Lirum Device Info Lite

Lirum Device Info Lite

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  • Current Version: 4.5.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Rogerio Hirooka
  • Compatibility: Android
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Lirum Device Info Lite App

Lirum Device Info Lite is the most complete and elegant application to retrieve specifications of your device. You will be able to monitor its performance, watch real time CPU usage graphs, and discover a lot more about your iDevice. It's a system monitor and diagnostic tool for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Universal Application for iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone - Bluetooth LE Scanner; - Real-time multicore optimized CPU Usage Monitor; - Memory allocation; - Hardware testing for accelerometer, gyroscope, vibration and flashlight features; - Option to export all specifications via E-mail; OTHER FEATURES: - Dimensions shown in american (imperial) or metric units (configurable); Hundreds of specifications, such as: Display - Size, Resolution, Pixels Count, Pixels Density, Aspect Ratio, Color Depth, Amount of Colours, Contrast Ratio; - Display Type, GPU Model, Number of GPU Cores, Latest OpenGL Version supported by the GPU; - Width, Height, Depth, Weight; CPU Informations - Real time multicore CPU graph; - CPU Name; - Number of Cores; - CPU Core Base; - CPU Clock; - CPU Maximum Clock; - CPU Current Clock (when variable); - Manufacturing Process; - CPU Pipeline Depth; - Cache L1; - Cache L2; - Instruction Set; - CPU Issue Width; - Out of Order Execution Feature; - "Designed by" and "Manufactured by" Information; System Data - Real time Memory Allocation graph; - Bus Frequency; - Bus Width; - Amount of Memory; - Memory Clock; - Memory Type Technology; Connectivity - Wireless IP; - Cellular network IP; - Support for Wifi 802.11b,g,n; - Bluetooth Version; - Bluetooth A2DP, PBAB Profile, PAN, HID, HFP, EDR, AVRCP; - Frequencies for 2G and 3G GSM/CDMA Bands; - LTE (4G) Bands and Frequencies; - LTE Maximum Download/Upload Speed; - CDMA Types; - GPRS/EDGE Support; - UMTS Protocols Supported; - EDGE Maximum Upload/Download Speeds; - DC-HSDPA/HSDPA/HSUPA Maximum Speeds; - CDMA Rev A, Rev B Maximum Speeds; - Overall Maximum Cellular Speeds; - SIM Card Format / Slot; - Nike+ Support; Camera - Both Cameras Resolution in Megapixels or in Pixels Resolution (width x height); - Both Cameras Pixels Count/Focal Ratio; - Tap to Focus/Macro/White Balance/IR Filter/Geo Tagging Support; - Face Detection/Flash/HDR Features; - Video Recording Resolution/Frames per Second count/Video Light/Stabilisation; Sensors - Presence of Gyroscope, Proximity Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor, Accelerometer, A-GPS Receiver, GLONASS Receiver and Digital Compass; Other Informations - Operating and Non operating Temperatures; - Maximum operating Altitudes; - Relative humidity; - Specific Absorption Rate (FCC US and Council of the European Union); Check more details at and


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Lirum Device Info Lite app reviews

  • Ok then... 1/5

    By Rustydad60
    Not bad I guess... but what is it good for?
  • Doesn’t actually reads actual CPU frequency 4/5

    By Leo.AJX
    Great app in most aspects but in CPU section it doesn’t really measure the actual CPU frequency as it reads, the actual and max are the same although the reason I installed this app was to get that info, I’m not sure if it’s just me or the app in general, I hope it’ll be fixed. I’m using another app and it’s doing a better job
  • Some info doesn’t show up or is incorrect 3/5

    By CyreneK
    Device storage information is incorrect. Not all of CPU info is displayed. Disappointed.
  • Doesn’t match Apple diagnostics 2/5

    By Granny Two
    Purchased full version on recommendation of an Apple tech. App said my battery was weak. Took phone to Apple store and there diagnostics showed entirely different statistics. Wish I hadn’t spent the money.
  • Great! Must Have App! 5/5

    By Siffert1
    This is exactly what I was looking for to check if Apple is throttling/slowing down my 5s/SE/6s CPU's (all using iOS 10.3.3)as my battery capacity goes down in time. Turns out with using this app, Apple was indeed slowing down my 5s CPU at 89% battery capacity (boo)! Many thanks for this great free app! I found out about this app in a article about Apple throttling via Business Insider a few days ago.
  • Bait and switch 1/5

