Lomotif - Music Video Editor

Lomotif - Music Video Editor

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.6.14
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Lomotif Private Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
271,686 Ratings
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Lomotif - Music Video Editor App

#1 Video Editor for Making Awesome Edits with over 20 Million Users Worldwide! ***** Create Music Videos & Slideshows for Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, and more! Users say it’s “Better than Flipagram” ◾ 100% Free, No Ads! Make instant edits ◾ NEW: Create and control Boomerang-style video edits with simple swipes! ◾ ADD ANY SONG to your videos ◾ Search and add tons of GIFs ◾ Create Slideshows with an UNLIMITED mix of Photos and Video clips ◾ Crop, trim, cut, duplicate and delete clips easily ◾ Easy Controls: Pinch to Zoom / Crop, Drag and Drop to Reorder ◾ Export Your Video in Portrait (Vertical), Square, or Landscape (Horizontal) ◾ Make a montage instantly with photos and videos from your Snaps, Instagram Stories, and Tiktok memories! Join the Community ◾ Get inspired by other user Lomotifs and get great music recommendations ◾ Find & Follow Friends ◾ Save and protect your Lomotifs in the cloud when you sign up! Add your favorite songs ◾ Search from millions of top-charting songs, including the latest Drake and Ariana Grande releases ◾ Check out our “trending” genres for updated music recommendations ◾ Browse our playlists from “best friends” to “birthdays” to “romance” to find the right song for every moment ◾ New songs added daily! (Including trending songs from Flipagram & Musical.ly & IG) Extra Features ◾ Add Titles (Meme Titles to get more views and likes on Instagram’s Explore page) ◾ Add Animated Stickers from blinking hearts to birthday greetings ◾ Filters and Flash Effects ◾ Search and add GIFs to your movies, flips Make Movies with Friends (via Scenes & Rolls) ◾ Search, Discover and Use Scenes/GIFs ◾ Bookmark Your Favorite Scenes and Effects ◾ Share your Camera Roll - Upload your Own Clips for your Friends to Use Got the basics? Don’t miss out these Advanced Options that users love! ◾ Select “in/out” points if you’d like to finetune your edit ◾ Adjust music so you can sync it to the beat ◾ Slide the timer so you can make superfast cuts! ◾ Add flash effects ◾ Add Meme Titles to get more views on Instagram’s Explore page

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Lomotif - Music Video Editor app reviews

  • Old lomotif back plssss 3/5

    By dheliver
    I like the old lomotif becyase it use to be more longer n the pics and vids didn’t pass by that fast as it is now everytime i want to put more pics and vids , as well happen to Flipagram, both of this app started to basically copy tik tok style !!!
  • Trop bonne cette l’application 5/5

    By danix y
    Trop bonne cette l’application
  • go back to old version 1/5

    By luvaana
    this new update is honestly just bad and harder to use.
  • Please remove the n*des 2/5

    By Liz_StrangerThings
    I would not get this app if you are not Comfortable With n*des
  • it’s awful 1/5

    By Dr. Beta
    This is a knockoff TikTok. It used to be easy to use and you could make videos using pictures just for yourself. But now you’re only allowed to use videos!
  • Why 1/5

    Why can’t you give more than 30 seconds 1 minute or more?
  • It is a good app I 4/5

    By hitownangie
    It is a good app but when I got finished doing my video than I write something in the box, I pick music and privacy and I punch the red thing on the bottom went up to 100 after that it says error message. I had to start all over 3 times and it still said the same thing. Get it fix.
  • Fun 4/5

    By mojo-jojo12
    I like the app i just would want the music for the videos to go up to 60 seconds at least.
  • New Update 1/5

    By all the names are tale
    I don’t like this new update the old way was way better and easier to use.
  • I love the app, but there’s glitch! 3/5

    By haili zion
    I love the music options and the clips that I can add! But every time I go to export my video... the app shuts down. I’ve tried to edit the same video 5 times now.
  • Shuffle 5/5

    By kimahg
    How do you “SHUFFLE” the pictures. Without having to move them with your fingers, I don’t have a shuffle button
  • Hate the update 1/5

    By ifjfbf
    I hate hate hate the new update. I used it if know with the know update I just don’t like it 💩
  • Basically Tik Tom but WAY better 5/5

