Logos: Bible study and reading

Logos: Bible study and reading

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  • Current Version: 6.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Faithlife Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Logos: Bible study and reading App

Read the Bible and make use of commentaries and reading plans. You can save any book or Bible you own for offline use. Get free resources when you download the app and sign in, and do better Bible study with exclusive Logos Bible study tools. Read your favorite Bible translations: we have a variety of options including the NIV, ESV, NASB, NKJV, and many more. TOP FEATURES: • TABBED BROWSING - Open as many resources or Bibles as you want side by side. • REFERENCE SCANNER - Take a picture of a church bulletin or handout using Reference Scanner and the app will open your preferred Bible version to all the verse references. • LIBRARY - Downloading this app gives you access to up to 95 free resources to kick off your Bible study. • NOTES - Attach your thoughts, comments, and questions to any Bible verse or book. • HIGHLIGHTING - Mark the words that matter with fully customizable color and text options and return to them at any time. • BIBLE WORD STUDY - Learn more about any word in the Bible by examining dictionaries, lexicons, and cross-references. • PASSAGE GUIDE - Get a detailed, verse-specific report including Bible commentaries, cross-references, literary typing, and media resources. • TEXT COMPARISON - Compare any verse across multiple translations with visual and percentage indicators of difference. • SPLIT SCREEN - Delve into any secondary resource side by side with your preferred translation. • SEARCH - Find every mention of a word or phrase in every resource in your library. • SOCIAL SHARING - Share Bible verse images with Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, and Email. • READING PLANS - Get into daily reading with several Bible reading plans to choose from. • AUDIO BOOKS - Listen to the Bible wherever you are. Find training for the app at https://www.logos.com/training/ios.


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Logos: Bible study and reading app reviews

  • T Sorrels 4/5

    By TS4435
    Excellent daily devotional 😇
  • Updates have annoying bugs 3/5

    By PM4J
    Before the update, I was able to get at the exegetical meaning of any greek word in the text with ease. But now, every word that I tap brings up definition for “‘outos.” Now I have to open 2-3 widows to get at the meaning of the word.
  • Bad update 1/5

    By Artmanjt
    This is the first time I'm giving a bad review about this software, your latest update was a bad one cause now it doesn't start, the app now crashes, please fix, if you do fix this , this will be the last time I update that way I won't have anymore crashes, please again fix this.
  • Greatest 5/5

    By Elissoi
    Unbelievable it very important to have this app on your phone.. I like it
  • Eureka!!! 5/5

    By Casey_EverNow
    Finally found the very thing my soul has been yearning for. Heaven has smiled on me with this one! Love it!!!!
  • If you’ve ever wished you had too many sources in your library, get Logos! (+ Audiobooks) 5/5

    By Chicago Dave
    Literally just last night, for the first time, I was wishing I could listen to a book on my Logos app. I check my updates today, and...there it is! Wow. Installing that update now. I’ve been using Logos for years. It’s fantastic. I recommend it to practically everyone I meet. I have noticed a few quirks in recent updates, but nothing that really affects normal usage.
  • Layperson 5/5

    By jaybo365
    Excellent software for staying connected to God through His word on the go!
  • GroupMe stop working 3/5

    By BmoreG$
    The app stop fully integrating with GroupMe
  • Worst Bible Study Program Out There! 1/5

    By Mesabitv
    Spend way too much time learning how to use it, and I’m well versed in technology as a profession, as well as a pastor. Spend as much time figuring it out as studying. Much better stuff out there!
  • Still dumbfounded 4/5

    By martusmedia
    The tide has finally turned, though many parts still don’t quite wrk or sync right across platforms. Notes tool still doesn’t work in the app at all versus as it does in other platforms. But just keeps getting better. Still dumbfounded that such an expensive app can’t copy and paste verses with references. Nearly all free apps can perform this function and this, one of the most full featured apps on the market, cant do it?! I wrote this review many moons ago, and it still doesn’t.
  • Read to study 4/5

    By Bornagain73
    Very please with the app. Works for what I need in study. A good use of the other Bibles. The only problem is some time it takes a long time to get the book and verse I want to read so I leave the app.
  • More IPAd features 3/5

    By Soul winner
    Needs more iPad. Essentially the apps are same on the phone and iPad. You would think as much is this cost they would utilize more of the iPad features such as highlighting and notation with Apple Pencil right in the Bible’s or book in the application. If you will be using this as a highlighting application for Bible study and I think that’s what Logos point is then they need to utilize the Apple Pencil feature for stylus feature.
  • A very useful Bible Study app to me since I own Logos 7. 5/5

    By Clint Dunn
    I’m not sure how it works if you haven’t purchased logos. :)
  • My opinion 5/5

