Lobby - Hang out & Voice Chat

Lobby - Hang out & Voice Chat

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.21.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Maverick Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Lobby - Hang out & Voice Chat App

This is the Lobby for your online hangouts. Voice chat in real time while: - vibing to music together - watching videos together - playing games together - sharing screen together With Lobby, you can now hang out with your friends anywhere, anytime. Follow us: TikTok: @lobbyapp Instagram: @lobbyapp_ Twitter: @lobbyapp_

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Lobby - Hang out & Voice Chat app reviews

  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By ffcgbhg
    Bro I can’t send messages
  • Please change this!! 3/5

    By hdsishs
    I love the app but I wish I could screen share publicly :( could u guys add that?
  • Problem! 4/5

    By hjhfhfgfgh
    I like this app and it’s really fun with all the new people I’ve met, one thing I hope you guys can add is an option to screen share publicly!
  • Amazing but could do better 5/5

    By Yukapsowner
    I love the app and its very fun to use but there are some bugs that need to be fixed and stuff that should be added to make it more fantastic than it already is. First off I cannot log into my google accounts so please fix that bug and me being able to join rooms. It says finding room and loads for a long time then says connection failed. This has been happening for 1 month so please fix that and lastly deleting messages should be added
  • It’s a great app 4/5

    By Maybe Ashley
    Now..this app is an amazing social thing and all but they do have a waiting time for the ‘duo match’. It’ll say wait a period of 11 hours before being able to use it again. I’ll get to 2 hrs and smth minutes left but it’ll say 2hr 89 minutes 20 seconds. Sadly..I believe it(the system)makes wait 89 minutes witch ofc is over an hour. But besides that, it’s great to have.
  • Y’all ban me for no reason 1/5

    By sh3_luv
    I hate this app now
  • Lobby 4/5

    By ExoGunMan
    The App is great but the people in it are terrible so it could use Better people but it’s a great app
  • . 2/5

    By di0rjay
    Lobby needs to improve the birthday changing, i put in the wrong birthday date and they will not let me change it…
  • Lobby isn’t that bad but far so good 4/5

    By junior4787
    My first game was really really good my second one had roasting but that was also so good because it’s just a game you know what I’m sayingI really like lobby
  • Ban or let the authorities know 2/5

    By Complxcted
    A group of 5 people maybe more have been going around with my actual face as their pfp copied my face and username and left. They are pretending to me my name was Comp🌈🌈🌈 I’ve never gave them permission and their using my name and face in the wrong way. My @Comp_1 please solve this issue it’s been bugging me because It started today I hadn’t even encouraged it they just stole my face when I was a host of a 50 person lobby.
  • Love it but I did nothing wrong 3/5

    By Bobbiesox910
    I was using the app having a good time and it said o do bad behavior when all I was doing was making jokes. I was just playing with my friend and got suspended for 3 days.
  • . 5/5

    By summer12121216
    Who wants to play roblox with me? If so follow my tiktok 2pattymelts and say it in one of my videos
  • Needs a little fixing with login it takes long idk for people 5/5

    By blissful104
    It’s really good have good friends from this app that I met they just need to fit the way to login because it takes long and I have to keep on doing it just to get in the app so is you can fit that this app will be the best i don’t know if it happens to other people or just but yea that’s all I have to say for the app
  • BANNED 2/5

    By 88182828282
  • Bug/Broken 1/5

    By Reset9111681
    In the app i cant join a server. Everytime i click on join it would just load or it would say server full. I dont know what to do help pleade im trynna play with some friends.
  • I love this app 5/5

    By TSVPP
    Some people annoying annoying but it’s fine this app is so awesome
  • When I go in the app I get kick out 1/5

    By BoysRule(User in CR)
    1 star bc when I go in the app it just kicks me out the app
  • Lobby 2/5

    By elflatcuh
    Lobby fix your app there’s always bugs and I can’t get in please fix this bug please
  • Please add the rooms back 3/5

    By ~onichan~
    I don’t like the update because the fact they put this out you having to host a room I enjoy having the Roblox Minecraft, call of duty mobile and the chill rooms but now I am rarely on the app because of the update, I enjoyed the old update or the original look because the old update I like about was that you can mute other people the original look I enjoyed about was that you can put other people in the audience but this update we have is not my favorite because you have to host a room and can't do much. Please if you can fix this update I will appreciate it thank you ❤
  • This game needs fixing 1/5

    By Billie Eilish my boy
    Every time I try to leave the app and do something it kicked me out of the chat thing and doesn’t put me back in and then also it won’t let me into the app sometimes and it’s really messy I would like it to update to fix it please
  • Bad 1/5

    By Hlo sm
    سيء جدا
  • This app broken 1/5

    By alex cavazs
    This app broken and it wont let me mute people and
  • Lobby 1/5

    It’s a trash app very glitchy
  • It’s great 5/5

    By dnfjfjbfiffb
    It’s a great good game to have fun and make new friends and enjoy for songs
  • ولا نجمه ورح احذف البرنامج 1/5

    By ما اعرف كيف استعمل البرنامج
    البرنامج نصه ىىىًهوانين ويدخلون طفل ويحضرونه على كلام مو زين
  • Zodiac 5/5

