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  • Current Version: 6.0.25
  • Adult Rating: 12+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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$ 0 App is your live stream platform. You can broadcast your life to the world as it happens, and also initiate group video chat with your friends to hang out virtually. You can: - Group video chat with your best friends in the evening - Broadcast a particular moment (e.g. during a trip) - Show your talent or share experience to the world - Guest your fans in real time with a FaceTime-like experience - Receive gifts from your super fans * Only iPhone 5s and above is supported to use the guesting feature.

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  • My daughter can log into her account either it keep saying not eligible and has been for week any 2/5

    By zyzuworld2018
    Any suggestions on how to fix this!????
  • now collab is gone?!? 👎👎👎 PLEASE BRING IT BACK 😭😢 2/5

    By toxicangel80
    You guys keep taking the fun stuff away and people arent gonna wanna use it anymore... just sayin. PUT THE COLLAB BACK AT LEAST
  • Fix the entry 1/5

    By queensammy343
    Why don’t you have us sign in with our phone numbers and stuff and you should put the age limit for 10 years old and older then I t would be fare maybe then more people can get into lively a lot more people and lively would be better. Then maybe when that happens I will rate this app five star when I can get in.
  • Help me plz 5/5

    By cns222
    I love the app but I deleted for a while and now it’s not letting me get passed the date so it’s gotten annoying since when you go look up the app it says 12+ and I am gonna be 13 in a few days
  • WHY 3/5

    By G.Rucks
    I just got suspended for seven days from and I need to post a live on something very important which is very important by the way I don’t want to show me again and I happened to my sister too so what’s the big deal fix it!!!
  • Change 1/5

    By keep California list
    I think that the people who made the app should let people get in I just trued to get in but it won’t let me who ever made the app like that should change it back.
  • Not working 1/5

    By NeilandSara
    When I try to log in it says I’m too young when I put 1975. I went Back farther and it wouldn’t let me.
  • Won’t let me on 1/5

    By LisaBouv
    It’s not letting me in because I’m not “old enough” even though I’m above 12 years old
  • UHMM... 1/5

    By thisgirrrrl!
    SO... I had my account and I logged out right? I tried to log back in (I’m 12) AND IT SAID I AM NOT “ELIGIBLE” ENOUGH... I am offended and triggered... FIX DIS THING PLZZZ
  • This is a stupid app 1/5

    By Deondralovingme
    Why you ask because It is not letting me sign in and it says you have to be 12 and I am 12 so what is going on
  • The birthday thing😡 1/5

    By Hey reviews05
    Everytime I log in it shows the birthday thing I put my any type of birthday and any year but it wont let me in😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • Bring The Collab Livelys Back!!!! 1/5

    By MariMineCraft333
    What happened to the collab livelys?! I want them back!! Please! Bring the collab livelys back!!!
  • Not letting me join 2/5

    By 99clues
    This app is for people from the age of 12+ right? Well I’m 13 and I tried to make an account and everything and it wasn’t allowing me to make one, it kept saying I wasn’t eligible to join lively, but my birthday and everything was perfectly fine on so I’m confused?
  • SRSLY?! 3/5

    By pėy
    You can’t collab anymore? What a waste of storage.
  • Help 1/5

    By itwontworkhelp
    Can someone explain why when I try to do my birthday it show that I am not eligible to be on lively I used to have it but I got a new phone
  • Birthday problem 1/5

    By Christypoo25
    Why can’t I use my birthday? If it is even older then the 12+ max it still doesn’t let you create an account. Idk what’s wrong but I can’t live stream anymore thanks to this problem. It says ur not eligible even if you put 1960!
  • hello???? 1/5

    By flopigol
  • Can somebody tell me why??!? 1/5

    By wowapowa
    so I made my musically account from my Instagram acc and for some reason they don’t have an option for Instagram!!!!
  • Why? 1/5

