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Livongo App

Livongo makes it easy to be healthy. Our tools, support, and guidance help you understand and manage chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure while adopting the nutrition, exercise, and other lifestyle habits proven to help you live a healthier life. The Livongo app works with the Livongo Blood Glucose Meter, Livongo Blood Pressure Monitor, and Livongo Scale to give you a more detailed picture of your overall health. NEW! CONNECT WITH FITBIT See all your steps data when you sync your Fitbit account to the Livongo app. PARTICIPATE IN 5-DAY CHALLENGES You’ll take powerful steps toward your health goals with the help of quick, guided challenges on food, activity, stress, and more. SEE ALL YOUR DATA IN ONE PLACE Record every blood sugar, blood pressure, and weight reading, as well as daily steps counts (from Apple HealthKit), and view them all from one place in the app. You can gather insights, learn, and adapt your routine. UNDERSTAND YOUR PATTERNS AND TRENDS Our simple, easy-to-understand charts and summaries provide you with all the information you need to make the right choices to improve your health. GET REAL-TIME FEEDBACK AND GUIDANCE Personalized insights after every reading help you learn and improve. Our healthy tips and advice are always available. ORDER TEST STRIPS WITH ONE TAP We provide UNLIMITED strips and lancets sent to your door at no cost to you so that you never have unnecessary hiccups in your checking routine. Livongo integrates with HealthKit, so you can import fitness data from HealthKit to Livongo. ABOUT LIVONGO Livongo has a vision of empowering all people with chronic conditions to live better and healthier lives.

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  • Diabetes details 5/5

    By katydidNewby
    Patients with diabetes are such a wide range, in every way, that educating them as fast as possible is a tough go. Our healthcare system doesn’t have the equivalent of AA meetings frequency/convenient locations which are vitally needed. This app and Facebook groups are valiantly trying to fill the gap. Bravo!
  • 感谢! 5/5

    By 韵兰
  • My scale won’t weigh me 5/5

    By Hisbaby40
    My scale cannot weigh me and sync my weight to the phone from the scale
  • Mr.foz 4/5

    By Mr.Craig.
    Great idea this is, With people so attached to phones now,it’s a easy way to get great advice daily. Modern way of learning and developing good habits daily.
  • Best Glucose monitor app 5/5

    By Jette87
    They help keep me on track and keep my levels under control. Great ideas and good support.
  • Needs HealthKit Integration 3/5

    By furym42
    Makes logging simple and it already reads steps from Apple Health. There is no reason it shouldn’t be able to write BG levels to the Health App. Needs an update to make it really useful.
  • Livongo BP meter 5/5

    By Debx91
    Very easy to use. Excellent tool
  • Love this 5/5

    By Hilrie
    Love this!
  • The Future of Diabetes Management 5/5

    By Afrozen
    This is the future of diabetes management. The skillful use of technology is the key in this program to keeping one’s self healthy and aware through comprehensive procedures and immediate feedback that is unrivaled. The press of a button availability of coaching and health tips is also a huge step in the direction of what is to come with making diabetic lifestyles more agreeable. RECOMMENDED!
  • Health Care worker 5/5

    By thoughtnow
    I like being informed about new ways to better my health I like getting reminders to check my blood sugar my blood pressure and information to just stay healthier
  • Not a bad app 3/5

    By Livongoer
    Liking the instant updates from cellular connectivity meter to app. Liking the motivation and support. Liking the summary report to email to doctor. Would like to see some trending graphs to see if BG is trending up or down. And would like to see graphs filtered for time of day - fasting, after lunch, etc. Hope you take note and allow more options and graphs, otherwise liking it.
  • Love it 5/5

    By don'tneedthis
    He keeps me on track. He gives me weekly monthly averages. It’s easy to use. Can you guys keep me on the right path. It also sends my numbers to my doctor. And has a long memory. Thanks.
  • Livongo!!! 5/5

    By IXOYE <\\><
    I am very pleased with my Livongo meter! It is super easy to use and the ability to upload my data to the Livongo app is a tremendous benefit. My glucose data is automatically logged so that I can print a report to show to my doctor. This is hands down the best out there! I highly recommend it!
  • Tedious, doesn’t send reports 3/5

    By Medievalcamelot
    The app is a bit tedious and out dated. I’ve tried multiple times to send a summary report from the app and it never goes through. I’ve had success sending it from my meter and my computer.
  • Apple HealthKit 1/5

    By Edtorious
    No way to sync your blood sugar result in Apple HealthKit.
  • Best app for me!! 5/5

    By Tee~L
    I have tried other apps that have you track EVERY piece of food u touch • that was AWFUL for me!! This is sooooo perfect for me! I love the challenges!! I love what it tells you to eat!! It tracking your weight thru an awesome scale givin to me FREE!! Livongo is AWESOME!! Thank you soooo much!!!
  • My habits. 5/5

    By Braycee pal.
    50+ minutes daily on treadmill. Longer walks with dog. Better sleep habits. A lot less junk food. Good advice from Livongo. Thanks. Lee Rosch.
  • Love the constant monitoring 5/5

