LiveMe – Live Stream & Go Live

LiveMe – Live Stream & Go Live

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  • Current Version: 4.2.96
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: KS Mobile, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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LiveMe – Live Stream & Go Live App

LiveMe is a popular live video streaming social network. It allows you to live stream your special moments, live talk with your friends, make video calls and watch hottest videos. Don't wait – Join LiveMe, broadcast your life, gain many fans, receive gifts and be an idol easily. # Go Live - Singing, dancing, eating, traveling, playing games... Just 1 touch to go live! - Show your talents, get more followers, receive many gifts and be an idol easily. # LIVE PK - Try PK challenge and have fun with your friends on LiveMe! Broadcasters who get more attraction points will win the PK while losers have to receive punishments. # Watch Live Streams - Millions of talented broadcasters, passionate dancers and singers, big eaters, comedians, etc. Present you amazing live streams and live videos. # Live Video Chat & Video Call - Invite friends to start online video chat. - Create group video chat or video calls with up to 9 people in Multi-guest Room. - Use video filters or stickers while video chatting to have fun. Cute kitty face, lovely eyes, crowns, funny rabbit ears, etc. are all available. # Voice Chat Room - Live talk with pretty girls or handsome boys from nearby or all over the world. - Live voice chat with voice emoji to have fun. - Here you can sing karaoke together, talk about life and learn foreign languages with your new friends. # Invite friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share your spontaneous moments with them! Join the world’s favorite live video streaming app and become a star! Download LiveMe today and share your moment! Create groups to interact with people who have shared interests. Invite friends to join your broadcast and share interesting moments together.

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LiveMe – Live Stream & Go Live app reviews

  • ✈️✈️✈️WE SO FLY TYB!!!!!!!!✈️✈️✈️ 5/5

    By dazdqz16578
    ✈️✈️✈️FOLLOW THE KINGDOM !!!!🌚😂✈️✈️✈️
  • Good 5/5

    By POPMAN 031
    Love it
  • Thots 1/5

    By jbbb77777
    App is trash with trash gold diggers
  • I’m going to stop using this app 1/5

    By Kaia Love
    This app is really getting on my nerves. How do I get banned for having a certain type of body shape? How do you body shaming? If I wear a dress like any other girl in the app why am I the only want to get banned? Another problem I have is: they’re always telling me that I’m staying idle and I’m never idle. I get that every single time when I go live and I’m always in front of the screen and my lighting is pretty good but there’s always an issue and it’s not me.Another problem that I have: they’ll be so quick to ban your account without even reviewing it and will judge you for looking a certain type of way or assuming you look under age so you’re gonna get banned!
  • Join Now! 5/5

    By its.just.jake
    This is a very fun way to chat and make friends.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By e1chino503
    Perfect me gusta
  • Bom 5/5

    By nersoldina1
  • No 1/5

    By snjshhsyysys
    I keep geting banned
  • ADDICTING!! 5/5

    By Mrs. ThrifTastic
    Been using live me for about 5-6 years now. I did take a 3 year break from broadcasting but it was always my go to app to forget my life. I love meeting so many amazing people on the app from around the world....even the pervs lol. They make my life so much fun and can flip it into comedy. Now I’m trying to come back & hopefully get my star badge. I did not realize how much I’ve missed it broadcasting. If your reading this follow me lol I have some fun. Go live & get them gifts!!!!! - MsThrifty 31.2k followers
  • Trash 1/5

    By Young integrates
    I went to sign into my old account haven’t been on in a while it says my number is linked to my girlfriend account so now I can’t login to my old one witch it’s still there she just added me so why can’t I login my old account
  • Live Me Review 1/5

    By hajsjsuhsbx
    When i first downloaded live me it was very fun but there is a lot of harassment and people asking for personal info.
  • Harassment 1/5

    By kiki oof line
    Don’t download it there’s a lot of guys that will harm u
  • Ban 1/5

    By edward fulks jt
    No one is real as soon as I sighed in 10k viewer Second I got banned
  • Live me 1/5