    By The Annoyed Deb Deb :p
    Why? Why Why Why? I CANT LOGIN!!! I HAVE A MUSICAL.LY ACCOUNT AND IT WONT LET ME!!! I Hate This App! I Have A Account and it still doesn't work. I logged out of and put my account and password in and it worked! I did the same account and password in and it doesn't work! I Hate this! IM DELETING IT NOW!!! I like , I'm sorry for being so mad, it's just that is so annoying trying to get in!
  • Not Eligible?? 1/5

    By Mayagaw
    Why is this app all of a sudden saying I’m not eligible to use it? Was never a problem before
  • Please bring collab lives back! 4/5

    By Selena Krimmel
    I give it a four all together. But, why did you guys take collab lives away?! I really love collab lives so please bring it back! :)
  • I hate the NEW updates!! 1/5

    By breanna pultz
    When u updated the app we can’t collab anymore and that’s sad bc what if that’s the only way ppl can talk to their friend?? And when you log ppl out of their account for updating they can’t log back into their account then they have to change their musically name for ppl to notice their live!! Go back to the other update!!!
  • It won’t let me in 5/5

    Okay so I accidentally put in my birthday as this year instead of the year I was born so now it isn’t letting me in can someone help! I already tried deleting the app and getting it back 3 times nothing is working😞 That’s the only problem I see with this app. Overall I love it’s a great way to connect with my followers/fans I would really like to continue with that so can you please fix the first problem?
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By rayleemadison
    Musically never writes back to you when you email them. My account on lively has been banned for 7 days for being reported for something crazy. I’ve tried to contact them in fear of getting my account back tomorrow and someone whose jealous reports it again and itll be a continuing cycle. Will musically fix this? Do you never respond to emails? Should I just move to another platform? Seems like y’all don’t care about your members. (Rayleemadison)
  • Gift point balance 1/5

    By @camarriahare
    I can no longer see how many gift points I have on my iOS device
  • This needs to be addressed 2/5

    By MintMajesty051
    I love the app but I as many other users have to problem of not being able to log in where you put your birthday.This really needs to be fixed.
  • Suspended. 1/5

    By Danielle Swift
    Okay this app, how do I explain this? One word. Stupid! I was making a lively. Yes I am older than 12. And I got suspended for sex- related content. I swear I did not do anything! Then I waited the 7 days, like it told me to do, and then BOOM! I got suspended for nothing! It says I got suspended for another 7 days! I’ve been using this app for over 2 years and musically for about 3-4 and for this to be telling me this is just stupid. Please fix your stuff!!!!!!!!!!
  • Why is no one able to log in? 2/5

    By BabyAngel888
    Fix this and I would give it a full rating honestly. But this does irritate me really badly
  • Worst game ever!!!!!!👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻😾 1/5

    By Hdhdhjjsn j
    Someone needs to explain all of the sudden glitches where you can’t log back in and you can’t edit and it randomly freezes I the middle of editing I know that I am not the only one experiencing these sudden changes lively uses to be one of my favorite apps but honestly it has just gone to trash and I would never recommend it to anyone
  • WHY LIVE.LY?!?!? 1/5

    By janellyjaguar88
    I did not like it when I tried to log in.The VERY FIRST STEP did NOT work AT ALL!!I HATED it.I put my birthday but it kept on saying “Oops!Looks like your not eligible for thanks for checking us out!I KEPT ON TRYING.but,NO,NO,NO!IT WOULD NOT WORK
  • It won’t let me in 1/5

    By nfngnng
    It won’t let me in
  • I want guesting back 3/5

    By Nony 21
    Can we get the guesting back.
  • 👌 4/5

    By notso_official
    It’s a good app but I can’t do some of the stuff it says like the collab feature? What happened?! Can I still do that if so someone tell me how to
  • Why won’t it let me log in? 2/5

    By brandy_walrus
    I broke my phone a while back, so when I got a new one I redownloaded all my apps including this one. I tried entering my birthday but it’s says I’m not eligible. I’m old enough as shown on the screen when clicking the app but no matter how many times I try it won’t work. I even got my inter to put her birthday in and it isn’t working. I don’t know if it’s like a bug or there is something wrong with the app, but can you please fix it?
  • Not for kids 1/5