    By alpeloquin
    I, like many, occasionally make the odd poor choice when eating. Prior to Livongo, I would easily rationalize my carb intake and suffer in silence. Now, I take my BG and if it’s high, someone reaches out for support. It has made me feel that someone besides me cares about my numbers. It’s like having a life coach all to myself, dedicated to me and all my concerns. Thank You everyone at Livongo!!
  • Kind of useless 1/5

    By Keki Pele
    I got this app to accompany the free Livongo scale I received through my insurance. I’ve been weighing myself side by side with my home scale and the livongo scale is never consistent, and regularly multiple pounds above my home scale. I can step on the livongo scale 3 times in a row and get three different weights. I certainly hope all you who got a free BG meter or BP cuff from livongo are seeing better accuracy, otherwise yikes. And for me all the app does right now is take my weight directly from the crappy scale. No connection with health kit, no manual input options. Just a weekly challenge that don’t always even apply to me anyway.
  • Missing important features 2/5

    By _1234567_
    They keep upgrading, but neglect one of the most important features for diabetics. You still cannot change the high/low limits for blood sugar. The set range is too high. Also, the tagging feature is too limited, as you are restricted to one tag per reading and you cannot add custom tags. Otherwise the app is ok. Can view your sugar readings and add new ones, and there is limited reporting.
  • Great meter and good app. Could be better 4/5

    By ki4rgn
    My old meter and BP cuff synced with Apple Health. This would be the perfect tool if it would do the same. I still love the tools just want all my readings in one place.
  • Life Changing 5/5

    By mylesvandelay
    This is a life changing application.
  • Win, Win, Win Situation Created By Livongo! 5/5

    By MtnLadyLove
    What a wonderful , Altruistic idea Livongo is. It propels the diabetic into a new era of health by providing motivational tools, such as an app, free diabetic supplies, giving important health information and strategies to improve our health; and they give us support. Everybody wins! We win because we are healthier. We curtail the negative side effects our diabetes and even possibility curing it eventually by changing our eating and physical habits by the information given. Everybody wins! The insurance company wins because their costs go down because the diabetic stays well due to the positive changes in their health. Everybody wins! Livongo is rewarded financially by this great idea that they have provided to our insurance company. What a wonderful Win, Win, Win situation. Thanks you, Livongo!
  • Not the best HealthKit integration 3/5

    By KHavoc03
    Not the best HealthKit integration as it doesn’t post your blood pressure metrics taken back to HealthKit. Takes your pulse in the equipment and display for a short time but that doesn’t get saved either. The only HealthKit integration is reading your Steps from there and saving on Livongo App. HealthKit integration is essential if the intent is for users to really get beat benefits. All other info is consolidated there.
  • Almost Everything I Need 4/5

    By shelleybeantx
    This is a great app so far but including places to log medication and dosing changes for detailed tracking would make it even better!
  • I live my livongo meter 5/5

    By coyanosa
    The livongo meter is such an important tool in managing my health as it allows me to track my progress. The ease of use is so helpful the ability to track and trend my glucose readings is so vital to me in helping make more informed decisions regarding meals thanks livongo
  • Great help for a busy guy 5/5

    By pafree
    I am a busy guy and having a disease like diabetes can be a full time job on its own. Livongo helps keep up with a testing schedule and keeps track of my numbers. They contact you when your numbers are high or low to check on you and give suggestions on how to fix the issue. They are always giving diet and exercise tips. Thanks for making this a little easier.
  • Sickness 5/5

    By Joetta20ts
    I was very impressed when a Nurse contacted me when I had the Flu and coached me on methods to use while my sugars got out of control and helped me get them under control. Thank you so much for this wonderful system.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Norman Vance
    They are a great help in me managing my diabetes. If it goes low or high they are there to help me quickly. I wish I had this meter a long time ago.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Mdiaz13
    Definitely worth having and keeps u on track
  • Taken being diabetic more seriously 5/5

    By Eben0324
    I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetic about 2 years ago. It was hard to accept and I didn’t take it seriously. I’m not taking my medication as well and not regularly checking my BG. Livongo was introduced to me and I found it much easier to check my blood sugar and track results. I no longer feel the routine to be a bothersome task. It helped me be more accountable to be mindful of what I eat and how much I eat. A coach is available if I need it. A coach checks up on me if my blood sugar get too low or too high. I am becoming more aware of things that gets my blood sugar too high. I like the 5 day challenges. Challenges are in small steps and very doable. I also love the fact that I have unlimited supplies of BG strips. Overall - I would say that if you are someone new to being diabetic, it is very hard to take it very seriously and accept the fact that there’s no reversal to being diabetic. You either start managing it or it will get worst. Somehow Livongo provided the Accountability I needed.
  • Great help! 5/5

    By Firewhirrrl
    Livongo is great motivation to get sugar levels more stable and body healthier!
  • Printed report misses...get annoyed by tips 3/5

