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  • Current Version: 10.0.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Little Caesars App

Little Caesars® has always been the world’s easiest way to pizza®. But with the Little Caesars app, we’ve made the easiest way even easier! Order pizza, pick up pizza (or have it delivered) and enjoy pizza. Sure, a simple concept — but we’ve made the process a snap, especially with our Pizza Portal® Pickup, which has really amped up convenience! It lets you order online and pick up from our portal locations in stores. Just punch in your confirmation code and boom, you’ve got your hands on your piping-hot cheesy dream. And if you’re the shy type, this is the way to go, because you can walk in and out without ever saying a word! (Another bonus? Nobody will ever know you ordered extra onions. Except us, of course…but our lips are sealed.) So don’t waste any time — use our Pizza Portal Pickup and skip that line! So…ya feeling hungry yet? Go ahead, download the app and treat yourself now!

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Little Caesars app reviews

  • Phone 1/5

    By lmkjhgyin
    They don’t answer the phone on purpose so you can you the app, but not everyone wants to use the app and wants to use cash. My mom couldn’t order a pizza
  • Best app 5/5

    By Alex waukegan IL
    Easiest app to use compared to the other pizza chains. ( I love it ) pizza pizza
  • Missing feature 1/5

    By MMata89
    Missing simple option to choose light sauce
  • Great 5/5

    By ANTfrmPeri
    Great app, always have order ready on time for pickup
  • Pizza portal 5/5

    By Piccasso Von
    I love the pizza portal!! It’s always ready right when I get there.
  • Pizza not done right 2/5

    By ulloa04
    Ordered a sausage pizza and it was half cheese only and half sausage. Very disappointing
  • Fix it 1/5

    By n o t kar en
    They stay pretty busy and it would really help if the pizza portal worked. I waited 20 min after it was supposed to be ready just to tell me the portal was broke, asked my name and then brought me my cold pizza. Last time I was in a moth ago two of the three were down. Today one looked like it was working so I just waited to see my name instead of waiting in line with the Karen’s.
  • Easy ordering 5/5

    By hsidheidbd
    This app is a time saver. Quick and easy to use. Order time is accurate. Just be on time to pick up, because of it’s in there too long you won’t like it.
  • Poor making of the food! 1/5

    By T Streets30
    My pizza was made like they didn’t care about that job! Not acceptable!!! May take this to someone high up!!!!
  • To whom it may concern 1/5

    By Avid Scooter User
    I used your app to order and it was seamless. But, your store was out of hand. I was scheduled for a 7:55 pickup and did t receive my pizza until 8:30. In addition, the store was 100 degrees inside and truly un tolerable for everyone including staff. I would have cancelled but I was already there. Shameful!!! Please feel free to reach out.
  • Wrong order 1/5

    By nattiic
    They send me wrong items. Won’t pick the phone up. Smh
  • I find no faults, great app!! 5/5

    By Naquilly
    I find no faults, great app!! Stuffed crust pizza is delicious and less expensive than other pizza chains! I really like their stuffed crust!!!!!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Amazing 5/5

    By sereiously you want this app
    Never gotten better service or better pizza!
  • New Management Needed 1/5

    By SpringJetta
    The mess at this store is NOT because of the great pizza. Doesn’t matter what time of day you come, the drive through is jammed. Why? The lobby is NEVER open. Therefore, everyone has to order from the drive through. What’s the point of having an online system and “pizza portal” if all you handle is the drive through. Man! I wish I could attach pics of this nonsense.
  • Don’t use the app 1/5

    By Clsscoripo
    I placed an order on the app. I arrived at the designated time but the order was not ready. I waited 30 minutes and watched 20 walk in customers place their order, wait and receive their order. When I asked about my order I was told that it was only half done. Then find out the remainder of my order had not been started.
  • Need improvement 3/5

    By Juli C stank
    It’s a good app but they should add a canceling option bc sometimes the orders are not ready at least at the store by me
  • Great option for dinner 5/5