    By Yz56723401
    Excellent program
  • Best Bible Study on-the-go 5/5

    By Underdog97
    The Logos app works best if you own a copy of the Logos software, yet it is still a great app even if you have the free version. I am a pastor, but I don’t have the luxury of being able to be in the office for long periods of time. Sometime I’m studying at home, other times I’m reading while sitting in a waiting room while a church member has surgery. It is nice to have pocket Study Bible, in case someone asks a question that I can’t answer right away. Plus, with the app I have my favorite devotional “My Utmost for His Highest” wherever I go.
  • Would be great if/when it works 2/5

    By tischenmetzger
    The BHS word look up only gives you the first few words of a chapter. So, unless you know the vocab and parsing for every other word in the chapter, it’s a problem. The app in general is also just very buggy. I find myself having to restart individual pages or the whole thing quite often.
  • Expensive, but great!! Product 4/5

    By Gdec238
    I got the free version for my iPhone first & it was of little use. However, when I purchased a full version on my Mac it synced right up with my iPhone & I use it every day. My only caution, it's expensive & takes some learning to use it to it's potential. I have found that it keeps getting better with every update the logos team sends out. Keep up the great work!!!
  • The most awesome study tool 5/5

    By Pastor Iz
    Everything is right in front of you to help you develop sermons and study with high quality study and literature. I’m a pastor and I have used a lot of study tools and programs but nothing compares to this study help and of course always prayer and bible study first then the study helps through Logos. Awesome!
  • I can’t get enough 5/5

    By gary778
    This is really a phenomenal app. I am a minister and this is like having a theological library in your pocket. Thanks for the app logos Rev Gary D Johnson
  • An amazing tool 5/5

    By jon.watts
    I use logos everyday. I couldn’t be more thankful for this tremendous gift.
  • Great study app. 4/5

    By Iowafan5
    Very useful although you can’t use the Greek work study in the free version. But still worthwhile.
  • Astounding, Outstanding and FREE ! 5/5

    By Alan Guy
    I’m new to trying to REALLY trying to study the Bible and this software was recommended by a Bible scholar that I stumbled upon. All the exegetical tools you could want, great textual comparisons, and a great library of resources! AND ITS FREE?!?! I can’t believe all my wasted years of simply ‘reading’ the Bible; the frustrations; the perpetual questions; the filed away ‘unknowns’. What an advanced way to study the WORD! If you get this software you’ll see. God bless you Logos Software. And God bless drmsh. Alan.
  • Lover of God and country 5/5

    By Luv49
    I’m an older Christian of the morning & evening devotionals. I appreciate and need the daily reminders of our precious Lord’s principals and life sustaining Words! Your spirit filled authors are awesome. I pray & know in my heart that many others must surely be blessed. Thank you for all the encouragement you provide.
  • Very nice just what I was looking for 5/5

    By Trantula
    The break down are very well analyzed in the simplest form.
  • Powerful, But The New Version is Annoying And Hard To Use 2/5

    By Q3Critter
    The app has a lot of capability, but the last couple of updates made the interface much less intuitive. It is much less user friendly to switch between word tools and resources, and I am often frustrated trying to get back to the verse I was just looking at.
  • Excellent when away from desktop 5/5

    By excellent for lay people
    Excellent app with most functionality of desktop site. Makes in-depth study easy for me, having no theological training, just desire to know God and apply His Word to my life at a deeper level.
  • Just keeps getting better... 5/5

    By Twst704
    Thanks for making this my favorite bible App!! You guys put a lot of time into this and we love you for it!! I spend a lot of time every day reading and studying, and I’m very pleased with features like having multiple resources open simultaneously, or having the book/verse now appear in the txt you are pasting... little things are BIG things!! Thanks!
  • Each Release Gets Better 4/5

    Each release brings this software more and more on par with the desktop counterpart. One minor problem : Sometimes a book says its downloaded when actually isn’t. when I am not connected to the internet I cannot navigate to selected passages. The Developer informed me I had to re-download the book. That worked apparently after I did a re-download and turned off the WiFi connection.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By CHunterJr
    This is a MUST have for every preacher/pastor AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!!!
  • Wonderful App 5/5

    By pitabread9615
    I’m trying my best to learn Greek, and with money being tight tools this app provides for free are such a blessing to me. Thanks so much!
  • Reading Plan Problems 1/5

    By optical4
    Reading plans do not work. I have two of them and selecting them on the home page does not open them.
  • Seek the Lord while he may be found 5/5

    By cquinnr2
    If we are to “Master” this craft we must use tools befitting to our challenge. Thank you for all of the work the staff at Logos has made available for The God Seekers.
  • Issue with older iOS and newer books 2/5

    By Whitegandalph
    There is an issue with some newer books while having an older iPad.
  • All my books on my phone 5/5

    By Paid user also
    This is hands down my favorite app. And that says a lot, I play Angry Birds. This app works with all of my books that I've collected over the years. I'm very pleased to have these resources so close. Thanks so much!!! Again and again!!! Prayer request: please pray for my wife and I. She has late stage chronic Lyme disease and both of us have mold and mycotoxin issues that branch into our marriage and other places. We have a very active enemy. Thanks!
  • Logos Basic 7 5/5

