Living Wallpaper HD & Weather

Living Wallpaper HD & Weather

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  • Current Version: 4.5.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Voros Innovation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Living Wallpaper HD & Weather App

Living Wallpaper HD offers a selection of beautiful, themed scenes that will add life to your desktop. From cityscapes and sunsets to far away galaxies - each with a cleverly integrated clock and weather widget - your screen will always have that special touch. Customise your weather widget and clock style and also create your own personalised wallpaper by using your favourite pictures. Features: + 20 live desktop wallpapers plus option to design your own + Use your favourite photos and select your favourite clock and weather widget style for a customised wallpaper + Detailed weather forecast window by clicking the dock icon + Current time in various analog or digital styles + Current conditions and weather forecast supporting multiple locations + Show desktop functionality that doubles as a screen saver with a timer to reveal wallpapers when your computer is idle + Hot corners can also be used to instantly activate the app as a screensaver + Informative Dock icon shows at-a-glance weather conditions and temperature (current, today\'s or tomorrow\'s forecast) even when wallpaper is not activated. + Wallpapers can be selected individually or randomly with a timer + App can show either Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature units + Most wallpapers are in Retina resolution (2880x1800). Moving scenes are all Full HD (1080p)

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Living Wallpaper HD & Weather app reviews

  • it feels like spam 1/5

    By wowowowowwwwwwww
    the interface and the functions available arent much different than the systems ones. and the layout and output feels like windows malware apps. deleted.
  • Great Screen Saver!!!! 5/5

    By Will Gero's
    Very nice themed scenes ,loved the weather widget!!!
  • Perfect 5/5

    By mintlike
    This app is perfect and I have never had a problem with it…. great value…. Had it over 2 years without a problem.
  • I like it so far, customization is nice! 3/5

    By …….…….…….…….…….…….…….…….…….
    My only concern is that I use a dual display and I can’t figure out how to get it to show up on my external screen. Will change to 5 stars for sure if I can get some help or finally find it on my own.
  • Live Wallpaper 5/5

    By Jim's iPhone 7
    Works well. I really enjoy the scenry on my Mac. My older Mac does slow down at times, but otherwise it works well.
  • Does it's job. 5/5

    By roadehouse
    I do not think that modern high resolution screens need to be "saved". The application may do that but it also does a great job as a slide show for my travel photos. Memories, the weather and the time. Perfect.
  • love it 5/5

    By jackiek7
    Works just fine and it is really nice to see the time and the live pics are amazing! Cant wait to get new ones to look at!
  • love wallpaper changer 5/5

    By Brandon M. Tseng
    i can change any wall paper i want for free from websites or anywhere i want
  • Walpaper App 5/5

    I have enjoyed the App with the mix of weather, time, etc. I even like the photo of the moon and evening tha appars in the middle of the day. The moving water is especially relaxing.
  • Ad pop up too frequent 3/5

    By Courtie82
    Every time I open my computer I have to see the ad for live wallpaper and during use of computer, really annoying and only because of that I am deleting it and it lost 2 stars. Sad because it really is a beautiful picture but too annoying with half page ads all the time.
  • Good App needs auto wx updatre 3/5

    By T J RYAN
    This app installs easy and is easy to set up and use, HOWEVER, it does not update the weather automatically. Gees, how hard would it be to code in auto weather updates.
  • This is a great App 4/5

    By Mdac4005
    I really like this app. It would get 5 stars but since I've had it the "picture transition" setting won't stick. It always reverts to random. I was told that it would be addressed in updates. There have been a few and it's still not fixed. I have re-installed to no avail. I put up with it because I like the app. I would buy it again even with this annoyance. :-)
  • Crashes in sleep mode on Mac Mini 4/5

    By NorthernMEGuy
    Were it not for the crash in sleep mode, which makes it hard to reclaim your desktop after the computer sleeps, I would have given this a "5". I love the clock and weather on the desktop. Love the moving water, which also helps protect the screen. It's a nice refinement to my Mac Mini.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By songstress350
    I stumbled upon this when I was in the App Store. It’s gorgeously done, the collors are brilliant, I love the rocking letters in the NY scene, and I’m equally enthralled and pleased with the other two scenes. My biggest disappointment is that when I went back to the App Store to see if there were anymore, I couldn’t even find this one, let along any other FREE ones of this quality. More!! I want More!!! Keep it up, whatever you have to do as long as it remains free! Bring them on!!! Love You Guys!!!
  • I didn’t need new Adware 1/5

