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  • Current Version: 11.10.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: LINE Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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LINE is transforming the way people communicate, closing the distance between family, friends, and loved ones—for free. With voice and video calls, messages, and a limitless variety of exciting stickers, you’ll be able to express yourself in ways that you never thought possible. Available all around the world, the LINE platform continues to grow, always offering new services and features that make your life more convenient and fun. ◆ Messages, Voice calls, Video calls. Enjoy voice and video calls and exchanging messages with your LINE friends. ◆ LINE stickers, emoji, and themes Express yourself just the way you want with stickers and emoji. Also, find your favorite themes to customize your LINE app. ◆ Home Gives you easy access to your friends list, birthdays, the sticker shop and various services and contents offered by LINE. ◆ LINE Timeline Share your thoughts and what you're up to with your LINE friends on Timeline. *We recommend using a data plan or connecting to Wi-Fi as you may incur data usage fees otherwise. *Please check the recommended specifications from LINE settings > Help > "Recommended specifications for LINE" when installing/updating the LINE app. In addition, if you're using an old version of iOS, we recommend updating it to the latest version. ▼Click here to see how to update iOS version.

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  • Closing 3/5

    By PengwiKitty
    I have gotten a new phone and the app works at first then won’t open again causing me to have to uninstall and reinstall. iPhone 11
  • There are ads in my messages threads 1/5

    By edodcdawn
    I could care less about ads in other tabs. But if they appears in my message threads posing as legit message that crossed the line.
  • Story video 3/5

    By Malik Killuminati
    I love this app But I wish I could upload video on story like 5 minute
  • Problems 4/5

    By Vivaha8e
    Okay, I like the app and all. But the thing is, I’m not able to change anything! I can’t change my profile picture. Its probably my wifi or something, but my connection is very good. It takes very long to change if it does work. Like 5-30 mins, sometimes I cancel it.
  • Update 11.9.0 Pooped the Bed! 4/5

    By Me533678
    Line had been working flawlessly for me but I foolishly Updated and now it repeatedly crashes (multiple times) while I am in mid-text. Anytime my text is longer than a few sentences, the app freezes, sends me Home and when I re-open the Line app, my lengthy text unsent message is gone. So I must rewrite. Note to others, once Line freezes if you close your screen (when Line inevitably crashes upon reopening your phone) and you can retrieve your half-message. But I shouldn’t have to do this work around. Fix this bug please and I will never update again. TY
  • Horrible Customer Service 1/5

    By starline123456
    I made an account. And one day later it said my phone number had to be verified and there was a problem verifying it. I contacted customer service, and they said I violated an agreement in their contract. But I never even used my account. Horrible service.
  • Never even got to use 1/5

    By Maeniel
    I downloaded the app a month ago. Created my account but never sent a single message. Was finally going to be added to my guild chat group only to find I was banned for tos. They won’t say why. I never ever sent a single message on line so it’s not like I did anything. And they won’t respond.
  • Very useful app 5/5

    By ielan1029
    I’m using this app to speak with friends all the time. Very easy to navigate as well

    By Charles Jude
    At first I thought it was a glitch but then the typing bubble notification hasn’t come back ever since. I don’t know why they would remove it because it’s common sense to add it. Please bring it back!
  • The voice messages need WORK 3/5

    By Zombiechowmeinthing
    Sometimes i am unable to text. So i voice message my friends and honestly its a pain when you are unable to pause and play where you left off in the message. Especially when they are long. Restarting the entire message just hear the bit a the end is annoying.
  • Writing notification.. 3/5

    By EMB2282
    What happened to the bubble that appears when someone is writing a message? BRING IT BACK! Thanks 👍🏼
  • Requires Cross Platform Improvement 2/5

    By R0b0monkey
    How is it that my own personal conversations are encrypted and can’t be shared in the same account on different devices without having the person resend the message?
  • Can’t active my line 1/5

    By mr.Pja
    Hey, I can’t get verification code. Even not getting “call instead” How to get back then if you don’t send me code or don’t call?
  • Bad reset password system 1/5

    By Phillip1026
    I got a new iphone. It made me create a new password. I tried 20 times. No matter what I do it keeps telling me incorrect password I give up
  • Audio message 3/5

    By Tiffanyan97
    How do I know I listen an audio message?
  • Great App 5/5

    By upa416
    We use this to keep up with friends overseas. Very easy to use, attach and send messages, videos, pictures, etc.
  • Messed up! 1/5

