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  • Current Version: 3.8.56
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: KS Mobile, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
23,891 Ratings
$ 0 – Live Video Chat App is one of the top live broadcasting apps - Make new friends in your area and around the world - Chat with stars and celebrities like Roman Atwood - Watch your favorite videos by category, such as singing, dancing, gaming and more - Send and receive virtual gifts - Features include gaming broadcasts, Shorts, Star Codes, stickers and facial-tracking filters/lenses Enjoy and share your moments and memories.  Meet Stars: Official routinely hosts some of the hottest celebrities, including top YouTubers and talented influencers! Vote to tell us who you want to see next time!  Become a Star:  Join millions of users worldwide and watch performers share their talents, or you can start your own channel, build up a fanbase, collect virtual gifts. Find your true self and show off your talents! Features: Broadcast, browse and view content by category Get recommendations for broadcasters nearby or across the globe Save your replays on your personal page; View replays on the pages of other broadcasters Live chat lets you comment during the stream Grow Fan Base + Meet Friends: Connect and share with friends from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more Create groups to interact with people who have shared interests Gifts + Stars: Send gifts with special animations to grab a broadcaster’s attention Receive gifts that can turn into diamonds Check in for free experience points and stars Enter contests for your chance to win coins, tickets to events, other prizes With VIP function, unlock more gifts and special title beside your name Filters + Dating Online: Animated filters move with your face while broadcasting Invite friends to join your broadcast and date virtually All New Game Stream Feature: Watch, chat and guest broadcast with top gamers playing Minecraft, Clash of Clan, WOW and others on mobile phone, Xbox, Play Station and PC in real time Set up your channel to become next super Gaming Star Share your own tips and tricks and chat with friends Multiple languages are supported. You can meet people from different countries, areas and cultures! VIP subscriptions: * Pay $19.99 per month to become a VIP * One-time coins package of 1000 coins * Check and claim 20 coins daily * VIP-exclusive gift to send * VIP-exclusive flying comments * VIP special badge * IMPORTANT NOTICE: VIP subscription is not auto-renewed. For more information, please refer our Terms of Use: More awesome features coming soon! About Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Blog: Talent Program: [email protected] fans: let us hear your voice. We’re open to feedback & suggestions:

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  • Why isn’t it working in Russia 1/5

    By russianbella
    Okay so im a user in Russia but i started using the app in USA today i went on live in Moscow Russia and all my comments i cant see.. also cannot see the peoples comments and cannot see anything on anyones live or mine .. my friend could not see my comments when i was on live. Why is that happening did they block Russia because yestuday i was in Romania and everything was working. Now people cant even send me a private message .... what is happening this makes me very upset because i made alot of friends therw and cant get ahold of them.
  • Great but needs work 4/5

    By mndyj25
    Love this app have made an awesome friend. Wish broadcasters could have more admins to many pervs get on and can really get people in trouble
  • Glitching 4/5

    By fenniemae
    Okay, I love this app but every time I get beamed I always get kicked and we can’t figure out why. I would love for that to be fixed.
  • 👍 5/5

    By Coffeekisses21
    Not bad at all
  • Needs Work 3/5

    By YoungStephSavage
    It has great potential if they get the glitches out. My broadcasts cut out and the prizes aren’t easy to share.
  • There’s a problem with 1/5

    By DashingMr.
    I was following 50 broadcasters when I signed in for the first time in the platform, also, my intuition keeps telling me about “bots” in the platform.
  • Fire/fun/entertaining 5/5

    By Haiti509$
    I love this app/fun vibes/keep me ready for the next day. There is ways you can promote.
  • Delete Account 1/5

    By Forrest.dos
    I set up an account not realizing how ridiculous this app is, and have no way to delete the account. I went through Facebook and removed its access but somehow the app still shows my info.
  • Perfect 4/5

    By Yazwithblazt
    It’s really good and I get a lot of likes and everything except people ask to take of clothes and stuff is this a porn app or somthing
  • I kinda like it 5/5

    By itsfunnehcakeisamaz
    In my opinion this is a pretty good app but some of the people aren't the best
  • Rfhffkvcg 5/5

    By tfsgf
    Good app
  • ⚡️Welcome To New York 5/5

    By Kitchen00
    I’m ⚡️Kidquick I Broadcast on Live,Me. I showcase music all over the world. I bring awareness to the Internet safety ,Anti-bullying,mental and physical abuse. Feed back. This is a very good app thank you Live.Me I’m on now almost 10 months I’ve helped well 50People I met thousands of people around the world. Made a lot of new friends.
  • Great 5/5

    By 😜👍🏻#cool
    You need this app I love it 😍
  • Great 5/5

    By Treypizzy10
    Hey let's make a good night in to a great night
  • Suspended me 1/5

    By mickeynv suspended my account after some guy on my lifestream sent me his phone number and he had a crush on my friend and he was like 18 years old. Now I can’t do for three days.
  • Boring 2/5

    By omares88
    You can’t do anything on this app boo
  • Eg 5/5

    By Wowp w
    Hey man I’m just dead to get a real one bey
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By CooperGaming
    I love this app
  • Great 5/5

    By crank2018
    Awesome app just incredible
  • Litty 5/5

    By Tytyttytyyty
    It’s lit af, a lot of people.
  • Mobile game broadcasting 5/5

    By Kittykat51512
    Love the app but hate that iOS users can’t broadcast on mobile games
  • Fire 5/5

    By GodKynng
    Better than Facebook a must have if you wanna meet and see new people
  • Love it! 5/5

