Lirer: Learn Japanese

Lirer: Learn Japanese

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  • Current Version: 1.5.94
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Yuki Yamamoto
  • Compatibility: Android
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Lirer: Learn Japanese App

Learn Japanese words the fast way with Lirer.
 On Lirer you can: * Learn Japanese words from basics to JLPT N1 level. * Practice Japanese Alphabets (Hiragana and Katakana) * Listen to thousands of audio files voiced by native speakers * Search through the Japanese words dictionary. * Enhance your studying with a personalized review. WHAT’S INCLUDED * Explanation and exercises for all the Japanese words of JLPT N5, JLPT N4, JLPT N3, JLPT N2, JLPT N1. * Japanese Alphabets quiz. * Audio voiced by professional native speakers. * Lessons created by Japanese teachers and writers. SUBSCRIPTION PRICING AND TERMS SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS Lirer offers an auto-renewing monthly subscription at $6.99/month and an auto-renewing yearly subscription at $19.99/year to provide you with unlimited access to the Lirer courses while you maintain an active subscription. Lirer also offers a Lifetime subscription for $29.99 which is paid for by a one-off upfront payment with unlimited access to the Lirer courses forever. Payment will be charged to the credit card connected to your iTunes Account when you confirm the initial subscription purchase. Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and the cost of the renewal will be identified. You may manage your subscription and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to your Account Settings after the purchase. Read about our privacy&terms here - Have a feedback? Contact us to [email protected]

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Lirer: Learn Japanese app reviews

  • Love the app but… 4/5

    By J4C03 119
    This is one of my primary ways of learning Japanese, highly recommend it, but one thing that bothers me is there’s a glitch. When we do lessons where we need to select the two matching answers for example Hirigana 2 Lesson 9 it is actually impossible to complete. If we need to scroll down to select an answer and both of your choices are not on the screen at the same time, it does not acknowledge that both answers have been selected making certain lessons completely impossible to finish. Of course this doesn’t effect us learning and still love the app, but for me personally I found this problem stressful because I want to see everything completed. Love the app and still highly recommend it. Would be 5 star if not for the glitch.
  • Love this app! 4/5

    By TiredProphit
    I love this app, don’t get me wrong! The only thing keeping it from a five star review is that fact that when I go to review; if there are questions that ask to match the word with kanji spelling to the hirigana spelling, even if I got it right. It won’t remind me what the word is. That’s kind of confusing. Either way Great app!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By 565545454
    It helps my learn new languages and I go all around the world and it helps me learn my Japanese language
  • Really great app, minor issue 4/5

    By diegoz281
    So far the app has been great. Easy to use with great examples and pronunciations. I haven’t got very far but poking around the future lessons, they appear to be extensive, so I’m looking forward to it. One gripe I have with the app is the 3 second delay between answering a question and the pronunciation. I really want to hear the pronunciation but don’t want to have to wait after each answer. Another annoyance I encountered was during the input section. It vibrates each time you input something as “wrong” even though the eventual answer is right. This is pretty obnoxious and wish it was removed or at least give me an option to disable this.
  • Way too many typos 1/5

    By emily_c_m_w
    I’ve been looking for a good vocabulary app for ages and I was excited to find this one. It has so much potential to be great. But it is plagued by typos. For example, it listed the meaning of 奥さん as “your wise” instead of “your wife” in almost every instance. This also makes the review system difficult, because it usually only accepts the wrong, typo answer as correct instead of the actual correct answer. For example, it asked me to type the meaning of 計算する. I typed “to calculate.” Wrong. It was “to caluculate.” Another example - it asked me to translate 三人. Three people, right? Easy. But nope. It wanted me to type “three peoplem.” For being $30, I expect better quality control and I regret spending my money when I could have gotten some vocabulary books instead. Edit: After using this app more, I discovered a bug(?) where the list of review words disappears after a few days. I logged in expecting to review a couple hundred words and discovered the review space empty. Reviewing words is the most important part of studying vocabulary. Now I have to go back and redo hundreds of lessons? It’s awful. What a waste of time. In addition, this app could be improved a lot by showing the English translation and/or reading when doing reviews. Right now, it just says “Correct!” if I guess that (for example) 幼稚園 is read as ようちえん, but there is no re-enforcement of the word’s meaning. There are lots of times when I can read the kanji correctly but I don’t remember the meaning of the words. This app has potential if all these issues are fixed, and if it improves, I would be willing to increase my star rating. But as for now, I’m keeping it one star.
  • App won’t even open for me—just crashes 1/5