    By Rbrduk
    No battery info. No clock speed. Only gives generic info/specs about your phone model, no actual performance numbers except things like storage space available and cpu usage. You have to pay if you want any useful info. IMO don’t bother downloading this app.
  • Great app 5/5

    By w7byr
    Works fine and very informative.
  • Doesn’t do what reviews say it does 1/5

    By donniejames
    This app lite version is a scam ..bait and switch comes to mind .. reviews say that this free app will show you the actual and the maximum clock speed of you CPU .. in reality those functions are grayed out and it does not work as promised .. do not download this app it’s a waste of time or your attempting to see if Apple has throttled down your iPhone
  • finally something decent without ads 5/5

    By snack it
    a perfect app to get info about the phone. No ads! One doubt rather: my phone is 2yo but it shows that actual and max cpu rate is the same, means i don't need to change the battery, but i really feel that iphone is MUCH slower...hmm
  • Battery Info 4/5

    By Mentsh
    Current available charge not showing on Lite Version. Three lines are seen where battery charge percentage should be.
  • i dont think this is still accurate after ios 11 and beyong 1/5

    By Sky0426
    pls fix the widge developer and can you pls tell us if this app is really accurate after ios 11?i just got an iphone X and it already showed battery wear...
  • No iPhone X support 3/5

    By Gio_momma
    I downloaded and enjoyed this app with my iPhone 7 for a few months, but it hasn’t been updated for a while. Most of the fields with regards to the CPU or performance are “N/A” and it says the phone isn’t in the database when you boot the app.
  • Great App 5/5

    By jergis81
    This app its super for infotion 😊😊😊 i like it. And developer its very good communication thnk you for help me ☺️☺️☺️☺️😉😉
  • Full version not available 5/5

    By Bahjat bernieh
    I cant find the full version on us store????? Plz help
  • It works PERFECTLY..even on my old phone 5/5

    By Friscojill
    I have a iPhone 5..yeah it's old but it's what I can afford..well anyway after downloading this app it told me everything I needed to know..leave it to Apple to get rid "battery cycles" to check the life of your battery..I think Apple hides a lot from consumers because they can and don't care what we think.
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By M. Sh.
    A ton of information about your device. Check hardware functioning, get details on CPU, battery and etc. Great job
  • Many fields inaccurate, wrong, or blank 1/5

    By Jfrist1
    Not impressed.
  • iPhone 8 Plus 4/5

    By Sammysocal
    Not showing CPU clock info. It’s just showing a “-“ mark for both actual clock speed and maximum clock speed
  • Crashes quite often 3/5

    Great app, but crashes regularly. Looking forward to an update.
  • Great app for system info 4/5

    By Wooiso
    This app is great for tech savvy people like me, and tells you all you need to know about the specs of your device. Despite this being the lite version, I haven’t found a need to buy the full version. But if you need to compare devices, the full app works good for that. But I think the full version should be a bit cheaper, maybe around 1 dollar instead of 2 or 3. I also think this app would be better if it had a built in benchmark test even if it was a full version only feature. Over all, this app does what it says. It’s not perfect, but it definitely shows potential I’m glad an app like this exists, because I like to know about the inside of my phone/tablet. Thanks for reading.
  • Great For Knowing the Battery Wear 5/5

    By mrfederal0
    The lite version of this app is missing some features, but I primarily use it for knowing the battery health of my iPhone and it works well at that. Very useful.
  • Shows Comprehensive IOS Info. 3/5

    By Ray Diante'
    Even the free version is so good that I’m buying the pro version to acquire more complete info. The best app I’ve found which provides detailed system HW & Sw Info.
  • Had to pay twice. 4/5

    By ChavoSRQ
    It’s a good program so I purchased the Pro version and like a month later received my iPhone X. All my apps that I had paid for in past Years transferred to my new phone except this app. It’s making me buy again after paying $2.99 a month ago. I know $2.99 isn’t going to kill me but if 1000 people have to purchase again he just made another $2,990.00. I did email support asking about this with no response as of yet. It’s just the point of paying again.
  • Definitely improved! 5/5

