Lode Runner 1

Lode Runner 1

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  • Current Version: 1.0.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: NEXON Company
  • Compatibility: Android
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▶▶▶▶▶▶ Get Ready to Run ◀◀◀◀◀◀ ◐◑ Lode Runner Reborn! ◐◑ - Simple, mobile-optimized controls! - A fun and fast-paced experience for players of all skill levels! - Join a worldwide community of gamers who share a love for the arcade classic! ◐◑ Countless Stages! ◐◑ - Run, climb, and blast your way through over 300 new stages! - Build and share your own stages with the Stage Editor! - Challenge players from around the world in Championship mode! - Play stages from the original Lode Runner in Classic mode! ◐◑ Challenging Puzzles! ◐◑ - With Screen Touch mode, anyone can experience the excitement of puzzle-solving! - Use strategy to navigate increasingly complicated stages full of traps and surprises! Support: Please go to “Settings”->”Customer Center” if you need support! Privacy Policy: http://m.nexon.com/terms/11 Terms of Service: http://m.nexon.com/terms/10


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Lode Runner 1 app reviews

  • Help 1/5

    By Rumer.kaylee
    This game keeps on installing itself after I delete it. Please fix this NOW!
  • Blast from the past 5/5

    By ReelDeal
    Well done.
  • Why doesn’t people play number 8 of my custom stage? 5/5

    By Atom the Mighty Molecule
    I made 9 stages and 5 is my most popular. But 8 is shaped like a Mickey Mouse and nobody played it except for me. My uncle is complaining A LOT. Other than that, I love this game so much. Can you please translate this into Chinese even though I know how to write in it already?
  • Great game 4/5

    By Don Bosco -
    But after the last update the control keeps moving on the screen, making it useless to control the character. Hopefully they will fix it soon, before the update it was an absolute great fun game. Will give a 5 after they fix the control issue.
  • Arrow buttons moved 2/5

    By SFO Gem
    The game itself is ok, but I find that the arrow buttons keeps moving around. I expect they should stay at lower left corner of the screen. I am not sure if they intend to do that.. But I think the software engineers should change it to a joystick like control. Then it would be easier for the players to move the main character around. Update: originally, I gave 3 stars, and I found that there was an update after my review. But the issue I brought up was not fixed. I think they don't really care about the reviews.
  • Too Easy for Adults 2/5

    By J.C.Wilk
    In the original version, level 1 had 6 guys after you from the start. In this version, the first enemy isn't until level 13. In the original, the enemies would hunt you down from the start, until they got killed or stuck. In this version, the enemies start out sleeping or cannot climb. In the original, there was no one best path to take to get all the coins. Different paths caused the enemies to take different paths, which opened or closed your options. In this game, the first 20 levels had one obvious path to take to collect the coins the fastest. So I stopped at level 20. I get that the mobile version can't as easily have the level size that the original did, but the key elements that made the original fun have been shied away from. This would be a good game for kids 4-6, but I was expecting a throwback aimed at adults.
  • Stage 159 unbeatable (for me) 5/5

    By Tiberius Grey
    Even using the Pause/Step-by-Step method, I can't get through the wall before it returns, to get the top left gold. Standing on the trigger the gears mash my head(?) I dunno cause I seem to die before I can tell.
  • Add an option for two players 5/5

    By Dkoby123
    The game is amazing! It reminds me of my childhood when I used to play "Lode Runner: The Legend Returns" on the PC, and still play it today. But what I got bummed about is that there is no two player mode like the classic game. So if you can or if it's possible, (which I know it is), make a two player mode so me and my friend can relive our childhood game on the iPhone. And thanks in advanced for your commitment and hard work you put into this game and that you read and respond to the requests from us fellow gamers.
  • Stupid 1/5

    By Rustydagger22
    It was t
  • Update erased my progress. 1/5

    By hiyapo
    I got up to level 43 and I updated it and then after the update it all got erased and I have to start from the beginning again. Not to happy.
  • Way better than original 5/5

    By bob liva
    This keeps the spirit of creating your own levels and sharing them. Only thing that could make it better is the ability to share with my specific friends.
  • Amazing game 5/5

    By Ghhdyhsjshdhdhdhhdududud
    Incredibly fun to play
  • Sooooo hard 5/5

    By Liam Parrish
    The game is super hard.ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? I'm on level 45 MAKE IT EASIER!!!!!!!!!!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Stewart.%--'aJackson
    It's the best game that i ever seen I hope it becomes an editors choice app
  • Progress erased 5/5