    By Pope Nobi
    Don’t know…but I tried deleting the app from my phone, reinstalling it and nothing. I will change my review if I can finally get into the app and use it
  • App is not worth $30 when there are lots of basic spelling errors 1/5

    By ginnyrezi
    App is not worth $30 when there are lots of basic spelling errors
  • Great app but has some flaws 4/5

    By VanxWagon
    The app is great for learning at any level, and I do like it But there seems to be an error, when you have more than one keyboard it seems to force me to use the wrong keyboard every single time I’m prompted to type. It makes it pretty tedious to type in a single letter.
  • Bug in reviewing frequency 1/5

    By Curiossity
    Review 3: I love the Bunpo, lirer suite but both apps are truly broken to the point of being practically useless. What’s a study app with a broken review session. Especially Lirer where reviewing words is the most important piece to remembering them? My suggestion to the developers is to revert this app(and Bunpo) to the older version that actually worked and let your users benefit from the chance to actually use the app to study. If you’re developing in a version controlled environment (GitHub or some other app) please use that environment during this time to give us an older but working version of this app. I paid for this app and would like to get my moneys worth. Review 2: during the fix of the bug I just mentioned below in my first review, something else has completely broken. I now have many words I have studied but the review area doesn’t not recognize it. It says “complete one lesson to start review” as if I haven’t done 10s or maybe even 100 reviews already. Even with it being completely broken however I did not lower the stars to 2 because the customer server here is great. I got a response quickly and was informed that the bug would be fixed. When that happens I will give full stars and change my review. Review 1: When finishing new words it starts me at 6/8stars. This makes it so that I don’t see the words very often in my review. Other than that, this is among my top study tools along with Bunpo. I did however have to give 3 stars and not 5 because right now it’s not very helpful since I can’t review my vocabulary properly. But I will change it to 5 as soon as this bug is fixed
  • A lot to fix. 1/5

    By Orpheus drinkin a forty
    First off, I love Bunpo, I have been using it and it improved my grammar a bunch, so I assumed it would be the same with Lirer. Nope. I’ve given up on reporting bugs and the like, it feels like no matter how many times I report them, they’re still there every update. There’s so many duplicate pages and typos that I’ve reported and over a month later, they’re still there. I’m also about 88% done with the N5 course and I noticed that some lessons that I’ve finished haven’t came up in the review, nor did they have a green block indicating that I have completed the subject. For some, they’ve shown up after going over the lesson again (annoying and time consuming, btw!) but others haven’t shown up. And then very recently, it said I had no words to review and I need to start a lesson… you’d think it did this because I’ve maxed out my progress on the words I’ve been studying (which shouldn’t happen, they should still come up) but nope, none of them are even close… This is incredibly not ideal for someone who’s currently studying for the JLPT. I’ve spent money on this app with the hopes of bettering my vocabulary for the exam but now I’m not so sure. I wish you could review whenever you wanted or at the very least, change how often you’d get to review and how much you review. It’s quite annoying to go through most of my day without a single review then suddenly have 64 words to review before bed. They also need to allow audio playback for words you’ve gotten wrong. Audio helps with learning so much! As well as being able to look at the word in-depth and be able to see what lesson it’s from to study it better instead of just going to the next word, you can’t learn like that! It should show you the meaning, kana, pronunciation, etc after answering, similar to a flash card. It’s very disappointing and painful to give such a negative review on an app by a developer who made another app that I love but this is too much to not be upset with.
  • Good 3/5