    By Marshall the Cat
    I appreciate that I can walk into my doctors office with a print out of my tracking, though he complains that the trending charts always come out black and are useless to him. He would like all the charts visible in the app to be available to him. As it is he’s taking notes from my phone. I also find the little tips sort of annoying. Condescending? I don't know exactly but I roll my eyes when the app tells me that if I watch a funny movie I’ll “feel better”.
  • Love! 5/5

    By stephaniemacomber
    I’m so thankful for Livongo! My new meter is amazing! I love how it goes on my phone and how it gives me little positive tips. I also love how it sends my blood sugar readings to my family members that always ask how my bs are, so I don’t have to discuss it with them every day - when it gets a little low or a little higher my Mother will text and question if that number is okay - or you better eat something - ordering supplies has never been easier too! Everything about it is great! Being able to have this new meter and plan has helped me with my diabetes immensely! Thank you so much! I love it!
  • Great Device and APP 5/5

    By jcaven79
    Easy to use. Great data reporting and analysis.
  • I love this program!!! 5/5

    By SoloFaReal
    This has given me so much encouragement to better manage my diabetes! The replenishment of supplies and motivation from coaches as well as the simple responses after each blood check! I guess what I love most is it’s involvement... integration into my life! I don’t feel alone in this journey towards a healthier life!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By BrenLuke
    I just love the new glucometer. I love that I can use the app to monitor my readings/averages, that someone immediately texts me when I have a high register and offer suggestions to get it back under control again, that I can send a summary to my Doctor’s office for future visits and that reach time I use the device it gives me tips- really love it!
  • Convenient app for glucose testing. 4/5

    By 2Sammygo
    Overall very satisfied with the function of the app; availability of the coaches and records it keeps. Sending detailed reports is a nice feature. Only suggestion is to provide more options on graphical data analytics. Example - graph just glucose numbers at a certain time - like before breakfast.
  • Take Control of your Diabetes 5/5

    By barryc2000
    I am very grateful to Livango for offering me the chance to control my Diabetes 2 . My story is like many I suspect .I am 70 this year and have since my 40’s had trouble with weight . I found a foolish way to suppress my appetite by smoking . In Aug 2017 a dear 60 year old friend was diagnosed with lung cancer, she passed 6 months later. It scared me enough I quit “cold turkey”. Over the next six months my weight climbed and by Dec 2018 had climbed 34 lb . I had tried to diet for 2 weeks. Lose 8 lb , go off diet and regain 10 .My FBS ave increased 20 pts and my Hba1c rose to 6.9. Enter Livago, I was provided the means to check my BS 3x Day. , not 3x a week as previous. I was able to get the support to see results and since beginning the Program have seen my FBS drop 15 pts, , BP drop 10 pts Systolic & Diastolic and my weight drop 33 lb since 15 Jan on the Ketogenic Diet.. The Battle is no where near over but the Journey has begun with the Help of Team Livago .. Thank you!
  • Awesome handy 5/5

    By Aussammom
    This machine and app made it very easy to monitor BG as well as keep track of husbands. I love the alert when too high or low. On “other” when how are you feeling would like an option to add what the other is or add headache to choices
  • Livango 5/5

    By Terrytho
    Great tool for keeping glucose in check.
  • New user 5/5

    By TXBORN72
    Obtained this through work and it is the best thing to help me manage my diabetes. So helpful in fact that I have been to bring down my A1C that my doctor is actually thinking of removing me off of my diabetic medication. This has truly helped me tremendously gain control! Thank you
  • I Love Livongo!! 5/5

    By Jus4uskippy
    I feel more empowered. I am able to check my blood sugars anytime I feel like with out worrying about the amount of strips I can use. I am able to see what the level is after each meal now. This enables me to avoid meals that are causing my blood sugars to rise above normal.
  • Livongo 5/5

    By Teresa Sanchez
    I was diagnosed with type 2 a year ago. I learned to control my diabetes through exercise and diet, but still check my sugar at least a few times a week normally. I do not need medication but checking my sugar is important- and this machine makes it nice to do. It’s easy, compact if I travel and I love the app that helps keep track of everything so I do not need need to keep a written log! Thank you so much for making this easier❤️
  • Needs Apple Health Connect 4/5

    By Dog_Father
    This app would be alit more useful if it sent your glucose level to Apple Health instead of just your steps. Steps counting doesn’t do anything for me as I am limited in walking and don’t carry my phone with me most of the time.
  • Ms Phyllis Rector 5/5

    By Ms Phyllis Rector
    Thank you.
  • Good but could be better 4/5

    By Toltepeceno
    Great idea to provide this free through insurance with no prescription and unlimited strips. Thank you. I can live with the meter size but wish it was smaller. Strips are big and thick compared to others. Seems like it requires a larger amount of blood. I took off one star because of these things, still happy to have it though.
  • Minimal HealthKit integration 2/5

    By vdubgeek
    Very disappointed so see this app still doesn’t record BG values to Applehealth (HealthKit). MySugr and One Drop both fully support this, Livongo needs to as well to be relevant.
  • Best Free Gift Ever! 5/5

    By Cey Original
    Being hypertensive it was so nice to receive my free BP monitor. At the comfort of my home I take it regularly and more conscientious of taking care of me. Thank you & thanks to MetLife.

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