Live Nation – For Concert Fans

Live Nation – For Concert Fans

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  • Current Version: 5.0.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Live Nation Entertainment
  • Compatibility: Android
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Live Nation – For Concert Fans App

Elevate your live music experience with The Live Nation App. From the moment you buy your tickets to the day of show, get all the info you need, all in one place. Check out the features: • Never miss a show— Buy tickets anytime, anywhere • Stay in the know— Get all the latest concert and venue information • Skip the line— Password-free, in-app presales • Don’t miss a beat— Order food and beverage at your seat* • Go paperless— With mobile entry, your phone is your ticket* • Share tickets with friends— Buy, sell and transfer Ticketmaster verified tickets *at participating venues


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Live Nation – For Concert Fans app reviews

  • Outrageous fees 1/5

    By Oguama
    Effing ridiculous 28% fees on tickets, and a near monopoly for some artists and venues. Worse than the new Ticketmaster. Lawmakers ought to investigate this BS.
  • Crashes frequently 2/5

    By EnolaRayne
    It’s super easy to access tickets using the app, but it crashes frequently, often before you can show it to the person to scan, meaning that you’re holding up the line trying to get it to work. If they could make it more stable, it would be great!
  • App Always Fails to Load 1/5

    By Boston Chick
    Every time I try to open the app it won’t load and it’s been this way for months. I wouldn’t even biter if I were you.
  • The updated Look 1/5

    By jennoscar
    Is not user friendly at all. It’s hard to read and I can barely see some of the tabs. The fact that you can’t see what is going on just at particular venues is also frustrating. Boo
  • New update doesn't work 1/5

    By Curbthrasher
    When attempting to view 'my tickets' section app crashes immediately every time. Edit. App let's you now view your tickets giving you a false sense of hope. When you get to the venue and the app is so over loaded that you can't login good luck! Had to resort to using my credit card to access my tickets manually with the venue. Luckily I had it with me. Take your credit card because this app will fail just like live nation. What is so hard about printing tickets? For the $30 in fees I paid I can't get a ticket that costs $0.10 for you to print?
  • Scam 1/5

    By sad i tried this app
    This app is a joke, I used it two days in a row for tickets that were to be released at exactly 10 o’clock. Two days in a row I was on only to have tickets sell out within the first minute. Within the first three minutes amazingly the tickets were back on sale for double the original amount. What a scam marketplace. I would not recommend doing business with this app. I would give this app less than one star if I could.
  • Awful awful awful! 1/5

    By Hmnotter
    It doesn’t matter if you’re using the app or the website, Live Nation is an awful place to deal with. The way they refuse to offer the best seats to those willing to buy them during presale, then allowing flat out price gouging on their site by resalers a short time later, should be illegal! The Better Business Bureau or FCC really needs to investigate.
  • Print your tickets 1/5

    By Chummy62
    Just purchased two tickets. I have used competitors app with no problems so chose to use app for tickets. Downloaded and installed app, now I get a check network no connection error. I will print my tickets. Live Nation should remove the download option until they assure this app is rock solid and fully functional.
  • Won’t Open 1/5

    By Macgirl_k
    Can’t get the app to actually open. :(
  • Froze on “We Have Lots of Concerts” Page 1/5

    By Asuna031796
    I never even got to see if I could get to my tickets. I restarted the app multiple times and couldn’t ever get to the menu choices. This is ridiculous because I can’t print them so now I have to change to will call. What a terrible app, poor business choices, and unhelpful suggestions for fixing the problems.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Bzenor
    Never works to actually find and buy a ticket. Especially if it’s right as tickets go on sale. If it finds seats, it will fail to let you purchase them.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By poleme
    Terrible app, never loads when tix go on sale. I check with desktop and it’s sold out already (while the app is still “loading” and telling me to “sit tight”)
  • Offensive that it’s required to view tickets 1/5

    By Alfie V
    I bought tickets online, and I couldn’t view the digital tickets (QR code), neither through the full browser on my PC nor through Safari on my iPhone. The tickets also weren’t emailed to me. I don’t want to download a crummy 60MB application that wants to track my location and offer me other local concerts, I just want to take a screenshot of my tickets... and that shouldn’t require downloading the app. This is irritating, customer-hostile design.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By SnoopiBabi
    It’s extremely annoying trying to buy tickets off this App. The pages doesn’t refresh so there are tickets listed that has already been purchased
  • Terrible garbage 1/5

    By Exit77A
    These companies trap you by making you download the app. The app doesn’t even work. Won’t move off the loading screen.
  • App does correspond to website 1/5

    By Ghettobread
    This might be the worse app, for a large company, out there. There is no matching correspondence between anything on the site and it’s app, which makes this app completely useless.

