LiveAlert 19 Huntsville WX

LiveAlert 19 Huntsville WX

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  • Current Version: 5.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Local TV LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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LiveAlert 19 Huntsville WX App

The new and improved Live Alert 19 brings the latest and best weather alerting technology to your device! * High-resolution radar down to the street-level view * 1-hour and 24-hour 'future radar' with user-controlled time bar * High-resolution visible and infrared-satellite imagery * Current weather updated multiple times per hour * Daily and hour-by-hour forecasts updated hourly * Ability to select alerts for 'current location' and multiple other user-chosen locations * A fully-integrated GPS for current location awareness * The fastest, most accurate lightning and thunderstorm alerts available * Notifies you when lightning is within 15 miles of your location * Thunderstorm alerts using the Baron Tornado Index that can give you advanced warning that severe weather is possible * The latest video and blog updates from The Weather Authority

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LiveAlert 19 Huntsville WX app reviews

  • No Alerts 1/5

    By TCBParker
    I loved the app when it would notify me of impending storms, watches, warnings, and lightning, but it all stopped working on all of our iPhones. (One 7 and 3 10XRs) The app is up to date. Notifications for the app are turned on in Settings. Location is enabled. I’ve even looked at the app settings inside the app. All is set up to notify but nothing happens. I’ll give them some time to fix it before April. After that, I’m deleting it. It’s useless the way it is.
  • New version not as good as the older one 1/5

    By pom guy
    This new version has major issues. Have had many phantom alerts to start with and the radar is hiding all landmarks and streets where there is precipitation. They need a major overhaul of this app and the sooner the better. The only good part of the app is the alerts when they work correctly. I have gotten alerts for places that I have turned off alerts for. Also no alerts for current location at times. Best advice I can give is to use at your own risk.
  • Radar Overlays 1/5

    By Free time Relaxing
    Why is it so hard for the app designers to understand that STATE AND CITY NAMES CANNOT BE READ OVER THE OVERLAYS during bad weather and alerts? People have been complaining since the September 2018 update that ruined this app and we are being ignored. I have to go to other apps to find this information and I am almost ready to delete this app since I can also get ALL ALERTS from those other apps. The 2.6 rating should be telling the designers how bad this app is. That’s probably why the most “recent” reviews are not listed first
  • Great App 5/5

    By HSV Kev
    This app is great to use during severe weather situations like the one in early November. It alerted me when the storms were coming and the radar was very useful. It also alerted me of storms in my area when I was on vacation. Thank You!!
  • No good 1/5

    By dissappointed viewer bw
    Previous app was much better than this last update. How can you pay someone to create a mess like this. If not made better soon will have to seek another channel. Previous Live Alert Wx app was much better. Change it or continue to lose viewers.
  • Ad-centric 1/5

    By MBearden417
    Live Alert 19 is threat if you want to look at ads. But horrible if you’re looking for information on the weather.
  • New layout is horrible!! Go back to old style! 1/5

    The new layout will not work properly if you use ad blockers. The new look, looks like advertising. If you want to find 7 day forecast, good luck! This update is seems like a detour, instead of an improvement.
  • Ruined this App 1/5

    By AMP35749
    This app has been my go to app for weather in Huntsville for years. The recent “improvements “ absolutely ruined the functionality of this app. It is a disaster. Cannot trust this app to protect my family. Please restore the previous version of this app!!!
  • Radar review 1/5

    By purpletowel
    New update has killed the radar view. Can’t see cities or state lines which means we can’t depend on this radar for critical information. Please return to the previous view!
  • New App is not an upgrade 2/5

    By tonya4tide
    The radar is hard to read. The forecast is a screen shot.
  • App Update 10/29/18 1/5

    By SJ. Stump
    I updated the app, and it’s terrible! I wish I had the older version! The 7-Day forecast doesn’t let you click and see information surrounding each individual day. You just get an image of the 7-Day. Please revert back to the older version!!
  • The old version was better 1/5