    By tianadaqueen
    Perfect 💖
  • Yooooo 5/5

    By baddie.org
    I love ittt !! 🥰
  • 30 sec 3/5

    By JoyCarmella
    I like the app but is there anyway to have the song play longer than 30 sec. My vid is 49 sec long and thought the song would play as long as the vid but it didn’t. That’s my only complaint.
  • Ebbs is my morning to 5/5

    By zvcvg
    Hsjsjssjjsjsjjsjjjsbjsnsksksksns is
  • .Get it together! 4/5

    By maarigotfaanz
    I love the app, but it has to many changes being made to it & its causing the app to slow down!
  • Not feelin it 5/5

    By diego bandz
    I feel sexy when i post but I wish the app can make me famous and post me
  • Glitching 3/5

    By Omanica
    Please fix it I have the IPhone 11 and just did an up date 24 hours ago🤦🏽‍♀️it’s an headache.
  • Hmmmmm 3/5

    By bananna_124
    I love this app it is amazing for editing and making videos but it has a lot of toxic things on the for you page also whenever I try to search a song it always plays a different song than what I have chosen also they don’t let us pick what part of the song we want like if I wanted to do the renagades I would not have the right music for it also I think that whenever I report someone’s video that it should at lease do something because little kids also use the app and there are grown women twerking in front of the camera so I think that any type of videos like that should be taken seriously because nobody wants to see that
  • rate 2/5

    By nicole<3.
    it keeps glitching and not saving my drafts it crashes and makes me spend all that time for nothing .
  • Awesome 5/5

    By lildaog2020
    I love it you can see how other people are doing and how there day has been during quarantine.
  • hey 2/5

    By gdhjskahvs
    can y’all please fix this update it’s trash
  • Kxngdc 5/5

    By W$Gdreamchaser
    I love this app 💚
  • how to improve 1/5

    By r.mulaaa
    great app but i hate the fact that it sometimes glitches and deletes all the progress. fix that and maybe you’ll get 5 stars !
  • review 1/5

    By lgfsehjb
    the app it’s self is awesome but there is way to many crashes !
  • It’s a good app but... 3/5

    By li*y
    It’s a good app but the people on it are just disgusting!! ( I don’t mean to rude.) this app is supposed to be for manly kids ( tweens) but instead all these people are just making vids showing off there bu*t!! Like really! It’s straight up DISGUSTING!! The app is very good. It lets u post and comment. Also you can make your vids private so other people can’t see them. I lobe the app but the people on it are DISGUSTING!!
  • Gone terrible 1/5

    By jcakih
    Used to be a great app now it barely works!
  • Fake accounts everywhere 1/5

    By lomotif is terrible
    Still waiting for customer support. . Someone has made a fake account using pictures of my daughter. This app is a cesspool for depressed teenagers.
  • The Watermark 5/5

    By Shai~Shai
    I love this app! But I think if we wanted to, we should be able to remove the watermark. I might have some other ideas when I use the app again, I JUST got done using it. But for now, I think that’s all I have to say!
  • Doesn’t use photos 1/5

    By antoineee.__
    It w
  • this app is bad it glitches way too much and then you loose all your videos 1/5

    By meow kitty cat ella
    I was trying to make a video for the end of the school year. But then at the very end i added a few clips and the app crashed then my video was gone and now i did all that work for no reason.
  • Worst appp 1/5

    By Brazybrandon222
    Worst app it glitches out n makes you restart everything
  • Do not recommend 1/5

    By sxpreme_khiya
    U can only put one vid/pic😒
  • Kiss 5/5

    By obasonjo
    Is there any better app than this No Cause this is the most cute app I’ve ever seen
  • TRASH 1/5

    By hshshdhddkdcdjrgdb
    Only lets u upload three videos then u have to subscribe I think it very limited and the songs are limited to
  • Constantly crashing 1/5

    By Felicityluvsyou
    I had to restart my project 3 times im not doing it again. I’m going to another app.
  • I can’t find y’all clips 2/5

    By work sum Dom
    I can’t fund y’all clips for me to make my video how I want it
  • Need an update!!! 1/5

    By djackson_nae
    This is my 5 time making a video and every time I’m almost done it freezes and closes the app and when I go back into the app my edit is not even there. I have to start all over from looking through my large camera roll for the same picture and videos. Please update your system because this wasn’t happening before. I’m just trying put a cute video up for my 19 birthday coming up.
  • Loved 5/5

