Living Wine Labels

Living Wine Labels

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  • Current Version: 3.22
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Treasury Wine Estates
  • Compatibility: Android
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Living Wine Labels App

Meet the Living Wine Labels app and watch as your favorite wines come to life through Augmented Reality. Listen to history’s most interesting Rogues and Rebels share their stories behind the 19 Crimes, hear from the Doggfather himself, Snoop Dogg, and interact with John Boyle O’Reilly and the Warden. Learn how to be a Gentleman with tips from Dr.Henry Lindeman. Create your own Curly Tales and watch curly movies in the Squealing Pig cinema. Explore the Barossa Valley and see why Wolf Blass is one of Australia’s most awarded winery. Create your very own Lindeman’s artwork and share it with your friends and family. Meet the Beringer Bros and fill in to be their personal photographer.

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Living Wine Labels app reviews

  • Fun App! 5/5

    A unique and fun app that brings wine bottle labels to life!
  • Walking dead wine 2/5

    By Mr.Yokey
    I bought some of the walking dead wine And it had the living wine label sticker on it so course I downloaded the app but it doesn’t work with the bottles nor do I see the brand within the app selection, so just wondering if you removed it from the system
  • FUN FUN FUN!!! 5/5

    By Wabbit's Foot
    This is the most unique thing EVER!! Just be patient. Once you think it’s over recording, there’s more. I love it. Whoever thought of it is a genius (or sick😂😂😂). Great jobs 19 Crimes‼️‼️💕
  • Poor volume makes the experience less 1/5

    By SkinsF
    The sound is very low. Had phone maxed out. Barley hear anything
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Mick Florida
    A great part of history
  • They remove content 1/5

    By Usbfldhs
    I downloaded to scan a wine label and it was “no longer available” disappointing.
  • Love it 1/5

    By sir borsking
    Omg it be great for Halloween party , it will be must at mine
  • Cool BUT 1/5

    By SharNick14
    It’s stupid it asks way too many questions to prove that you’re over the age of 21 when all I’m trying to do a scan a freaking bottle of wine so no it’s a stupid that because I can’t get it to work because I want to ask me 1000 questions it’s not worth it
  • Review 3/5

    By 124law
    A bit boring
  • The only thing holding this back is better story telling 3/5

    By MobileDaemon
    The wine is decent for the price and the app is a great gimmick but the story telling could be so much better. The AR is great but shouldn't stop if you move the bottle. If you want to show others the video you can't keep the bottle in focus.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By soggytits
    Awful app, my dog could make a better app. Load screens haven’t been relevant since 2002
  • Labels 5/5

    By Klaus Duncan
    Labels that live bring to life the forgotten souls of the past… may their souls Rest In Peace!… gone but no longer forgotten!
  • 19 Crimes 5/5

    By Dawn Laz
    Coolest thing ever! What a novelty for entertaining.
  • Best toast ever! 5/5

    By Snoop Toast
    We twisted you at our reception
  • Just not worth it 1/5

    By Proud PawPaw
    Seen a few of the labels. Searched high and low for Walking Dead. Finally found two different bottles today only to find out that this app doesn’t support this line anymore. Totally disgusted. Time to clear out memory and dump this app. 19 crimes is ho-hum. Walking Dead was the best. Now that’s gone. Don’t waste your time.
  • I love Martha! 5/5

    By Alice's Movies
    The CHARD is excellent as well! Thank you!
  • Short experience 2/5

    By SolaceJ212
    It was a short experience, don't know how much info they get from you for displaying this, I'm sure it was more than worth it to the marketing teams. 19 Crimes is a good wine, though.
  • Great fun! 5/5

    By JimK1951
    Wonderful Chardonnay. The living label makes it even better!
  • Talking labels 5/5

    By penncove
    Very very cool!!!! Snoop Dog’s was cool also!!
  • It would be cool if it worked consistently 1/5

    By dreed818
    But it doesn’t
  • No sounds 1/5

    By D Carpenter
    See title
  • Didn’t work 1/5

    By Bree5109
    Couldn’t get it to work. Wouldn’t scan the label. Tried on my husbands phone as well and it just got caught in a loop on the label and never even opened the app. It’s a cool idea but execution needs work.
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By Srussttt
    The download took longer than the experience and was underwhelming.
  • 19 Crimes 5/5

    By No-LHR
    This is such an awesome experience and I shared with other family. History also.
  • The walking dead 1/5

