understand why they had to bring it so far as to introduce daily passes? If they don’t stop here it will get to the point where we’ll have to pay for everything. I used to enjoy binging new series but it’s getting to the point where I’m just going to go somewhere else for comics if it gets worse. Webtoon. Please don’t let it get worse.

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