    By Skirtberry
    So I had to do a hard reset on my iPhone XS. My Line App wouldn’t load so I deleted it and tried to reinstall it again. I’ve used Line App for three years and now it’s just a solid green screen with the word “Line” showing. The app won’t load. If any of the developers have any suggestions I’d really appreciate it. Thank you.
  • Scammers’ favorite app due to privacy and security issues 1/5

    By Will park
    Scammers direct victims to use the app. Organized scam companies prefer the Line because of security weaknesses and poor corporate oversight on crimes committed on the network. Cursory research of Line results in numerous accusations of privacy and security issues: leaked information, lost/locked professional data files, personal data offshoring to Chinese data farms. Do not recommend
  • }*#! 1/5

    By Ewel Gibbens
    I got a new iPhone and Verizon gave me a good deal by trading in my old phone. I previously used Line to communicate with friends and family in Asia. I cannot access my account. Codes sent via text messages DONT WORK and get error messages. Why is this the only app to give me such grief??? It’s nearly impossible to contact customer service. I don’t want to create a new account!!!
  • login verification 1/5

    By ukerra
    this app is asking me to sign in with my phone number yet it’s not even sending the verification code it’s been two months and i still can’t log back in please fix this immediately
  • Worst chat app in the world! 1/5

    By milan200345
    Pop-up messages for LINE PAY is pushed through every few hours which is extremely irritating and intrusive to the user. And there is no way to stop that in the settings. Same story for LINE NEWS and other similar nonsense that keeps popping up and the app has no settings for the user to stop this. Totally disgraceful and unhelpful design by the developer. You look at the lean and non-intrusive interface of whatsap and you realize that this app is complete rubbish.
  • Common sense missing. 1/5

    By new users
    This app doesn’t let you choose photos to send by album’s name. Instead you have to find the albuM by created date. One star for that. 👎🏼
  • I love it! 5/5

    By bib the bulding person
    This app is really good if you have a Japanese acc. Once you get used to use the app, you can download stickers really easily. You can even get points just by watching videos too. Whoever is reading this right now, download it!
  • Video chat camera no working 2/5

    By Tqmroomie
    Camera on video call stopped working a few days ago. I can see the person I’m calling, but I and the other person can’t see me at all. I don’t know if this is because of the recent update.
  • Stickers keep getting resent 3/5

    By TCnSanDiego
    After today’s update the app keeps sending stickers over and over. Whenever I send a message it also resends the last sticker used.
  • Plz fix stickers with msg 3/5

    By Jenny06100
    Stickers were sent along with each msg. It is getting annoying
  • Keep sending same stickers by itself 1/5

    By Griu12
    It keep sending the same sticker by itself that I have used once, and then whatever messages I typed it send out as the sticker OR the messages sent out with the same sticker repeat and repeat
  • Update not working 3/5

    By Lugzey23
    This last update did not fix anything Double stickers are being sent and I cannot text.
  • I think this app is drunk 2/5

    By _WeiWei_
    Is it just me who’s experiencing this weird thing where I type message and click send it sends sticker even tho I didn’t clicked on sticker. For example I typed “how are you” and click send button but then sends sticker which I recently used. Please fix this thing and then only I’m changing my ratings.
  • 친구/즐겨찾기 리스트 무조건 접히는거 1/5

    By Minz.
    좀 고쳐라 이 ㄷㅅ들아 지난 메이져 업뎃이후언젠데 아직까지 놔두고있냐? 패치 나올때마다 이번엔 이번엔 하고봐도 똑같은지 몇달째다! 업데이트 뜰때마다 대체 뭘 업뎃했다는건지 내용은 없고 늘 안내문구 복-붙해선 최적화위해 세부적인거 손봤다며 그런건 안하면서 뭘 쳐한거냐 니네가 일본브랜드라 그쪽분들 먼저 해드리느라 바쁘냐? 일본놈들이 질투에 광분하면서도 꼴에 또 방탄을 모델로 썼어요 그런돈있음 카톡처럼 굶주리고 힘든사람들위한 기금이나 좀 도와라 ㅉㅂㄹ들아! 라인은 한국꺼라구? ㅈㄹ하고있네 오죽하면 일본은 물론 외국에선 다 일본꺼로 알더라 이ㅆㅂㄴ들아! 따로 독립된 일본현지법인이 나중엔 역으로 통으로 다 먹겠지 지금도 출시회사가 Line옆에 꼭 재팬으로 나오니... 마인드 썩어빠진것들아 리스트 강제접힘이나 빨리고쳐!
  • Stticker problem 5/5

    By Sazabi13
    There’s a problem with the new update, when ever I wrote the stickers keep on automatically itself writing down
  • I’m disappointed 2/5