    By lay. lay
    Love Love
  • Trash 1/5

    By official._miya
    Every time i try to make a video or edit it lags out and when it loading the app just lags out and out of no where I'm on my home screen
  • At the same point 5/5

    By weeeehoooooopoooooooo211456776
    I just wanna was the day I wanna was a good morning I hope you’re having a good day and I hope you’re having a good day and I’ll see what I have done and I hope you’re having a good time I hope you had fun I’m gonna is that a Christmas tree I love to see your face I wanna see your beautiful Christmas Christmas and Christmas Christmas lights on your Christmas lights I love it so I don’t want you guys wanna is is the day you have to go home with your mommy I wanna is the time of you getting your hair and your mom is so excited you’re so excited and you’re going back and you’re having a good time and you’re having a good day I hope you’re having a good time I hope you’re doing good I’m sorry that you’re not feeling well and you’re not really feeling well I just wanted you know that you’re not going on the phone with you guys and you’re going back and you’re having a good day I hope you’re doing good I’m going on the way you want you and your kids to go get your healthy and then I’ll be there to be sure I will be happy with that one I hope that I wanna is it the day you’re coming to see my dad I’m gonna you’re the only time to let you know I’m so thankful I am not allowed around I don’t have any more time with me so you wanna was my birthday I just want us and you and my baby I hope that I get my baby back to me when you I’m sorry that you’re gonna I’m going back home and you’re doing good I’m gonna was you the first job you’re going on and I’m sorry that you’re gonna is it like I just wanted something I don’t like and I’m so scared that I’m not gonna I’m sorry I’m just going on the beach I love my baby blue eyes so I’m sorry I’m just so scared of me and I’m sorry I’m not mad bc I’m going back and you’re having to do a Christmas break I just wanted something like you want you and your friends like to you know that you have to be with you so much you wanna was that you’re going on my Christmas lights you have a merry and happy or not happy Christmas I wanna see you’re in my face Christmas and I’m going on my way back and I’m sorry that you I didn’t get your phone number so you wanna is is it a baby I don’t have a Christmas card I want my Christmas tree so I’ll come to see my dad I don’t have any lights or I just wanted you guys and I’ll come to see my mommy I’m going back home with her I hope she gets her baby girl I hope she doesn’t have any money she just got her going on her Christmas break I don’t have her to do anything to you I just wanted something I didn’t know you guys were doing that you know you’re gonna is is the best thing you have everything I have ever seen in her and you I know that I don’t have to do be like a Christmas Christmas and Christmas Day I love my dad I hope that you’re feeling good I’m gonna I wanna see your beautiful baby I hope that I can do do you want me I can come and go home I don’t know what to say I wanna is the time of my day to think of that I the only one I can do be happy I don’t have to do be my friends and family and I don’t have to do be my friends and e I hope you’re having a good day and I hope you’re having a good day and I’ll come get you in the morning I’ll w I hope you’re having a good day and I hope you’re having a good day and I’ll come get you in the morning I’ll see you when I get home I love you so much you have a good day love you so much and I’ll see you soon love you guys and I’ll see you soon love you guys and I’ll see you soon love you guys and I’ll see you soon love you guys and I’ll see you soon love you guys and I’ll see you soon love you guys and I’ll see you soon love you guys and I’ll see you soon love you guys and I’ll see you soon love you guys and I’ll come get you soon I’ll come see him tomorrow and then I can do it I’ll talk about to him I’ll talk
  • Awesome fun! 5/5

    By TwizDaddy
    I grab gifs from GIPHY and convey them to mp4 and use Lomotif to create hilarious clips. Awesome fun!
  • ugh 1/5

    By hello5676
    change it back to the old lomotif i hate this update !!!!
  • awful update 1/5

    By Kc189456
    the newest update is so bad i miss the old lomotif
  • ok 2/5

    By Samantha Arguello
    don’t get me wrong i love the app but i prefer the old version . The new one is not all that great very hard to work and you can only go up to 30 seconds .

    OMG this app is the best you have to get it has no flaws it’s there for you always!!! This app is a great way to express your feelings!!! If you get this app it will never let you down!!!
  • Cool! 4/5

    By whittt24
    The app is really cool, but I do wish it could have more transitions. Sort of like the funimate app.
  • Not for kids!!!!! 1/5

    By Mira that queen
    My daughter got this app yesterday and we were looking thru post and she saw a mans dick, lesbians, sex and far much I would like all parents to know this is not for kids

Lomotif - Music Video Editor app comments

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