    By ----Add----
    The app glitched while I was purchasing and charged my card twice for non-refundable tickets. Now I’m out $250+ - do not use this app.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Nine inch nails huge fan
    Took forever to load. Didn’t get pit because of this terrible app... the Ticketmaster app works way better.. isn’t TM owned by Live Nation?!? Why not merge??? Terrible experience on this app.. if you have the option to use desktop I 100% recommend doing that.
  • Will not launch 1/5

    By Higherflyer
    It’s a very buggy app that often crashed. But now I cannot even open it. Livenation and Ticketmaster really need to get together and figure out who does what.
  • Useless 1/5

    By NaiiNayy
    Do they just don't care about fixing this app? Downloaded it and tried viewing my tickets and it says "void" yet I bought from them. Better be another way to get them when the concert time comes otherwise they might as well refund me my $90.
  • Terrible, crashing app 1/5

    By BrutalT
    I downloaded this in order to have easy access to my digital tickets on my phone. Logged in fine, but clicking on “My Tickets” briefly displays a list of my tickets and then the app immediately terminates. So this app is effectively useless.
  • Battery drain 2/5

    By Zaksquatch
    The app was fine. I've used it a couple of times successfully. I had to delete it when I found out it was draining 9% of my daily battery life on average. Admittedly, I have an older iPhone 5c. That's still unacceptable.
  • Absolutely Worthless!! 1/5

    By honda1963
    This app is absolutely worthless!! App constantly gives the message "The Request Timed Out". Search engine does not work! Would give Zero stars if itunes allowed!!
  • Pointless 1/5

    By @Lond0nC
    Every time tickets go on sale the app glitches. Either your log-in info doesn’t work, you can’t find the artist/event, or the app just won’t load properly. Every second up until the tickets go on sale the app works perfectly, then BOOM! ..and the scalpers buy up all the tickets before you can get 1. Thanks Live Nation.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Quinndiana_Jones
    Absolutely terrible. When opening app I get home screen then a blank white screen and can’t do anything. Where does all of the ticket “fees” go to if it’s not making a functional app.
  • Don’t use this app 1/5

    By Voodoosixtynine
    As many have said, you sincerely put your tickets at risk if you choose the “app only” options. Utterly unreliable. Don’t say you weren’t warned!
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Franko1399
    The latest update keeps crashing everytime you enter the app
  • Worked fine 5/5

    By metaldetector
    I was able to get my tickets
  • Awful 1/5

    By Poopinthepottypolly
    This app is terrible. Won’t load anything. Tried on multiple devices, and on all of them I’m getting a connectivity error message.
  • Don’t use! 1/5

    By i am mano
    Awful app. Doesn’t work how it should. Unable to buy tickets after hours of pre-sale drama and reloading and holy moly it’s soooo infuriating. Terrible job live nation.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By phillips00
    App is trash and doesn’t work. I’ve downloaded it on 4 different devices trying to buy presale tickets and each one gives the same recurring “Request timed out” message before it can even load the front page. Fix the app so people can actually buy tickets. Waste of hard drive space.
  • Feel scammed 1/5

    By Zip716
    I signed up because they offered pre sale opportunities for concerts in one of my local venues and I followed the directions perfectly but never received a code. Good luck. Now they will sell my phone number and I’ll get bombarded. I can’t stand companies with BS technology and not a single person to help. The world has become a cold place and service is gone
  • Does not function 1/5

    By Theonetruezeke
    Terrible app. Doesn’t function at all. Fails on startup ever time claiming connectivity issues in my settings. No explanation for error and I have no problems with any other app.
  • Am I going crazy? 1/5

    By nkiegrea
    Live nation’s website says to download the app to buy presale tickets for a comedy show I want to go to. However, the app only seems to be for concerts. I ended up buying the tickets on the website with another presale Code but I still don’t even see my tickets in the app. I have three upcoming comedy shows and none of them are there. I don’t understand why they try and funnel people to an app that doesn’t even support anything other than concerts... maybe I am missing something
  • Tickets don’t show 1/5