    By This guy say 0
    Switching to a new phone is such a pain. First of all, you don’t need to delete all the data on the old phone. Second, why is there not an option to restore a backup from iCloud? Seriously making me use a gigabyte to reinstall this app every time it fails to restore my chat.
  • Line stickers double sending 1/5

    By Torta-Smasher
    After the last update after sending a sticker in chat. No matter what message I right after it sends the same sticker.
  • Recent Update Issue 1/5

    By Everett Newell
    The recent update is causing accounts to spam stickers after they are used. If you post a sticker then send a message after it before closing that chat it will send a sticker each time you post until you actually close that particular chat. I’ve been using Line for a number of years love it please fix this issue so I can give you the 5 star rating it deserves.
  • Graphic characters getting resent 1/5

    I installed the most recent app update (17MAY2021) and now graphic characters are getting resent on every subsequent text posted. I must exit the app to reset. The problem continues when I post a graphic character. Again, I must exit the LINE app to clear the graphic character. The most recent LINE app update is BAD!!!
  • The stickers are bugged with latest update 4/5

    By Saber Altria
    Now after sending stickers, the sticker will keep being sent every time you send a text message. It's really irritating. Please fix this asap!
  • New update has major issues 1/5

    By apples_4ever
    The new update is buggy in that it converts text messages into just one sticker. This is a major problem, since you start sending a bunch of stickers without meaning to. And you are unable to send text messages until you close out the app. I will update this review to 5 stars once this major issue is fixed.
  • Sticker sent many many times 1/5

    By alen162021
    The APP automatically updated last night. When I send sticker to someone, then type message, the sticker was sent again and again. I need to shut down while APP, then retype text message. It will back to normal. But, when I sent sticker, it will happened again. Very inconvenient! Please fix the bug ASAP. Thanks!
  • Not exactly great. 2/5

    By Warren G...
    A few things. Install on iPad coming from android, my chat history is missing… Logs me out of line app when I log in on another PC.
  • Moving from Android to iPhone 3/5

    By Fujiwara Tofu Sho
    The only reason why I’m giving it three stars is because I wish there was a way to restore from google drive on my iPhone. I know that my opinion doesn’t really make a difference in the grand scheme on things but it’s super inconvenient.
  • Bad at privacy 1/5

    By Cheunga22
    Please stop requiring Photos access to use QR code to add friends. It should only require Camera permissions.
  • Bad update. 3/5

    By MisterEBox
    Latest update has this usually very solid app freezing and crashing every few minutes. Don’t go down the social media road too far....we don’t need more stickers or filters...we do need a solid chat app that we can still read when offline.
  • Wish it had native translation support 3/5

    By RLeoneInJax
    It’s solid, but lacks some features users can take for granted in other social connectivity apps. One opportunity is a text translation feature that would allow more of the world to communicate with each other.
  • Ruined With Latest Update 1/5

    By Ben111198789
    The calls tab is gone, only to be replaced with the useless timeline, wallet, and news tabs?? Banner ads above the chat list? How an entire nation depends on this app is beyond me. It has always been lacking, but now it’s just straight trash level.
  • Good app for Group/Guild/Alliance. Issues with some interfaces 4/5

    By Arcaina13
    I’ve been using this app for a good time now. It’s great to keep in contact with far away friends. I generally use it to keep in contact with other members of a mobile game. Makes communication much better. Downfalls include: not being able to delete friends. I have a clogged friends list with people who no longer use the app or left the group chat and no longer talk. Having to add people to add them to a chat. (Leads to problem one) Not being able to delete notes that others posted into chats, especially if items are out dated, or they no longer are a part of the chat and are just clogging up space. Great app. Just needs some general updates for some in app spring cleaning.
  • Horrible UI 1/5

    By Ekkapong T
    The Home Screen is full of stuff I couldn’t care less—services, Line TV, stickers, birthday, timeline, today and so on. I wish I could hide all of these useless features.
  • Complete crap 1/5

    By bgclark71
    I tried to set up an account. It keeps telling me that “I need to enter a valid ph#. No other way to set up. Then, I tried to login with my Apple ID, said it’s not valid. Then said my Facebook account could not be found. If I can’t sign up with my ph#, how else can I sign up?
  • Password 1/5

    By EmperorKota
    It’s not accepting my line password even though doing my password correctly
  • Would give 5 stars but... 4/5

    By LokiFenrir
    What happened to the taping bubbles? I would like to change my chat bubble colors. It’s so hard to find people on here even when you have their id or username Sometimes when I get a text or more than one I click on it and it doesn’t load and I have to exit and reenter a few times to get the fresh messages. Please fix these or make it easier