    By Probata153
    I was looking for a simple weather app for my MacBook Air that provides weather and a map. This one was simple…but it provides no weather map. Also, I kept getting a window in the middle of my screen telling me that I should be purchasing the upgraded version (for a fee, of course). When the WIndows HD window shows up, you can do nothing without first zapping it to access anything else. Perhaps there are other apps like this, but a weather bookmark words just as well. Time to can this one. Annoying.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Vtecboyinpa
    One of the best app out there highly recommend it!!
  • It’s now slowing down my computer! 2/5

    By Akgapeach
    I used to enjoy this app but now I'm experiencing a couple of issues with it. The first one is that when I start up my computer in the mornings the app still shows the previous night’s forecast. In order for me to see the current forecast I’d have to click on the app itself to change it. Also, there are many times when the desktop picture doesn’t show accurate conditions for what’s going on outside. The second issue I’m now having is the app is tremendously slowing down my computer. And even though I’ve purchased the additional uses for the app, and losing money, I have to uninstall it.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By M. Kay
    Love it, love love
  • Living Weather & Wallpaper 5/5

    By William12345678+
    I enjoy this App very much. I wish for more Wallpaper. Last update had some newer ones I use the Rainbow one now. Coolest View of earth that can be found from space with the earth rotating 360 with a complete rotation each 24 Hours might be awsome.
  • Great Screen Saver Almost Perfect 5/5

    By cooptownusa
    LW HD does what it says ! I have been addidng and deleting my own photos for some time now too - i get compliments all the time and on the clock and weather. I am confused by some of the reviews, one person described exactly how the program worked and hated it ! wow take some computer classes yo ! Check the preferences hello? Anyway back to the app you can load your own photos though i wish the delvelopers would add photos from time to time. i would add a few more handles in the preferences and some flying toasters - if you know what they are :)
  • Great app 4/5

    By SoCalJeff
    I like the app. I wish they had more options. I don;t care about holiday themes but I would like more “live” scenic shots. All-in-all, it’s the one app I have run consistantly on my macs for the past couple years.
  • Desk Top Acuarium 5/5

    By HiFiHect
    It’ very colorful, very tranquil which is the silent world of the ocean, beautiful colorful fish and even the sharks seem to just to swim around and enjoy a beautiful surrounding. I enjoy watching this HD animated wallpaper for a while everytime I power on my computer. Very relaxing.
  • Enjoy this app 5/5

    By 74Mustang
    I have been using for some time now and it is what it is, the latestest update made it better. I like the way I can get the weather by my zip code or move it to my destination. Never have had any issues.
  • New Version 5/5

    By KiawahK
    LOVE the new wallpaper! can’t wait for winter for the snow. Rainbow is beautiful. Would love an autumn falling leaf wallpaper! The updates information is much more thorough and informative.
  • !!! Read this 3/5

    By Charlescott
    You need to add the ability to have the live wallpapers on multiple monitors at a time. Not chose from one monitor at a time. The hide windows feature is great but what is the point if you have multiple monitors, one will hid active windows while you other monitor will just stay as is.
  • Timeka 5/5

    By Tumeker Hammond
    Does just what was described. Works very well I’m glad i downloaded, wouldn’t change a thing
  • Will stop working. 3/5

    By No good wallpaper
    I bought this app a year or more ago. Then it stopped working three days ago. Fooled around with trying to get it to work again, cause well, I spent money on it. No dice. Deleted then downloaded again. A pop up keeps coming up wanting me to buy the darn thing again. Maybe the app is rigged to quit working to try to get your money again. Nope. No way. I’ll just keep clicking the no thanks button. It’ll probably do this while before this app stops working too.
  • The App 4/5

    By JakFrost32
    I like this app just fine. it does exactly what i expect it to do.
  • Lacks imagination 2/5

    By Mitchell Pash
    The user interface is nothing to be impressed by, and the functinoality is cluttered with nothing meaningful. By all means this is not worth the $3.99 upgrade.
  • Pretty good app…improvements necessary 4/5

