Live Weather - Weather Radar & Forecast app

Live Weather - Weather Radar & Forecast app

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  • Current Version: 1.3.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Fotoable, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Live Weather - Weather Radar & Forecast app App

Weather: Prepare for your day with accurate hourly, 5-day forecasts Weather: A useful & needful weather app for you. Weather provides accurate real-time weather, hourly & daily weather forecast and weather details, is your best choice to get weather information. Modern UI design of Weather, easier for you to know local weather and weather forecast. By using this weather app, you can not only know today's weather, but also see 9 days weather forecasts. With the help of Weather, make your daily schedule properly. What’s the weather like? Weather forecast for the next few days? The weather information is all in your control! Real-time temperature, humidity, pressure, wind force and wind direction are all in this weather app based on weather radar. ------Main Features of this Weather app------ 【Forecast】:24 hours and 9 days weather forecasts. 【Details】: Humidity, pressure, wind force and wind direction. 【Precipitation】:Rain fall changes from day and night. 【My Locations】: You can choose and save different locations around the world. Contact US : Facebook Instagram Email : [email protected]

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Live Weather - Weather Radar & Forecast app app reviews

  • Tried many weather apps but love this one 5/5

    By Quesst
    Love the morning feature. Especially like the speed of loading and features.
  • Accurate and easy to maneuver 5/5

    By Kmemmpo
    Just started using this app and am really pleased. I especially like the hour by hour info displayed so I can see the day at a glance.
  • Great little weather app 5/5

    By Gnheajb
    Just downloaded this weather app. Like it so far. Simple and all on one screen. 👍🏻
  • Too small 3/5

    By igcyrsrdyvougo7uvtd57
    Unlike the phone app a lot of the font size on this one or two small. For example the location is in tiny letters at the top of the screen. I appreciate that the daily temperature is huge so I can tap the app immediately see the temperature but if I’m scrolling to different cities I have to squint to see the name of the city the same goes for the hourly temperatures everything could be larger.The weather app is not something I want to struggle to read. I want to tap it and in a few seconds get a grasp of the daily weather and MoveOn. I may not stay with this one if it becomes a struggle. But I do like that all the days information is compactly included on one screen
  • Used to love, now not so 2/5

    By Stuck in Trades
    My map stopped working. It’s blank. It used to show wind speed, direction and the colors were beautiful. I could see live weather anywhere in the world. We are cruisers sailing the South Pacific and used the map feature frequently. Now it’s gone. So very disappointing.
  • Editing 1/5

    By ganaeby
    You cannot edit, change or delete locations Does not allow you to choose correct state. Too general! A terrible , not accurate, not user friendly!!!!!
  • Love the app! 4/5

    By hifromohi
    Only issue I have is that some of the backgrounds and font choices make it hard to view. I suggest a bolder font or better contrasting colors. Too bad you can’t change our Ohio weather 😊
  • Spelling of tomorrow, 4/5

    By lcoewoo
    Tomorrow is Misspelled, please correct.
  • Great weather app 5/5

    By jimmythebear
    I have had a lot of weather apps by far this is the best one it has all the information I need at a glance without all the clutter
  • Where is the RADAR????? 3/5

    By stairway to 7
    Where is the Radar????
  • Mediocre 3/5

    By buttercup 71
    There’s no way to change settings.
  • Not enough data 3/5

    By jhencken
    For me, it needs to show Air Quality and Pollen Count
  • Finally 5/5

    By Joceprocity
    The most accurate weather, hands down. Have deleted Weather Underground and have long ignored google and apples apps.
  • Great weather app 5/5

    By Rocker Albert
    This weather app is the first thing I look at on my ipad
  • Wind speed 3/5

    By Mustang '82
    I really like this app. The one issue I have with it is the wind speed reporting. This is West Texas and the wind does blow here almost everyday. It seems that the app shows the wind speed at 7 MPH everyday. This is frustrating when I can walk outside and tell that it is blowing harder than 7 mph. Please look into this as this is an important detail on winter days. Wind chill as I do work outside and would like to know how I need dress for He day!
  • Not Comprehensive enough 3/5

    By LPG4
    Not sure that I will keep this app for three reasons: 1) does not give predicted wind speed on their hourly forecast, 2) does not give predicted snow or rain on their hourly forecast, and 3) a location, a city in Colorado, that is listed on all the other weather apps is not included on this app. Because of the location of this town it is not an accurate forecast to look at a neighboring city. Would not recommend this app unless you only care about temperature, plus be sure to check if they have your city as their cities are limited.
  • Good info 5/5

    By mdm 525
    It works. I like it.
  • Good Forecast 5/5

    By seajay2002
    Like the message update on current weather. Helps me plan my week of outdoor activities.
  • Where is the radar? 3/5

    By jpul1975
    One of the reasons I got this app was for the radar. Where is it? I clicked on the map and it goes to a gray screen. Help?
  • Where is the radar map? 2/5

    By ekimton
    No radar map that can be seen
  • Poor to mediocre 2/5

    By fools adventure
    Forecasts are less reliable than the weather service. Poor attention to detail: the sunset time for today has not been corrected for the end of summer time. The map at the bottom of the screen makes no sense. It’s hard to delete favorites.
  • Location 4/5