    By Eliza_9421
    The app is good so far, but when using the Japanese romaji keyboard to input answers it keeps vibrating. It’s quite annoying and there are no settings to change this. I will update if that is changed, and I’ve had more time to use.
  • Stellar Vocab App 5/5

    By Freezeyb
    Edit: Developers responded swiftly to feedback and updated the app with a small change. This is a fantastic app to learn Japanese!!! Each word comes with a sentence example or two, and the samples help me to learn grammar structures alongside Lirer’s sister app, Bunpo.
  • A great app:) 5/5

    By 🫶🤭
    I love this app it is easy to learn it is just amazing 10/10
  • Good Duo App 5/5

    By Movie-fanatic123
    This app is wonderful paired with the sister app Bunpo. While using Bunpo I had wished there was some other app that helped to review vocabulary and the alphabet. I looked through dozens of apps and this one is the only quality one. It combines hiragana learning while also showing kanji and working it in so well. Best Japanese developers I’ve seen in years.
  • I give up 1/5

    By Estarianne
    I've been using this app for a while, and the whole thing I like about its concept is being able to build up a review word list that I can go through and keep things fresh in my mind. It doesn't let you just add words to the list, you used to need to earn them by increasing mastery with other words, now you have to complete lessons. When they switched to the lesson format I lost my whole review word list but I thought the new system would be pretty helpful so I bought an app membership. Remembering vocabulary is the hardest thing for me and I'm learning on my own, no classes. But from the beginning I was having trouble with the review list. It would not add new words for days. Words seemed to drop off of it never to be seen again. And then last week, my whole review list just got wiped, I had like 2/3 of the jlpt3 words on there. They said they'd look into it, but I don't even know what that means. This app just isn't useful without a stable review list. I'm sad.
  • Bug in the lessons 2/5

    By IAmLight2029
    In some of the lessons the answer choices don’t show up, instead there are ellipses (like this …). I have been sending reports for weeks and they still haven’t fixed it.
  • Great content, couple bugs and issues 5/5

    By Joesmithminer
    The actual content of the app is pretty good. Spaced repetition is nice, though I can’t verify if it’s optimized for memorization. Example sentences and spoken examples are very nice. The volume of the audio samples is very low, however. I often listen to music while I study, and this app is no different, but I have to turn off the music to listen to the audio because the music is several times louder than the audio from Lirer. The thing that draws this app back most is the bugs. I’m someone who hates waiting for the app to proceed automatically, so I skip the wait by tapping the screen. There is a bug where if you tap on the screen to move forward in the quiz, it actually soft locks you from moving forward. Nothing you do will fix it, and you’re forced to restart the quiz from the beginning. Despite knowing this bug, I still occasionally tap out of habit and break the lesson. It’s the main source of my frustration with this app. The other major issue I have is that the mnemonics don’t really make sense. The app provides sentences that relate the pronunciation of the term with the meaning. The problem is, it’s only usable if you already know the pronunciation of the term and don’t know the meaning. What’s worse is that some of these break-downs sound almost nothing like what the actual term is, so some of the mnemonics are pretty useless. I don’t find myself using the mnemonics at all, I can’t seem to remember them despite trying. Maybe others have more luck with the mnemonics than I do. The mnemonics are optional so while I don’t think they’re very good, they do not retract from the experience. I want to close with my final thoughts. I think that despite its flaws, Lirer is still a fantastic app. I think the app deserves 5 stars but is held back by the bug mentioned earlier. I will update my review when the bug is patched out. Edit 1: one thing I forgot to mention is that the app does not push any notifications when it’s time to review. The only notifications that work are the daily practice notification that you manually set.
  • Not bad overall 4/5