    By MRBarr4U
    Rain gauge shows -999.00 in. on current forecast, and stay that way when no rain or precipitation in daily results. Clock should be adjustable so that it can be hidden or reduced in size,
  • Live Wallpapers HD 5/5

    By Whisperinpines
    I think this app is fantastic. The ocean is my fav pic so far, I’m fascinated watching the tide roll in and the sparkling sea. It feels like I’m right there on the beach. This app is here to stay...
  • bug issues 3/5

    By Kiarasly
    when I select the custom wallpaper and I select for it to change every 5 minutes I still only show one image, they transition will show but the image will not change
  • Like it but 4/5

    By Harvitojr
    I like the app - I have had no issues - That said I wish there where more live wallpapers. The ones they have are nice.
  • great application 5/5

    By Alsultissss
    this is the best wallpapers application I actually feel more comfortable when I work . you should try it.
  • Terrific Live Wallpaper 5/5

    By Gopher1949
    Really enjoying these live HD wallpaper scenes for my MacBook. So authentic and is so well done. A very nice app with weather indications, as well. Terrific app all the way around.
  • Clock is TOO big. keeps crashing in sleep mode. 4/5

    By JC10160
    Over all I like this app on my MacBook but I think the clock is TOO big. I wish that it could be resized and that there were more digital versions available. Update; after having the app for a month it keeps crashing after the computer has gone into sleep mode. The clock is still too big but I’ve worked around that by just turning that feature off.
  • Can I please get a refund??? 3/5

    By Crannibal
    How would one go about getting a refund for the in-app purchase? This thing doesn’t do what I thought it did, and I was mislead by the reviews. I’d like to give it back and get my money back in return. Please.
  • Same Complaint 4/5

    By gnicford
    Very colorful and well functioning app. I have the same complaint as many others - one get weary of seeing the same images. Need more frequent additions. Otherwise could get free youtube aquarium
  • Great App 5/5

    By Nate R1
    I like having a variety of live scenes in which to choose from or to run them all concurrently. I’m looking to see how their libaray of scences will grow.
  • Mr. Nickname 4/5

    By daSchwartz!
    More frequent picture updates/better selection of background options please. Otherwise this is a really enjoyable and useful app. THANK YOU!!
  • live wall paper 5/5

    By AAMSR.
    Fantastic app love it
  • Great App 4/5

    By bearsvix
    I love this app on my mac!! I only gave this a 4 star because we need new backgrounds, like another review said the christmas stuff needs to go until christmas rolls around again. We just need more variety.
  • Lisa 4/5

    By lisairbvo
    I think it’s a pretty good app. I enjoy the water movement a lot. My only complaint is that I would like to see the picture options updated more frequently. And I think it would be nice to be able to rotate through the random without having to include the ones that seem awkward for the time of year. For instance, the Christmas ones showing up right now are awkward so I only use one at a time. Otherwise, I enjoy it a lot and got my husband to use it on his computer as well.
  • Keeps Weather Attractively Handy 4/5

    By Saved for Him
    This app gives me just what I need, the current weather and forecast on my Desktop in a neat, unobtrusive way. The 4th example seenshot from the left is typical of my configuration, less the huge digital clock.
  • OK 4/5

    By Redommer
    Works good and looks very nice…only issue is at start up or logging back in the live display speeds up and moves 3 to 4 times faster than 1st installed
  • Great! Loving it, Best app ever! :) 5/5

    By Ryan Holloman
    This app works great, the best part about the app is I can see the weather right away on my desktop when I login, or open my Laptop. Great app. I recommend you getting the pro version, so you don’t have to deal with adds,
  • OK 4/5

    By Gamergirl_7
    I really like this app. I do. But I wish there were MORE options for backgrounds. I would love to be able to customize the clock and weather widgets on all of the different backgrounds as well. Otherwise I love this app.
  • Live Wallpaper 5/5

    By Mark Aaron Washington
    This particular wallpaper doesn’t work like the old live wall paper, but it is still very good and stylish.
  • bug 1/5

    By Boojicheese23
    the app starts to quit upon opening

Living Wallpaper HD & Weather app comments

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