    By Sain shooter
    Was working on the walking dead bottle but has stopped. Why ?
  • 19 crimes ***** 5/5

    By SedleMtn
    These wines are absolutely awesome. Love the bottles how they come to life and tell a story. Great job
  • Bring Walking Dead back it’s still in stores! 1/5

    By Jenmarie90
    I was so excited to try the app and I bought The Walking Dead wine and it won’t work! It says it’s no longer doing the walking dead. Why did you stop? There’s Walking Dead Wine at the grocery stores now. I’m so bummed. People KEEP bottles for fun.
  • Game changer! 5/5

    By Bg panda
    This is a great talking piece I love it. Drink up!
  • Label no longer works 1/5

    By lil_shawty748
    I am very upset to find out the bottles I bought for the walking dead no longer work on the app. I kept the bottles to be able to keep using it as I wanted to. I am very sad to find out it no longer was available. I think that is messed up that it was only temporary.
  • Love it! Love this wine!! 4/5

    By mcglanse
    Lost one star due to the scan taking so long to happen. But it may be my phone.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Christmasbell
    Got all my info then kicked me out!
  • So much fun 5/5

    By Yu4ick
    So different. People think they have had too much wine! So funny
  • Walking Dead labels DEAD 1/5

    By Evil Queen Nana
    I purchased two of the walking dead bottles as a gift for my boss after seeing the app so it’s magic on YouTube. She loves the Walking Dead and I was super excited to show her the interactive augmented reality between the two bottles. I was VERY bummed to learn that augmented reality is no longer available on the app.
  • That’s it? 1/5

    By 5566112106140921
    22 bottle of wine and the story says “up against the wall” ? That’s it??
  • Doesn’t do anything but overheat my phone 1/5

    By PBEVDriver
    Tried to scan a label multiple times. The app spun but displayed nothing after scanning. Caused my phone to heat up immediately.
  • Need to keep labels even if old 5/5

    By drestwised
    You need to put The Walking Dead labels back on…. I still like to see them.. and show others.. why did you take them away…
  • Fun 5/5

    By inzieWin
    Great at a party!
  • Snoop dog wine and Champagne 5/5

    By 69 cheers
    I love the way it talk snoop dog … l got them gifts thank snoop dog ❤️
  • Worked just fine for me.. 4/5

    By dgusher99
    I just downloaded and used for the first time today and had no issues! Maybe a recent update, as I read a lot of reviews about poor speed and app not working. However, I do see how it could cause confusion, as you have scan the bottle once for info download and then hold camera on bottle again for the info/video to play.
  • What tha…? 1/5

    By KidCrazie
    Do not download. Not working at all, STILL!
  • Disappointing…. 2/5

    By bl780grand
    The content takes forever to download, if it downloads at all. Mind you, this is using either WiFi or 5G. The lack of reliability and ease of use is beyond disappointing. The gimmick of the augmented reality is kind of cool… but the inconsistency in being able to download the content can get annoying very fast.
  • The worst wine experience 1/5

    By jrodriguez0189
    Worst wine experience. Don’t waste your time downloading this app. It doesn’t work.
  • Rum barrel aged ! 5/5

    By wino mike
    For 11 bucks you can’t go wrong, this vintage is exquisite. I have recently been buying whisky ,and bourbon barrel aged wines, then I happened upon a 19 Crimes bottle aged in rum barrels. This process brings a whole new flavor to enjoying a fantastic fermented beverage. Five thumbs up for this one !
  • Terrible .... 1/5

    By gottago1234
    I really wanted to like this, thought it was a great idea and a great opportunity to tell stories to be remembered. The execution was awful. The graphics were cheaper than a video game, and the download time was horrendous given the quality of the playback. I don’t think there was a single part of the experience that was worthwhile
  • It took a while to work but is a really neat app. 4/5

    By yackydoo123
    Really cool app!
  • App does not work 1/5

    By fhhkluutghvk
  • Don’t buy save yourself the headache 1/5

    By ncclyn
    I was so excited for this wine. The app is a nightmare and doesn’t work properly. Took forever to get it to work and then it keeps wanting you to download more things in the app for it to work. If they fixed the app maybe I would reconsider. Cool idea horrible app!!
  • Sad 1/5

    By MFNama
    Won’t load . Just keeps looping. Deleted and reloaded app 3 times. 🤷‍♀️
  • Fix! 1/5

    By cjmada
    App does not work
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