    By ItsTay101
    Absolutely amazing app!
  • Streaming 2/5

    By trebell54
    The app is great for devices that run on WiFi, should be able to still stream on low networks
  • 5/5

    By BrkakvllJjxjv
  • Game broadcast 5/5

    By Emily0418
    U need to get that game broadcast fix cuz it keeps on kicking us out in the middle of the game with our friends on for 5 min then have to reconnect plz and ty
  • Come find me 💋i’m jus me💋 5/5

    By 💋i'm jus me💋
    Love love love you’re app! Come find me && let’s chat!!!
  • Takes to long to level up 🤷🏻‍♀️ 3/5

    By hummm idk
    I like the app just hate that you have to buy coins if ya wanna send I ain’t doing it!! Ya can have all my stars but not spending money to give away! Js other then that it’s ok👍🏽
  • Misleading 1/5

    By iiPrexy
    The application inputs several “human” bots into your broadcast, and makes it seem like you have dozens of people watching your stream, when in reality it may be as low as a handful. It is a disgraceful way to motivate people to use an application and get advertisements money.
  • ❤️ 5/5

    By Melissa Goldway
    Literally in love with this app
  • Not to bad. 3/5

    By Hollaback holten
    Rough around the edges but decent. Def gets you hooked in lol
  • 5/5

    By austin kahuna
    The most thing I don't like about the app is the bots but other then that it a great way to meet people from around the world and have fun doing it
  • Interact with new people!! 4/5

    By timothygeiger
    This is a fun app to meet and interact with new people. You can share and send money to those you like and receive money from those that like you. Have fun!
  • Improving app. 4/5

    When i first started this app i enjoyed it a ton!! Then it went down hill as i started noticing the dark side. I can honestly say i have noticed an improvement of banning and feel the app is cleaner then it was about six months ago, when i just stopped reporting because they were doing nothing after multiple reports to the same channel!! It is still just as addicting though, and many of the featured broadcasters are using the games that incorporate the viewers to keep people there even more!! Good for the app, bad for my sappy arse!! As the weather is supposed to start getting into the 40s where i live and the snow will be melting i can make it a promise to myself to try to let other get people featured. The apps age restriction is 13+ but if i was a parent and found this app on my childs phone i would do quite a bit of digging.. that being said, i think the app store is right on at keeping the age limit at 17+!! Many children dont care about the age recommendations here but it helps parents a ton! And as an adult, it makes finding apps with a larger average age range easier too! Thanks for keeping the recommendations, they help!
  • Sweet app 4/5

    By abdulla mamun
    I love this one very much. Now I am doing a lot of things.
  • Just plain boring 1/5

    By ThatDudeWhoStoleYourCar
    Ehh.. Always have to removed the best features...
  • Fakes need not apply 2/5

    By D.Sympathy
    Truth is truth, real is real. If it wasn’t for your admins you would almost be as bad as Bigo Live. Except for the fact that it’s all selfish and fake. Real people get told to ignore people or lower levels? Why this is like high school but worse, Maria tu no conozco la verdad, mucho lo siento.
  • Trash app, Trash Devs 1/5

    By thvt1neguy
    I seldom write reviews but in this particular manner I must for it infringes upon my character, I enjoyed the app so I became a streamer, I’ve been steaming for 3 days and on my 3rd day I was getting a ton of traction, then suddenly my streamed stopped and I got hit with a permanent suspension for no reason whatsoever, therefore; until this matter is resolved I’m rating the developers not the app, a 1 Star
  • Awsome 5/5

    By jackalexjate
    Great app just minor issues this is not for young kids
  • Good App! 5/5

    By grvvvity
    Better than Periscope and Instagram live! I prefer the interface a lot more!
  • 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 5/5

    By Nima3105
    very good app
  • Replays work better with android. iOS gets screwed 3/5

    By daddyforty
    In replays with Android, your able to move the conversations out of the way. Not with iOS. It’s annoying because sometimes all you see is people typing and gifting which covers the whole broadcast. It would be nice with iPhones if you could see just the broadcasters like with androids!
  • I’m so mad 1/5

    By Anjball
    I loved this app but I got kicked in the middle of making slime with my friend live stream and I got suspended permanently for no reason I’m so mad
  • Pedifiles 1/5

    By ColdCrystalCupcake11
    There are lots of people that tell u to lift up ur shirt and it's disgusting DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!😡👎🏻
  • Recharge 1/5

    By Moman1107
    Has there been a change with the recharge function? I can no longer be charged in the app, or even doing a broadcast. And asked me to slide the button but on the iPhone X there’s no button. Please help!
  • Face book 1/5

    By aaaaaasaawwwwwwwww
    Won’t let me Facebook login any more 😡
  • Bad 1/5

    By lemmy617
    It’s not that good I got reported and it won’t let me sign in because I answered a question this guy said what’s your favorite band and I answered and he report me
  • Scary! 1/5

    By Carissa Gray
    This app scares me. I keep getting dms on my lives saying inappropriate things, and someone even said they had a video of me getting undressed and was going to post it if i didn’t give me my snapchat! I am never downloading this app ever again in my life!
  • Can’t sign in ☹️ 1/5

    By Cesco2008
    It said sign in but it was log in and I’m new to this 🤔
  • App is horrible 1/5

    By Awesome2161
    This app is so glitchy and slow it honestly hurts, and the worst part about it is once you make an account you can’t delete it. You have to “contact them” and have them delete it for you. But one major problem with that, I’ve been trying to get my account deleted and they can’t even respond or just do the simple thing. Still get notifications and I’m tired of it. Don’t make an account you won’t be able to get out! – Live Video Chat app comments


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