    By L wave
    As mentioned in the title, Lirer is a good app overall. However, the review algorithm needs to be improved. When I logged out, the previous vocabulary I learned will not be included in the review after my next log in. This is the major problem I encountered. Also a few answers are wrong.
  • gud 5/5

    By โค้กซ่าหีหมาระเบิด
  • Motivating 5/5

    By gijoeaway
    I’ve been using this app for eight weeks now, and I can definitely see an improvement. I am convinced that I want to really study Japanese vocabulary and Lirer gives me that platform to buckle down and get right into it. While at first I found the lesson to be kind of repetitive, I was also picking up new skills and refining old ones. It offers different learning styles (audio quiz, typing quiz, multiple choice quiz… etc) for Japanese hiragana, katakana and JLPT(N1-N5). Even for N1!! I am definitely pleased with how this app is working for me. Gives it a try and you can see for yourself!
  • Review 4/5

    By JeonTaeTae
    I like this app a lot but I have a question about the review section. Why is the wait for a review so long? The first one was 3 days for 3 words and now the next one is 9 days. Is that normal or do I have to buy the subscription to get reviews more often?
  • Bugs 3/5

    By viniciuspalk
    Bugs on typed answers and bugs in reviews. I’ve been sending e-mails about that for months. But still happening.
  • Some bugs that prevent you from finishing a section 3/5

    By SeanTDMD
    Overall, I really like this app. I want to love it, but there are some bugs that prevent you from finishing a section. You can’t progress to the next part until it finishes either. I haven’t look at other levels but the N5 level has a couple sections that end up blank so you can’t submit an answer to move on. I’ve sent in flags/bug reports multiple times, but I still haven’t heard anything back yet. I hope they fix it soon. This would be a 5 star for me, but I have to give it 3 stars due to the inability to progress in certain sections / lack of response after asking for help.
  • Lier is great 5/5

    By redhead boy
    Lier is a great app to learn Japanese I have been searching many apps to learn Japanese and this one is the right app to use it has so many lessons to follow by and it teaches you a lot of things such as hiragana katakana and so much more if you want to learn Japanese download this app it will teach you well
  • Not bad but 3/5

    By Manduhpooh
    There are a lot of inconvenient things about this app. Which makes it disappointing because it has so much potential. —Can’t review frequently. I should be able to review whenever I want in some way or another. I have to go back through each section rather than just having a place to review all the words Iv study thus far. Some days I don’t want to learn new words and I just want to review. — it makes no sense that the audio doesn’t play after you have answered incorrectly. I need to HEAR why I missed it. — the answer choices are too easy. Okay I can understand it being easy for N5-N3 but common on now… if I know the answer starts with お, even if I don’t actually know the answer … I can easily guess because no other answer starts with お —So basically all these problems intertwine because I’m breezing by the words, even if I don’t know it , I can easily guess l, if I get it wrong, I get no audio conformation and in a few hours or even the next day I can’t even review it!! Really hope some changes are made. Oh and N1 learners like pictures too yah know. A lot of nouns and verbs can have pictures…
  • New update… 4/5

    By SolonaAmell
    Edit: it seems that I was just not able to reach certain lessons unless I have made enough progress, even if I have restored my purchase. I have added a star back. However, I would like to point out that when I tapped on the locked lessons, it showed me the “restore purchase” screen, which was why I originally thought my purchase could not be restored. It would be great if the developer can make it so that it shows a “you have not made enough progress to unlock this lesson” message instead. I like the content of the new update, BUT: - I cannot seem to restore my purchase (I paid for lifetime subscription and now it’s gong). Many words are locked. - the progress reset is frustrating. I lost all my progress, lost track what was the last words I learned, and now I have to learn from lesson1 again because the later lessons are locked. Honestly, I love this app but right now I am very upset.
  • It’s amazing, but... 4/5

