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LiveHealth Online Mobile App

Using LiveHealth Online you can visit with board-certified doctors, licensed therapists, lactation consultants, registered dieticians and more through live video on your smartphone, tablet or computer. It’s an easy and convenient way to get the care you need weather you’re at home, at work or on the go! Just download the app and sign up to get started. Talk to a doctor 24/7, with no appts or long wait times Why spend time going to urgent care, use LiveHealth Online to talk to a doctor in minutes through live video. Just sign up or log in and select the doctor you would like to see. Then you’ll be connected through private and secure video in about 10 minutes or less. Doctors using LiveHealth Online provide care for common health conditions like: the flu, pink eye, sinus infection, bronchitis, allergies, fever, cough, cold, urinary tract infection, skin infection, skin rash, diarrhea and more! It’s a great option for care when your own doctor isn’t available. Doctors can assess your condition and provide a treatment plan so that you can feel better, faster. Our Spanish language online visit experience is available using Cuidado Medico on LiveHealth Online. Spanish speaking doctors are available by appointment from 7am-11pm. Same day appointments are available in most states. El servicio de consultas por internet en español se presta a través de Cuidado Médico de LiveHealth Online. La disponibilidad de citas con médicos que hablan español es de 7 a.m. a 11 p.m. En la mayoría de los estados encontrarás citas disponibles para el mismo día. See a therapist in 4 days or less! Use LiveHealth Online Psychology to talk with a licensed therapist or psychologist from the comfort and privacy of home. In most cases you can schedule an appointment and talk to a therapist in just a few days. Therapists can help you when you’re dealing with a wide range of issues like stress, anxiety, coping with grief, relationship issues and more! Video visits using LiveHealth Online are covered by many insurance plans. For 18 million Americans online visits using LiveHealth Online are a covered benefit under their health plan. Just enter your health insurance information within your account settings to see how much a video visit will cost you after your insurance is applied. Are you an Apple Health user? If so, you can easily share important health information with your provider during your Video Visit. Sharing your heart rate, weight, blood glucose levels and nutrition information will give your health care professional a 360-degree view of your health and help them make a more accurate diagnosis.

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LiveHealth Online Mobile app reviews

  • Live video chat room 5/5

    By Smootho3
    It went really well i like the chat room visit way better then going to a hospital visit.
  • Awesome Dr. 5/5

    By Bhayes- Ga.
    Naveen Thomas is awesome! He Took the time to explain everything to me and even offered some natural remedies I absolutely love this doctor!
  • Incredible experience! 5/5

    By Make marcum
    Quick and easy with almost no wait!
  • Helpful 5/5

    By Tofu777
    Helpful app that I’ve used a lot to avoid physically going to the doctor. The only critique I have is that I’ve had providers cancel at the last minute and I’m not as concerned about that but I have to put in my information again every single time. If a provider cancels or closes their doors then it should auto save my information and give that to the next doctor. Also, maybe doctors should have the ability to close their queues so that new people can’t join but they can finish with who has already shown up. I would love to see lactation consultants available here too. It’s been a good service that my family and I will continue to use as we have saved a ton of time and money this way...and honestly it’s more convenient than trying to get a puking toddler to the doctors office.
  • A great way to see a dr. 5/5

    By matty7670
    This was my first time using live health, I had a good experience and will use again.
  • Perfect! 5/5

    By Davey1981
    This visit was perfect. Will definitely use it again
  • C Diff 1/5

    By Grecko2
    I had an abscess and used this app to get help since we are in the middle of the Covid crises and can’t see a dentist right now. The dr gave me an antibiotic that’s known to cause C Diff. I’ve been sick for a month now. I only took half of my first antibiotic and now am on another one. I wanted to go to the hospital last night but I don’t want to chance getting the Covid virus. The doctor I spoke to was irresponsible in prescribing me what he did. This is also very contagious and can be reoccurring. I don’t know when I will fully recover. I wish I had never used this app.
  • My Virtual Visit 5/5

    By aceifc
    Today’s visit was my second using this medium and I could not be more satisfied. I was treated with respect and dignity, which besides having my issue addressed, is all I wanted. Thank You
  • Ease and comfort 5/5

    By zoshizzlemizzle
    Lots of qualified doctors at your finger tips. Happy to be able to see them from the comfort of my home
  • Good Until You Have An Issue With A Prescription! 2/5

    By Khiray
    You better make sure the doctor you speak with sends your meds before you disconnect! Otherwise, it’s going to take 3 hours on hold to speak with someone to rectify any issues!
  • So easy and efficient 5/5

    By great visit
    This doctor, and all the doctors I’ve used with LiveHealth have been amazing.
  • Good visit 5/5

    By davep136
    This was my first time using this app. After I filled in my information, it didn’t take long to see the doctor. He was super nice.
  • Misleading 1/5