    By Salva_1
    After a recent update all of my progress was erased please fix however I love the game so 5 stars
  • Great game, just a couple suggestions 4/5

    By mmmmyes
    This game is SO fun! I've only played this game for, like, a week and I love it! I just have a couple suggestions that might help with the gameplay: - make the blaster a weapon - if you shoot other robots all except for one, the one left unharmed will help you - up to three regenerations - power-ups Finally... Nothing! This game needs no technical improvements 👍🏻 10/10 would recommend would play again 👌🏻top notch some good good game yo (I'm sorry)
  • Poor translations, controls, and mechanics 2/5

    By _Thaaer_
    The game is fun and all, but I find myself constantly seeing words of another language when playing random games (I'm not talking about usernames) and when I'm trying to upload custom stages. Also, the timer aspect is completely pointless and kind of defeats the purpose of this being a "strategy" game. Finally, the d-pad controls seem to slightly shift around as I'm playing the game. The "random" playing of a level means that whatever you make is extremely unlikely to be played. I think levels should be searched by player, or can at least be chosen by a positive ratings percentage, or something.
  • Nice rewrite, but has issues 3/5

    By Melds.
    The updated graphics are a nice touch and the game is fun to play. Unfortunately it requires an Internet connection to run (so no playing during a commute), doesn't support multiple players (such as pass and play or a legacy scoreboard), and generally misses the feel of the game. It's fine for a free game, but I'd expect more if they plan a pay v2.
  • Great game! 5/5

    By Jeremy RF
    It's a pretty nice puzzle platformer type game. The D-pad works really well and is unobtrusive. Good atmosphere.
  • Great game except for timer 3/5

    By Brathna
    Always loved lode runner and have played it since the first game way back. This game is fun, but I can't understand why it continues to zoom into the door after you pick up the last gold. This is really irritating me. Update: Took away another star because of the timer. Why is there a timer? None of the previous games had timers. This removes a huge point of the game: strategy. Now I have to hurry because of an arbitrary timer. I've played Lode Runner since the Apple II, through DOS, Win95, and that stupid isometric version, on all the consoles, and all the remakes and clones on the web, to your own iOS version. This version is the only version that has a timer. Why?
  • You deleted all my data you idiots 5/5

    By 2slow like a fox
    Look man I love this game. It's a really fun mix of strategy and action, and enough of a challenge to keep you engaged. However the new update LITERALLY DELETED ALL MY DATA and I want it back. I was on level 60 something I think and I'm not doing it all again. Fix it. Thanks. Bye.
  • True to form. 5/5

    By Mitchismo
    Beautiful on the small screen. Lovely free (and ad free) take on a classic. Minimal, fun, stylish. Perfect retro goodness.
  • I love this game! 5/5

    By FunAtTheZOO
    It has the best controls for a platformer I have ever played. It is amazing!!
  • Great! 5/5

    By PascualinoMilazzo
    Just loved it! Brought back so many memories... When you unlock the classic levels, it's a blast from the past!
  • Network required? 2/5

    By Hunka Lumka
    That ruins it for me because I travel and would like to play on the plane. Please give us an offline mode- I's happily pay for that.
  • Good game but gets boring 3/5

    By Elias Manzanares
    The game is good but the game gets boring amazingly fast.
  • Why does this require a network? 5/5

    By Peabody42
    Well made game. Why does this require a network to play?
  • Better 5/5

    By Daddy knows best
    Better than the original! I played the Apple //e version as a kid. This is nice!!!
  • Well made game but boring 3/5

    By Daniel.Shoe
    Good graphics and interesting puzzles but there's something about this game that just doesn't pull you back to keep playing.
  • Classic fun 5/5

    By K41namor
    Great game with new art and interface. Loving this!
  • Enjoy it 5/5

    By BlueJunco
    Reliving my childhood. Great job guys!
  • No iap or ads 5/5

    By Lettered thug
    I love this platformer id like to see more levels and i love the movement controls its a d-pad mixed with arrows. Its better than all those other games you pay to play, it lets me play the game. I think im gonna buy the other one too. (*^o^*)
  • Fun. Reminds me of playing the game a long time ago 4/5

    By happygrape
    It's fun. But the old older versions were purer and easier to control with a keyboard.
  • Waited awhile for this games sequel 5/5

    By BearKiddy
    I am inspired to make my own levels using this editor! Once I unlock it I mean. I just hit level 40. I love the idea and the gameplay. I really hope this catches on because I want to help make great levels and play top notch levels too
  • Wasn't disappointed! 5/5

    By ZombieAllstar69
    Big hopes for this game and it delivered! It even has levels based on the classic!

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