    By Bruhwhytf
    I absolutely love Lirer. After just over a month of using the app now (with a current streak of 38), I can say that I genuinely have no intentions of abandoning the app. However, the latest problems with the app have messed with the learning process. One major problem is that, for questions where typing a word’s meaning or reading is required, even if typed correctly, the “incorrect answer” chime will sound, and the question will be marked as incorrect in the end—even though it will display that the answer was correct on the question itself. For example, in a session of 150 words, if 100 of the questions are “type the meaning/type the reading”, and 50 are multiple choice, a perfect score would display 50/150 due to the way the system currently operates. This bug also resets your progress on earlier mastered vocabulary words, so it’s impossible for older words to reach the “mastery” stage because you lose mastery for getting a question incorrect, and you automatically get typed questions incorrect due to the current bug. I’m hoping for a fix for this as soon as possible. ***Update - December 21, 2021*** The app has been MAJORLY improved, and I absolutely love the changes you have made to the app in general. It has become one of my favorite parts of my day. The next activities are great, and all of the former major bugs have been completely fixed!! I love Lirer; it’s the perfect companion to Bunpo. If you’re serious about your studies, I highly suggest buying Lirer and Bunpo in Tandem!
  • Major bug in typed responses for reviews 5/5

    By TenaciousD19800
    As described in the review by Bruhwhytf, the bug that marks any typed responses as incorrect continues at least two months later. This is unacceptable, because it can greatly mess up your ability to master words and also messes up your spaced repetition algorithm. Otherwise the app is very nice. Update to review: I’m giving this app five stars now because the developer fixed the bugs I experienced and also upgraded the quality of the app. I love the developer’s Bunpo app as well, and using this one for vocabulary is a no brainer for me. The value provided on both of these apps is huge, because you would have to pay a lot more using other more traditional options. Thanks for the awesome apps!
  • Best free Japanese vocab app 5/5

    By buddy703
    The new update is a major upgrade from before! I love how organized sections are now, do it is easier to focus on certain subjects. Great job, I love it!
  • Too many bugs and errors 1/5

    By Ev_Mar
    I wanted to love this app so much. I loved Bunpo and thought this app was exactly what I was looking for for studying words. However, due to bugs and errors, it is NOT reliable for studying Japanese in its current state. Many times my review questions have been correct but counted as incorrect in the final review score. This means I have to keep studying those same words without making progress. It’s incredibly frustrating. I am by no means an advanced learner of Japanese, but I have found several furigana mistakes throughout the app, mainly in the example sentences. For example, a word with the kanji 行 in it had an い as furigana when it should have been こう. This is alarming!! A studying app should be accurate!! I’ve sent many messages from within the app about this. I’ve also sent an email about this, with no response yet. I’m very disappointed right now. Please fix these problems and respond to my email. Thank you.
  • It’s a really good app 5/5

    By Mythical Snipe1
    The app is amazing. It will helps with learning Japanese words.
  • Wow 5/5

    By hamilton #10999999
    I was forced to do this🥲
  • The layout is amazing and helpful 5/5

    By afropuffs2
    I love how it is divided into certain topics
  • Amazing ❤️ 5/5

    By Dextercatlover
    This app has helped me learn pretty much everything I know now I’ve been looking for a Japanese Learning app for awhile now and all of them seem to coast money just for one lesson so I’m glad I found this app it’s free and very detailed
  • It’s like a secondary to Bunpo. 5/5

    By EveryUsernameisAlreadyTak3n
    I used Bunpo, the app developer’s first Japanese learning app, and I did learn a lot. I found out about Lirer and downloaded it too. To me, it looks like a compilation of all same lessons as in Bunpo, just in a dictionary-like format. This is a good app for reviewing and to look back to, but not really good for learning. I suggest their previous app Bunpo if you truly want to learn Japanese.
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE!! 5/5

    By booooobanshbenssh
    this app helps some much with vocabulary ! 1000/10 recommend!
  • Nice app! 5/5

    By yellllllllllllllllllllo
    Very useful for learning Japanese vocabulary.