    By jlange256
    This app used to be very basic and easy to use. Especially the radar. It’s hard to see now, and I can’t figure out if it has a future/past setting anymore.. neither can I find the hourly forecast anymore. I wish I hadn’t have updated all my apps at once. What a shame
  • What happened, WHNT? 1/5

    By The_MC_nube
    I’ve had this app for several years and trusted it! What happened? An update happened and now I cannot access anything with ease. Not cool! Go back!
  • Latest version is horrible. 1/5

    By SpockJenknsTOS
    This app used to be usefull. It now crashes constantly, and the interface is a cluttered mess. It is far and away the worst app desighn I have ever seen. It looks more like an popup ad than an application. Do not use this app.
  • Slightly Better 3/5

    By Søme guy
    This recent update sorted things out in a better way, but why does everything take me to safari to see the weather? This is an app, not a browser??? Anyways, looks better, much work to do however.
  • New and improved is awful 1/5

    By AlyKayRob
    This new version is terrible. So much junk to go through just to see the weather details. It’s a complete waste of my time. Won’t use this version of the app. Please change it back.
  • Lost consumer 1/5

    By TMMeeks
    This app use to be my go to for weather because it was simple to use and fairly accurate. Since the update it’s become difficult to navigate and harder to understand. I now have to go to the trouble of finding a new weather app that is as reliable as this one use to be. My suggestion to the dev team is to revert back to the previous version if it wants it’s customer base back.
  • The update 2/5

    By AnthonySReview
    This new lay out is terrible. Go back the they circled apps within the app. Took me 5 mins to find the 7 day forecast.
  • Trouble with this app 1/5

    By gee wheez
    Got it to work for a day or so and now won’t open up at all very disappointed
  • Was a good app until the start of 2018. 2/5

    By nighthawk1997
    This was a good app until the start of 2018. Since then, it has been very slow on both the iPhone 6 and then my iPhone 6s. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to switch to a different app that won’t freeze.
  • Not What I hoped For 3/5

    By gspage53
    I removed the previous version because it constantly froze. The first time I used the new one the back arrow in settings won’t respond. I want weather, not news and this is kind of cluttered on the main screen. I started using the Storm app.
  • Terrible update 1/5

    By Crazy money these people want
    The look is great if I only knew what to click on to see everything. Too many ads to navigate through. How about offering a paid app with no ads? As bad as I hate to I’m using another station’s until you fix it and make it user friendly.
  • Do not update!!! 1/5

    By Maggie Denney
    This app recently updated, before I would check the weather throughout the day, now I’m trying to figure out the basic. To me the updated version is more videos and live streaming. Which I don’t like. More ads, which news 19 app has more ads now too 🤔 I may be switching news and downloading another weather app that gets to the point!!
  • Mixed Feelings 3/5

    By Shakeyjack
    Radar performance is improved but where did the storm tracks go? Bring it back please. I had to hunt for the 7-day forecast. Finally found it at the bottom of “Local Conditions”. Why not just put a simple menu item “7-Day Forecast” up? The main screen doesn’t visually separate the sections well. It looks like a mess to me. I liked the carousel much better. I’ll keep using it, but except for radar performance, I’m not thrilled with your recent updates. (Using an iPhone 7+).
  • Cluster mess 2/5

    By Apple_iPad
    New app would be “ok” if it weren’t so cluttered. It looks terrible. I can’t tell weather from ads. Seriously, I’ll PAY for your app with Zero ads. I love whnt, but The only thing you improved on was ads per square inch.
  • Why??? 1/5

    By Nicole Selman
    The September 2018 update is awful. Navigation is difficult and the amount of ads is ridiculous. Please bring back the previous version! Sadly, I will be uninstalling the app and finding a new source for weather.
  • What was now isn’t 1/5

    By CE gal
    I don’t know who approved the new layout but it’s horrible- can’t distinguish between what are ads and what is the information I’m looking for. Id blame the issue on screen size assumptions (hey not all of us want to walk around with a brick size phone) but the iPad is equally troublesome. While I love the idea of not getting news alerts on a weather app I’ve yet to get the settings tab to even open to set this adjust this feature. And the update wiped out all my previously identified location data. I’d send the directly to you but the links don’t work either.
  • New weather app 1/5