    By VonMarie55
    I downloaded Little Caesars app placed my order , entered my card number or use their tracking my order in their app. Walked in and entered my three digit number and there’s my food . Was ready for me and very hot and ready , could not be any more convenient !!! Great job Little Caesars.
  • Ordered through the app 1/5

    By JBFreeman00
    I arrived when I received the text that my food was ready to be picked up, the text was 10 minutes past the pick up time. They told me my order would be another 10 minutes. When I came back it still wasn’t ready. The order was more than 30 minutes late and not even a sorry. They are sorry though. Won’t be going back.
  • Lunchtime pizza 5/5

    By PlayerAz2013&
    I ordered online and the pizzas were ready when I arrived. My son always gets so excited when he gets home from school to find a pizza and a soda waiting for him. Great value.
  • Never again 1/5

    By grossnastyyuckyuck
    I’ve had little Caesar’s plenty of times before and this was the worst pizza I’ve ever had in my life. There was literally no sauce at all and overcooked.
  • Pizza 5/5

    By Cylestine
    The pizza was so good the only thing there was a hair in one of the slices the very first one it was two or three colors. I know things happen but please watch it when it come to food.
  • Under cooked 1/5

    By Grandma Jean27
    Pizza is under cooked again!
  • The best 5/5

    By locario44
    Little Cesar thanks.
  • You foolish fools 5/5

    By maxcold5day
    Nothing better than seeing the look on the waiting room peoples face when you shuffle on by and type in that sweet sweet code
  • Horrible!!! 1/5

    By GmoneyGail
    I ordered online to pick up through the drive-through and I ordered at 6:12 PM. My order was ready at 6:25 PM. I had to sit in the drive-through for over 30 minutes before I was able to pick up my food because they were so slow. The inside was not available in the pizza Portal was not available. When I finally get up to the window, the girl copped an attitude with me and when I asked her if the inside was going to be open because I sat in line for a half an hour, she told me “oh it wasn’t that long“ and proceeded to close the window and ignore me. So now I have cold pizza that have been sitting in your heating trays for half an hour.
  • Not a great start 1/5

    By chris2022.09.28
    Used the app for the first time, to save time while I picked up my children from school. Got to the store and picked up my order, which was very quick and convenient. But the pizza I got looks like it was hours old. Would rather wait the 15-20 minutes and know the pizza I am getting is fresh.
  • Wait time 1/5

    By JusNae79
    Took a whole hour to get my pizza… I even ordered on the app
  • Good app 5/5

    By skowoa
    Well designed. Easy to use. Kudos to dev team.
  • Oder 1/5

    By PizzaHolick
    My cheese breadBurn Brown got a normal pepperoni pizza not extra most bestest pepperoni im mad as f
  • Easy 5/5

    User friendly and makes ordering easy to place and track.
  • Pizza was cold 1/5

    By Myztiko909
    Pizza was cold and nasty
  • Don’t wast your time 1/5

    By mikeal5150
    The app said my order would be ready at 6:32 - 6:37. Got to the store my order wasn’t even being started at that time. Go to a real pizza place. I was told that it was corporates fault
  • Pizza on the East 1/5

    By Flashlight5
    I received the wrong pizza. I neglected to check while there because I was in a rush. It seems to me that the locations on the east side of town struggle with consistency.
  • Bestest best pizza 5/5

    By Pinkyreno
    New to Little Caesar’s got T-Mobile’s Tuesday coupon to try the pizza now ai’m hooked!!! Won’t need a coupon to go back! Little Caesar’s rocks the pizza scene!!!! Thanks
  • Recogida 4/5

    By papireiro
    Desorden en la entrega , máquinas de despacho dañadas
  • Only Trenton little ceasers 2/5

    By unhappy pappy!
    Crazy bread is always crusty and is not like any other location in metro Detroit. Horrible service from the untrained staff that has lil over sight. I only order from the portal to avoid dealing with not prepped food or the staff. Would eat at this location more often if it wasn’t for the troubles I’ve had in the past.
  • Great Pizza! Great Value! 5/5

