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LinkedIn: Network & Job Search

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LinkedIn: Network & Job Search App

Use LinkedIn to navigate your career with confidence--whether you want to find a new job, keep in touch with your network, or stay up-to-date on the latest from your connections and your industry. Get the app to access the full features and functionality of LinkedIn--anytime, anywhere. Why you’ll love using the LinkedIn app: 1. Browse and get recommended jobs that fit. Apply easily to millions of openings right from the app. 2. Get alerted to stay on top of active conversations, the latest news and new opportunities. 3. Use Find Nearby and QR code scanner features to easily find and connect to people you meet on-the-go. YOUR PROFILE • Use your LinkedIn profile as a virtual resume • Highlight your accomplishments, responsibilities, and experience • Add a picture to help people you know and potential employers find you YOUR NETWORK • Find friends, classmates, and colleagues to add to your network • See updates on their activity and reach out via the app to stay in touch • Follow companies, influencers, and topics you’re interested in JOB SEARCH • Search and apply to millions of openings • Upload and easily submit your resume to jobs that fit • Save searches and create alerts to be the first to know about new openings • Reach out to connections at companies you’re interested in for referrals and advice, to increase your chances of hearing back LATEST NEWS AND CONTENT • Share articles, comments, and knowledge with your network • Learn about what’s happening in your industry with curated content • Follow hashtags for timely updates on topics you care about the most GET MORE OUT OF LINKEDIN BY USING THE APP • Find nearby: allows you to connect to people in your vicinity • QR code scanner: share your unique code so people can connect with you instantly • Push notifications: know immediately when someone responds or wants to connect Whether you want to find a new job, share your knowledge, build your professional reputation, or if you just need a lightweight way to stay in touch--get started with the LinkedIn app today. The LinkedIn app is free to use and download. --------------------------- Want to make the most of LinkedIn? Upgrade to a Premium subscription for exclusive tools to find a job, grow your business, find sales leads, or hire talent--priced from $29.99 monthly to $119.95 monthly. Subscriptions will automatically renew each month and be charged to your iTunes account within 24-hours of the end of the current period, unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings, but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. These prices are for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:

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LinkedIn: Network & Job Search app reviews

  • Very frustrating to Log In 1/5

    By maha2016
    Logging is is the more frustrating process vs any other major app. The “security check” (even when clicking all the boxes correctly) is a horrible experience.
  • Yuck 1/5

    By Integrity Review
    Ads, upsells, click bait and lame “classes” all slow down and interrupt the conversation. Spoke to their mobile team, they admitted it’s ad impressions and interactions that matter most. They nag you to upload your private address book so they can spam and sell it as a feature to advertisers.
  • Extremely confusing! 1/5

    By 1961DBSN
    I tried to use this app for more than a year and find the structure very confusing. Needs to be simplified for “not every day” users.
  • Connection issues 4/5

    By Ocelad
    The mobile app has sometimes connection issues.
  • Messages unusable for me 2/5

    By Dvbillen
    Get notifications of messages but then the app stops refreshing them. Have to go to the web app to have a conversation. Also too many useless notifications such that you end up ignoring the badge. I deleted it and just use the web app. UPDATE: I tried it again because the browser badgers me to use the app. Day 2 of using it and it thinks I have no internet connection even though I do and all other apps know it. This is a train wreck.
  • Fraudulent purchases 1/5

    By mcanally2018
    For some reason your software is letting people use credit card numbers in my phone that I did not give them permission to use because of your software there has been fraudulent purchases on my phone
  • Crashes 2/5

    By Cpl AV
    App keeps crashing after update, I keep getting prompted to sign in. What happened!
  • No permite subir videos 2/5

    By Andreynagc83
    Buenas. En función de la más reciente actualización, cada vez que intento subir un video no se puede...
  • Non-Functional 2/5

    By kittykat2767
    When uploading my photo, whenever I’d click to save, nothing would happen. Then it glitched and kept saying that the photo upload had failed over and over in a notification. After trying to add more background to my profile, the same thing happened with the save button.
  • Extension of Facebook 2/5