    By Samhadr
    Downloaded for ticket access. Logged in successfully. No tickets show. If I have to use a browser to access tickets why have the app at all?
  • Events don’t show up or are late 1/5

    By Dopest
    This app doesn’t show events or are late on the onsale. Then when it does show up it’s a map when website people are just searching Tickets. I can never actually cart anything. Not sure what the plan is for this app but it doesn’t work.
  • Worst 1/5

    By SteeZy710
    Crashes every time I try and look at my tickets . This app is trash and pointless
  • Doesn’t Show Purchased Tickets 1/5

    By Scagway
    When I log into account on the live nation website the tickets for my event show up. They do not show when logged into the same account on the app. Just installed the app ten minutes ago. Hope they fix soon for convenience sake.
  • Terrible emoji filled ad notifications 1/5

    By Charlie Desper
    They give very annoying notifications that are literally just ads and to make it worst they use emojis like your aunt who just discovered how to use them. Also side note their fees are absurd and cost way too much. Terrible service
  • App crashes when trying to view tickets 1/5

    By DisappointedDan12345
    Just re-downloaded the app when I purchased tickets for an even through live nation, expecting to be able to download my tickets into the iphone wallet (which the app claims to be able to do). However, once I logged into my app it showed the tickets in there, but when I try to view them the app crashes every time. Thankfully I had the option to print the tickets for free because the app is utterly useless!
  • Password Issues 3/5

    By Hdyehvfbvyhgsvggsgg
    If you have an old live nation account with a password that doesn’t meet their current password standards, you cannot login on this app. I’ve had an account with an all alpha password for a awhile. Works great on a browser. Installed this app amd it says “enter a valid password”. So they are checking password format BEFORE bothering to see if that really is your password. I know because I changed my password on a browser (had to conform to new format) came back to the app and it works fine.
  • Don’t Rely On 1/5

    By Christian924
    Don’t make the mistake of downloading and relying on this app. I downloaded the app and was not able to access my tickets. Luckily the box office had a way to check out our tickets using an ID. All of my friends had to do it this way as well because the app would not load their tickets either.
  • Stole my money. 1/5

    By MsMarilyn
    I was trying to buy concert tickets and the app was constantly crashing before purchasing so I kept trying to get them again. I got charged every time and love nation wouldn’t return my money. Honestly never felt so cheated by an app/company.
  • Can’t add quantity 1/5

    By Capta1nRon
    Pile of garbage just like the company
  • Had to buy 2 tickets. Because you lost mine. 1/5

    By ghostbox_1818
    Bought a ticket about 3 weeks before a show in Detroit, checked the day before. The ticket was there. Got to the man who checks the ticket the day of. Opens the app no tickets. Went to my email checked everything. And it was gone. Couldn't be found. Had to buy a whole new ticket. Unacceptable, you guys own me 40 bucks.
  • Can sign in online but credentials don't work in app 1/5

    By Nikki-Vino
    I can sign in on the Live Nation website to buy and view my tickets just fine but when I use the same credentials to login to the app it says my password is not valid. Pretty lame. I've already deleted the app.

    By F Live Nation
    Doesn’t work, closes when you go to purchase and freezes. POS app for a company the size of this! No development thought at all. Wouldn’t recommend it to anyone
  • Garbage 1/5

    By MizzezB
    This app is garage. I downloaded it for pre sale tickets & everytime I click "buy tickets" it's a white screen until it "times out" 😒😒
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By mbdblue
    I purchased app-only tickets using my computer, but the app would not take my LiveNation login. I tried numerous times and I know that my login was correct because I had just used it to buy my tickets from the computer. Since the app says it will take a Ticket Master login, I finally just tried that and got into the app but NO tickets showed up. After 30 minutes with customer service and no way to resolve this, they finally agreed to mail me my tickets free of charge. Thankfully there's time before my concert!! EVERY concert should allow a print-at-home free option, not just an app-only free option. That is RIDICULOUS! Don't ever do an app-only LiveNation're likely to get to the concert without tickets. So many other bad reviews here. Don't trust the app.
  • You Will Not Get Anything Offered 1/5

    By 1crabbygirl
    I downloaded this, connected it to my iTunes and Facebook, all because when I went to buy tickets, it said I could get $20 towards my account. Nothing. Happened. Except that I jumped through all the hoops and bought my tickets without any discount and all their bs fees.

Live Nation – For Concert Fans app comments


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