    By mbkerley16
    The ad shows so many representatives available, but I want therapy online & I want a woman based on the many experiences I’ve been through. The only woman available in the therapy section for making appointments isn’t available for a month. An entire month. It’s super strange how there’s literally tons of appointments for men and one woman in psychology available a month away. The options in general are so limited. There’s only a few men available for the next month as well, so hardly any choices.
  • Extremely Easy, Excellent Care 5/5

    By Jacob from El Dorado
    This was my first time using LiveHealth Online and I’m very impressed. Thankful for this service that allowed us to get a diagnosis and prescription without leaving the comfort of home. Ability to take pictures and upload is an excellent feature! Would definitely use this service again, if necessary!
  • So easy and fast 5/5

    By DocOnes
    I downloaded the app and had finished my appointment within 25 minutes. I can’t even drive to my doctor that fast. Thank you.
  • I love this futuristic Doctor App📌 5/5

    By ohhyoucute
    I love this app it was actually my first one using it so I was kind of skeptical but everything turned out VERY fast, professional, and easy. My problem was minor “ pink eye” but my doctor was very helpful and professional. My medication was sent over within 10 minutes and within 30 minutes my prescription was filled. This app is the future of medicine in my eyes I will be using again and I have already told a lot of my friends about it. I mean be honest nobody likes sitting in the doctors office for minor things
  • Great doctor 5/5

    By kbmacdowell
    Had a great visit with doctor!
  • Dr Authrine Whyte 5/5

    By Mgtron❤️
    Authrine Whyte YOU ROCK!!! Thanks Dr for treating me & for lifting my spirits much love & I never say that in a review.
  • Quick & Easy! Great experience 5/5

    By Powdrpuf
    Very happy with the service! My daughter needed to be seen but I didn’t want to risk exposing her to other people who might be sick with COVID so I used this service and it was quick and easy. The provider was very friendly and listened to our issue. He asked several questions to make sure had a good understanding of all of my daughters symptoms. I would recommend this service to friends and family.
  • Not happy! 1/5

    By Maleleim
    So today was my first experience in this app, the web works perfect, but the Doctor’s assistance wasn’t that great. It was more a monologue of things that weren’t helping me or marking me feel better, he didn’t understood my symptoms, and couldn’t prescribe anything, I still think I might have the covid-19 and I didn’t had my note for the test, putting in risk my family’s and others. Very sad and frustrated!
  • Great customer service 5/5

    By Allisonpaige581
    Carol was amazing! She definitely helped with what I needed today. Awesome job!
  • No prescriptions allowed 1/5

    By shushusim
    Some generic advice / information is possible to get. But I would better use google than paying money for this type of service. Do not recommend.
  • Great Doc 5/5

    By rmchispas
    Great Doctor! Showed great interest
  • LHO service 4/5

    By Samjeyadurai
    An amazing platform to interact with the providers from where you are ... and get treated during this pandemic ... 👍🏻
  • Worthless service 1/5

    By CBBMikey
    Went through all the steps for a visit. was told I would be called back. Got a call back saying the provider had declined my phone visit and to stay on the line for customer service. The automated line asked if I wanted to leave a message for a call back. I pressed the button and a message started up saying thank you do... and then it cut off and I got a dial tone. This is after about 10 minutes of filling out very personal medical forms including what it currently bothering me, and giving my insurance information to god knows who. Don’t trust this service, for your own mental heath and well-being. Just don’t do it.
  • Very Impressed 5/5

    By Tim Mae
    No wait time and prescription sent directly to my local pharmacy. I will definitely use this app before urgent care always!
  • Really satisfied 5/5

    By daymalik
    This was a great interface and my doctor was amazing. Get (Shannon Reed) she was helpful, funny and really experienced.
  • Antibiotics for UTI 4/5

    By Jess Frazz
    Best app during pandemic when you don’t want to go to a doctor. Have a UTI that wasn’t getting better and I waited for 45min for the doctor to call and she talked to me for a minute and then prescribed me antibiotics. Amazing app way better then the doctors office and cheap! What a relief
  • Eczema 5/5

    By B REN SA
    Very convenient quick response time . I would definitely recommend service to anyone.
  • Warning-their technology and service are terrible! 1/5

    By ReviewfromCraig
    This service is terrible. They scheduled my appointment, then I got booted out. When I tried to go back in, it told me my visit had already occurred. I called in. My visit was at 11:15. I called in at 11:15 and they told me they had no record of ANY past or future visits. I was told I could not get in until 4:00 the next day with a different provider. The customer service and supervisors seemed unconcerned about the service in any way.
  • Convenient, easy and I highly recommend.... 5/5