    By Cakid88
    I’ve had my LinkedIn account for several years, and made some good contacts, but recently it has turned into an extension of Facebook. The people that are posting FB crap don’t consider LinkedIn to be a professional platform, and don’t care.
  • Enjoying LinkedIn 4/5

    By Singwingz
    I am very happy to use LinkedIn. Sometimes the iPhone keyboard covers the LinkedIn comment I am writing and I have to write it blindly, post it, and then see if I made any mistakes.
  • Bleh 1/5

    By LexTalionis53
    Unfollowing someone has no effect, no matter how many times I try. Hidden posts show up the next time I load the app. Tons of ads. “New posts available” are usually just ads. Now the app has stopped loading updates and requires that I reinstall it in order to restore functionality.
  • Account disappeared after medical leave. 1/5

    By JustAQTCub
    My account and all my information, skills, certificates and recommendations completely disappeared. I was out on medical leave for 3 months and when I returned I tried logging into my account. It kept saying that my email address didn’t exist. I wanted to open a service request however to do so you have to be logged in. So I tried to create an account using my same email address. If my account existed, the account creation should have failed saying email address already exists or is being used but it didn’t. The account was created successfully. I opened a service request: [190312-003939]. All support keeps telling me is they cannot locate the account. They don’t seem to be very worried. There has to be database archives to locate the account prior to December 2018 so it can be restored. Disappointed in such poor support!
  • App availability 1/5

    By techscene
    This application should reach older versions on iOS, there are apps that will install the compatible for your device, and state that it is not the newest version, but it will still function.

    By NYCXI
    I hate LinkedIn its just salespeople requesting to connect just so they can try and sell you their garbage products and services. The app design is fine besides the icons. I don’t know who designed or approved them but they are absolutely horrendous on both the app and even worse the website, it’s like they downloaded free ones off the internet and use low quality exports.
  • Can’t login with google auth anymore 1/5

    By FaussyMuNaussy
    App only allows LinkedIn login password. I can’t login anymore no matter what I try
  • Don’t trust this app 1/5

    By Fentoozla
    Got a text message from someone I had met in person and had absolutely no interaction or connection with on LinkedIn or anywhere online. Within 1 week received a LinkedIn email on suggested connections and who is on this email, the person who sent me a text. No thanks, go read someone else’s texts.
  • Crashing 1/5

    By muffmouse
    Ever since the update yesterday, I can't see the version cause it won't open, it keeps crashing.
  • Stupid and Buggy 1/5

    By whoztawkin
    Navigation with this app is a pain. It behaves and looks nothing like the web sight. It frequently hangs, crashes and loses or corrupt my data. I'm not going to waste anymore time.
  • Fixed! 5/5

    By DontnoD
    Iphone Xs max. Cannot post as top of screen is overlapped with pull down menu. Cannot cancel as left side is overlapped with clock. Thanks for fixing the app!
  • App hasn’t worked in months 1/5

    By kittlin67
    I have used Linked In and Sales Navigator for years, but now my activity has dramatically decreased because the app never works. Every day for the last six months or so, my page won’t load and I get a message that it’s not me and to try again later. I have re installed the app and same thing. Linked in customer service is notoriously bad so I guess I’m just out of luck. Not a very good example of a business platform when the app doesn’t work.
  • Need to use to pervious version 5/5

    By soheil92
    How can i use the previous version of linkedin??? I cou
  • It hangs so often that it seems useless..!! 1/5

    By Katehash16
    I have downloaded this app many times and yet it hangs and doesn’t move ..!! Page is not coming at all..!!
  • Responding to recruiters new feature is terrible 4/5

    By unnecessary change
    In the past when I was contacted by a recruiter in my message inbox, I could respond directly to the recruiter. Now, the app forces you to respond whether or not you are interested in the job before you have a chance to respond. To me this is a 100% unnecessary feature and is an unprofessional way to contact a recruiter to express interest. The right way to treat a recruiter is to write that person directly and let them know your intentions, perhaps including some background for your decision. This can help keep communication channels open in the future and is a networking opportunity. This new feature is a result of someone “overthinking” the situation. This goes back to the old saying, “If its not broke, don't fix it”
  • Can’t share profile link 1/5