    By lacronany
    So ok at first I loved the app and it was amazing and everything thing was perfect but I got banned because I showed my body but I was fully clothed and had my legs closed so I don't understand what the big promlem is and there was a guy who had his shirt off and showed his body but she didn't get banned so I just think that they overeacted and now I'm banned for 3 days
  • Live Me Problems 1/5

    By LiveMeHasMajorIssues
    Honestly the developers of this live streaming app only care for people who are high leveled & people who spend tons of money on the app there is so much negativity on this app females doing inappropriate things & just extremely a lot of issues with the app it seems like they truly only care for people who are on top you can go live & get only like up to 20 views no gifts no shares no follows nothing but if you are a high leveled broadcaster your the most important on the app which is ridiculous but that’s how it usually is on every single app if you aren’t somebody big or putting money into the app then your not worth anything its typical for apps like this so for anything looking to use this app just be aware that only high levels matter they get to do what ever they want without consequences trust me I’ve had many bad experiences with people reported it & not once have they been banned so I wish you new people good luck
  • I like it 3/5

    By Malone 400
    But they invited you Thru the Dms they a lot when you’re VIP level in level is high it be girls do that they see that think you a big spender on here but it’s fun. That’s why the 3 stars
  • Banned for no reason 1/5

    By meganvalentinexo
    This app is scammers i woke up the next day to check my account and it says you have been banned for violating the rules. First of all I didn’t even go live they also did this to a few of my friends the app is crappy I’m never going back to this app ever again and they took my diamonds and banned my device I wouldn’t even give this app 1 star rating had no choice
  • Question 1/5

    By tomjames1978
    How the app not on Microsoft App Store
  • Make LiveMe better 5/5

    By Marrcuz
    If I got coins for watching 10,20,30 hours of someone’s broadcast then I’d appreciate it also same things for likes. It’ll make ppl interact more
  • Live.Me 5/5

    By lucidmelkitty
    I’ve been using this app for only 3 months and made $100!!
  • I hate this app it banned me for no reason 1/5

    By the:cute🧚one
    One star
  • Don’t get contracted 2/5

    By bihhhhhwet
    The app is cool, you’ll come across some genuine people! Just don’t get contracted on this app!!!
  • I hate this app 1/5

    By marquisbluebeats
    I hate this app
  • Very good app! 5/5

    By Tstans3
    Very entertaining & easy to use. Join today!!!!!
  • Has potential 5/5

    By cwbninja
    I have been on this app for about eight months now I find it a good app to use .it is a social media app with the ability to make connections in the real world it has been used for dating and many other purposes you get what you put into it out of it if you are rude and mean to people you will get rudeness back if you treat people with respect you can build friendships on this app and even grow as a business through the relationships you make as long as you can follow the rules of the ad one can do well
  • Horrible being banned 1/5

    By 2002lovesmusic
    So I got a email 1 year back about how I have to be 18 ok perfect I’ll wait. I recently just emailed them back a week ago since it’s been months after my 18 birthday and sent a picture of my ID making sure I’m 18 and haven’t received anything for past week and am really upset. All I want is my account to be unban. You might think just make a new about I can’t they banned it from my phone can you believe that wow. So disappointed on the app and how they don’t help with problem when they are happening but choose to ignore.
  • It’s nice but... 5/5

    By ianthevideogamer98
    It takes up all the internet (the data and WiFi) and also it can make your phone get hot
  • Bogus 1/5

    By bhad bree
    I’m almost 19 and they band my account cause I’m not the age limit. I’m sorry I look five but I’m 18
  • Live.Me is Amazing 5/5

    By W3$L€¥~3
    Best streaming platform yet!
  • Bans people for no reason 1/5

    By ariana chee
    People are always asking to follow you back and ask for exposed pictures of yourself and it’s annoying i got banned for no reason too i don’t recommend this app
  • Lame developer I’m sure by now! Life is getting to you and yours! 1/5

    By evil Siegel
  • Live me 5/5

    By ThatOneShawn.blaze
    It’s a positive community and it’s great
  • it’s good. 4/5

    By everds21
    a few years ago I met the love of my life on there and we’re together for like a year. We broke up, now we are together again stronger than ever. Only thing about the app is there’s a lot of bots 😬
  • I’m not sure 4/5