    By fhbcgjb
    If you can’t get it the first time you can’t get it at all it is ridiculous
  • What’s going on? :( 2/5

    By moonlight.cindy :)
    So when I was doing a with my fans. All of a sudden the live shut off and when I tried to make another live it says that I was blocked for 7 days because of sexual content. Keep in mind that I’m 13 and I was never doing any of that I was just doing a normal night live. Plz fix I’m pretty sure some people have the same thing going on. Thanks I appreciate if u read this. :)
  • I hate it don’t get it it’s so stupid 1/5

    By Tony kassay
    I tried getting in because I had this app before and I had to put my birthday in and it won’t let me in I don’t know what’s going on but don’t get it I doesn’t work I am going to talk to this company because I hate this app and I want it to get deleted from the App Store they better fix this or I’m going to complain so much and put bad reviews about this app everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Why can’t I get in 🤷‍♀️ 1/5

    By 6281648
    Can someone explain why I can’t get in. I am older that 12 and it won’t let me in. I’ve tried so many times and it still won’t work. That is why I rate this app now a one star because I tried so many times to get in but it won’t let me. 😐
  • Good, but... 4/5

    By purpliecat
    So I love this app! It is so sun and cool. You get to interact with your friends. You can get gift points, it’s really good. So congrats on that part! However, me and all of my friends and a lot of other people think that the person who is doing the live should be able to see who is watching. Sometimes let’s say 10 people watching but you only know who 5 people who are watching are, their should be a list that the person who is live can see who is on. Thank you for reading, and I hope you take this into consideration!

    By Stranger Things Eleven
    So me and my friend want to live collab BUT GEUSS WHAT!!!!!!! THE NEW UPDATE MADE SO WE CANT LIVE COLLAB ANYMOREEE WHYYYYY?!?!?!!!?!!!?!?!?!???!?!?!
  • iM aNgRy. 1/5

    By bdnddnnsndndn
    the collab feature on lively is now gone? first the guesting feature and now this? why. the collab feature was the only fun thing about lively.
  • Can somebody explain this! 4/5

    By L.I.V.Y
    Me and my friends would be on collaboration. We did it all the time! Now we can’t. Why?
  • Why You Keep Taking Away Actions??? 1/5

    By Brendan McDermott :)
    For some reason, you guys keep taking away actions. First you took away coin drops, then you took away the ability to cash out money, and then the ability to guest people on a Now you took away the COLLAB’s and I am so mad!! Please have these put back!! I just want my amazing app back :( please say you’re just updating everything 😭😭
  • It lied 1/5

    By @zionpeace
    It said I was smoking I’m 8 I can’t smoke I wanna go live again please I was not smoking
  • Just got the app and can't sign up 1/5

    By Mad as hell1985
    To whomever this may concern, When I was trying to sign up on when you first get it, I entered my birthday... yet it says that I was not allowed to join because i was not eligible to join. I am 16. The app may work for others, but not for my iPhone. Please fix the app so I don't waste my storage.

    By Denisa Vukovic🐾
    The coindrop button is missing!! HATE THIS APP FIX IT OR ITS GOING TO BE DELETED FROM MY PHONE!!
  • not letting me sign in 1/5

    By destini.orlove
    This app will not let me sign in whatever I do and it is just a bad app do not download it

    By addiction girl
    FIX it pleasssssssse
  • Goodbye group chat😞 3/5

    By CRMO together
    Hi there! I love A LOT. I always have- it would have gotten a five star if it weren’t for the group chat change. Ever since I did the newest update for I can no longer tap the “plus sign” located at the bottom of the screen in the middle and choose “group chat” . That option is no longer there and therefore I am very deeply disappointed. That’s the only action I really used and now it’s gone.

    By alyssabrinsky1234
    Every time I put my age in and I’m 12,it says 12 and up but it doesn’t work it’s fake app comments


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