    By Alpha&0mega
    Why is it not possible to share my profile url or covert my profile to PDF within the app? It’s easy to do with PC.
  • LinkedIn premium charge 1/5

    By Eeshwar Ponnala
    I tried using LinkedIn premium free trial for a month, was on a weekend trip with family, phone battery was dead so didn’t checked the subscription end date. I cancelled my subscription ASAP and contacted both LinkedIn, Apple unfortunately none of them says they are responsible. Didn’t refunded the charge contacted which I cancelled within a day. Not customer friendly.
  • I hate LinkedIn 1/5

    By s.m.m.4.2.0.
    I’ll say it again. I hate LinkedIn. It is so frustrating that it feels like you need to have a profile to validate your professional presence and experience. The platform is clunky and inelegant, I don’t understand why it’s a GD trial every time you ever try to log in, and on top of that I constantly have fifty thousand notifications about missed messages and activity that are actually NOTHING. I have to maintain my organization’s page as well, so I am unfortunately on the site often enough to keep my inbox clear, and yet the app and the site are always bombarding me with notifications and flags about activity that is not even real. Stop the fake notifications! I dream of a future where LinkedIn is irrelevant and gone.
  • Poor customer service 1/5

    By joyofthelord12
    So this is the third review I am writing, my first two were taken down. Again my issue is a simple one. 1. Make the “X” to click off a potential contact a bit larger so I am not opening one instead of deleting it. 2. If I delete someone don’t put them back in the suggested contacts over and over and over and over. They should not ever appear again. Two simple fixes to two problems with linked in. Additional problem that was not in my first two reviews: 3. Don’t delete my review because you don’t like it. 3/9/19 Update: Keeps getting worse. Nothing has been fixed and the little “x” seems harder to click. I don’t want to click on the “x” just to have it open someone’s profile. It is a false click. I am sure that is why I get so many “people are looking at your profile” notifications each week, the tiny “x” I will add another problem: 4. Half the time now I cannot open a profile I actually want to see. The program freezes and I need to close and reopen the app, then I need to TRY to find that persons again. Please, I implore you, please fix these small, but glaring, problems
  • Constant Badge App Icon for no reason 3/5

    By MattOBMeraki
    For as long as I can remember, the app has had a badge icon as if there is a notification of some sort. When entering the app, it will hold a badge on the networking tab, yet when you click it, there is no request or anything. I have uninstalled, reinstalled and signed in on a Pc to inspect my profile. Guess I’ll have to turn of badge app icons? Very annoying!
  • Good stuff 4/5

    By sweetscorpion11
    Good app for connecting and networking. How come we can’t delete messages though? I feel this should be a standard feature.
  • Not bad, but... 3/5

    By TyForSenate
    The linked in app itself isn’t all that bad, but there’s got to be a way to get rid of that pull down window that’s always showing a small banner on top! It’s the window with 3 steps to get started on LinkedIn. First scroll page says “keep building your network”. It is extremely annoying and pops up every time you open the app, and doesn’t completely go away ever. It reappears as soon as you scroll back up in your feed. That’s the one thing keeping me from using the app more, I don’t need a little pop up deal blocking half my screen when I’m scrolling through my feed. Thanks, please get rid of it.
  • Help removing “Student Voices” 3/5

    By Zphal
    I used to love scrolling through my LinkedIn feed on my phone; sometimes more than FB because the content is more interesting. However, the new addition of the Student Voices bar takes up a ridiculous amount of real estate on my screen. I don’t even have an interest in the feature, yet I can’t find a way to disable it or remove it. It’s always there taking up space and annoying me! A little help please??
  • Crash problem 4/5

    By Sinaag
    In new update when I want to read my messeages the app crashes.
  • Biggest mistake was to reinstall it again 1/5

    By Junaid Zafar
    Have been a user of linkedin app but instead of getting better this app is touching the lowest of levels everyday. Keeps freezing and crashing on scrolling. Tried everything from reinstalling it to updating my iOS but nothing worked. If you can’t make it work please shut it down because we’ll be happy using the website version only.
  • Personally 1/5