    By Louisiana Girl in Tennessee
    Today I was having symptoms of something I was thinking could have been handled with telemedicine, LiveHealth. And within the current condition of our country with regards to Covid-19, it seemed like the the best thing to try first before venturing out to a clinic, risking my good health any further. The physician I choose, Dr Seymour, was efficient, friendly, and had great ‘bedside’ manner. I will use this medium again should the need arise. And I will request Dr Seymour again if she is available. Thank you Dr Seymour and LiveHealth!
  • Great unless you have a prescription 2/5

    By MissP-Tat
    I have an ear infection and was initially really satisfied with the service. Signing up, choosing a doctor, and getting through the visit was great. However the doctor sent my antibiotic to the wrong pharmacy in a totally different state. I called the customer service line and waited for over an hour, but the representative was helpful and said he called and left a voicemail at my pharmacy for the prescription. Well apparently that still didn’t work and the pharmacy never received the information. I tried to call the customer service line again, waited on hold another 75 minutes, but there was still another 86 minute wait. I decided to hang up and try again tomorrow. Once the visit is over, the app gives you no other way to follow up or fix an issue without calling the customer service line. There really needs to be a better way to follow up on prescriptions or request it be resent without having to go through a phone call. Most of my doctor’s offices have a mailbox feature so that you can inbox issues like this and a MA can go through and help resolve them. I have no idea what they’re going to charge my insurance for this telemedicine visit, but I’m sure it’s going to be a ridiculous amount for speaking with the doctor for 3 minutes and having to be on hold/talking to customer service reps for 4+ hours.
  • Great Doctor 5/5

    By yoho yoho
    With the closing of most doctors offices this was very easy and very smooth and takes less time than having to drive to the doctors office. Very quick to sign on and talk to a doctor on camera.
  • Phenomenal 5/5

    By solup j
    Dr Elliot was just phenomenal... he listened to my issue.. and I believe he gave me great recommendations.. will definitely do this again
  • Challenging app 3/5

    By Kibfelix
    I have used this app for over a year. It crashes constantly when I’m talking to my provider and am forced to use her personal phone to continue visit. Also when you send a message it does not have the ability to identify a word spelled incorrectly and this can be frustrating. I am using an IPhone and should not be encountering these issues. Very very annoying to access healthcare and get charged for a visit that has these challenges.
  • Glitchy and u reliable 1/5

    By Melijp
    Please fix the app.
  • Online Dr Visit 5/5

    By William K Jr.
    Very Nice Doctor, easy to navigate the system and An Urgent Care Facility is the last place I want to be at this time
  • Live Health - wonderful ! 5/5

    By Barbie Beauty RN
    Great , prompt telemedicine- knowledgeable physicians - listen to me and are receptive to my input regarding medications and/or treatments that have worked in past . Excellent !
  • Dr. Chad Shafer 5/5

    By Debby KM
    Dr. Shafer was patient, listened carefully and gave me confidence his treatment would help me.
  • Great! 5/5

    By taniaaa130
    The doctor I got was an amazing doctor made me feel very comfortable and vet understanding of my situation and gave me a prescription to my local pharmacy. DEFINITELY recommend!
  • Provider was wonderful 5/5

    By Tim Arnette
    Lisa, a nurse practitioner, met with me today. She asked questions to understand, use the video to examine, and clarified with follow up questions. She offered her knowledge, recommendations, and treated me as a person. I was very pleased with her expertise, analysis and the interaction.
  • Great service provider 5/5

    By keeptheflame
    I love Telemedical service
  • Thank You!!! 5/5

    By anxiety momma
    My first time ever seeking professional help but I decided that I needed help. So glad I did!!! I didn’t feel judged and was given the opportunity to talk without fear of being punished for what came out of my mouth. She helped me understand so much in the short time we had on the phone. I would definitely recommend everyone seek seek therapy at some point of their life. I fell so much better about myself again.
  • Designers need to pretend they are customers 3/5

    By Mechtelde
    It seems every time I sought info as I signed in tonight was another reason for the app to wash away the personal info I had already submitted. I typed my address and answered the same pregnancy/covid questions at least 4 times tonight.
  • Long wait 1/5

    By Bob#/-*-=
    I know that due to COVID, all of these services are seeing extra patients, but I was “next” in line for an hour. Either the wait screen always says “next” in line, or the Doctors are REALLY slow. Finally gave up.
  • Quick Visit 5/5

    By jaylo07
    My visit was quick and easy and the doctor asked all of the normal questions my primary care physician would ask. I am thankful I did not have to leave my home to search for an urgent care.
  • Great service 5/5

    By Ernest Shackleton
    The physician was very competent, pleasant and professional. Wait time was minimal. Great service.
  • Love this! 5/5

    By Not Sick Anymore
    I’m a person that has very little need for going to the doctor. When I have an issue I usually know if it’s a simple fix and have a good idea what my medical issue is. This works so good for me! Thanks for your help and assistance!!!
  • Great service 5/5

    By Lismill
    Thank you for all you do

LiveHealth Online Mobile app comments

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