    By In Scout Mom
    Love the app but the need to work on the location. Do you know how many COLUMBUS there are in the USA.
  • Don’t waste you time on this one 1/5

    By Tim Moffitt
    Simply a joke, nothing more can be said!!!
  • Can’t edit 2/5

    By Pynckone
    App incorrectly gives my ‘current location’ and remains as my default I have tried to change this and can’t ! Why not??
  • Weather App 5/5

    By EdieJ48
    This is a good app because it can be read easily and quickly. I recommend it for those on the go!
  • Love It 5/5

    By Apostle Lady K
    Great! Love It!
  • Weather App 3/5

    By Dancer009
    It’s difficult to see the extended forecast due to the light blue colored background and the lettering is not dark enough to see easily. Please make adjustments. Thank you.
  • Hard to read 2/5

    By katpow2018
    This app has a lot of good features, but they don’t do me a lot of good because the color scheme makes it hard to read. I’m in my 40’s and only need glasses for reading small print, yet I have to pull them out to read this app and even then have a hard time with the temperatures in the green bubbles. Also, I don’t like to leave my location on my phone or individual apps for privacy/security, so every time I open this app it gives me pop ups telling me to add my location. I have already input what city I want weather for so that should be enough. I plan to delete this app and find another. I really liked google’s weather app, but switched to an iPhone and can’t seem to get it.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Normal app person
    This app is great. You should totally get it!
  • Barometric Readings 4/5

    By TheRodg
    Would probably give this 5 stars but the barometric pressure is displayed in Milabars. I would like to read it in inches instead. You should be able to choose between these two standards like you can between centigrade and Fahrenheit
  • Steven Burleson 5/5

    By Steven Burleson
    I love this app! Fast and accurate
  • Radar map not working 3/5

    By ssssyke
    App works good for the exception of the radar map feature. Planning to delete if I can’t figure out and us the one I know that works.
  • No wind view anymore 4/5

    By pmeducator
    I would have given a full 5 stars if the app still performed as it did originally. When I first downloaded this app, there as a wind map of the US. Where I live, the wind direction is important. It has not worked for. Month no and I find myself using it less and less. Now, it’s just like everyone else’s weather app, it’s just ok.
  • Sunrises 4/5

    By inronhead
    It was good for a while, before. Now with the new IOS updated seems to me that app doesn’t respond load full weather forecast. Freezes up stay blue, or is it my network. Why?
  • Doesn’t rotate 1/5

    By Wick256
    Most iPad cases stand the screen in landscape mode. This app only seems to do portrait mode.
  • Spelling 4/5

    By ctgurney1993
    You spelled “tomorrow” incorrectly. It is spelled TOMORROW not TOMMORROW.
  • Unable to choose the correct state 1/5

    By Shyrelynn
    There are a lot of Springfields in the USA. The app wouldn’t let me choose which Springfield. That’s pretty lousy!
  • It doesn't do what it's supposed to do 2/5

    By Amergrek
    I don't have a radar on my app I guess. I've seen some of the reviews with people talking about the radar. My app has a place at the bottom of the screen and on the left it says forecast and on the bottom right it says free games. Well, There are No games At All! What's up with that? Why would their even a thing saying that about the games AND Where is the radar that everyone is talking about? I clicked on the bottom that says maps at least that's what I think it says but when I click on that a blue screen of nothingness comes up just like when I click on the games! Besides all that the app is OK.
  • Unable to use zip codes 2/5

    By random human avitar
    You have to type in a city, but not the state. For those of us who live in common city names, forget it. This level of short sightedness is baffling.
  • Map? 3/5

    By Liamsoccer13
    I like the app as a whole but it would not let me look at the map. I am deleting it for that reason.
  • Disappointing. 3/5

    By MCNSU
    Seems like a nice app but the radar map doesn’t work, and that’s my main reason for needing a weather app. Tried emailing support but my email keeps getting bumped back. Downloaded because I hate the new Storm app. Was told this app was closest to the original Storm, but so far not seeing it.
  • Ok, it’s raining 1/5

    By jplplpl
    Why is it partly sunny?
  • Ehhh 1/5

    One time I was doing it it was around seven o’clock and it said it was dark and it said it was six o one
  • Kudos 4/5

    By Ol’ Grammy
    I like the app for what it says, shows, and does. The part I don’t like: it uses only the vertical or portrait view, and I use my iPad with a keyboard, making it awkward to hold in portrait position. I would like to be able to use it in the horizontal or landscape position.
  • Love it 5/5

    By justliz331
    I’m weather-obsessed and love this app. Accurate, thorough and nice looking. No more Weather channel for me.
  • What happened to the map function? 2/5

    By capnronrico
    I enjoyed the wind direction diagrams on the map function at the bottom of the screen. Now there is nothing there.
  • Wheather 5/5

    By #connie#
    Very helpful ,I highly recommend .
  • Very fast and accurate 5/5

    By yoggem
    Great app and very accurate.
  • Wow 5/5

    By Aidenzadeh666
    Way better than apple wether because mine barely shows up half the time or takes forever to load

Live Weather - Weather Radar & Forecast app app comments

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