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  • Current Version: 4.21
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Little Caesars App

If you love pizza, you've come to the right app. Sure you'll see some tasty photos, but you can't eat a picture. It's easy to locate a nearby store and check out our menu of goodness. Find what you want, then come and get some HOT-N-READY® Little Caesars pizzas, wings and Crazy Bread®. Whatever it is, your order will be ready as soon as you come in. If you want to make your favorite pizza, you can do that, too; then order and pay (These features now available in select, yet growing, areas). It's the easiest way to pizza! ®


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Little Caesars app reviews

  • Crap of an App 1/5

    By Good game or Bad game?
    Personally I love Caesar’s pizza, but this app is terrible! I can only pay in cash. I recommend Pizza Hut, their great and they let you pay at the door.
  • Why can’t I add a note for preferred light sauce on my pizza 1/5

    By Don't like to many ads
    We need to be able to add a note for preference of toppings like half cheese half pep but also for the cooks to see it plainly that the order gets executed properly. That’s why I give this app a 1 star and I there aren’t enough stores that except the app yet. We’re in 2018 dominos and Pizza Hut Has been doing this for a decade.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Marv533
    Makes ordering pizza super fast and easy
  • No more lines 5/5

    By lilbabyromeomommy
    I no longer i have to wait in line, this app is awesome! We should get more menu items but other than that I love this pizza I’m picky and this one has a perfect taste ❤️
  • Order online to pick up doesn’t work 1/5

    By Mono&Jeanette
    Order to pick up I’m 15 minutes when I got to the store I was informed that I still had to wait in line for the pizza that I scheduled to pick up
  • Awful 1/5

    By jml138
    This was just the worst. Tried to order food and it charged more then if you go into the store and purchased it. It took forever to register and Cost too much more then getting it in person. Hard pass.
  • cool concept, crappy app. 2/5

    By Mr bigelow
    App is clunky and not very smooth.
  • Can’t order online, don’t download 1/5

    By Marvel user
    Can’t order online. Can do everything up to placing your order but after that it just loads up to a failed to place order message.
  • 0 for 1 so far... 3/5

    By Boricuavega
    I was excited when I saw that I can order and pick it up with the app. Well, today I ordered the usual and on the app it says that it’s “Pizza Portal” ready. Well upon arrival, and I made it in time, the portal was not operational yet. My order was ready with a sticker on the pizzas. Well the 2 people in front of me ordered a cheese pizza each and the lady at the counter just gives it to them and even mentioned that they were pizzas awaiting pick up. Well I had to sit there for 10 minutes and wait for more pizzas to be made. Yes it was just starting to get busy, but what would the purpose be to order ahead if you’re not gonna get them when you arrive? Knowing that the pizzas that were for me went to other people was the worst of it all. Other than that, Ive never had a problem for all the years I’ve gone there. When the portal finally gets going and I get my pizza the second I get there, I’ll fix this review. Just being honest. Thanks
  • No topping options for extra most bestest 1/5

    By Psufan4242
    So I spent 15 mins playing with this app that is a pain to deal with. It doesn't give you the option to select toppings even under create your own. I tried it multiple ways and even talked to the manager when I got there. She agreed it's not very good.
  • It’s the best useless app. 1/5

    By ginobrown
    It’s actually faster to go inside or thru the drive thru to order. It’s not like they have a selective menu.
  • App...what’s the point 1/5

    By huskyhercules
    What is the point of an app to order online....if it doesn’t work?
  • Where has this app been my whole life ? 5/5

    By dephtones69
    I live in a small town where dominos and little Caesar’s are the only pizza places and dominos is the only one that delivers. We like going to little Caesar’s more than dominos but the wait time for the things we want is usually insane especially on a Saturday night. Downloaded the app and ordered a pizza and wings. I was notified the order was ready for pickup and went into the store , walked up to the number pad and took my food out of the tray and walked out. Meanwhile 15 people waiting to order looked at me all mad because I was in and out in 30 seconds. Love this app and now I’ll order little Caesar’s a lot more.
  • Love but... 4/5

    By Zekey815
    So far the app has worked flawlessly. I need it for my two boys who are opposites and can never agree to an easy hot n ready. The only reason I took it down a star is because I would really like to see a pin feature or a password for final little ones use my phone on occasion and I would like to know that they can’t order a pizza on accident. For now I have to log in and out...a mild inconvenience but oh well. Also, I never order sauce with my bread sticks so having to purchase it is a deal breaker for the breadsticks. And lastly, I would love to be able to pay cash also...
  • Apple Pay doesn’t work. 1/5

    By TechnoFever1800
    Apple Pay has never worked every time I try to pay for my order. It just says “Payment not processed” when you use your Touch ID and does nothing. No other app that uses Apple Pay has this issue. I usually just get something else to eat somewhere else instead. They can’t even take my money lol how hilarious
  • Perfection 5/5