    By Happy Winners
    Thank you SO much for the special deal you provided for a great pizza today!!!
  • Get The App 5/5

    By aquaticsyndicate
    The app was great makes it easy to go in and out without any waiting period. Stop slacking it download the app
  • Yikes. What a poor app! 1/5

    By Cklavinski
    The app doesn’t use location services to set the store. It’s not the biggest deal but makes for a horrible experience if you order a pizza and the sends the order 900 miles away. There is no way to cancel an order on the app. So if any mistake is made there is no way to correct it. To cancel an order a person needs to contact the store. If an order is canceled, the store cannot refund your money. They will tell you to contact the app service line to request a refund. There is no in app customer service, phone number or link to any service. The only available contact is a form on their website. Will the form every be answered? Will anyone respond. Probably not. Your account is charged before any services are rendered. TLDR: the app is designed poorly and 1 small problem that is easy to solve on most other food ordering apps is impossible to reconcile on this one.
  • Negativo 1/5

    By hectorbatista
    Mala la calidad de la pizza, le faltaron agregados, se demoró la entrega mas de 20 minuto que lo que me dijeron demoraría. Cada semana que compro es peor.
  • No way to report issues with order. 1/5

    By CrookedCorneas
    Ive gone through every link in the app, as well as call the store multiple times and I’m finding no way to get through to anyone. When I call the store the answering machine directs to the app, the app can link to a “feedback” page where you can put in your contact and issues but you don’t even get confirmation by email that your “feedback” was received. I put a mobile order in and when I arrived the store was closed, several hours before the posted hours, and the employee was locking up. I was told to just “cancel the order or something, or call the manager tomorrow.” Not only is there no way to cancel the order in-app, nobody is picking the phone up at the store. No way to get refunded. I’ve worked at multiple fast food establishments with mobile ordering capabilities and every one had a switch to turn of mobile ordering if the store was closing early due to staffing as the employee told me, why were they not turning off the mobile orders so I and the several other customers don’t show up to an already closed establishment Not having a way to review/ dispute past orders Is terrible from a user standpoint. Not having a way on the backend to turn off mobile ordering capabilities (I’m assuming, or else that’s just an issue with this store) seems like a nightmare for I’m sure the already understaffed employees. Much quality of life updates are necessary to be anywhere as user friendly as other fast food apps.
  • Didn’t get what I paid for 2/5

    By Monkeylove2468
    I ordered and paid for an Extra Most Bestest Pepperoni and they gave me a regular pepperoni.
  • Sweet 5/5

    By overlandtate
    Great app
  • Great!! 5/5

    By Ayame Heart
    Love the new update, way more easy
  • Bad app, can’t order wings 1/5

    By Axel512
    Can’t order wings or sausage on the deep dish pizza
  • Very Disappointed 1/5

    By Ravashn
    I ordered my pizza at 1:06 and pulled up in the drive-thru to retrieve my pizza at 1:55 only to be told that despite the fact that “Track My Order” stated that my pizzas were Ready and waiting I would have to wait an additional 30 minutes for my 2 Classic Cheese pizzas. Next time I’ll spend my money at Walmart and cook my own pizza. This was suppose to be quick and easy. I ordered an hour in advance and still had to wait 30 minutes.
  • Pizza order 1/5

    By garbage order
    Ordered my food at 7:49 said it would be ready by 8:15 picked up my food at 9:36 I will never order food from you again the food was cold the crazy bread was like a brickI understand why I need to pay more for pizza because it’s not hot and ready!It’s hot wait a long time and it’s garbage.🥴
  • Common sense 1/5

    By Asiram24
    The only issue I have is that when you see a table in front of the door why would place the pizza box and the rest of the order on the ground???? Really?!? I’m so mad!
  • Pizza 1/5

    By Asorada
    It took 45 min Wich is fine their busy but did not get a fancyronni