    By Stefanmz7
    Ok so well done to the developer! I just tested the latest version and there is no lag that I was experiencing before when using the tools for sensors and so on. Everything is fast and fluid and there is no lag at all! Now this app is perfect! Well done again to the developer!
  • iPad Pro 10.5" 4/5

    By Citric Caffeine
    Update: Thank you for the feature! Previously: Lots of info indicating [NA]???
  • Lots of Info You’ll Never Use 2/5

    By SonovJorel
    This app has a ton of info in it and it looks like the developer has done a LOT of work, however, you’ll never need 99% of it. It’s just mildly interesting to see what’s in your system. It would be good if this monitored your os and told you which apps were acting up and using too much memory or CPU. It lacks a “Task Manager” that would allow me to kill a app or restart a service that wasn’t working well. Maybe in the next version?
  • Battery health status 3/5

    By Eric Vercetti
    Can’t give the accurate number of the battery capacity
  • Buena 5/5

    By Gustavoavila
    Muy buena
  • Lirum CPU Utilization Display Totally Wacko 1/5

    By REOExpress
    The CPU graphs showing either one or both cpu's is totally incorrect. The usage display is way too high for an idle iOS device. There must be some activity within the Lirum app that is totally distorting this CPU usage display. Can you please look into this and comment? Everything else within the app seems to be working fine. Thank you, Ron in Phoenix
  • Great app 5/5

    By Soxfan42
    I like finding out all the details of my iOS device, and this app certainly provides them!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Lady Jenny Stark
    Excellent and with lots of information... the full version is obviously better, although being paid... perhaps those indicators of the "lite" version are a little too much but at least they are not "ads"
  • Great! 5/5

    By Zwerlie
    No other app shows you the details of your phone like this one. Get it now! It's great!
  • Great job 5/5

    By Pocomo88
    Super helpful insight into the mysterious world of iDevices. Thank you for all the effort!
  • Review 5/5

    By HugoEscalona
    It is a good service
  • Good 5/5

    By Jefreze
    It is good
  • works and is simple 4/5

    By Cbbossi
    nice peace of softwate
  • Love it 5/5

    By Timmmiiiii
    Does what it needs to do. I love how informative it is. A go/to whenever I need to figure out current status of my mobile device. Get this app
  • It is gud 5/5

    By Angrymom3691
    That is all I need to say
  • Pretty cool 5/5

    By Anthrobug
    Good to see the insides and the app looks pretty good. It's definitely something to consider if your looking for a system information app.
  • Almost perfect! But best out there. 5/5

    By Hcpoker
    Great info. If adding charging rate to weed our the inferior chargers it would be a perfect app.
  • Sgt L.O. McHugh Ret.FCSD. Mo 5/5

    By Spider wings 05
    One of my favorite apps Awesome unique accessible peculiar technologies accessible and at no cost Thank you for your Professional Courtesy Mac
  • Very powerful utility app 5/5

    Lirum Info is a very powerful utility app. With lots of information and diagnostics it has become a necessary addition to idevices.
  • Its Simple and it works 5/5

    By Wesley Clouden
    The best part is you get al raw details That needed all the time.
  • :) 5/5

    By Matt7292772
  • Useful 5/5

    By collintheonly1
    It is a good system monitor, and you will definitely learn more about your device with this app.
  • I like it!! 5/5

    By BatteryDude#1
    Fun to see the details about you Apple iPhone. Very helpful.
  • Close 4/5

    By Terrylee5
    Don't show areas that can't display data. If the app can't show restricted areas, why show them at all. Who wants to look at columns of N/A.
  • Great app 5/5

    By OMMmm61
    Great app. Really appreciate that it tells me what model I phone I have. Thank you
  • Storage optimization Loop 3/5

    By Anthony Goodhue
    I contacted Lirum about this; with iOS 10.2 and 10.3; if you run the storage optimization tool it loops and fails and the application will crash. However even worse your local iPhone profile becomes corrupt and you CANNOT backup your device on iCloud or local iTunes after you have done this action on the app; it will fail on iCloud and iTunes backup will loop indefinitely and eat all your PC storage. Please ensure if you are going to test it, do a backup prior!!! I have tried on iPhone 6, 6s+ and 7+ and all have same outcome. Other than that I absolutely have loved this application with extensive tools ;) please fix this bug!
  • A non-utilizable "utility" 1/5

    By CrashyAppy
    Bells, whistles, and ...

Lirum Device Info Lite app comments


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