    By Jeffrey Scott
    Can’t be any easier to order pizza, pay and pick up. Purchase through app. Wait for push notification it’s ready. Walk in. Pick it up from an oven warm Portal. Leave. It’s that easy.
  • Improvement needed 1/5

    By MrsPharedd
    Customers need to be able to edit any order not just create your own for ex. I wanted an extra mostest with light sauce but not able to edit order and they don’t know how to answer their phone!!!
  • Would be 5 stars if I could order exceptions! 4/5

    By Jeremie Weldin
    I need the ability to order “no cheese” and “no parm”.
  • Ordered while waiting in line 5/5

    By Loso_09
    Super easy - I order while waiting in line and got my pie before people tat ordered ahead of me! Wuba-Luba-dub-dub am I right ladies and gentlemen!?!?!
  • Not on menu 2/5

    By EVela1
    Why is the Deep Deep dish stuff crust not on the app menu?
  • Can’t do what i need to 1/5

    By Soulshinemoran
    My store NEVER answers, so instead of waiting for a classic 1/2 cheese 1/2 pepperoni pizza to be cooked i tried downloading the app. You can’t do a classic 1/2 and 1/2. Ugh.
  • Mostly works 3/5

    By MacFanMr
    Works unless the store is offline that day. But my biggest complaint is there is a deep dish pepperoni option, but no deep dish cheese, so I have to do a custom pizza for $1 more and put no toppings on it.
  • Deals ☹️ 3/5

    By vbwlcwbbw
    I was hoping by getting the app I would be able to get great deals and rewards by purchasing online. Sadly I don’t... pls bring some deals.
  • Does the opposite 1/5

    By dgmff
    2 times I used it it caused me to waste more time than walking in and waiting. No order was in the box, and second time was placed in the wrong store. Awful
  • Useless 1/5

    By Derek-1551
    I use the app, it tells me my order is ready, I come by, they tell me it isn’t working, I wait 10 minutes for my order. Useless.
  • Fail!!! 1/5

    By Model#1
    I like the concept of ordering online but its an epic fail... when i try to order the stuffed crust pizza it only gives me the option of how many i want to order but i cant choose my toppings on it. I mean how are they going to know what toppings do i want. Fix please.
  • Simple and Easy 5/5

    By Thesis12
    Quick order, even as a guest. Picked it up good to go
  • Too basic 3/5

    By MamaBearO_o
    I can’t use this because I can’t change the ingredients on the pizzas like I can when I order in store. I don’t bother with on the phone because they don’t make it until you get there anyways so I was hoping this might be different.
  • App just updated 2/5

    By Kenardman
    Still can’t order online is that something that’s coming with the future update? Ken
  • Was great... 2/5

    By Batvolt
    Was working great for a couple weeks that we used it... but now they have removed some of the items off the menu for the app. Need to put the Italian Cheese Bread back.
  • Customization Suggestion 2/5

    By Selenaserna
    I would really like the ability to customize my crazy bread. There are other people who don’t consume dairy, and might also enjoy the ability to order them without the parmesan cheese.
  • Needs Improvement 1/5

    By BobCassidy
    I used the app to order and specifically choose “No Cheese”, but when I picked up the pizza, it had cheese and the printed receipt showed that it should have cheese. I showed the employee the iPhone which clearly showed “No Cheese” and she was surprised that that happened, so we had to wait while another pizza was made. Also, when I look on the app and the emailed receipt, it shows “1 Custom Deep!Dish Custom Pizza Sauce, No Cheese, Well Done”, but it doesn’t show the other toppings I ordered. This app is seriously broken and needs to be fixed. Very disappointing.
  • EPIC FAIL!!! 1/5

    By grubbadoom
    Tried the app out, but when I drove to the store, it was still another 15 minutes waiting on pizza. Holy Crap what’s the point!
  • Useless. 1/5

    By Anthony Amar
    What is the point of this app? The Order button is grayed out even though I’ve created an account, changed my store preference, reinstalled and had a Rabi, Priest and Monk bless my iPhone without any results. I can’t look at menu items, can’t get any coupons, and can’t place an order. I can get a phone number for a store.
  • V4.0 unusable 1/5

    By JohnnyAppMan
    It rebooted my iphone4s 2x, rebooted app 4x including always for the feedback button, kept hounding me to turn on location services when I just want to pick up--couldn't even order until after a long time I figured out on my own that you have to pick location button first and pick a store. Prior version was OK.
  • Would be great if it worked 1/5