    By Phils1955
    I don’t like this new weather app. Will look for something else. Can’t they have 2 apps-the old one and the new then let us decide which app we want to use.
  • What happened 1/5

    By Tmmcifjjjfjuhgjfhf
    Updated now app will not open. When it did it is much harder to navigate. How do you set the alerts you want to receive????
  • Not updating for iPhone 5C 3/5

    By Jgi85
    This keeps appearing as needing an update but then says it's not compatible with my phone. I have latest iPhone update.
  • Slow. 1/5

    By JendaB
    My phones screen times out before the App loads. It used to be good but not if this continues.
  • Push Alerts 2/5

    By Tweckle
    I downloaded the app to watch the news(which tends to freeze up), get weather alerts and get IMPORTANT news alerts. The news alerts are not specific to your area, therefore you will get EVERY news alert.....even ones that are not really that pressing, in my opinion.....including celebrity news. The push alert feature is abused.
  • Vonda 3/5

    By Nannyof21
    Did not give any alerts during the storm on March 1
  • Will not open! 1/5

    By David J. D.
    Whenever I try to open the app, it crashes- SO ANNOYING!!!
  • Not helpful 1/5

    By Tigress0615
    The app won't work. When I open the app it takes me straight to the App Store to download Uber.
  • Stop with the notifications! 1/5

    By Lisa Ann ms mommy
    You used to only notify when bad weather is in the area. Now I get multiple useless notifications about the drought, chance of rain next week and weather forecast of the day.. stop. If I wanted local news and normal weather notifications I'd have the other apps you have. Based on the notifications I get the name of the app should be "clear sky's and no chance of rain". Stop sending notifications if the daily forecast and random "non-storm" weather.
  • Basic and functional 4/5

    By AhrTee
    Simple and easy to use, I like the weather radar too.
  • DennisS 5/5

    By Nighthawk57
    Very pleased with the way this app. It worked very well during the storms on April 3rd.
  • TornadoSiren 5/5

    By KKnLsparents
    This app is very helpful during the two active tornado seasons in north Alabama. It is WHNT-quality coverage in the closet, basement, and anywhere else. Thanks!
  • Pretty impressed 5/5

    By Hunter Balthazor
    Very good app and worth downloading
  • LiveAlert19 3/5

    By Flrmiller
    Does fine on iPhone 5, but will not do anything on my iPad. Also, should eliminate the commercials, especially for cellular users.
  • Not dependable 1/5

    By Jmnhsv1
    I am very disappointed in this app. It is not dependable if you are expecting to be notified of approaching severe weather. I also have a weather app from WAFF channel 48. I am always notified of approaching weather from that app.
  • Whnt 19 weather app 5/5

    By jess24b
    Awesome app! Thank you so much!
  • Live Local News Stream! 5/5

    By TechBlazer
    Awesome app for streaming the local news, live radar, and weather alerts. Thanks!
  • Promo girl 5/5

    By Beckshope
    Peace of mind. WHNT does it again. Love the ability to watch my favorite weather team track the weather. First and only station to do this in Tennessee Valley. An extra with this app is being able to watch streaming news.
  • The Best 5/5

    By Prettymomma1971
    This is the best app out when it comes to accessing weather or watching the news Live from any of our local news stations. I'm very pleased. I'll be sure to tell my friends
  • Not bad 4/5

    By bama51
    I wish it combined the forecast with what it does provide so I wouldn't need two separate apps. That said, having a quick view of Radar and live feed can be nice.
  • WHNT has done it again! 5/5

    By Official Blake Williams
    WHNT has always strive to provide severe weather coverage to all of it's viewers. This app allows you to watch LIVE storm coverage via your iPhone, iPad, or, iPod touch. I love this sooooooooooooooooooooooo much! WHNT is the BEST! :)
  • Love this! 5/5

    By Webmaster
    This is a first for the Tennessee Valley.

LiveAlert 19 Huntsville WX app comments

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