    By Mucho Taco ❣
    Honestly this app has its up an downs( I use it daily ). I don’t understand why it says 17 and up when the age limit on the app is 18. I’m a vip lvl 10 and I don’t understand why the report barley works anymore. The other day I did a video beam and the guy hops up showing his private so I reported it to live me like I have done in the past but his account is still there? I downloaded the app in 2017 and some of the things I liked better back then, right now I just feel like there needs to be something new. I’ve seen a lot of “big” people on the app bully or just up straight be rude and act like they run the app. It’s scary to think I spend money on the app and the next day I could be banned for no good reason or just because somebody reported me. I mean besides that you can meet really cool people on the app, gift and have fun which I enjoy.
  • Feature Me.... 5/5

    By J_Soul_Facts
    Live.'me is a Phenomenal App.. in my opinion it's hands down the best! I have been broadcasting on now for a month and I'm already being featured as a Pro3 Broadcaster, I can only go up from here. I've met some real fantastic people all over the world. If your an up coming person with talents or a business and you need affordable advertising is the best way to Go! And it pays you back! ... I'm on my way to becoming a shinning star thanks to J_Soul_Facts✨ Follow me on and you'll be entertained.
  • Great app 5/5

    By theking ExtremeNader
    They have scammers on there didn’t find it used full
  • F this live app 1/5

    By lovethatblue
    It bans you for no reason and never let you get to talk to real people and I would give this app a 0 that’s how terrible it is
  • Never seen so much beggars like in this app 1/5

    By Nickname leo
    It is a Chinese app that gathers desperate men and mostly Eastern European and Brazilian beggars. The app is funny and allows desperate loser men to watch slutty women broadcast themselves with the expectation of you to buy coins and throw for free. 99.99% of people on this Chinese app are beggars and will rudely ask you to support, they think you are their guardian or something. As TikTok was banned, I am hoping this app will soon be banned as it is the most annoying app I have ever experienced.
  • Live Leo Loves This Site!!! 5/5

    By buggalove
    Fabulous platform for making new friends.
  • Bad update 1/5

    By heatherheatherly
    Every since the last update everybody’s eight beams will not work I’m having a hard time getting in beams everybody else is having a hard time. We can only hear certain people when you were in a beam
  • Liveme baby 5/5

    By love191193747474893999
    Thankful for this creative app. My experience has been awesome. Thanks to the app I’ve been able to get help for many areas in life through liveme network S/O to L.ali and many others
  • !! 1/5

    By vladimir !
    حاظرين جهازي صار له سنه ومانفك الحظر .. ليش ؟ وانا تاعب عالحساب وداعم فيه ارفعو الحظر عن الجهاز ولا هكرت التطبيق حقكم !
  • Got my account banned 1/5

    By Very fun to make like 😟
    My account had no reason for being banned I was in plenty live-streaming they cursed in did wild stuff but as soon as I cursed I get banned violation in etc. When I went to appeal it email y’all bout 50 time in when I finally talk to this disrespectful member of y’all team completely wasted my time in rude like the app clearly say 17 and + like I’m so confused I invested in this app I don’t feel it’s right to take my account like that in it’s been 2 year already like that’s unappreciated I need answer!!
  • Cool app I mad a lot of friends and made a lot of people laugh ... 4/5

    By 201Dom
    but I wanna venture into other things on the app such as video games and I can’t .. I applied for the gaming application almost 2 months ago and still nothing after it said wait 7 business days mind you I have more fans then people who are approved 👀 can you help please?
  • Fun app 5/5

    By Reynaldo1998
    It’s fun and I love being vip
  • Not safe 1/5

    By lonergirl82
    If I could I would give it 0 stars. This app makes me feel unsafe and I think it should be removed from the App Store. And banned
  • Fan 5/5

    By call-78
    Great app to use lot
  • Live me 1/5

    By shall000
    It is stupid and you have to be 18.
  • I like it! 5/5

    By AnnTaylor💕
    I like to interact with people and get to know them because we are dealing with a lot due to the pandemic.

LiveMe – Live Stream & Go Live app comments

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