    By MrC Nashville
    I like little ceasers. I just wish they would up their game. Downloaded the app and placed my order for hot and ready items. Credit Card Charged. Arrive to pick up my order to be told “the online system went down so we don’t have your order.” Had to wait for it to be cooked. Might try again in a few months and see if this multimillion dollar corporation can get it together.
  • Crazy Bread no sauce not an option? 1/5

    By Dr. AuD
    I want to add crazy bread with no sauce, why is that not an option???? Looks like this will be the first and last time I try ordering through the app. Not to mention the app shuts down when you attempt to click on the feedback link. This is a far cry from a useful app.
  • Like it but 4/5

    By Spiderman swag
    The app is useful but I dont see an option to add butter cheese to the pizza... still gotta call my order in
  • Decent 3/5

    By Behnn
    I successfully ordered a pizza on this. It’s not quite as intuitive as other pizza apps I have used but works fine. Will up my rating when it’s possible to order a plain cheese + stuffed crust. Love the concept of the pizza portal.
  • Convenient but pay attention 3/5

    By Morning Toast
    Used the app several times to order from my local, regular shop. No problems. Very convenient. But after recent update, it decided to order from a shop I’ve never ordered from before. So I was out $10 because the shop was no where near me. Marking favorites and ease of finding stores is way too tiny and difficult. This app works but double check everything...especially after an update.
  • App not working 1/5

    By Asphalt con chidos graficos
    It’s not working at all take down
  • Pointless app 1/5

    By PanchaVilla
    You would think this app would be helpful... nope! And I had 3 babies who were 5 months, 1 yr and 2 yr and a 7 year old and... a pregnant hungry lady with me that all had to sit and wait almost an hour because they didn’t have that one thing to add. Okay, shouldn’t I’ve gotten a call? No. Well, don’t worry about adding it but can I still get the pizza? That didn’t happen, instead, it was taken off. Oh my gees. I needed two pizzas, if you didn’t have stuff to do stuff crust then just take off stuff crust and still give me my pizza please. It was the most difficult and annoying night of my life and I wound up with 3 crying babies and an upset 7 year old. I gave to much trust to this app is what happened.
  • Convenient 5/5

    By GTman17
    Having the option to order a pizza on the app, pay for it, drive 5 to 8 minutes it takes me to get to a Little Caesars, just to use a code and walk out without having to wait in line, I say awesome
  • It’s working great now! 5/5

    By DWCTV
    This app is now comparable to other chain’s in functionality and better in design. I would recommend it to other hungry customers like me.
  • Pointless - the store will give away your pre-paid order 1/5

    By eu4ik
    5 out of the 6 times I’ve ordered via the app I’ve had to wait 10-20 minutes on my order, even though I arrive on time, and most importantly, HAVE ALREADY PAID! Every time I’ve ordered the same thing, an extra most bestest with crazy bread. Last night was the final straw, again I placed the order (which means they’ve taken my money already), arrived 2 minutes before the order was scheduled to be ready and had to wait 15 minutes as I saw walk-ins getting what I had preordered and prepaid for. Little Caesars is good cheap pizza but this app is annoying because the stores couldn’t care less about whether an order was placed. Little Caesars, you should pull this app from the App Store until you can get your stores aligned with the service your app lies to your customers about. I may be back to try it again but it’s a lot easier to just go somewhere else. How many customers will you get rid off with this app before you correct the problem? I’d love to come back and reevaluate this if customer service gets ahold of me to reassure this mess doesn’t keep happening. Looks like I’m not the only one, check out the other reviews.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Americanpunkztar
    I placed an order on this app to pick up pizzas for a party and when I got to the location they told me they never got the order. Forget this fake a** pizza, I’m giving all my business to Dominoes.
  • Not sure of the point 1/5

    By TJ651
    Tried ordering via the app for the first time. The ordering and paying part worked well, but when I arrived at the store to pick up the food, the workers said that they have no way of getting notified of online orders, so they hadn’t started to cook mine. Had to wait about 10 minutes for my order.
  • A total mess 1/5

    By Jaimes9396
    There's really no point in using this app
  • Dont waste ur time 1/5

    By Jloggi
    I have used this app twice and both times my pizza has taken over 25 minutes past the projected pick up time, and this last time my order was 15 min past time and they hadnt even started to cook the pizza. Why use an app to order ahead when i can just walk in and get my pizza 30 min faster
  • Worked for me 5/5

    By 12835()
    I was on my way home from work with a request from kids to grab pizza. Remembering the long lines our Little Caesars has Friday nights, I thought maybe I should try this app. I was disappointed to see the 2 star rating but figured I’d find out for myself. The registration was *really* annoying—you’d think you were applying for a bank loan. Once activated, I was able to order my stuff easily. Minutes later, it was awesome to walk into the store, past about 15 other people waiting for their pizzas, type in a 3 digit code, then grab my pizza and walk out.

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