    By joeyjoey g
    I guys comprised overrated Used vessels to put burst burdens with optimism and complied with skill and poise While unratting writer and people in educationed with friendliness and professionalism unestimating a person skills and abilities that range close or near your communicative skills glossed writhing American standards and claiming answers within my morals of self evaluation and study Simplify I think the forwardness is fake but apporiates to future needs within yourselves
  • Last update is unstable 2/5

    By SG Golf Edge
    Please either back out your last update or have it debugged again. The message history crashes and never loads. This never happened before. It even takes forever to log off. Every section that I open like Home, connections, alerts, nothing opens up. This is the first time in all Your updates that this has happened. Please fix.
  • Great website, great content, terrible app 2/5

    By peacefulpink
    You’d think for a company that thrives on networking for other companies would at least have the technical support to upkeep an app in the modern times. Unfortunately, the LinkedIn app is laced with bugs and it’s slower than most social media apps. I find the lagging leads to repeated postings, information isn’t saving, and I just realized I’ve wasted 15 minutes trying to update one component of my profile. Total waste of time. I’m new to LinkedIn in a sense, but I appreciate its efforts. Still, I think I’ll be sticking to their website version, not this poorly run app.
  • App Crashing 2/5

    By Agent 6
    Every time I attempt to share a job the entire app crashes. I deleted and reinstalled and it is still happening.
  • Update won’t download 2/5

    By iamagraverobber
    Tried several times to download the most recent update on my iPad. Doesn’t do it.
  • Unnecessary security check 1/5

    By Luisito1984
    I have tried to log in several times from the app itself, but every time I log in it takes me to a security page when I have to verify I am not a robot. Then after I pass with a 100% accuracy it takes me to another unnecessary step in which they have to send a security link to my email, then I will open this email with the SECURITY CHECK which it will take me to the mobile site which I don’t need to be taken to. Then i will go back to the app, and try to log in ONCE AGAIN, and guess what? freaking happens again. Software Team please address this and fix it.
  • Horrible for job searches 1/5

    By Tiny Majesty
    App will crash and delete applications that you’re in the middle of without saving anything. This has happened to be 6 TIMES over the last month. Don’t bother!
  • Worst customer service 1/5

    By AMBS123499
    Hands-down. Some of the worst I’ve ever experienced.
  • App is freezing upon opening 4/5

    By bsrirao
    The app is freezing at home/feed screen and controls are not working. No data on the feed screen and It is completely unresponsive. I deleted the app and reinstalled, still the same issue.
  • Horrible customer support 1/5

    By Fireftr985
    App updated and now I can’t log in. Tells me to contact support. I do so, I some generic response from Micala. She tells me to provide information, I do so and try to log on from multiple other locations. No problems signing in anywhere else. I provide her with that information as requested and I get no response from anyone.
  • Duplicate messages 1/5

    By Bobochoosenfew
    When you wish someone congratulations from your cell phone, and choose a suggested message. After the message is sent...another duplicated message is there to send. Please fix this. I have screenshots of what is happening as well if you need to see what I’m talking about.
  • Ely 1/5

    By כרגיל כה
    This app helps scammers! Please be careful do not work with this up or give any information to this app!! Because of this app I lost $2000! I will get them on my own thank you “Linking” for “helping” me out by “Protection” in you’re APP You Have Scamers!!! And Tiffs!
  • You call this release notes? 1/5

    By just another concerned parent
    I’ve higher expectations from you guys...
  • Becoming Facebook 2/5

    By Laborspy
    Wish there was a way to use hashtags to help create filters in the feed. Block anything with a certain hashtag or maybe just a person.
  • Mobile is inferior to desktop version 3/5

    By Charlex123
    I find LinkenIn a valuable way to connect professionally. I like the convenience of being able to access my account on my laptop or through the app. The mobile app has issues though, primarily that the news feed can not be displayed chronologically with “most recent” instead of the algorithm-determined “top stories”. The value of this network is seeing what people are doing now and what events are coming up. Eliminating the ability to view the feed by recent posts makes the mobile app useless for me. Please change the app to display the feed is chronological order. This is not Facebook.

LinkedIn: Network & Job Search app comments

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