    By Chlhgdhbicvbt
    Love it so far. Just had it a few days.
  • App freezes on new iPad 2/5

    By nbkuz92
    I just got a new iPad and one of the first things I did was install the Logos App. Some of the instructional videos just stopped and locked up the app. It was one of the Quikstart videos. They sound went off a few times. The Custom Reading plan seems to skip pages. when trying to look at the library, it just shows loading but never loads. I’ll post more as I find more problems.
  • Good work 5/5

    By JayBrook
    The interface is capable and attractive... I like it better than the desktop version. Thanks
  • “Look Up” and Word studies don’t work 1/5

    By Jimmy Patterson
    I used this in the last for looking up Greek/Hebrew words when I don’t want to/am unable to launch Logos on my laptop. But for some reason, even though my official logos/faithlife account is LINKED to this app, it rarely pulls up findings when I select “look up” or bible word study. This app would get 5 stars if I could do that. Because it doesn’t work, even with my paid account, it gets 1. Unless someone from Logos can help me with this. Thanks
  • Logos 5/5

    By bew update
    Superb bible selection
  • Great App - Stability Issues 4/5

    By Mark 16:16
    I’m a long time user of an open source software; however, I recently made the switch to logos. I still look at the open source software because I have so much money invested into it, and there are recourses there that are free (e.g. Adam Clarke). Despite this, I will slowly transfer all of my materials from the other software to logos. Why four stars? I seem to have some instability issues on my end. I don’t know if this is due to my current internet connection or another issue. 1. Reading plans have trouble syncing. The mark read button at the end of a section doesn’t go away at first. 2. Highlighting sometimes reappears after erasing it or taking time to appear. 3. I have trouble selecting text to make a clipping. I have to restart the app to make it work. I have an iPad Pro, so I know these shouldn’t be memory issues. Besides that, I love it! Great app. If I notice changes to stability on a stronger connection, I will change to five stars.
  • App Lagging and Crashing 4/5

    By MAaalvOo1
    Great app. However, it recently was lagging really bad and crashing. Had to reinstall
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Rich2135
    This app works best when you have logos purchase once that is done it is awesome to have in your pocket .
  • The new update is great! 5/5

    By Dougiep77
    I really like the new update. Maybe it's not new because I'm coming from Android... I especially like the multiple windows of linked resources. Well done!
  • Preacher Library 3/5

    By Joe Hamm
    I use logos mostly for reading and highlighting books so I can export notes for use in sermons. First, I’m thankful for what Logos is doing. The app is sometimes buggy but there’s really no other option. My biggest complaint is the battery consumption on the iPad. It’s a real battery hog! The other problem is that it hangs up sometimes while trying to load a resource. For this reason, I scared to use it when I’m teaching a bible class. I’m running the latest version on the new 2018 iPad with latest iOS.
  • Has everything worth having 5/5

    Great resource. Regular updates make it even more appealing. Is there an offline version of the ESV audio Bible for places out of internet coverage?
  • My iPad Sermons Constantly Does Not Reflect Correctly 2/5

    By Ottai
    I continually have issues with Logos app on my iPad. My iPhone and Mac match correctly, but my iPad Sermons do not have the most updated version of a Sermon document I work on. How can I fix this? Does anyone else experience this issue? The way I fixed it last time was to remove and install again from the App Store. Is there an easier way to fix?
  • 👍🏽 5/5

    By known by YHWH
    I am able to look up scripture and the meaning of words as needed. I think this is a very useful tool.
  • Great unless on a slow network 3/5

    By BowmanDiesel
    I love the app when my connection is good, but I have a slow connection a lot of the time and it always tries to use the internet even when I have the resources downloaded
  • New Update 4/5

    By lrowell02
    I’m only giving four stars because I’m not a fan of the new store categories. I used the save feature a lot to do slide shows for the church I preach for. We don’t have internet there so this was a good way of doing it. Everyone there knows where they are from because they all say faithlife on them. I know I can still screen shot them but it’s just an extra step. I love everything else except not having the sermon editor as an option in mobile. Update: I’m might be saying it wrong, but I will try and clarify. When you tap on the daily verse art and then the square with the up arrow it used to have a save picture button. That has been removed on my app now. I can no longer save the daily verse art in the mobile app.
  • Super buggy 2/5

    By lionfannomore
    -ux needs a lot of work. Lots of tapping to get where you want. Not easy to swap between tabs. Animations are slow and delayed (current gen iPad Pro). Navigation should always be available and not hidden. -why can’t I view notes and a book at one split screen. -why does shaking the ipad cause an undo? -to open a note you need to click the title, not the line it’s on. If you tap the line it opens and closes. -must tap edge of note multiple times for it to save and exit and to get back to the Bible. -notes are stripped down. You can only type. No bullet points, no tabs, etc -sometimes clicking on the favorite book icon brings me back to the same screen I was just on

Logos: Bible study and reading app comments


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