    By Yazzyxøxø
    I didn’t try it yet but they got my zodiac wrong...feb 19 is Pisces can u plz change it
  • Annoying Arabic 1/5

    By Wang Hera
    Hello please do something about Arabic people.They’re really annoying.I can’t find any Americans friends.
  • #نطالب_بحظر_البرنامج_من_كل الدول!!!! 1/5

    By عود الأسود
  • Siri lobby I am a lost my account and I don’t know my password can you give me my password 5/5

    By 💕✘꧁S̸M̸O̸K̸E̸Y̸꧂✘💕
    I think some I have my account and I need it back please
  • السعودية 1/5

    By ابراهيم المنصري
    تطبيق سيء جداً ومنتهك للطفولة وقيم المجتمع
  • مشكلة بالبرنامج 2/5

    By hsiaoalamnsnakKanskpanakwpql
    لايمكنني أسترجاع حسابي المربوط بالسناب شات وهنالك الكثير من الأشخاص الذين حذفوا برنامج لوبي ولم يتم استرجاع حساباتهم بمعنى عام ( يعلق ) اتمنى تحلون هذه المشكله..
  • this app is pedophilic 1/5

    By mashael.sha
    this app is targeting kids and has sexualTalks aiming kids it’s awful awful awful Please remove the app
  • child molestation 1/5

    By look dajn ztk zsry i
    There are some sick people who are Harassing and assaulting kids in this app because it is easy to contact them
  • غير جيد للاطفال 1/5

    By NERZ_z
    برنامج قذر وصخ يتجمعون فيه البيدوفيليين على الاطفال و الاساءه لهم انتبهوا ل اطفالكم حتى ادارة البرنامج مو مسويه لهم اي شيء
  • very bad 1/5

    By amasaq
    child molestation Pedophilia
  • Glitches 4/5

    By yoceyrose1
    I enjoy the app a lot but ever since the new update everyone had had problems joining lobby’s. It always says connection failed and sometimes you have to leave the app and come back for it to work. Also I enjoyed how you could see mutals and now I can’t so I don’t know who is friends with who???
  • Please stop this app because it is bad for children 1/5

    By khalid. zezzo
    Please stop this app because it is bad for children
  • اوصخ واقذر برنامج 1/5

    By fhdjfjffjjs
    برنامج يتم فيه ترويج المخدرات واستغلال وقاصر برنامج عبارة قذارررة اوطى واقذر برنامج نصيحه اخويه الي عند طفل لا يحمله وحتى الكبار لحد يحمله ذنوب تمشي ع الارض
  • Adult imagery 4/5

    By -----sound
    Hi,I am a minor and ive seen pornography images on the SoundCloud cover and it’s automatically there even when nobody is listening to it so please create a choice where You can turn SoundCloud feature off, as that is not an occurring problem with YouTube tysm I’m makin this comment so I can use this app in the future and my parents don’t take my phone 😅😅
  • I love Lobby thx for the app it is awesomg 5/5

    By ckkfmfm
  • Best game everrrrrrr!!!!!!! 5/5

    By care bear phush
    So I was very shy talking to people at first but than I saw this app about talking so I gave it a try and it was great :D
  • YAS 5/5

    By 🅱️rianna
    Hey I love the lobby app I can do so many things with it I recommended she get it even though be 13 or older and don’t fake your age
  • Mute notifications 4/5

    By Hamed58s
    First of all I would like to thank for this amazing app but i think it could be better by some improving options. My problem is that I can’t mute the notification when I receive massages in chat and it causes i get nervous; so I asked to solve this problem in next update please. Thanks again.
  • Ummm 5/5

    By ummmname is devon
    so can uu make it as like uu could delete the messages and send pictures to somebody .
  • Gdydj 5/5

    By bdywnhsmd
    I can’t have it any more so deleted
  • I hate the new update 😐 1/5

    By dont play its fatt
    I miss the old update it’s way better then the this one we have now everyone is taking over the music and making everyone leave the lobby I really hate it they are loud and they put us in the audience just because I didn’t do anything and I can’t look at other people profiles under being too low I want to kick them but it won’t let me touch their profile unless they say something in the chat it’s really annoying and I hate it I really want you guys to make this update to the old one please I really need it and I hate this one just think about it please I don’t like this one it’s weird and I can’t look out hear videos on the app and it’s not letting me block anyone anymore there is a lot of weird poeple and I just miss he old update so can you down grade please thank you?!
  • Lobby 4/5

    By purrr😼
    Hostly lobby is a really good app but there are a lot of things they got to fix like example the bad language and the bullying and the making fun of peoples skin color and telling people to die but hey it’s social media and I don’t think that ever changes even how hard they try but so far it’s good🤠. Just only those things they have to fix
  • Very Great App 5/5

    By ehds da occasionally headache
    This app is very good and useful to make friends like who needs discord when you have this app!Another thing is every time I try to submit my group application it says fail so here I’m going to give the group name and my @ [@msnightmare Username: ZeroTwo Group name: ZeroTwo About: May ZeroTwo be the best.Who knows. Well in this group you talk to each other but ZeroTwo is watching for those who swear] Oh btw you do deserve the 5 star rating
  • Get the app 5/5

    By get the app and add me
    Add me at tttriple.s it’s my handle name Duke🖤